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Ma Huateng and Tencent-style fate community

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Tencent-style destiny community

The theme of this year's Wuzhen World Internet Conference is “To create a digital world of mutual trust and co-governance —— join hands to build a community of cyberspace destiny”, “the community of destiny” becomes the faith of the digital world, it points to “you have I, I have you, the interests of each other are inseparable, the fate is related, the symbiosis and the common development of the profound implication.

Ma Huateng participated in five events in Wuzhen two days. The theme is different and covers a wide range. This should be the most extensive reflection, transmission and exchange of his five trips to Wuzhen. But the change is not the same, the origin is stillWhat new changes Tencent can bring to society as a whole. There are very few entrepreneurs who have changed their minds and changed their minds. When he realized that China is moving towards high-quality development, he adjusted himself, adjusted Tencent, refocused on social needs, and let Tencent start again. .

Just after the close trip to Wuzhen, Ma Huateng appeared in Shenzhen Tencent Binhai Building the next day. During a 20th anniversary of internal communication, he sat down with the staff and said that this is the largest lineup in Tencent history. The general office team gathered, the seats in the venue were also arranged among the employees. Ma Huateng shared the past entrepreneurial experience and also explained Tencent's vision. “The vision of Tencent is to become the most respected Internet company and improve people's quality of life. If further elaborated,First, it is more consistent with the interests of the times and the state; second, it is more integrated with all aspects of people's lives; third, it must be able to develop together with partners in the industry.At these three levels, Tencent's value as an Internet platform enterprise can make us a respected Internet company. & rdquo; This is Ma Huateng's 20th anniversary of Tencent, I want to make a clearer conclusion.

Not long ago, Tencent just experienced the third large-scale organizational restructuring after the start of the business, and then Ma Huateng was in the "Programmer's Day" (October 24th) triggered a well-known "soul torture" & rdquo; & mdash; & mdash "What fundamental scientific breakthroughs will affect the Internet technology industry in the next decade?" What changes will be brought about by the integration of industrial Internet and consumer Internet? "And then, he published an open letter on the eve of the Tencent Global Partner Conference, indicating that Tencent will take root in the consumer Internet, embrace the industry Internet, and build together with partners from all walks of life."Digital ecological community& rdquo;, "Tencent is not going to race on the runway of all walks of life to compete for the championship, but to be based on the "helper & rsquo; help the physical industry to grow more world champions on their own tracks".

He introduced his ideas step by step and methodically, just as he consistently thought through and decided to move. He is describing a new concept about Tencent ——"digital ecological community", which is also a community of Tencent-style destiny.

Give users value, give partners value, and let partners grow more independently. At the end of 2018, Ma Huateng seems to have gone through the ups and downs of the heart and found a quiet and firm habitat. His last choice and confidence may be that he feels that Tencent's help to partners is a more benign way, because it allows partners to have more freedom. Freedom is both a right and a foundation for long-term development.

In the Tencent-style destiny community, Tencent's role is not a tornado that sweeps everything, but like water, “water is not a fight”.

Of course, whether Tencent can succeed in the industrial Internet depends not only on the goodwill of water, but also on whether there is strong buoyancy. Powerful and accurate traffic is a kind of buoyancy. In addition, it requires basic research and development capabilities, as well as the ability to continuously optimize its toolbox in the industrial Internet field and ultimately aggregate one piece of tool into a streamlined systemized service. This is a very important buoyancy and a new challenge for Tencent.

For the difficult task of improving basic R&D capabilities, Tencent has established the first civil science award jointly sponsored by scientists and entrepreneurs in mainland China, “Future Science Award”, “Settings” Life Science & rdquo;, “ The material science & rdquo; and "mathematics awards" three awards, individual bonuses up to 1 million US dollars, is known as the "Nobel in China". The latest practice of Ma Huateng is to jointly launch the “Scientific Exploration Award” by 14 famous scientists. The Tencent Foundation has invested 1 billion in start-up funds to encourage young scientists and technicians to study basic science and cutting-edge core technologies. The reason why this news is screened represents the new expectations of the society for Tencent, which is to connect those more fundamental and cutting-edge scientific values.


From these logics, each step is an organic arrangement. This long-established individual and a large organization are surpassing themselves, facing up to deeper problems in the long river of time, and working together flexibly and vividly to dispel the myths on the way forward.

The German modern sociologist Tonys believes that the community is an interconnected organism, which is out of the organic unity of "essential will", rather than the mechanical unity of "choose will". In this sense, the Tencent-style community of destiny can solve social problems and assume social responsibilities more naturally and spontaneously. John · Rawls believes that in the community concept, members share certain “final goals” and regard social cooperation as a kind of good.

Tencent 20 years: changed by society, also changed society

Ma Huateng was born in Shantou, Guangdong Province in October 1971. His childhood was in Zhangzhou, Hainan. He liked to look up at the stars since childhood. He loved astronomy and he watched the sky through a telescope. After 13 years old, he settled in Shenzhen with his parents, went to Shenzhen Middle School, went to the computer department of Shenzhen University, and then worked and started a business. He experienced simple traceability. He did not tell the story without packaging. Ma Huateng's character is low-key and he doesn't like to talk, but he is not unpredictable, but transparent and intuitive.

Ideal and reality have always been well combined with him. He likes astronomy, but he does not delay that he also likes computers. The graduation design is “stock analysis system”; he graduated from Runxun to work as a development director from the programmer, but did not delay his creation of Huiduo.com. Substation “ponysoft” creates a spiritual home for young computer-loving people; he has no great plans to start a business, just because “think of staying in the company without a future”, but later used the deepest Emotions will continue to bind itself to Tencent.

In the past 20 years, Tencent has changed the society to a considerable extent, and it has also been changed by the society. As a farmer's Ma Huateng, it adds a little bit of social entrepreneurial color. He does not deliberately do this, but his evolution is real. It is more and more concerned about Tencent's promotion of social development and progress, including science and technology, culture, health, education, transportation, poverty alleviation and so on.

Ten years ago, Ma Huateng was described by the media as "China's Bill · Gates", "China's Robert · Neuss", now no one mentions this, he is Ma Huateng, not like who Ma Huateng, he is the existence of the Chinese Internet that is not arrogant, not too slow, steady and mixed with legends. Now Tencent is more like a river, and it's time to achieve its own "long-term long-term". In recent years, Ma Huateng has also been posted by Li Ka-shing's Chaoshan merchants, “Businessmen have no domain”, “I don't know how to do it”, “Let's spare no effort” and other labels, in fact, he has formed his own unique Business logic and social responsibility thinking.

Many biographies have written that Ma Huateng is a person who is almost irritated, gentle, gentle, and temperate. He barely accepts interviews in the early days, has less private emotions, and has no eye-opening opinions in non-professional fields. He can slam Zhang Xiaolong on the account, maybe to some extent they are all similar people. The author once wrote "Zhang Xiaolong: The Lonely Reconstruction City", they focus on social, but do not deify social, emphasizing equality, simplicity, purity, and focus.Socialization should be natural, not tough and powerful, and to be positioned as magical and tall.


As the company's influence grows, Ma Huateng, as CEO, needs to go to the society more, such as communicating with stakeholders, but his heart is constant, persistent, and principled. Ma Huateng’s public exposure has gradually increased, but it’s all true, and for ten years, it has formed a mature and stable image that doesn’t seem to be changed by time. People often say that “people are in the rivers and lakes, they are involuntarily”, but the heart of Ma Huateng is not in the rivers and lakes, or in the products, in the development of the company, how to improve the society through technology. Zhang Lei, the founder of Gaochun Capital, said at the World Internet Conference: “Pony’s protection of users is like protecting his family and children. He usually asks him what to eat. He’s not going back for a few days, if he is with him. Telling which bug, which product, he will return to you in ten seconds, always put the user's care in the first place. ”

In the past year, Tencent’s strategy has been questioned by many people. Ma Huateng is also under pressure, but he has overcome anxiety and returned to the "heart of the water", "—— yesterday's "everything" is the consumer Internet, today's "all things" plus the industry Internet, but everything To grow, all need water to moisturize, float, and need a smooth river to transport. The problem is that the industrial Internet involves the industry, requires a lot of dedicated waterways, and needs the integration of cloud and intelligent and specialized capabilities. In the 20 years of Ma Huateng, he has experienced more than one Internet cycle, some of which are temporarily behind, and may be transformed in the future.

For two decades, Ma Huateng has made people believe that he also believes in people. The value of Tencent is always with people, let users better connect, better live, work better and grow better.

Ma Huateng publicly advocated at the World Internet Conference: “The Internet has now developed into deep water areas, even unmanned areas. When new problems arise, for each participating entity, especially for platform-based Internet companies, it is necessary to have more attitudes towards the ownership and drive other subjects to solve problems together. & rdquo; As a community of destiny to solve problems together, not only to assume responsibility for industrial development, but also to assume social responsibility.

Water conservancy, more broad social responsibility

Hobbes, the pioneer of modern British thought, believes that there are three kinds of goodness, one is the goodness of expectation of hope, the beauty of the kind; the other is the goodness of effect, which is as happy as the purpose of desire; There is a kind of goodness in terms of means, which is effective and beneficial.

The three specific aspects of Tencent's vision mentioned by Ma Huateng in the internal speech of Tencent's 20th anniversary, the integration with the big environment is the beauty of hope; the integration with all aspects of people's life is a happy result; the development with the industry partners is the means Effective and beneficial. If this is the case, it can be said that it is good.

Obviously, when Tencent’s river flows to all aspects of society, its value is far from the stock market value, but social function and social responsibility.


In 2006, Tencent established a charitable foundation two years after its listing in Hong Kong. It has united thousands of NGOs and netizens to become the founders of “People's Public Welfare”, “99 Public Welfare Day” An annual charity feast. For more than a decade, the biggest contribution of Tencent Public Welfare Foundation is not the huge amount of money donated by Tencent itself, but the use of technology to solve the social pain points of lack of trust, to build a scientific, transparent, sentimental and temperature connection platform, so that the public welfare is truly Into the daily life and the inner world of people, forming a sustainable, positive cycle. Tencent is relying on technology iterations and creative updates to make “Leadership” a fun social interaction.If public welfare is still a traditional field of social responsibility, broader social responsibility is still behind, and it is necessary to identify them with an innovative eye.

In a sense, the origin of the Internet is to eliminate social problems. Amartya · Sen has argued that poverty is not just a lack of income, but a deprivation of a person's basic ability to freely choose the life he has reason to cherish. For example, education, inability to accept knowledge and information, and inability to have a good ecological environment are all types of poverty that have been deprived of their abilities. Therefore, as a large Internet platform, it is necessary to infiltrate into various fields to act as assistants and helpers, and enhance the ability of each subject to cope with change and solve problems. This is social responsibility in a broad sense.

In the medical field, the most typical breakthrough case is “Tencent's Shadow” & mdash;— Tencent's first AI medical imaging product, which can use AI medical image analysis to achieve esophageal cancer, diabetic retinopathy, breast cancer and other diseases. Early screening; can use AI auxiliary engine to predict and diagnose more than 700 diseases. As of July 2018, “Tencent Vision” has assisted doctors to read more than 100 million medical images, serving over one million patients, suggesting 150,000 high-risk lesions. In November, Tencent announced that AI+ medical research has entered the pathological analysis stage from image screening. The author went to the first session of the Expo to visit the medical AI products of large foreign companies. They are still continuing to develop and improve. It can be seen that Tencent is at the forefront of the world.

In other fields, such as the government public affairs field, “Guangdong Province” small program helps Guangdong Province to collect 266 people's livelihood services, and truly realize the errands for the masses; for example, in the field of education, “Tencent Micro School”, “Tencent” Smart Campus, which helps to enhance campus management, classroom interaction and left-behind children's education concerns; such as the “Tencent Bus Code” in the transportation field, it takes only 0.2 seconds to respond in more than 100 cities; for example, in the social security field, “Tencent Goggles” provides online services for key aspects of human services, achieving zero errands and helping Jingning old people to get pensions; for example, in the cultural field, they have reached strategic cooperation with a series of Chinese traditional culture IPs such as the Great Wall, the Forbidden City and Dunhuang. Designed to revitalize traditional culture; all kinds of cases are too numerous to mention.


Whether it is practicing corporate social responsibility or embracing industry Internet partners, Tencent’s role has always been the role of an assistant, and the scale of the control is very restrained. In a dialogue in Wuzhen, Ma Huateng once again emphasized this role positioning: “Energy is still too high-profile, we call assistants and help. In order to make yourself a digital assistant, Tencent is consciously improving its self-cultivation and actively integrating social responsibility into product and service design in advance. The most important thing for everyone is the protection of minors. Ma Huateng said that in the past one or two years, Tencent has done a lot of research on youth protection. Face recognition AI technology, including financial-grade identity verification technology, is applied to entertainment products to apply the best AI experts to teen protection.

Maintaining your own hard power and producing your own hard contribution is the hard core of Tencent's long-term development and contribution to society. Tencent has achieved outstanding results in promoting consumption and boosting employment. In the Wuzhen Internet Conference World Internet leading scientific and technological achievements release event, Ma Huateng took the stage to receive the award and delivered a keynote speech. The development of the program also brought more employment opportunities. The Tencent Corporate Social Responsibility Report showed that the 2017 small program led employment. 1.04 million, the social effect continues to improve, and the entire WeChat ecology has driven the social employment scale to 20.3 million, of which 4.86 million are direct employment and 15.34 million are indirect employment.


From the various aspects described above, we can see that Tencent has become more and more socially connected from the “tools” to “the system” to the “spiritual” level, and it has become a profound meaning, which naturally forms. A network of social responsibility.

In the complicated and noisy 2018 years, people have deeper expectations for consensus, unity and mutual help. For the community of social destiny, Ma Huateng gave a solid definition ——“do what you can do, what others can't do, to serve the society”. In fact, everyone, every organization can contribute a little of their own unique strength.

It is not an unattainable moral pursuit to fight for everything in water.

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