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Farewell to Sohu: the best time of Internet video in ROC and China

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This article is from Tencent, qqshenwang.

ROC ROC, a grassroots inspirational youth, left the Sohu where he struggled to become famous. The time stamp from April 22, 2004 to November 1, 2018 marks the 14-year fate between Dapeng and Sohu.

Dapeng, as the director and writer of the popular online drama Loser, came into public view when home-made content of Chinese video sites first sprang up. As soon as the news of Dapeng's departure came out, he went on a hot search. Sohu's side has also confirmed his departure, and Sohu's founder Zhang Chaoyang has offered his best wishes.

It is not surprising that Dapeng broke up with Sohu today. In recent years, Dapeng has been fighting in the field of movies. He directed more than 1 billion box-office movies, Pancake Man, and then 450 million box-office bands, Sewing Machines. Zhang Chaoyang, founder of Sohu, believes that the main product of Sohu video has always been a small-scale online self-made drama, and investment in movies is not normal.

During Sohu's 14 years, Dapeng witnessed the 14-year upheaval of Sohu video and Chinese Internet video. Sohu video once glory, Tencent video and the rise of iqiyi, and Youku has been attached to Alibaba

No one strikes back

Dong Chengpeng, the name of ROC, is beginning to appear in the video talk show Dapeng bar. Previously, ROC's curriculum vitae were similar to most of the dreamers.

When he was a teenager, Dapeng's dream was to make music. He used to work in an underground band in Changchun.

At the age of 22, he graduated from Jilin Construction University with a major in engineering management and came to Beijing. He went to Houhai to interview a bar singer, but the boss didn't listen to him and refused. The experience was later written into the book, and Dapeng laughed at himself:

In order to support himself, Dapeng became an intern editor of Sohu Music Channel, working from 7:00 a.m. to 5:00 p.m. and working overtime until 2:00 a.m. at the latest. He often comes out of his rental house in Tongzhou in the morning, takes the Batong Line for Line 1, and punches in at Sohu headquarters on Chang'an Street.

In this way, he has been on duty for three years, during which, fate has also cared for him. Once, the host of the video program "Star Online" couldn't come because of temporary diarrhea. Dapeng volunteered to replace him, and then from behind the scenes to front of the stage.

In June 2005, Sohu invited Li Xi, a female director who was then working as an entertainment program on the literary and art channel, to be in charge of "Star online." the first thing Li Xi did to Sohu was to say with the editor-in-chief.

In order not to be replaced, Dapeng began to think of a lot of ways, first, to increase audience viscosity; second, to give play to his own strong points of singing, and third, to actively interact with netizens. One day, Li Xi and Dapeng said,

But Dapeng always faces the risk of being replaced. In October 2006, Sohu hired a host from TV station and Dapeng was laid off. ROC has received a new mission to train editors of the new Sohu. During the lecture, he thought that he could make a program, take stock of the day's entertainment events, and add sensational headlines.

In 2007, inspired by his wife, Dapeng acted as the host of Sohu's video talk show "Dapeng Du Ba Du". During the period of hosting "Dapeng Du Ba Du", Dapeng began to gain popularity, accumulated experience in talk shows, at the same time, accumulated human resources in the entertainment circle.

At one time, he was busy shuttling freely between Sohu's signing artists and Sohu employees, acting in movies and sitcoms.

And the Sohu here also ushered in the spring. In sponsoring the Olympic Games, Sohu became the official website of the 2008 Beijing Olympic Games, while Zhang Chaoyang was the chief journalist of the official website.

The second quarter financial report issued by Sohu in July 2008 showed that Sohu's overall earnings were $102 million, making it the first portal with earnings exceeding $100 million in the quarter. Previously, only Tencent's quarterly revenue exceeded $100 million, and Baidu had just broken through the $100 million mark.

Like Sohu at that time, Dapeng began to welcome its good time.

Because of the strategic cooperation between Zhao Benshan and Sohu Video, Dapeng, who often presides over activities, came into Zhao Benshan's sight. On April 5, 2010, he became the 53rd disciple of Zhao Benshan. But this is just the prelude to ROC's life.

The first 6 years of the Sohu were regarded as the first half of China's Internet video industry. Some major events in the industry determine the future of the video field, and also provide Dapeng with a vast space for development.

Best time

In 2009, the State Administration of Radio, Film and Television issued the Notice on Strengthening the Content Management of Internet Audio-visual Programs, which strengthened the crackdown on network piracy, making many video websites stop broadcasting American and Korean dramas, but also making video websites usher in the high cost of network broadcasting rights.

Data show: in 2009, the copyright fee of domestic TV series network broadcasting is 4000-5000 RMB; in 2010, the hot drama episode reached about 100,000 yuan, while in 2010, the new version of "Three Kingdoms" network distribution price per episode is 280,000, under pressure, Cool 6, Sohu, Le TV and other video websites have joined the army of self-made dramas.

And then Sohu video, is a strong video field. Sohu video has been the main hit

In June 2012, Dapeng saw a short video on Weibo, where the heroine asked her father:

Inspired by Germany's Loser Lady, Dapeng began to write, direct and act Loser Man. He reflected in his autobiography,


At the beginning of the shooting, Dapeng was overstretched. He bought a plane ticket and flew to the hometown of the comedians all over the country. He invited them to write a script for the Loser Man, with a budget of three hundred dollars each, which was rather shabby. The story in the Loser Man was a grassroots story, about 120 stories a season.

Dapeng plays various types of real life in the film. Master Zhao Benshan once told him,

"Loser Lady" enables Dapeng to find a solution, he can be like a lot of people,

The loser man did not have a star on the boot, but Dapeng used stupid kung fu. Dapeng first found a shot of Liu Yan, and showed it to Deng Chao. Deng Chao said that the deadline was tight for my wife to come, and Sun Li went out on screen.

The day before the show, Dapeng sent a piece of Weibo,

"Loser Man" from the start of the first season to the fourth season, the duration of three years, Dapeng thorough

Dapeng clearly knew that he had caught up with the good times of self-making. In 2014, the internet produced its own drama in the real world

In those days, Sohu video, which was based on the introduction of American TV series, was slightly declining. According to the CNNIC report, by the end of 2013, the number of online video users in China was 428 million, an increase of 112 million compared with the end of 2012. After Youku acquired potatoes and Iqiyi bought PPS, Sohu video was squeezed into the top three of the industry.

From the initial barrenness to the later complications in the field of network self-made drama, the dawn of self-made drama market brought by "Diao Si Men" and "Wan Wan Fang Wan Fang" can not be overshadowed.

Industry comments: this group of creators are all that

In this age of decentralization of the Internet, the people who are increasingly marginalized and struggling to survive in the economic reform are becoming more and more marginalized.

From the perspective of family background, Dapeng is unmistakable.

In Dapeng's autobiography "laugh in the hard days", at the beginning of the article, he from his native family and childhood education experience analysis, why he himself since childhood long to be noticed, growing up and yearning fo

Later, Dapeng hosted Star Online and directed Diaosi Men, which are very early things for Sohu videos. Dapeng can't play differently. Besides the innovation in form, Diaosi Men's biggest feature is that there are many guest stars.


On December 31, 2013, at the end of the third season of Men's Diaosi, Liu Yan was filming at the same time on the "Breaking Up Master" crew. On the day of filming Liu Yan's play, ROC left and right and so on, the play of the breakup master was not completed.

Dapeng understood that online dramas are always online dramas, and there is no way to compare them with movies.

Sohu is fading away

"Pancake Man" originally planned to shoot, originally wanted to find a director, but looked around, and later found that Dapeng was the most suitable candidate. In this film, Zhang Chaoyang, who rarely attended entertainment activities in recent years, also played a guest role in the film.

This play is about the original popular ROC because of kissing fans into the bottom of his life, in order to survive was forced to sign a sales contract, had to agree to the creditors to make movies, but when the shooting started, met with the past seemingly good friend's refusal, and then followed by a wave of laughter.

In the pancake man, ROC played a young man who insisted on making movies. This year, whether "Pancake Man" or "Charlotte's Troubles," the "villain angel," box office results are all directed at one billion, just like when small and medium-cost comedy movies come into play.

From Dapeng to Loser Man, pancake Man, and Sewing Machine Band, Dapeng has been following a comedy path, while Dapeng says he has no comedy talent. He once confessed to the media,

Of the actor market.


Statistics show that in 2000, the total box office of domestic films was 860 million, the most dismal year of Chinese movie box office.

In 2015, not only the film market surged, but also the online homemade dramas market, with the total number of episodes soaring to 2866, with a total of 22.9 billion broadcasts throughout the year. Lexus's "Princess's Promotion" and Tencent's "Ghost Blows the Lamp" series have become phenomenal self-made dramas.

The rapid development of the network self-production market, but also with the

Since the production market is full of flowers and cooking oil, but Dapeng has not swayed, in September 2017, Dapeng's second film, "Sewing Machine Band," was released, the film about a grassroots rock band pursuing its dream story is described as the northeast version of the film.

There is no Sohu in the list of producers of the sewing band. "Pancake Man" is produced by Sohu Video, Xinli Media and Wanda Film Industry, but to the second film "Sewing Machine Band", the producers are other city film industry, Confucian film industry, Youth Ray, Wanda film industry, Lehe film industry, etc., and the name of Sohu Video is absent.

Film investment and video are closely related to the industrial chain. IQI, Youku and Le TV all have their own film companies. However, the popularity of Pancake Man did not make Zhang Chaoyang invest more in the film and television industry. From the perspective of Dapeng's personal development, it is inevitable for Dapeng to fly alone.

In the past few years, the ROC has gone up, but the days of Sohu are not so good.

According to Sohu's third quarter earnings report in 2015, the box office of the movie Pancake Man brought Sohu up to $29 million in revenue. For Sohu, which had a net loss of $31 million in the first quarter, Pancake Man's sale contributed a lot to Sohu's turnaround.

According to Erie data, in December 2016, 945 million mobile video monthly live devices were used for 17.7 billion hours. Sohu video, a number of data indicators, has fallen out of the first echelon.

Storm Player founder Feng Xin used

For Zhang Chaoyang, the story of the video must always go on. Sohu video 2017 strategic planning conference, Zhang Chaoyang said:

Since 2014, self-production has been a major part of Sohu's video, arguably one of the biggest labels on Sohu's video, excluding American TV dramas At present, the competition of the net comprehensive net of the network drama has already become the competition of the website

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