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2019 iPhone wish list: is there anything you want?

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The days when Apple's entire company's fate is tied to the iPhone are over. The technology giant now has multiple product lines, including the iPad, Mac, Apple TV and Apple Watch, and its service business is growing rapidly. Of course, the iPhone is Apple's most famous product, and for most people, the iPhone is a vital entry point into the Apple ecosystem. From this point of view, iPhone is still a very important presence in many apple products.

Although Apple calls the XS series the fastest and most advanced model of the iPhone so far, the series is only an S upgrade, which follows the look and design of the iPhone X and most of its features, while upgrading hardware and improving performance. Obviously, apple powder hopes apple can go further in 2019. This week, Macworld, the foreign media, has compiled a list of wishes for the 2019 iPhone. Let's take a look.

A more powerful neural engine

If nothing happens, the new A-series processors (probably A13) will be used for the iPhone in 2019, but Apple's chip suppliers are unlikely to offer 5nm chips next year, and TSMC expects to produce 5nm chips by 2020. That is to say, iPhone will still use 7Nm chips in 2019.

We may not see a dramatic improvement in performance and battery life on next year's iPhone, but Apple may increase the number of transistors and increase the number of nerve engine operations from 5 trillion times per second of A12 to 100 billion. Artificial intelligence and machine learning are becoming more and more important for iOS, applications, and Apple services, and it's meaningful to speed up the nerve engine.

Better camera

From the past iPhone update, every generation of new cameras is better than the previous generation. Macworld believes that besides improving image processing, it's time for Apple to do something else, such as a third rear camera, a front wide-angle camera and introducing new shooting options, to provide users with more options to shoot with the iPhone.

For self-portrait users, if the iPhone has additional wide-angle cameras in 2019, they can include what they want to shoot when they shoot themselves. In addition to the new hardware, Apple may also need to make improvements in software functions, such as converting ordinary lenses into slow motion lenses, which can be used in conjunction with the upgraded nerve engine.

The second generation TrueDepth module

Although the Face ID speed of the iPhone XS is faster than that of the iPhone X, the TrueDepth module itself has not really been improved. Macworld pointed out in the article that it is hoped to see the addition of the second generation TrueDepth hardware module on the iPhone in 2019.

Requiring Apple to upgrade the TrueDepth module while removing the screen grooves may be a bit excessive, but we hope that it can achieve more functions in existing sizes, such as allowing Face ID to recognize user's facial data in any direction. We all remember how amazing it was when Apple introduced the second-generation Touch ID into the iPhone 6s, and we hope that the second-generation Face ID can also be upgraded substantially.

Switch to USB-C

Mac laptops are charged via USB-C and the iPhone and iPad are charged via Lightning, which is no longer accurate after the iPad Pro switched to USB-C in 2018. It's time for apple to unify product charging standards.

Macworld said that while replacing Lightning with USB-C on the iPhone in 2019 might require Apple to provide a slightly thicker body to accommodate the new interface, the 1mm change is acceptable, and the thicker body has some other benefits.

A bigger battery

As mentioned above, in 2019, when iPhone switched to USB-C, the fuselage of iPhone might need to be thicker. Macworld said that few users complain that the iPhone is not thin enough, on the contrary, many people hope that the battery life of the iPhone will be improved.

If the body thickness of the iPhone increases in 2019, it will have more internal space to accommodate a larger battery, thereby increasing the duration of the iPhone. At the same time, the thicker fuselage can also make the rear camera no longer prominent.

quick charger

At present, the iPhone XS Max, which starts at RMB 9599, still provides 5W USB power adapter. This phone can achieve faster charging speed, but you need to buy a new fast charger.

Earlier this year, it was rumored that Apple would replace the 5W USB power adapter with a USB-C charger in the packaging of the new iPhone. But it turned out that Apple had not done so. Macworld says it's time for Apple to put the fast charger in the box of the iPhone. Such an expensive phone can't get the best experience. Apple is a bit stingy.

Screen display

Technically, Apple can add the screen display function to any OLED iPhone model through iOS updates. Nevertheless, it would not be surprising if Apple made this feature a new feature in the iPhone in 2019.

Through the screen display, iPhone users can view time, date, weather and unread messages and other simple information, just glance at the phone on the desk, it can help users reduce the number of wake-up screens, further extend the use of the iPhone. At this point, the screen display plays the same role as the screen time.

Smaller size iPhone smaller

This year, Apple launched three different sizes of the iPhone: the 5.8-inch XS, the 6.1-inch XR and the 6.5-inch XS Max. If Apple still plans to use the same strategy next year, it may not be a bad idea to make the smallest size of the iPhone smaller.

For users looking forward to the release of the new iPhone SE, the current 5.8-inch XS may not be able to meet their demand for smaller phones. Some users may really like small phones, but Macworld doesn't think it's necessary for Apple to specialize in a 4-inch phone for those users. It would be a good idea to reduce the 5.8-inch model to around 5.2 inches.

Smaller-sized iPhones may have smaller batteries, but relatively smaller screens, so the battery life may not have much impact. In addition, as mentioned earlier, if the body of the iPhone gets thicker in 2019, it will be able to carry a larger battery.

Price reduction

We're not sure what pricing strategy the iPhone will use in 2019, but from the iPhone X to the iPhone XS Max, Apple's pricing has been rising, and there is no sign that Apple will change the pricing strategy of the iPhone. Nevertheless, Macworld put price cuts on its wish list for the iPhone in 2019, and said that if the starting prices of the XR, XS and XS Max successors could be reduced to $699, $849 and $949, more people would be able to afford these high-end phones.

If Apple still uses the same pricing next year, providing more practical accessories in the box is another way to reduce the price, such as adding a 3.5mm headset adapter, a faster USB-C power adapter, or upgrading the storage space of the underlying model to 128GB.

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