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Radio SoC Solution Breakthrough: 26 Manufacturers Promote 62 Single Chips

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Through the disassembly of dozens of popular wireless charging devices on the market, it is found that more and more products adopt high integration schemes, which are simple and convenient for rapid production.DevelopmentProduction and marketing.

I. Solution of Wireless SoC Chip Charging

The wireless charging transmitter chip is basically composed of three chips, namely driver chip, MOS chip and main control chip. Under the MCU scheme, the control chips, driver chips and operational amplifiers are all independent, and there are quite a lot of peripheral components. In a word, they are very complex and have too many components. There are many kinds of materials, and the production and testing process is complex, which is not conducive to the rapid development, production and marketing of products.

SoC, or System on a chip, refers to the integration of a complete system on a single chip. At present, the relatively common definition of SOC scheme is: SoC is the integration of master control and driver. But there are also voices that say this is not accurate, master, driver, MOS integration is the real SoC. The SoC mentioned below, for the time being, is based on the first statement.

Second, MCU master control PowerStage intelligent power full bridge scheme

At the same time, there is a class of schemes in the market, which are different from the SoC, mentioned above but also highly integrated: the MCU master PowerStage intelligent power full-bridge scheme. Different from SoC, the PowerStage smart power full bridge of this kind of scheme integrates the driver and MOS into one, and the advantages of the two are different. For this scheme, we can understand it as a transition from MCU to full integration SoC.

III. Qi Certification Wireless Charging Mobile Phone

In August this year, we gathered 97 Qi-certified mobile phones from WPC Wireless Charging Alliance. Now the number has exceeded 100. Support wireless chargingIPhoneThe number of mobile phones has also increased to six: the iPhone 8, the iPhone 8 Plus, the iPhone X, the iPhone XS, the iPhone XS Max and the iPhone XR. Apple has always been the industry vane, driven by it, domestic flagship mobile phones take the lead in following up this function, which will promote the maturity of wireless charging technology and the development of the industry, and the trend of integration of wireless charging chip solutions is unstoppable.

4. Summary of highly integrated wireless charging schemes

In order to facilitate the selection and comparison of downstream enterprises, the charging head network collects the scheme of wireless charging SoC chip and the MCU master control PowerStage intelligent power full bridge (sorted by the first letter).

1. Summary of SoC wireless chip charging schemes

According to incomplete statistics of charging head network, there are currently 17 original chip manufacturers have introduced SoC wireless charging scheme, up to 45 types of chip models, covering 5W, 10W, 15W.

2. Summary of the intelligent power full bridge scheme of the main control of the MCU

According to the incomplete statistics of the charging head network, there are currently 9 original chip factories with MCU master PowerStage intelligent power full-bridge scheme, with up to 17 chip models.

Fifth, the scheme of wireless charging SoC chip and the specific information of the manufacturer are as follows:

1. Acutepower Sharp Source Semiconductor

Acutepower Ruiyuan Semiconductor, the company's core team from NXP/TI/ST, has more than 10 years of design experience in digital and analog power supply. Committed to the development of power chips, and become the first-class domestic digital-analog hybrid chip design company.

Sharp source semiconductor AT7915 high integration SOC scheme, the peripheral circuit is very simple, support 15W output power.

2, BOEONE Bai Yi.

Baiyi Technology focuses on wireless charging chips and one-stop wireless charging solutions, has nearly 100 core patents in the field of wireless charging, and has cooperated with nearly 10 top 500 enterprises in SOC solutions. Now a member of WPC Wireless Charging Alliance, it owns rare and mature A4WP technology in China, and is the authorized unit of Qualcomm in the United States.

There are two kinds of medium power 15W SoC Tx chips, which meet the requirements of WPC 1.2.

3, CELFRAS intelligence

Jiangxi Lianzhi Integrated Circuit Co., Ltd. is a high-tech Sino-foreign joint venture controlled by the Chinese side. It was founded on August 8, 2016, with registered capital of 50 million US dollars and total investment of 150 million US dollars. It is the first integrated circuit enterprise in Jiangxi Province, specializing in integrated circuit design company.

Lianzhi 15W CWQ1000 transmitter (TX) chip has passed the Qi certification of the International Wireless Charging Union (WPC), which is a 15W SoC chip.

Application case:

Bull Wireless Charger

Beijing Made Wireless Charger

Omars 15W Wireless Charger

MOMAX Morris Q. Pad MAX Yuanqi MAX Wireless Fast Charger (15W)

4, CPS easy to rush wireless

As a global high-tech enterprise focusing on the field of wireless charging, CPS is established by the strategic cooperation of Convenient Power, a pioneer enterprise in the field of wireless charging, and E-Charging Inc., a new generation leading enterprise in the field of wireless charging.

Easy Chong is one of the 25 Super Members of WPC Wireless Charging Alliance (Presbyterian Members). Its Tx transmitter SoC IC is mainly EC80XX series, with a maximum output power of 5W or 10W. Widely used in wireless charging, TWS real wireless Bluetooth headset and many other applications.

Application case:

ANKER PowerWave 7.5 Pad Wireless Charger

ANKER PowerWave 7.5 Stand Vertical Wireless Charger

Llano Green Giant Energy LJN-WX002 Wireless Charger

Meizu Wireless Charger

Mophie second Generation Wireless Charger (charge stream pad)

Nanfu Cooper AirCharge Mobile Phone Wireless Charging

RAVPOWER Zebao Wireless Charger

SUGAR LADY Cosmetic Mirror Wireless Charger

Breakthrough TU0010 Wireless Charger

Torras turas CDRZ21 wireless charger

UGREEN Green CD176 Wireless Charger

VERIZON Wireless Charger

Aiwu Open S1 Vertical Wireless Charger (All Aluminum Fast Charging Edition)

5. CVSMicro Core

Shenzhen Jinxin Microelectronics Co., Ltd. was established in 2012, focusing on research and development, manufacturing and application design of wireless charging, fast charging, energy collection and other chips. The core team of Chip Development of Jinxin Micro is from Silicon Valley. The core engineers have worked in National Semiconductor, NXP and Fujitsu respectively. They are all senior people in the field of chip design. Many of them have 20-30 years of rich design experience in the chip industry. The company is headquartered in Nanshan Science Park, Shenzhen, and has set up a Hong Kong Design Center in Hong Kong Science Park.

Jinxinwei has launched a number of wireless SoC Tx chips, and many chips have successfully entered the supply chain of many well-known brands. Among them, the star product CV90328B supports single coil constant frequency voltage regulation, multi-coil, one core multi-charge, five coils free release one charge two.

Application case:

ANKER A2516 5W Wireless Charger

CDK Digital Display 10W Wireless Charger

MOMAX wireless charger

Morris MOMAX Q.Dock2 Yuanqi 2 Wireless Fast Charging Seat

ROFI Nofi 10W Wireless Charger

Greenland QC2.0 30570 Wireless Charger

6. General plus Lingtong Technology

General plus Technology Lingtong Technology was founded in 2004, which is a wholly-owned subsidiary of the old wireless charging chip factory Lingyang. Lingtong Technology focuses on voice IC and multimedia product solutions, and is one of the world's leading integrated circuit suppliers. Headquartered in Taiwan, and in Shenzhen, Chenghai, Hong Kong, the United States, Japan and other parts of the world set up many branches and offices, can provide comprehensive technical support to customers.

Lingtong has launched a number of integrated, efficient 10W, 15W chips. GPMQ8006B integrates MOS driver and demodulation circuit, which is a highly integrated solution.

Application case:

ARUN Hailutong Wireless Charging Baohua Fast Charging Wireless Charger

Baseus Best USB PD Wireless Charging Mobile Power Supply

BNIC USB PD Input Wireless Charging

TYLT teisty wireless charging

VLG Ville Valley P10 Wireless Charging Treasure


7, IDT Addie.

IDT, an old semiconductor company in the United States, is the leader of the wireless charging industry in the smartphone market and dominates the mobile device and transmitter market.

IDT is one of the 25 Super Members of WPC Wireless Charging Alliance (Elderly Members). Huawei, Samsung, Hammer, Sony, Millet and other popular mobile phone wireless chargers all use IDT SoC chip.

Application case:

Huawei Fast Charging Wireless Charger

Huawei Wireless Charger (15W Wireless Fast Charging Edition)

Samsung Fifth Generation Vertical Wireless Charger

Samsung Fourth Generation Folding Wireless Fast Charger

S7 Vertical Wireless Charger

Samsung note5 wireless charger disassembly

Samsung Wireless Backpacker

Samsung Binocular Wireless Charging Base

Samsung Wireless Charging Base

Nut alarm clock type wireless charging seat

Nut cake type wireless charging seat

Sony Wireless Charger Seat

Millet 99 yuan wireless charger

Millet 69 yuan wireless charger (general fast charging version)

ZMI Purple Rice Wireless Charger

8. INJOINIC Yingji Core

INJOINIC is a black horse in the mobile power industry. It was founded only four years ago. Its core R&D teams are all post-80s. After entering this market, the annual shipment volume is close to 100 million. It has been exported to the world, making European and American brands sweat and become a black horse, occupying most of the mobile power chip industry.

This year, the charging head network learned that Yingji core released its first fully integrated wireless charging SoC chip IP6808, which has passed Qi v1.2.4 certification and formally entered the wireless charging industry. In recent days, new actions have come out again: IP6806, which claims to be the most integrated wireless charging SoC chip in the industry, needs only 14 passive devices.

Application case:

Lollipop wireless charger Wireless charging of lollipop lollipop

9. LesdingUI Korea Top Technology

LesdingUI Korea Liding Technologies Longhua Wireless Charging Chip Co., Ltd., has been mass-produced and supplied to Samsung and LGE in Korea.partsFactory.

Save the cost of BOM devices and PCB. In terms of performance and quality, it has strong stability. Samsung and LGE accessories factories in Korea, such as Commatech, PowerCast, PNTelecom, produce many models in large quantities and support multiple coils (1-3 Coil). In terms of technical support, it ensures certification, supports Qi fast speed, opens debugging tools, supports USB download in mass production, and has rich experience in mass production.

10, MAXIC Mei Xin Sheng

In 2016, relying on years of intensive cultivation in the field of analog power supply, Meixin Sheng, with strong technical accumulation, has made great efforts to expand another 100 billion-level new field, and established a wireless charging chip and program development division.

Based on the deep understanding of SOC chip and power system, Mitsubishi designed a wireless charging chip MT5715, which supports both RX and TX.

11, NewEdge new Czech

Shanghai New Edge Techology is a supplier of wireless charging chips. It was founded in July 2013 and is currently manufactured in a 0.18 micron process in TSMC.

New Jet has launched a number of SoC chips, covering more than 5W, 10W, 15W power levels.

Application case:

Jess Vehicle Wireless Charger

12. Newyea New Page Microelectronics

Xiamen Xinpage Microelectronics Technology Co., Ltd. is a high-tech enterprise in Xiamen, focusing on the research and development of wireless charging chips and schemes and their industrial applications. It became a member of QI of WPC International Wireless Charging Alliance in 2015. New Page Microelectronics has a core R&D team consisting of many PhD and senior R&D personnel. It is committed to the R&D and industrialization of advanced wireless energy receiving and dispatching ASIC chips with its own intellectual property rights. Provide wireless power supply technology for smart wear, smart phones, smart home and other fields, and strive to become a leading provider of overall solutions for wireless power supply in China, providing core technical support for the wireless power supply industry and the Internet of Things ecosystem.

NY7508 and NY7506 are highly integrated wireless charging emission control chips, which conform to Qi standard and are compatible with 10W, 7.5W and 5W wireless charging. They have the advantages of high integration, simple scheme, good expansibility, low cost, high efficiency and wide compatibility.

13, NXP NP

NXP is the core supplier of many smartphone manufacturers, and also has a leading position in the automotive electronics market, especially in the automotive wireless charger market. It is one of the makers of Qi standard of WPC Wireless Charging Alliance. Its wireless charging products are adopted by well-known automotive brands all over the world, such as BMW, Audi, Honda, Honda, etc. Volkswagen, Modern, Kia, Seattle, etc.

NXP's wireless charging chip solutions are mainly used in Apple's officially authorized wireless charging brands such as mophie, Belkin and Logitech.

Application case:

Belkin Belkin Second Generation Wireless Charger

Mophie wireless charger

Logitech Logitech Powered Wireless Charging Seat

HAME Huamei Xingtai Wireless Mobile Power Supply

SoftBank SELECTION Softbank Wireless Charging Seat

14, Richtek Li Wei

Richtek Technologies is an international analog IC design company focusing on providing customers with diverse and competitive products and complete power management solutions.

RT3181 is a highly integrated transmitter conforming to WPC specifications. Its integrated full-bridge power level can meet the needs of general-purpose A11 transmitter, while the design of external power level can meet the needs of higher performance systems.

Application case:

YIYING Y10 Wireless Charger


Rohm (ROHM) is one of the world's leading semiconductor manufacturers, founded in 1958, is headquartered in Kyoto, Japan, a multinational group company. In the world electronics industry, Roma's many high-quality products have been licensed and approved by the market, and become the leading enterprise in the field of system IC and the latest semiconductor technology.

Rom SoC wireless Tx chip covers 5W and 15W. The reference design of ROHM wireless Tx control IC "BD57020MWV" has been certified by WPC Qi. It is also the first chip in the world to obtain the power Qi certification in EPP of WPC wireless charging alliance.

16, Toshiba Toshiba

Toshiba, the largest semiconductor manufacturer in Japan and the second largest integrated motor manufacturer, belongs to Mitsui Group. The company was founded in July 1875, formerly known as Tokyo Shippo Electric Co., Ltd. in 1939 by the combination of Tokyo Electric Co., Ltd. and Shippo Production.

As early as 2016, Toshiba Toshiba launched the 15W SoC chip TC7718FTG. Toshiba Storage and Electronic Components Solutions also announced that the wireless charging emitter system using Toshiba TC7718FTG 15W wireless charging emitter IC has been certified to meet the Qi v1.2 EPP (Extended Power Distribution) standard established by the Wireless Charging Consortium (WPC). The system uses MP-A2 (a 12V single coil wireless charging emitter system defined by the Wireless Charging Alliance) to support simple system configuration. It is the first MP-A2 transmitter system certified by Qi in the industry.

17. WPINNO Vip Innovation

Shenzhen Weipu Innovation Technology Co., Ltd. was established in 2014, focusing on research and development, production and sales of SOC products related to power supply and motor. It covers wireless charging, low-voltage fast charging, ChargePump high-voltage fast charging, full protocol fast charging, TYPE-CD power fast charging, motor driver and other chips.

WP8025/WP8035 wireless charging series chips are highly integrated and high performance. They can meet the needs of wireless charging transmitter and QI standard V1.2.4. They are compatible with Apple 7.5W, Samsung 10W, Huawei 15W and other mobile phones. Highly integrated SOC, low integrated cost, rich interface.

Six, MCU master control PowerStage intelligent power full bridge scheme and manufacturer's specific information as follows:

1, Blande Berland

Shenzhen Belland Technology Co., Ltd. was founded in 2012. It is the earliest company in China to focus on the research and development of wireless charging solutions. As the first company in the industry to develop and design application wireless charging solutions, the core team is from Freescale, Texas Instruments, IDT, Samsung Electronics and other internationally renowned semiconductor solutions companies.

Belland D9100 (Controller) D9015 (Power Stage) scheme, integrated Dual-Channel synchronous digital demodulation, QC3.0/QC2.0/AFC, support EPP 15W fast wireless charging, built-in 50MHz 32bit processor, integrated current detection, integrated hardware OCP,OTP, The ratio of performance to price is high.

Application case:

MOMAX Q.Pad DUAL Yuanqi 5 Dual Wireless Fast Charger

MOMAX Mormis Q. Mount 2 Magnetically Absorbed Wireless Charging Vehicle Bracket

2. H-wirelessWheel Wireless

Shenzhen Wheel Wireless Technology Co., Ltd. is a high-tech enterprise integrating R&D, production and sales. The company concentrates on wireless charging scheme and non-charging PCBA, and has strong technology accumulation. It is the first company to introduce QI-compliant wireless charging scheme in China, and its products are in the leading position in the market.

Wheel Wireless launched a number of wireless charging dedicated integrated chips, into the supply chain of Philips and other world-renowned enterprises. HC5701 is a special IC for 5W ultra-high cost-effective wireless charging scheme; HC5703C is a special IC for wireless charging, with the highest control output power up to 15W. With perfect protection circuit, advanced algorithm, super high efficiency and good compatibility, it is suitable for products with high stability requirements.

Application case:

PHILIPS Philips Wireless Charger

Hoco. Hoku Selected S1 Vehicle Wireless Charging Bracket

3. Innovision Long-term Microelectronics

Founded in 2015, Changgong Microelectronics focuses on the design and development of high-performance power management and power-level chips. The core team of Changgong Microelectronics is from internationally renowned semiconductor companies, with a number of international and domestic invention patents and more than 20 years of design experience.

IS6803 is a full bridge power level chip for wireless charging applications, supporting 10W/15W output. IS6803 has been produced on a large scale. It integrates programmable over-temperature protection, over-current protection and short-circuit protection. It has high integration and flexibility. It has excellent performance in reliability, efficiency and temperature rise. When applied to 10W wireless charging emitter, the efficiency can reach 87%, and the chip surface temperature rise is less than 13 degrees, which is the best choice of high-quality wireless charging scheme. Careful packaging design is very convenient to optimize the system layout. Double-layer PCB can be used to reduce the cost of the solution.

4. MIFENG Bee Electronics

Established in 2014, Shenzhen Bee Electronics Co., Ltd. is committed to providing leading wireless charging solutions for global customers. It is a high-tech enterprise focusing on providing high-end chips and solutions for wireless charging, intelligent wearing equipment, medical equipment, mobile terminals and other emerging areas.

Bee Electronics has recently introduced a BQT015 BD7123 high integrated wireless fast charging scheme, the scheme is simple, maximum power 15W, support the mainstream wireless fast charge market.

5, NuVolta Volda

Founded in 2014, Nuvolta Technologies is a company specializing in wireless charging semiconductor chip design and system solutions. Technology and products can be applied to various portable devices, such as wearable devices and smartphone transmitters and receivers. The company has offices in Silicon Valley, Shanghai, Shenzhen and Hefei.

Voda has launched a number of MCU PowerStage architecture, the overall solution is two chips. Voda has opened up the use of PowerStage to the market. Three PowerStage, models with different output power sizes (5W/10W/15W) are convenient and flexible for different applications, helping to improve the integration of wireless charging market as a whole.

Application case:

Mophie charge stream desk stand wireless charger

Disassembly report: mophie Charge Stream Pad Mini wireless charger

Millet Material Wireless Intelligent Mouse Pad

Rome's iPhone X Photo Licheng Wireless Mobile Power Supply

Greenland iPhone X Wireless Backpacker Power Supply

Yinya INSIGNIA (Best Buy) Wireless Charger

6. SCT core technology.

Xinzhou Science and Technology, the main products are Catalog/ASSP power conversion chip and power module, dedicated to creating the best power supply partner for wireless charging MCU program.

SCT63240 is a full bridge drive chip for wireless charging, supporting maximum 20W output, built-in DC step-down, two LDO, lossless current sampling circuits, etc. The temperature is 40 °C).

7. Semichan belongs to Siliconidae

Hanwei Silicon Branch is a strategic alliance between Hanwei Technology and Siicon Company of China Resources Group in 2012. It has set up a wireless charging research and development team consisting of more than 60 doctors and masters.

Taobao self-brand Taobao heart to introduce the first wireless charger, which means that Ali officially entered the wireless charging industry. A set of wireless charging packages, CS4967 CS4268, is used to drive the CS78S33 LDO regulator.

Application case:

Taobaoxin's First Wireless Charger

8. JOULWATT Jeffett

Jewart Microelectronics Co., Ltd. focuses on the research of power management chips. Recently, Jewart launched a complete set of power supply solutions for wireless charging Tx terminal, and began to enter the field of wireless charging.

Some time ago, Jewart launched the first wireless charging chip, which is fully integrated with Full-Bridge power module JW7951. It can save peripheral blocking containers and PCB area. It is not simple.

9, Zhuo Xinwei

Zhuoxin Micro Technology Co., Ltd. is a monolithic solution partner with single chip computer as the core. The company is committed to providing overall solutions, technical support and supporting business service mode.

Recently, Zhuo Core Micro, an established scheme company, has introduced a 1-dollar coin size wireless charging scheme. PCBA, is a 10W wireless charging scheme with the third generation topology: ZXW8025 ZX8803 wireless fast charging scheme. It is a special scheme developed for wireless charging scheme with many components, high cost, low efficiency and so on, which is known as the best performance and price ratio wireless charging scheme at present.

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