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Samsung has released Galaxy A8s: The world's first "drill screen" mobile phone is coming!

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Although 2018 has reached the end of the year, mobile phone manufacturers are not planning to be idle, and for supply chain manufacturers, the end of the year is the time for parts to be updated.

On December 10, Samsung officially launched the world's first "black-pupil full-screen" mobile phone, Galaxy A8s, in Beijing. As Samsung predicted at the Galaxy A9s conference earlier, the phone uses an Infinity-O display that accounts for 91.56% of the screen.


With the release of Galaxy A8s, the full screen is about to enter a new era to truly interpret Future is Now.

Samsung Galaxy A8s Field Starter:Https://v.qq.com/x/page/m0811w1jw0r.html

Gradually changing color modeling

Galaxy A8s has a slightly similar fuselage to the previously released A9s, with a slender fuselage with four rounded R angles and a fuselage thickness of 7.4mm. Gradient design and arc-shaped edge-closing transition are still used on the back until the middle part.

Interestingly, not only the back glass is gradient colored, but also the frame is gradient designed.


Samsung has provided A8s with three gradient colours: silver, Aurora black and ELF blue, but the gradient effect of the three colours is slightly different. Samsung introduced that Alien Silver uses a gradient scheme from shallow to deep, Aurora Black uses a gradient effect of diffusing from deep to shallow to the border, while Elven Blue, on the contrary, diffuses from shallow to deep around Logo.


Samsung's latest "Infinity-O" is used on the front, with a resolution of 6.4 inches (right angle) and 2340 x 1080 in a 19.5:9 scale and a TFT screen.


Samsung said that "black pupil full-view screen" using the most advanced through-hole design, not only can make the Galaxy A8s screen up to 91.56%, but also will not affect the image effect of the front-end camera. According to the PPT released by Samsung at the launch meeting, the screen part of A8s is mainly divided into four layers:

  • 2. 5D glass
  • LTPS liquid crystal
  • BLU backlight layer
  • Camera components at the bottom

The front camera is fixed at the bottom fuselage. The opening part is BLU backlight layer and LTPS (TFT-LCD) liquid crystal. The surface is covered with 2.5D glass.


The Galaxy A 8 s runs on the Qualcomm Cellon 710 processor of the 10nm process, supplemented with 6 / 8GB 128GB storage collocation. The front is equipped with a 24 million pixel camera; the rear is designed as a vertical triple-shot, with a 10 million pixel F2.4 aperture lens, a 24 million pixel F1.7 aperture main camera and a 5 million pixel depth of field camera.


According to Samsung, in the night environment, the main camera with F1.7 aperture can guarantee the light intake and bring a clear and bright film effect, while the 10-megapixel long-focus lens, as its name implies, can help you shoot farther, and the official claims that it can support 2-fold non-destructive optical zoom products.


For other configurations, Galaxy A8s is equipped with a 3400 mAh capacity battery to support dual-card VoLte and face/post-fingerprint recognition. Of course, as a key part of Samsung's AI, the New Bixby assistant is not absent from the phone.

Samsung has yet to announce the price of Galaxy A8s, but says it will start pre-sale on December 21.

Field expert Galaxy A8s:"Black-pupil full-screen" is a new form of selling point

At the launch site, Avan also got a hands-on experience with Samsung Galaxy A8s.


I don't think so much about PPT, but when I hold A8s in my hand, I think it's a very thin one in Samsung's hand. It's obviously thinner than Note 9 I use everyday. I checked the parameter Note 9 is 8.8mm, while A8s is 7.4mm. The thickness of the two is a grade difference.

The difference in parameters reflects the feel of the hand, that is, my thumb has a larger active area, plus its own design is more slender, so the grip is very comfortable, but after getting used to the weight of the product will feel slightly lighter. The overall feel is a little bit like Galaxy S9.


The biggest change is obviously in the upper left corner. Now, after the mobile phone's more extreme full screen, the "black hole" camera in the upper left corner can't be ignored. Compared with the design of "Beauty's Spike" and "Water Drop Screen", this new form of "Drilling Screen" will take some time to adapt.


Of course, what you are most concerned about is whether the screen design officially called "black-pupil full-screen" or "Infiity-O" by Samsung will make people feel blocked and screen occlusion. To be honest, the diameter of this "black pupil" is not small, almost the same as the size of the beauty tip, so it is difficult to ignore it at once.


As for the occlusion situation, I tried to play Akieyi's video on the spot, and found that the ordinary 4:3 ratio TV program will not be occluded, but when playing a movie, because the screen itself is relatively slender, so even when playing 2.35:1 movie, the black edge is not enough to accommodate the front-end camera, it will appear. Under certain conditions of occlusion, it is acceptable for people with different opinions and wisdom to have different opinions.


As for the screen material, I tried to stare at my writing wheel eyes. I didn't see the color pixels arranged by diamonds on Samsung AMOLED screen, and the contrast and black bits didn't look very like AMOLED, so I used an LCD screen.


The change of back camera is interesting. Samsung's flagship Note 9 in the second half of this year still retains the design of dual camera, but it leaps to four on A9s next time. This time, it subtracts from A8s with three cameras. The main camera in the middle has a color ring, which is actually four in design. The A9s is much better, and there is no obvious "big or small eye" problem like Note 9.


In terms of specifications, this three-shot is a combination of wide-angle lens, long focus lens, depth of field lens, and there is no super-wide-angle lens. This is still a slight pity. But the depth of field lens should be able to bring better portrait mode and virtual effect. However, there were some restrictions on the demonstration of the prototype. I tried to make some videos, but the picture was only green.


Other aspects of A8s design are basically the same as Samsung's other series, such as power and volume keys on the right, Bixby keys on the left and SIM card slots.

The color of the back is the highlight design of Galaxy A8s. In addition to the gradual change of silver and black exposed before, officially known as "Alien Silver", I also saw "Aurora Black" and "Elf Blue" at the scene.

In fact, the first exposure of silver-black gradient color in my view is not particularly obvious, but rather aurora-black, the color is more attractive, from the green around like a ring of light to the overall black.


However, the three color matching materials are made of glass, so fingerprint contamination is very serious, you need to take a glasses cloth wipe, or wear a mobile phone cover.

Overall, Samsung A8s is a fairly well-balanced product, and the core configuration of the Mylon 710 is enough to smoothly use and run most of the games.

From the first-hand experience, "black pupil full-screen" is a new form of selling point, but there is no fundamental change in the practical experience. If Samsung wants to capture more users, it needs to work harder in other areas.

Preparing for a new flagship next yearInfinity-O

Why does Samsung frequently use new technology in Galaxy A instead of higher-end Galaxy S or Galaxy Note, from A9s four-shot to A8s black-pupil full-view? In fact, there are reasons for this.


As early as October of this year, to Quan Guixian, president of Samsung Electronics Greater ChinaExclusive interviewIn China, I asked Quan Guixian about the hardware layout of Galaxy A series and flagship S series:

Why use the new technology in mid-end mobile phones instead of next year's new flagship?

Quan Guixian's reply to us is:

In the future, Samsung Electronics will continue to use more innovative configurations in mid-range models, and these new technologies will probably be used in next year's flagship new aircraft.


_Samsung Galaxy S10 prototype for network exposure

In other words, the Galaxy A series can be seen as Samsung's exploration of the Chinese market, or as Samsung's paving the way for the new flagship coming next year in terms of software and hardware.

From the recent networkFrequent exposureIn the Galaxy S10 prototype, we can see that the screen of the new machine also has a front-view hole, that is to say, the screen of Samsung's new flagship is basically finalized next year.

Today, more than Samsung launched the "Drilling Screen"

Finally, it is worth mentioning that there are not only Samsung but also Samsung which released the drilling screen technology today.

Coincidentally, the Glorious Mobile Phone is also in Hong Kong.DemonstratedThey have new technology in screen.


But unlike Samsung's release of the Galaxy A8s, Glory only showed off the drill-screen technology through the PPT and the prototype, not the new one. But even if it's just a show of technology, glory of this new technology has a much more elegant name called


Similar to the principle of Infinity-O, the full screen of Meizueye uses the method of camera setting to fix the camera inside the cell phone and the bottom of the screen. In view of this, the two products should be used in the LTPS (TFT-LCD) panel BLU backboard stack.


However, in terms of the hole technology, Glory introduces that the screen adopts a hole scheme with an aperture of only 4.5 mm, which is much lower than that of 6 mm. Viewed from the prototype on display at Glory Live, the opening of the camera is smaller than that of Galaxy A8s.


Judging from the release rhythm of Samsung and Glory, it seems that next year the drilling screen will be flooded like a tide, and the Samsung conference will also be raised as a prelude to the opening of the drilling screen. But for Samsung, the goal of returning to the Chinese market is far from being solved by a mobile phone and a launch conference, which gathers the crystallization of all Samsung's technological strength. Let's look at it again next year.

Author: Chen Wenjun/Li Chen

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