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WebQQ is closed at the end of the 9th year. Recall the WebQQ that I played in those years.

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At that time, because of its flexibility - you can log in to QQ for chat operation without installing a web page. It has been well received by many users and has many users. Next, let's start with the first version of WebQQ and miss the growth of WebQQ.

WebQQ first edition: pure chat tool

After a long period of internal testing and public beta, WebQQ was finally released in September 2009. This WebQQ, which can log in directly to the browser as long as the computer can access the Internet, allows users to chat freely.

For working people,Tencent QQ may be listed as a program that is not allowed to be installed due to its entertainment, and then blocked by the network administrators. The emergence of WebQQ allows chat to continue (only the website is also vulnerable to blockade).

Let's take a look at what the first version of WebQQ is.

The first version of WebQQ is a pure web version of QQ, the entire page belongs to WebQQ.

The large area on the left side shows the "Friends" status by default. Users can also view "Message Box", "Friends Impression", "QQ Music" and "Browse Web Page" in this area. In the right column, this is a buddy list and a group list.

Above the main interface is the user information, and below is a hint of some shortcut keys. The interface is refreshing and there are no ads.

The title bar of the browser has a display of the user number, so that the user can quickly find a certain QQ account to be viewed after logging in to multiple QQ accounts at the same time. When there is information, the browser title bar will scroll through the information that prompts the user where to send it.

The main function of the first version of WebQQ is chat.Users can perform text chat, send pictures, send expressions, support custom expressions, and support file transfer.

At the same time, it supports automatic uploading of chat records, users can view chat records within the past seven days. The important features that are not supported arevideo, voice chat function.

As for unread messages, WebQQ uses a "message box" to facilitate user management and reading of unread information.

A "message box" is displayed in a large area on the left side of the main interface of WebQQ. Here, the user can clearly see the number of friends' messages, the number of group discussions, and the system information and the number of new messages.

In WebQQ, you don't need to open other playback software, you can directly use the built-in QQ music function of WebQQ, you can enjoy a lot of music without downloading the client, which is very convenient.

WebQQ Second Edition highlights Tencent's WEB OS ambition

After a year, in September 2010, Tencent officially launched the second version of WebQQ. The new version has brought many new changes. It is no longer a simple QQ chat service. It integrates most of Tencent's products and services, with emphasis. Emphasis on the customized desktop experience, the concept of one-stop service, it has a beautiful interface.

Entering the second page of WebQQ, a desktop operation interface appears in front of you. The top is the application list of various products of Tencent. The middle is the desktop area, and the left side is similar.WindowsThe convenient gadget for the desktop widget, the right side is the login and operation interface of WebQQ, and the bottom is the taskbar.

The overall interface is more succinct and gorgeous, giving the impression that this is the Tencent version of WEB OS. As for the application tool, except for a small part, you can use it without logging in. Most of them need to log in to the QQ account before you can use it.

The second version of WebQQ uses a window format to display various applications. Users can open multiple different application windows on the desktop, and can "maximize, minimize, restore, full screen, restore" the windows.

The design style of the second edition of WebQQ highlights the ambition of Tencent to enter WEB OS at the time, but Tencent did not make it.

The main function of WebQQ--chat, in the second edition of WebQQ, is reduced to a small place on the right side of the page, plus the function of modifying the text and color of the chat text. Others are similar to the old version of QQ, and will not be detailed. .

↑↑↑WebQQ second edition QQ interface

The biggest feature of WebQQ 2nd Edition is the integration of many Tencent related applications, allowing users to easily use various Tencent related applications and services in the second edition of WebQQ. In addition to Tencent related applications, the author also found several third parties. Applications provided, such as Gmail, anecdotes, etc.

WebQQ 3rd Edition finally supports video audio chat

In April 2011, the third edition of WebQQ was quietly launched. Many common functions in WebQQ third edition have been enhanced. Unfortunately, the biggest change is not the WebQQ function, but the WEB desktop function that carries WebQQ.

Entering WebQQ, a desktop-style operator interface appears in front of you. The top of the top is a multi-desktop switch button that supports 5 different desktops.

On the left is the WebQQ terminal (the dock is the WebQQ application quick launch bar) and the desktop application icon, the right side is the search bar, the weather forecast and the clock, the bottom is the taskbar, and the refreshing desktop is similar to the Windows traditional desktop style.

WebQQ 3rd Edition supports multiple desktop functions and provides users with 5 desktops, which can be flexibly switched between the top and bottom.

For example, users can chat QQ on the desktop (WebQQ can only run on the desktop 1), watch the stock in the desktop 2, play WEB GAME in the desktop 3, and switch flexibly.

In the third edition of WebQQ, the video and audio call function is finally realized. The user only needs to click the video chat button in the chat dialog box to send a chat request, and the video chat can be performed when the other party accepts, and the high-definition video chat can also be performed. However, HD video requires an exceptionally installed browser plugin.

In addition, the third edition of WebQQ has added a discussion group function. Users can select 19 people in a group of friends and groups to form a temporary discussion group, which is convenient for collective discussion, and this discussion group will be automatically reserved for 30 days.

The biggest feature of WebQQ 3rd Edition is the integration of nearly 2000 kinds of Tencent and third-party applications, allowing users to easily use various Tencent-related applications and services and games in the third edition of WebQQ. In addition to Tencent related applications, the author It has also been found that there are many applications provided by third parties, such as Jinshan Express, Douban FM and so on.

The third version of WebQQ also has a desktop notification function. This function, like the QQ message prompt, automatically pops up a prompt in the lower right corner of the user's Windows desktop. The prompt contains the received information content, the sender's QQ nickname and QQ avatar. However, this feature is only supported in the new version of Chrome, Maxthon, Tencent TT, Sogou browser.

Silverlight QQ: The luxury version of the page you have not seen QQ

In October 2010, Tencent also launched Silverlight QQ, which is based on Silverlight QQ.MicrosoftProduced by Silverlight technology, it belongs to Tencent's conceptual products.

This version of WebQQ has used fewer users, and many netizens may be honored here.

In Silverlight QQ, users can choose between two different user interfaces (2D minimalist style and 3D cartoon style).

Silverlight QQ's 2D minimalist style interface uses a style similar to the Windows desktop.

The 3D cartoon style interface brings another experience to the user. This page gives users a new style of QQ interface. Here, Tencent has carried out 3D operations on the interface of QQ's operation buttons, friends, and friends.

The main operation interface of the 3D cartoon style displays the user's group of friends in a layered form, and has a “chat layer”. The left side is the user's 3D cartoon image, where the user can switch online status.

On the right side is a large search for the user button, and in the upper right corner, the information that the user has not read is displayed in the form of a plurality of grids. The 3D cartoon image of the friend also displays the current online status of the user in the form of a small icon in the lower right corner.

↑↑↑ 3D cartoon style main operation interface

There are two different chat dialogs in the 3D cartoon style interface, one is a dialog box in the form of a quick dialog, and the other is called a free chat dialog.

Both can only perform simple text chat and send built-in QQ emoticons, the difference is that the free chat dialog can be dragged anywhere within the web page display range.

Silverlight QQ is simple in function and gorgeous in interface, but the operation is rather cumbersome, and the resource consumption is too large, and the compatibility is not good, so it disappeared after a period of time.

The last version of Web QQ: Smart QQ returns pure

Let's take a look at the current WebQQ. In fact, Tencent has not called it WebQQ, and it is called Smart QQ. Smart QQ does not support IE browser operation, you need to use Chrome or Firefox browser to log in and operate.

Smart QQ's interface style has returned to the traditional, removing the previous version of the WebOS desktop mode, leaving only the QQ interface on the main interface, but still retains the empty desktop, by the way the background image can be replaced. Smart QQ can be said to return to pure chat mode.

Smart QQ is also very simple in function, only retains the basic text chat function, and can only send built-in emoji.

to sum up

So without WebQQ, what impact does it have on us? For Xiaobian, it has no effect, because mobile QQ has completely replaced it.

But for many third-party QQ clients that use the web API of weibQQ, the closure of WebQQ makes them need another way to survive.

Haven't experienced WebQQ yet, you can hurry to experience it, and it will be closed in ten days!

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