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Ren Zhengfei's oath and self-discipline: How does Huawei's collective oath system work?

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This paper is based on Professor Wu Chunbo's new book Huawei No Secrets 2 (CITIC Publishing Group).

Wen/Wu Chunbo, Chief Expert of Huaxia Keshi, Professor and Doctor of Renmin University of China, Senior Management Consultant of Huawei, One of the Drafters of Huawei Basic Law

Source: Cathaysian Keystone e Insight (ID: chnstonewx)


In fact, Huawei's collective oath was carried out ten years ago, and the collective oath activity has been institutionalized so far.

In December 2005, the company held the EMT Democratic Life Conference. The members of EMT realized that as the core of the company's leadership, to be honest, we must first be honest and set an example. At the meeting, the EMT Self-Discipline Declaration was adopted. At the same time, the declaration and relationship clearance of related suppliers of EMT members and middle and senior cadres were required to be completed within the next two years, and the declaration was repeated layer by layer by layer through institutionalized oath. Cover all cadres and accept the supervision of all staff.

Then, in the face of more than 200 middle and senior cadres attending the meeting, Ren Zhengfei and nine other EMT members collectively raised their right hands and solemnly pledged:

People should first be self-righteous, set an example, be strict with themselves, and be a model for all employees. The legitimate income of senior cadres can only come from the dividends and salaries of Huawei Company. In addition, no other income can be obtained in the following ways:

Absolutely not to use the authority entrusted to us by the company to influence and interfere with the company's business, and to make private profits from it, including, but not limited to, all kinds of procurement, sales, cooperation, outsourcing, etc., without harming the company's interests in any form.

Senior cadres should be honest and selfless, employ people from all over the world, and not form gangs. Not in their jurisdiction to form a bad style.

We must be honest and upright, strive hard, and strive hard to lead the company through the reefs and dangerous beaches on the future journey. We will resolutely fulfill the above commitments and accept company audits and the supervision of all employees.

Next, nine members of EMT took the oath, and Ren Zhengfei took the oath as follows:

From the day I founded Huawei as president, I felt deeply in the whirlpool of internal and external contradictions and conflicts, at the center of various interests and temptations, and at the same time, I felt deeply that I shouldered heavy responsibilities. How to deal with all kinds of conflicts and contradictions calmly, how to make decisive decisions and choices in the dilemma, and how to resist the temptation and interference of selfish desires for a long time? Only by completely abandoning all selfish misconceptions, otherwise we can not correctly balance all aspects of the relationship. This is the bottom line of my qualifications as president, and this is also the bottom line of our qualifications as senior cadres of the company.

Only selflessness can be fair and just, can we unite a good team; only selflessness can be fearless, can we adhere to the principles; only selflessness, can we dare to criticize and self-criticism, dare to correct their shortcomings, remove their shortcomings; only selflessness will be broad-minded, broad-minded, will accommodate everything that needs to be accommodated, will be able to shoulder the responsibilities that should be shouldered. 。

I solemnly promise that during my tenure of office, I will never corrupt, allow relatives to have any form of affiliated transactions with the company, and never mix selfish motives into the company's major decisions.

I was on the spot that day. Several times I wanted to raise my camera and record this sacred and solemn moment. Considering the company's information security system, I had to stop. At the end of the meeting, I wrote in my notebook a phrase like this: This is a terrible group of leaders, this is a group of terrible people, their terrible thing is that they are cruel to themselves! uuuuuuuuu

We need to unite all our efforts and concentrate all our efforts on the business development of our company.

We must be honest and upright, strive hard and strive hard to govern, and lead the team through the reefs and dangerous beaches on the future journey.

We will resolutely fulfill the above commitments and accept company audits and the supervision of all employees.

EMT Declaration of Self-Discipline

In 2008, Huawei's collective pledge was interrupted once, perhaps because of the heavy Olympic business guarantee this year, or because of the impact of the storm of collective resignation this year.

Since then, the Declaration of Corporate Self-Discipline swearing conference has been fixed as an agenda of the company market working conference at the beginning of each year.

Since then, the scope of the declaration of self-discipline has officially covered all levels of cadres in the company, forming layers of institutionalized provisions for the declaration.

The oath of the Declaration of Self-Discipline has been adjusted:

To carry the great mission entrusted by history and the common ideals of all employees. Over the years, we have contributed the most precious youth together, and paid the hardships that ordinary people can not bear for a long time. Only then can we create the situation of our company today. In order to maintain the company's lasting vitality, we have to work hard for a long time.

We love Huawei as much as we love our own life. For the sustainable development of Huawei and the long-term stability of the company, we should be vigilant against the tragedies of internal decay and self-destruction in history and never repeat the same mistakes. Here, we solemnly commit ourselves to:

1. The righteous should first uphold themselves, set an example and be strict with themselves, and be a model for all employees. The legitimate income of senior cadres can only come from the dividends and salaries of Huawei Company, and no other income can be obtained in the following ways:

Absolutely not to use the authority entrusted to us by the company to influence and interfere with the company's business, and to make private profits from it, including, but not limited to, all kinds of procurement, sales, cooperation, outsourcing, etc., without harming the company's interests in any form.

Companies that do not open companies, share shares or part-time jobs outside the country, and companies whose relatives do and participate in shares do not conduct any form of affiliated transactions with Huawei.

No corruption, no bribery.

Senior cadres can help those who are willing to help themselves, but they can only use the money in their pockets. They can not use the power in their hands. Public and private should be clearly distinguished.

2. Senior cadres should be honest and selfless, employ people from all corners of the country and not form gangs. Not in their jurisdiction to form a bad style.

3. Do not steal or divulge the company's business secrets or infringe upon the business secrets of other companies.

4. Never contact any state secrets of China or any other country.

5. Non-private Bulletin.

6. Senior cadres should have the ability of self-restraint, through self-examination, self-correction, self-criticism and self-examination, so as to establish a self-cleaning mechanism for cadres.

III. Oath Conference

At this meeting, members of the board of directors, the board of supervisors and the president of BG, the president of regional department and the president of product line were sworn in separately.

The oath is:

I will never engage in greeting, sending, giving gifts to my superiors, praising them in person, and concentrating my energy on serving customers.

2. I will never use the company's resources or work hours to do private business for my superiors or their families. In case of special circumstances, the beneficiaries shall declare and pay the relevant fees.

3. I will never lie, cover up, evaluate the situation I do not understand, disseminate false words, communicate directly with the parties or report to the superiors, and infringe on the privacy of others.

4. We read the documents carefully and understand the instructions. The responsibility of the supervisor is to win, not simply obey. The criterion of supervisor's due diligence is to win by stimulating the enthusiasm, initiative and creativity of his subordinates.

5. We oppose bureaucracy, inaction and whining. Never evade contradictions, never evade difficulties, actively explore, strive to act and dare to shoulder them.

6. We oppose Wenshan Huihai and red tape. Learn to simplify complex problems and explain a major problem in less than 600 words.

7. I will never steal, nor publicize it privately, nor embezzle or accept bribes, nor fake it. We will never allow any of us to do so, nor will we protect our personality.

8. We will never allow bad behavior in Huawei by following people or standing in line. Individuals should strive for opportunities through hard work and value creation.

Some people think that Huawei's collective oath is only the behavior of a few people, but a few people swear on the stage. Most people witness the oath off the stage. From the appearance, it is true, but in fact, it is not so. The special report of the collective pledge in Xinsheng Community has reached 166,000 visitors in less than four months, approaching the total number of Huawei employees, with more than 4,100 comments, and this post is still in the process of fermentation. Thus, the collective oath is a top-down participation.

In fact, the collective oath has been normalized in Huawei. In addition to this institutionalized high-level collective oath, Huawei often holds special collective oaths, such as:

On June 30, 2009, 17 members of AT/STa, the strategic and marketing system, were solemnly sworn in by more than 120 executives and key employees.

From April 16 to May 18, 2009, Huawei University, Internal Service, Global Sales and Service System and Huitong Company organized their department managers to take the oath of self-discipline for cadres in 2009.

On the afternoon of July 9, 2014, the management team of regional joint meetings held a cadre supervision meeting and made a declaration of self-discipline.

On September 7, 2015, 14 strategic reserve teams took the collective oath at the Swearing Ceremony of the strategic reserve team.

On September 24, 2015, the third oath ceremony of the Change Strategy Reserve was held.

From Jan. 17 to Jan. 21, 2016, all the full-time and candidate directors of overseas subsidiaries took the oath of self-discipline at the seminar on directors'centralized empowerment.

What impressed me most was the swearing of 14 strategic reserve teams on September 7, 2015 when the strategic reserve team took the collective oath.

Solution Reloading Brigade:

We solemnly promise that we will take a brand new perspective, insight into the nature of business, deliver value propositions, and help customers succeed.

With tenacious will, we learn to fight in the war, enhance trading capacity and take the initiative to fight more grain.

With excellent character, we make loyalty create value, shoulder solemn mission and forge business leaders.

We accept the baptism of training and battle, transcend the past, and become steelmakers and generals.

Strong soldiers, strong artillery, re-equipped to win battles!

Project Management Resource Pool:

Combining training and warfare with training and training, integrating and cooperating to promote management, win the class leader war!

The Change Strategic Reserve:

A weir, a ship, a hundred-year-old shop!

Administrative Strategic Reserve:

The soldiers and horses are still in action, the grain and grass are in the first place, the joint logistics interaction, supports the battle! uuuuuuuuu

Huawei University:

With the overall situation in mind, we should organize a good combination of training and warfare so that the best people can cultivate better people.

Deep into the battlefield, good at summarizing, timely empowerment, front-line soldiers, we are there. Study hard, work actively, be vigorous, and be a model for all the students.

We will be full of passion and mission, with the company's strategic success, the growth of students into the Supreme glory!

Found spirit, gather true knowledge, combine training and warfare to educate talented people!

IV. Voices of Question

In fact, there are many swearing-in activities in reality, such as joining an organization (Party, League, Young Pioneers), large-scale sports games (athletes, referees, volunteers), taking office (such as presidents, nurses, civil servants), weddings, etc.

There is no need to respond to the irony, ridicule, abuse and blasphemy of Huawei's collective oath. He said that what he said, you do it, you are not on a channel at all. You are not a kind of people. You have different ways and different schemes.

For Huawei's collective oath, rational evaluation is also mixed.

(1) Some people question: Is Huawei's collective oath really useful?

Whether a management measure is useful or not depends not on the value judgment in advance, but on the practice test afterwards. The judgment in advance is based on empiricism, while the management practice is pragmatic. To answer the question of the usefulness of the collective oath, Huawei has the most say, not the beak of others. As a gourd eater, your role is the audience.

Some people think that oaths are vows but not deeds. Words and deeds are two levels of problems. What is the necessity of saying before doing is much better than the difference between words and deeds. The oath, in a sense, is to warm up before going, activate the state first, and then enter the process of going.

As for why the collective oath has not been implemented in most enterprises, don't forget that Huawei is a leading enterprise both in operation and management.

(2) Some people question whether Huawei's collective oath is formalism.

Management is divided into handicraft, practice and art. As the highest level of management art, like other arts, more attention is paid to form.

If we don't pay attention to form, we can't keep watch on content.

Huawei's collective oath is indeed a form, but not formalism. The idealism and metaphysics are the idealism and philosophical basis of formalism. Form helps to strengthen and sublimate content, which can only be displayed in a good form.

Huawei's collective oath is a ritualized form to show the inner expression and expectations of Huawei's top managers.

(3) Some people question whether Huawei's collective oath is a show?

(4) Some people questioned whether Huawei's collective oath was a campaign or not.

People have powerful forgetting function, organizations also have powerful forgetting function. They can resist forgetting function by repeated inculcation. Important things need to be remembered repeatedly before they can be remembered. Moreover, vows are easily betrayed and forgotten. Therefore, to make a collective oath according to a certain period of time is to wake up memory. What one really believes is the most powerful thing. To believe, one must first remember, remember, first of all, indoctrinate.

Campaign refers to the activities initiated by leaders aimed at upsetting the masses. The main body of Huawei's collective oath is the high-level. It is not a movement, but encouragement, initiation and stimulation.

The collective oath in Huawei is not an occasional movement, but a routine system.

(5) Some people have questioned whether Huawei's collective oath is to learn from the Communist Party.

The collective oath was not initiated by the Communist Party, and the Kuomintang also took the oath of joining the Party. Collective oath is a common ritual in human organizations. Heroes don't ask where they came from, but who made the tools? As long as it is effective, any form can be used for me, and there is no patent barrier. It is a kind of rigid stupidity to ask right and wrong when everything happens, to draw the ground firmly and to restrain oneself.

Ren Zhengfei summarized the value of the Declaration of Self-Discipline as follows:

The summary is as follows:

Huawei's collective oath is not only an education, but also a warning, a restraint, and an incentive.

Huawei's collective oath is an important measure in the process of enterprise culture construction.

Huawei's collective oath is an important measure of organizational management and cadre management.

Huawei's collective oath is not only a ceremony, but also an institutionalized management system.

Huawei's collective oath is a demonstration of self-discipline of managers at all levels.

Huawei's collective pledge is a manifestation of self-confidence, self-discipline, strength, unity and progress at the top.

Huawei's collective oath is an effective management strategy proved by practice.

I have participated in the collective oath of Huawei many times. I am in such a huge energy field. Every time I am in such a huge energy field, my blood is surging. Every time I am baptized by my soul, every time I am absorbed by positive energy, every time I am touched and every time I am inspired.

Siyan is sincere!

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