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Question on Netease Koala's Fake Sale Follow-up: Canadian Goose's Second Email Reply is Fake

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A screenshot of the mail provided by Ms. Wire shows that the Canadian goose's second confirmation email was sent back to NetEase Koala's customer service staff on Jan. 7, but NetEase Koala issued a statement on Weibo without a reply.

Netease Koala responded to Ms. Online today that Ms. Online was identified as "fake" by official verification of Canadian goose, possibly due to the inaccurate provision of commodity information and other reasons. In view of the current differences between the two sides, it is suggested that Ms. Line and the notary office carry the goods to the Canadian goose manufacturer for direct identification.

Netease Koala said, "If the goods purchased are genuine after inspection, please apologize publicly, eliminate the impact, and bear the related travel expenses. If the goods purchased are not authentic after inspection, we will make an apology publicly and compensate you for your mental loss, and pay you ten times the amount of economic compensation as promised by Koala. In this regard, the line lady has also responded to communication through e-mail. This is also the second round of communication between the two sides following consumer complaints and NetEase Koala's announcement.

Suggestion Inspection Letter from Netease Koala to Lady Online

For Netease Koala's many responses, Ms. Line has the following five questions:

1. Netease Koala sent an e-mail inquiring Canadian goose as an ordinary user. The e-mail did not mention any information about Netease Koala, but in the statement it marked the official status for feedback.

2. Previously, Netease Koala had responded to Ms. Line, believing that email confirmation may be affected by photo light, shooting location and so on. Therefore, she said that there may be doubts, indicating that physical verification should be carried out. But the verification in Netease Koala's statement is also verified by mail. Why can Netease Koala authenticate by email and adopt a statement based on it, while consumers can not use email to prove it?

3. After receiving an email and telephone reply from NetEase Koala on January 6, Ms. Line confirmed twice to Canadian Goose and feedback the results to NetEase Koala on the 7th. However, in the absence of a reply, the Koala put the judgement of authentic products on the Internet as a statement. Ms. Line questioned NetEase Koala's confusion.

4. NetEasy Koala had communicated with Ms. Invitation Line to go to Headquarters for physical verification before, but NetEasy Koala said in a statement that it would bear all the costs arising therefrom, but in communication with Ms. Online said that if the final result identified the product as genuine, the travel expenses would need to be borne by Ms. Online. At present, the down jacket is still in the notary office of Hangzhou.

5. Ms. Line believes that Netease Koala gave the Canadian Goose China Representative Office in "jingpan". The 400 after-sales telephone has made it clear that the Chinese authorities do not discriminate between genuine and fake goods.

According to an email sent to Canadian goose by Netease Koala as a user provided by Ms. Line to Sina Technologies, Netease Koala, as a user of Ivy, said that she had just bought a second-hand jacket and asked to check the authenticity. It did not mention the online lady's previous email nor Netease Koala platform. "Netease Koala hasn't produced any official communication information with Gagos so far," Ms. Line said.

Netease Koala confirms Canadian goose email as Ivy (for online ladies)

Ms. Wire said that she was an old user of Netease Koala, and had a black card before buying. Before buying, she also compared various channels such as official website and purchasing on behalf of others. Finally, she ordered Netease Koala on the basis of preferential commodity prices and trust in Netease Koala. But the courier did not have dustproof bags and warranty cards. The clothes were dirty and there were many threads that made the lady suspicious.

Ms. Wire said that NetEase Koala had also tried to make some compensation, such as sending clothes back to the online lady to buy a new one from the official website, to show that NetEase Koala was a responsible company.

On January 3, NetEase Koala sent down clothes to a designated notary office in Hangzhou for fear that the Beijing Justice Department could not make an appointment within two days and delayed the delivery of physical items. However, the physical items are still in the Hangzhou notary office.

"Ka Goose has always said that they will go to Canada after filling out the complaint form, which is a total gimmick," Ms. Wire said. She hoped to send it to Canada in the form of a certified notary office for testing in the case of confirming that it was the same down jacket. If Koalas insist on going to Canada for physical verification, they also need to travel at the expense of Koalas when their time permits.

Lawyer Cui Zhidan, the Black Cat Complaint Judge and partner of Beijing Daokot Law Firm, said that, according to Article 55 of the Consumer Rights and Interests Protection Law, operators who have fraudulent acts in providing goods or services should increase compensation for losses incurred by consumers according to their demands, and increase the amount of compensation for the cost of goods purchased or services received by consumers. If the amount of compensation is less than 500 yuan, it will be 500 yuan. Where there are other provisions in the law, such provisions shall prevail. Therefore, if fraud does exist among operators, consumers have the right to claim compensation for three times the price of the goods they buy according to law.

Lawyer Cui Zhidan said that the cost of second or subsequent appraisal should be borne by the evidencing party first according to the principle of "who advocates who gives evidence". Subsequently, on the basis of ascertaining the relevant facts, the cost can be taken as part of the loss and will be borne by the responsible party.

In previous public statements, Koala was initially willing to bear all the costs. However, from the follow-up plan, Koala unilaterally changed the way of cost-bearing from "unconditional self-bearing" to "fault-bearing party". Lawyer Cui Zhidan believes that such adjustment and change violate the spirit of the contract. Although from the perspective of case handling and responsibility sharing, "the fault party bears the loss" is the usual standard of handling. However, as a distributor, Koala has made a clear public statement, and unilaterally and unauthorized changes in the way of assuming responsibility, which is contrary to the spirit of the contract.

Ms. Xuan said she regretted sending out her clothes and even suspected that they had been lost. She said that as things went on today, she did not want to reconcile, but wanted to restore the truth. For this matter, Sina Technologies will continue to track reports. (Ze Yu)

Event Review:

January 3rd

Ms. Wire complained through the Black Cat Complaint Platform (https://tousu.sina.com.cn/) that Canadian goose down clothes sold by NetEase Koala were officially sold.websiteThe reply is fake, and the promise of one compensation for ten fakes is required to be fulfilled.

Ms. Wire said that in December 2018, it cost 5567.04 yuan to buy the Long-style down jacket of Canadian goose in NetEakola. After receiving the goods, we found that the workmanship was rough and there were many thread ends on the clothes. We sent the anti-counterfeiting labels, logo, product trademarks and other photos to the official Canadian goose inspection website for authentication, and received an official reply that the down jacket sold by Koala was a fake. After many communications in Koala customer service, until January 3 did not resolve, so through the black cat complaint platform to complain.

January 5th

NetEasy Koala responded that after receiving feedback from the online lady, NetEasy Koala attached great importance to it. After quickly checking the supply chain certificates internally, NetEasy Koala confirmed that the commodity procurement link was complete and reliable, and that the Canadian goose products sold were genuine products sold overseas. At present, Netease Koala has communicated with Ms. Online. Both sides have reached an agreement that the product will be sent for inspection and appraisal as soon as possible, and the results will be timely feedback to Ms. Online.

January 8th

In a statement posted on Weibo, Netease Koala said that the goods sold by Canadian goose were certified as genuine by the Canadian goose authorities twice. In view of the inconsistency of the identification results issued by Canadian goose authorities to the consumer and NetEase Koala respectively, NetEase Koala will send the original commodity to the headquarters of Canadian goose for physical identification under the supervision of notaries, and publish the relevant results as soon as possible. We will also try our best to communicate with the brand side, and strive for the opportunity to monitor and witness with consumers on the spot.

Netease Koala said it would complain to the State Administration of Market Supervision and Administration and ask to interview the Canadian Goose China Representative Office to apologize to consumers and sales platforms for its opacity and inaccuracy in the process of brand identification. At the same time, we also appeal to consumers, industry and relevant authorities to monitor Canadian geese and urge them to improve the relevant identification process.

January 8th

Ms. Wire made a supplementary complaint on the Black Cat complaint (https://tousu.sina.com.cn/), saying that Netease Koala's top bulletin letter on January 8 ignored the facts and deceived consumers. Specific contents:

1) Figure 1 is the official micro-blog released by Netease Koala on January 8. In point 2 and 3 of its statement, it claims that the official certified commodity of Canadian goose under the supervision of notary officers is genuine. This article is seriously inconsistent with the facts.

3) Fig. 3. After receiving the identification certificate of the so-called consumer "Ivy" (case No. 190105-000132), I immediately reconfirmed with the Canadian goose why the same commodity had different identification results. The Canadian goose official immediately apologized and replied that both results were "non-authentic" 4. I sent the final confirmation result of the Canadian goose official email and telephone at 9:00 am on Jan. 7. Notify NetEase Koala, and NetEase Koala still issued a statement confusing consumers on January 8, misleading consumers.

A screenshot of the second email confirmation with the Canadian goose is also provided.

January 9th

Netease Koala sent a "Recommendation Inspection Letter" to the online lady. At present, the online lady has responded to Netease Koala on related matters.

The following is the full text of the Recommended Inspection Letter:

Line lady:


Regarding the doubts arising from the Lorette Parka series of Canadian goose down jackets (CANADA GOOSE) you purchased in Koala, our company has gone public on January 8, 2019.DevelopmentCloth statement. Now I will communicate with you as follows:

1. By communicating with you, the original goods you purchased are currently stored in the Oriental Notary Office of Hangzhou City, Zhejiang Province. Under the supervision and witness of notaries, according to the Canadian Goose Official Requirements and Regulations, the notaries take pictures of the dismantling of the goods, and give the complete information back to the Canadian Goose Brand Official. Canadian goose authorities have responded and confirmed that Canadian goose products sold by Netease Koala are genuine.

2. As you mentioned, you have been officially certified as "fake" by Canadian goose. Our judgment may be due to the inaccurate provision of commodity information and other reasons.

3. NetEase Koala adheres to the authentic products as always, insists on being responsible to consumers, confirms the integrity and reliability of the commodity procurement link, and brings more global authentic products to Chinese consumers. In view of the current differences between the two sides, in order to deal with this matter fairly and fairly, not only for you, but also for the public, we suggest that the following ways can be adopted to further test whether the product is of good quality:

(1) The goods you purchased are currently stored in the Oriental Notary Office of Hangzhou, and can be directly identified by you and the notary office personnel to the Canadian goose manufacturer. Our company can advance all the expenses such as missed work, travel, accommodation and communication.

(2) If the goods you purchased are genuine after inspection, please apologize publicly to eliminate the impact and refund the fees advanced by our company.

(3) If the goods you purchased are not authentic after inspection, our company will make an apology publicly to compensate you for your spiritual loss, and compensate you 10 times the amount of economic compensation as promised by Koala.

If you accept this suggestion, we can continue to communicate with you on follow-up matters. If you can not accept this proposal, please also provide you with a recognized, feasible and effective way to resolve the differences between the two sides.

NetEase Koala

9 January 2019


NetEase Koala

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