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Consumers ask Netease Koala: E-mail as evidence involves double standards

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Source: IT Times Author: Sun Yan

Netease koala & ldquo; fake goose & rdquo; incident repeatedly reversed, before the consumer exposed Canada Goose officially issued Netease koala goods fake identification, on January 8, NetEase koala issued a Canadian geese official authentic Identification. Today, consumers have exclusive information to the "IT Times", the Canadian Goose official actually overturned the authentic identification issued by Netease Koala on January 7. Then, the Netease koala sells in the end is "true goose", or "false goose"?

A few days ago, Ms. Consumer Line complained in Sina Black Cat that the Canada Goose down jacket bought by Netease Koala was a fake. At the same time, the Canadian Goose official mail reply line identified the down jacket as a fake.


On January 8th, Netease Koala issued a statement saying that it had been authenticated to the official website of Canada Goose and identified the same down jacket as genuine.


The focus of the contradiction is on the same method of authenticity by mail. The results of the two official identifications of Canadian geese are different.


Ms. Zuowei is submitting the verification photo to the Canadian Goose official, and the photo is submitted to the Netease Koala on the right. According to the unique serial number, the two parties submit the verification should be the same product.

Ms. Line reported to the IT Times that she had questioned the Canadian Goose official because the results of the two appraisals were different. On January 6th, the Canadian Goose officially replied and apologized, saying that the results of the two cases were “non-authentic”. This means that the Canadian Goose official has overturned the authentic identification issued to Netease Koala.


Among them, 181224-000059 is the case number generated by Ms. Line when she verifies the authenticity of the official, and 190135-000132 is the case number generated by Netease Koala to verify the authenticity of the official.

Ms. Line raised two questions to Netease Koala:

First, Ms. Line got the Canadian Goose official identification that the two cases were not genuine results, and feedback to NetEase Koala customer service on the morning of January 7, but in the statement issued by Netease Koala on January 8th, Not mentioned;



Secondly, Netease Koala did not officially explain the original policy to the Canadian Goose as a platform, but purchased a second-hand Canadian Goose down jacket (actually brand new) by a consumer named “Ivy”. On the grounds, to the Canadian goose official to verify the authenticity. In other words, Netease Koala does not have any official verification documents signed by Netease Koala.


Netease koala issued a certificate of authentic identification mail


Ms. Line provided the IT Times with a complete email of Netease koala and Canadian Goose official communication.

Netease koala wrote in the statement that, in view of the inconsistent identification results issued by the Canadian Goose official to consumers and NetEase koala, in line with the principle of being responsible to consumers, Netease koala will send the original goods under the supervision of notary public. Conduct physical identification at the Canada Goose Headquarters and publish the results as soon as possible. We will also try our best to communicate with the brand and strive to have the opportunity to go to the site to supervise and witness with the consumers and bear all the expenses incurred.

According to the "IT Times" reporter, Netease koala mentioned two points in the written explanation issued by Ms. Line on January 9: 1. The premise of Netease koala taking all expenses is that this product was identified as a fake. If the identification is genuine, the consumer needs to bear all the expenses; Second, the original of the goods is currently stored in the East Notary Public Office of Hangzhou, and has not been sent to the Canadian Goose Headquarters for physical identification.


Consumers ask Netease Koala:


Mail as a double standard issue of evidence

Ms. Line told the IT Times reporter that when she responded with an email from the Canadian Goose officially identified as a fake, and asked for a payment to Netease Koala, Netease Koala did not recognize an email as evidence. However, on January 8th, the authentic proof issued by Netease Koala to the public was also replied to the official ID of the Canadian Goose in the name of the consumer “Ivy”. Ms. Line believes that this involves the double standard of Netease koala. Why can NetEase koalas be authenticated and adopted by e-mail, and consumers can not use e-mail to prove?


Why do you want to return the goods on the grounds of testing?

On January 3, Netease koala sent the line to the Hangzhou Notary Office on the grounds of physical inspection. Ms. Line is in Beijing and asked for notarization at the Notary Public Office in Beijing. However, Netease Koala said that she was worried that the Beijing Justice Office could not make an appointment within two days and delay the physical inspection. However, after the completion of the notarization, according to the written instructions of the NetEase koala on January 9th, the physical object is still in the notary office of Hangzhou. Ms. Line questioned that NetEase Koala had to return the goods on the grounds of physical testing, but did not send the Canadian Goose official physical test for the first time.

Netease koala reply: Currently communicating with consumers, go to Canada to do physical identification.


Netease koala requires consumers to apologize for irrationality

Netease's written instructions to consumers mentioned that if the physical identification results are true, consumers need to apologize publicly. But in the eyes of consumers, this requirement is very unreasonable.

After the online lady raised the fake claim, NetEase koala gave a falsification method, requiring Ms. Line to take the down jacket to the official post-sales maintenance department of Canada Goose. If the other party refused to repair, it would prove that this was a fake. Therefore, Ms. Line consulted the official customer service of Canada Goose. The customer service said that Canada Goose China did not have the means to verify the authenticity and needed to consult with the Canada Goose Headquarters.

Ms. Line received the fake certificate from the Canadian Goose official twice after consulting the request. Therefore, even if it is finally recognized as genuine, Ms. Line believes that from the perspective of the whole process, she is not only a faulty party, but she has fulfilled her obligation to provide evidence as a consumer according to the requirements of NetEase koala. She does not agree with the request for public apology. I believe that NetEase koala should communicate with Canadian geese.

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