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2010 Wechat Open Course Zhang Xiaolong stayed up until midnight to give a speech of 30,000 words

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Zhang Xiaolong's most detailed decryption in history: the origin, essence, future evolution of Weixin in 8 years, and what exactly he is thinking.

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Following is a transcript of Zhang Xiaolong's speech, edited by Tech Planet (Wechat ID: tech618) at the Wechat Open Class Conference.

Hello, everyone. This is Xiaolong Zhang. Why are people still full in such cold weather? When I was backstage, a friend told me that it was very cold tonight. I should wear more clothes. I really didn't bring so many clothes. If everyone was very cold, I would like to join you in the cold.

I've just looked down, and these noises are very good, because I'm used to hearing them every day. In China, 500 million people say that we are not doing well every day, and 100 million people want to tell me how to make products every day. I think this is a very normal thing. But I'm not here to teach you how to make products. When my PR classmates ask me if I want to participate, I say I'm not sure, but think about it. Later, I offered them a condition, if you want to come, can you put my time to a later time? Because I prefer to communicate with you in a particularly good state.

Later, I convinced myself with one reason. Today I'm going to come here to participate, because if it lasts for several years, it's suddenly interrupted. It's a little bit like the feeling of behavioral art suddenly interrupted. Sometimes I feel more like behavioral art, because it is difficult to express a lot of ideas in a very short time, and let others know. As in the past, I remember every time I express an idea, I come back the next year to explain it again. I said go after use, and there is a sentence behind it. I will come back next year. This is a long cycle.


Everyone knows that I am not good at speech. Speech is a technical activity and a very professional thing. I respect professionalism, so I am amateur in speech. I can only understand that I would like to attend such a meeting, and I would like to take this opportunity to have a face-to-face exchange with you.


WeChat eight years

This year is a special time. If it was last year, seven years you would say seven years itch, I can only summarize how itch, this year is eight years, and in August this year, Wechat Day logged in more than one billion, which is a particularly big milestone. This is the first app in the history of the Internet in China with a billion DAUs of this magnitude. We haven't announced that, in our own opinion, it's only a matter of which day it will arrive. But for people who make Internet products, it should still be a very celebratory thing.

Recently, we released version 7.0, another 500 million people are talking, and another 100 million people are teaching me how to make products. And 800 million people can't understand that sentence, because they see why they exist, what does it mean? Does anybody here understand? Thank you so many friends, 10% of them raised their hands bravely.

This sentence can be understood from many levels. I sent a paragraph in the circle of friends, but not only from this dimension, but also from many dimensions. It's very good to leave a mystery here without an explanation. I hope everyone has his own interpretation, which is the best. All words are not necessarily understood, but each person's own understanding is better. Just like for so many years, Wechat is a person standing in front of the earth. When it was first released, many people asked me what the design really means, why a person standing in front of the earth, and more versions are a person standing in front of the moon, which is also very imaginative.

For this point, I believe that everyone has their own understanding, because we do not have standard answers, so for many years, every time you see such a launch page as Wechat, you will have an idea, what the person is doing, why he stands in front of the earth, maybe a year later, your idea will change a little, another year will change a little. Because of this, this is a particularly good startup page, because it leaves the imagination space for each user himself, a billion users will have a billion different understandings, he can find the point that touched him.

So it seems that many apps are changing their startup pages, but Wechat will not change, and I believe it will not change in the future.

It seems that Wechat has a lot of differences with other products, just like a friend said that once in the circle of friends, Wechat is a different kind of Internet, the so-called heterogeneity is different from all other products.

I was surprised and proud to see that. I am proud that you are a different person, which means you are different. In my opinion, being different is the pronoun of excellence. I am more surprised that Weixin's distinction is not that he wants a special way to be different, but that he holds the bottom line of some products to be different. But because more products do not treat their products as a product, nor do they treat their users as users, Wechat just achieves these basic points.


For example, in the process of using Wechat everyday, we do see that there are some differences in Wechat. As the Spring Festival is approaching soon, we will see a lot of Apps in order to start a wave of operation trend of the Spring Festival. Even all the App icons will be changed. Red and yellow are mixed together, like the icon of tomato scrambled eggs. Over time, you will find a lot of tomatoes on the screen. Scrambled eggs, but Wechat has never changed in so many years.

Many people will ask us why Wechat insists so much. It is found that for me and our team, as well as users, and all of you here, there are still many different understandings or misunderstandings about Wechat. In my opinion, it is something of common sense that many people find difficult to understand. In this open class, I put my time in the evening. In fact, another reason is that if I prepare something carefully to share with you, I will probably be overtime. Maybe there is a lot of room for overtime in the evening. I'll give you some foresight first, because this time I carefully prepared some content. When I listed it last night, I found that I might be really overtime. If you want to leave early or go to the toilet, please.

The reason why this meeting will be prepared so much seriously is that every public lesson was prepared in a hurry before, just think about one or two points and then come out and talk about one or two points. But I think that today Weixin has reached a billion DAUs. In its eight years, it should open another starting point. At such a point, I would like to spend a little time from the origin of Weixin, and then the essence of Weixin. These aspects will give us a more comprehensive explanation of what we are thinking behind Weixin.


What are we thinking behind Wechat?

In fact, sometimes I want to ask you a question. What kind of product do you think is a good product?

Does that mean it has a lot of users? Is it addictive? Or what? For myself, I may have experienced a lot, the Internet is as old as me, experienced so much, such an old brand product manager is very few, for some product ideas do not think everyone already knows.

Many years ago, when using Apple's mobile phone, we studied why Apple could design such a good product. We read a lot of books at that time, and I especially admired where Jobs learned from. Then I find that the design of Apple products comes from some ideas of the designers of Borang Company. This designer is Rams. He mentioned 10 principles of good design. Here, I read out 10 principles for you. You can make a comparison. What is a good product?

1. A good product is creative. It must be an innovative thing.

2. Good products are useful. They are not useless. They must be useful to people.

3. A good product is beautiful. It must be beautiful. You will like it.

4. Good products are very easy to use, not difficult to use, no instructions will be read.

5. A good product is implicit, not ostentatious, implicit, we understand what is implicit.

6. Good products are honest. We often say that we should be honest with users. It's easier for us to understand what an APP is honest, but we don't know how to be honest with users for hardware products.

7. A good product will last forever and will not die out quickly with the passage of time.

8. A good product will not let go of any details.

9. A good product is environmentally friendly, or does not waste too much resources.

10. A good product reflects its design as little as possible or as little as possible.

This was Ramsay's 10 design principles for hardware products at that time. I just changed it into a general or software product. What kind of product is it? It's still practical. However, in the current Internet, we are more concerned about traffic, is cash, so we will not think for a long time, what is a good product.

Like you do small programs in Wechat, we imagine that Wechat can push some reminders, push some notifications, and how to let users continue to pull it back.

You will see that Wechat just said will not do some festival operation or change with the festival LOGO. Many people will think that this is the result of Wechat's restraint, but in fact I explained that Wechat does not restrain, our dictionary does not restrain such a word. We have been pursuing the principles of good design and good products. If we change our LOGO and think it is a destructive product design, we will feel that it is not beautiful, we will not do it, that is all, it is not what we do to create.

I have observed that product managers in many industries, for example, many people are misled by the company after graduating from the company. Because the company does flow liquidation, it will revolve around KPI liquidation. If we revolve around such a goal, we will not do a good job of the product, but use all means to obtain flow.

Many of you will run into a wall here in Wechat. When your goal is to use Wechat to get traffic, this is not the principle we advocate. We are more interested in making good products to share with us our users.

This is especially thankful for my own experience. When I used PC more than 20 years ago, I knew what kind of good products were in PC. Even if I did it by myself, I would make it as good as nobody's. He taught me what kind of products I had through a series of products. When we do QQ mailbox in the Web era, we also know what is a good product in the Web era. Then we went through Wechat. We went through a lot. We know in our bones what products are good and what products are bad.

For example, I once asked a colleague which page was the biggest in the PC era. Is it a Google page or which one? In PC era, the most visited page is IE browser 404 pages, as anyone who has used the browser knows.

I would like to ask you a question, since the traffic of this page is very large, why does Microsoft not put an advertisement here, because such an advertisement is a huge amount of attention. Why doesn't Microsoft put an ad here? Our colleagues couldn't answer. Why is the start page of Wechat always a person looking at the earth? Why not put an advertisement? This is the same question. Why don't we put advertisements on the launch page? Do you feel comfortable watching advertisements? I think it's possible, because I'm used to watching advertisements every day. Once there is no advertisement, it will be uncomfortable and people will adapt.

You can think about this. Wechat has been around for eight years. Recently, some people have sunned their circles of friends for more than 2,900 days. Although it's close to me, it's also very close. Think about how much time you spent on Wechat every day for the past eight years? About half an hour a day, one hour, two hours or more. Think about how much time you spend with your close friends and family? Spend more on family members, close friends, or Wechat. Wechat may be a little more. If Wechat is a person, he is your best friend because you spend the most time with him.

If you and Wechat are best friends, when you meet with Wechat, every time you put an advertisement on your face, you have to tear it off to talk to him, that's how it feels. I don't want you to talk to your best friend. First look at the advertisement on his face, then take it down and talk to him.

But our adherence to the principle of good products does not mean that we have not changed. When you see the 7.0 release, there is a big adjustment, not to mention the function. On the UI, you can see that the UI has turned white and dazzling, and many people are not used to talking.

In fact, every major revision will bring a lot of people's inadaptability, especially for Weixin's 1 billion user-scale products. When we realize that any change is unsatisfactory with 500 million people, we know that we can't decide whether to change it or not according to the user's vote. If the user votes, we can't change anything. We can only judge according to our professional judgment which direction we should go.

Like the new version of Wechat 7.0, we tried for a long time, and we kept switching between the two versions. After two months, I found that I didn't want to cut back to the old version. I knew that this should be acceptable to our users. Maybe they couldn't accept it at once, but I believed that they would accept it when they adapted to it. The important thing is that we have to move our products forward to adapt to this era, instead of fear of users'complaints and not change it.

The previous section briefly explains what a good product is and why Wechat has so many ideas that seem odd to me but are too normal for some products.

Many people will say that Weixin is so big, so I often say a turn, you say that I do not hurt standing, because Weixin is so big, you can say what you want. But I don't think so myself. People on the Wechat team know that they think so from the first day, not because there are so many users. I would like to take a moment here to recall our history.


The Birth History of Wechat

Many people have heard such a story, when I wrote an email to the president to open a Wechat project, the story is true.

There are many unreal, such as I went to a certain temple, and these unreal can not be clarified, including many friends around me asked me, you really go, how do I not know? Sometimes I recall to my colleagues that I feel a little scared when I think of it. If I go out to play, go out to meditate or do something in the evening when I write an email, I will forget about it, and there will be no Weixin product. Maybe another team made another tweet, but that's not the case.

I find that many ideas seem to come out of the blue, often arranged by God. I think you should cherish every idea that comes out of the blue. It's probably your inspiration.

I don't think it's a sudden inspiration. Maybe God, as a programmer, has programmed a program and put an appropriate idea in your head at the right time. But it's not that you can wait here. God will put an inspiration in your head.

I remember one or two years before Wechat went online and did Wechat, our team was doing another thing.

At that time, QQ mailbox has been the first in China. I think there is no good breakthrough. I brought a team with me and spent a year doing something called reading space. I don't know if you have used reading space. Raise your hand to show me if I have ever used reading space. These are the old users of the Web era.

In the reading space, we have tried a lot of new ideas. People who just raised their hands are very clear that our earliest reading space is to do reading.

At that time, blogs were very popular. We could subscribe to some blogs to read articles. Then when we deduce it, it is very good to deduce this model. We also made a broadcast in the reading space. The broadcast is earlier than the microblog now, which is the place where we can write a paragraph of our own microblog. You can also read articles recommended by others in it every day.

Because reading space is only a sub-function of the mailbox, the number of users at that time can't be very large, so when KEKER comes out, it may represent an opportunity. At that time, I just started using smartphones, and in communication, I don't use QQ very much. For myself, there is no good tool for me to send messages, communicate and chat with others. God, the idea at that time was very simple, to make a communication tool for a few people, to communicate with themselves.

At that time, there was a team doing QQ email mobile version, called midstream, we used this team to gather 10 people to start Wechat, and these ten people have two Android development, two Apple development, two Saipan development, plus two backstage, plus UI, plus myself, plus a product graduate, about 10 people, after two months, made the first version. Ben, this is the origin of Wechat.

At that time, people were very worried, because they did not know what would happen to this thing. Today, in the circle of friends, the users of the first ten days are very strong, because the number of micro-credit users was very small at that time.

In the past six months, the number of micro-credit users is very small. The reason is that for a new product, it is not easy for others to accept it all at once.

But we adhere to the principle that if a new product does not have a natural growth curve, we should not promote it. In the first five months, we basically did not promote it by ourselves. We just want to see if such a product as Wechat has an attraction for users. Users are willing to spontaneously disseminate it. If users are unwilling, it is meaningless how we promote it.

From the beginning of Wechat 2.0, I saw a growth in our curve, although it is not very fast, but it is natural to go up. At this time, we know that we can push it at this time.

At that time, it was a scary situation. At that time, Wechat exerted some pressure on operators, because it was similar to the substitution relationship of short messages. Because of this kind of pressure, we are afraid to get the address book of mobile phones and friends. At that time, it was a better way to get friends through the mobile phone address book, because it was more direct and could select real friends from it.

We can't do this, so we have to choose friends from QQ Friends Address Book. We don't want it to be the second QQ, so when the source of good friends, users can choose friends from QQ friends to come over and become their Weixin friends.

We were lucky to make the decision that seemed very important at that time. First, we did not import a friend in batches, such as an address book or QQ friend, but selected one by one by hand.

The second is not to promote the product before it has been verified that it can generate natural growth. After these two things are done correctly, although it takes a little longer, it is very healthy when it really starts to take off.

What I just said is the earliest origin of Weixin. The next is a series of experiences, which will not be further developed here. For myself, I am especially lucky or feel very lucky, because I can see that with such a product from 0 to now, it has reached the stage of 1 billion day-to-day life.

At this point in time, I would like to look back on Wechat from other perspectives in the past eight years, what is our starting point, and what we think about each area.

This will help you to understand why Wechat is such a product now and how it will evolve in the future.

Let me start with a topic. What is the original intention of Weixin? This is my first time to talk about the word "first heart", because I think it is a very vulgar word, so I have never talked about the word "first heart", I am afraid you do not understand it, so first throw it out, replace it with another word, I call it a "driving force".


The Motivation Force of Wechat

I think the motivation is your deep understanding and expectation. It is so powerful that it can persist for a long time and overcome many difficulties to do it. In this way, it is a little different from the original intention, that is, the ideal or goal that is expected to be achieved in a deeper level.

In fact, I sometimes think that we do it unintentionally. If you sum it up, I will summarize it into two points. What is the motive force of Wechat?

It can be summarized as two points. The first point is mentioned in the open class.

The first point is that as a tool, Wechat hopes that it will always be a good tool product to keep pace with the times.

I have mentioned the word "tool" many times, but I may not understand it very well. This is my own paranoia, or special love for tools, to what extent, you can imagine when I just graduated, personally code a program. When I have finished writing it, I have a special sense of achievement. I hope I can build a product from a pile of bricks, put on a shell, write instructions, write help documents and make an installation package. This is the feeling that you make tools by yourself, and you will have a strong sense of accomplishment.

Being a good tool is something worth obsessing about. For Wechat, the starting point of Wechat, from the first version, to be a good tool for their own use. It's a tool. Tools themselves are already challenging and difficult to do. And especially good tools make us satisfied with them. In fact, they will set higher goals for themselves.

Why don't you think about doing such a good tool? Nowadays, many people don't think so. The reason why they don't think so is that it has something to do with our users. I know very well that there are more than one billion users in China. Most of our users have been used to a bad or forced user experience. Just as I just asked you, if you send an open-screen advertisement by Wechat, you will get used to it in a while.

People will think that a lot of things are normal, such as open-screen advertising is normal, the system to promote marketing messages is normal, or you click on some links is normal, such cases are particularly numerous. If we go back to the era of short messages, we think about short messages, and now there are, back to the era of short messages, we will find that short messages are full of garbage, spam more than normal information. But there's more junk information. It's not the most terrible thing. The most terrible thing is that you think it's normal, but the fact is that it's not. Assuming we know what's good and what's bad, we certainly won't put bad things on this product. For Wechat, we have such a bottom line, that is, a good tool, and this tool can accompany you for many years.

For users, this tool is like an old friend of his. We don't want to spoil the relationship between this old friend and you.

What is keeping pace with the times? After all, Wechat is not a hardware product. It will be here for ten or eight years. Wechat has to change, because the Internet iteration speed is very fast, even if it is an electrical appliances rarely used for ten or eight years, so we all know that Wechat has a slogan, do you remember this slogan? Wechat is a way of life.

One question is why Wechat is a "one" lifestyle, not a "one" lifestyle. Does anyone dare to answer this question?

I don't know how you feel about this. If we say that Wechat is a way of life, it means that it is a common sentence. It won't impress you. When we intentionally become "one", you will remember it and feel very special. Why is it not an ordinary sentence, it will become the exclusive of Wechat? In a word, I am not a brand learner. I don't understand the mystery of it. I just intuitively define it as "one" rather than "one", although it has some grammatical problems.

When we say that Wechat is a way of life, Wechat is not a way of life, it is only a means of communication.

But at that time, we only positioned Wechat as a communication tool, which limited the space of Wechat's future imagination.

At that time, there was an idea that if Wechat could penetrate into everyone's communication, its friends were in it, and it could interact with friends frequently in it, then it should be able to penetrate into a person's life. We can influence how a person communicates with his friends, how he socializes, and even how he spends his time.

From this point of view, we should guide a trend, such as Wechat made a bold breakthrough, it is not a functional breakthrough, but a breakthrough in lifestyle, or a breakthrough in the trend.

There are many examples of this. When you sweep to get information and pay for it, it is actually a way of life, a way of payment. When you shake a person, it's also a way to get in touch with someone.

I remember when we posted people around us, I was very nervous inside. Because before Wechat, there was no tool to help you see who was around at once.

There is a fear that you don't know how to release this function, that all users are suddenly found, that they greet you like everyone standing in front of you, that we don't know what kind of change it will bring. It's a fear, a fear of the unknown.

On the other hand, because Wechat grew up on the mobile phone and was accompanied by people, it could do things that could not be done in the PC era, such as finding people nearby, which would run through a person's life.

I was glad to be able to say that our slogan was defined as a way of life. More clearly, in recent years, Wechat is involved in everyone's lifestyle. We will see that everyone will have group chats, circles of friends, red envelopes, public numbers, small programs and so on. From this point of view, Wechat positioning itself as a lifestyle tool, which is more appropriate.

Wechat is essentially a tool. How do we explain the series of things we do, such as public numbers, small programs? This is the second motive force that I want to mention, let me not say what it is.


Public Platform: Let Value-Creating Human Beings Realize Value

In fact, Wechat can do more things when it is a public platform.

What is the starting point of public platform?

When we finished the first version about a year ago, we came to the question: What does it mean to replace short messages with short messages? Meaning that we have a new market, the SP era left a variety of manufacturers need to Text users such an opportunity. If we just replace the market of short message communication, how to receive service notification through information will become a blank space.

We know that short messages are uncontrollable. Like what I just said, there will be a lot of spam messages, and there will also be a lot of spam in the mailbox. Previously, everyone believed that such service notifications should be issued in this way.

But I know very well that it will not bring an effective market. Because bad money will drive out good money and make the whole market very chaotic. If we have a way to avoid such a kind of spam, and only let you need the information will be delivered to you, it will certainly make the whole order very good. This way, the client and the server can be connected through a subscription-based relationship.

There is no spam information, no spam information, all users subscribe automatically. To be a public platform, we need to think about a question. What is our ultimate orientation or starting point? If there is no such starting point, then we may be like a large number of operators, make a traffic distribution platform, and then very messy. It is clear to those who have experienced such an era that we do not want to make ourselves the core platform of SP.

If the platform only pursues its own maximization of interests, I think it may be short-sighted, not too long-term. If a platform can benefit many people, it may be the most viable.

So at that time, I was thinking about what kind of people we could help with the public platform and what kind of problems we could solve. In the early stage, it must be replaced by some disadvantages caused by information asymmetry, which is the advantage of the Internet.

Before, to start a business like a traditional business or a shop, you had to rent a good shop in a place where there was a large flow of people, and then use such a flow of people to buy things. But using the Internet, geography becomes less important. The quality of service is your advantage. Our goal is to help those who really have good services reach their potential users and make it easier for their users to connect to them, which is one of the biggest goals brought about by the Internet.

At that time, we cited many cases. What happened when the public number came out? I remember that the most examples were often mentioned in public classes. If a blind man can only massage, he is a blind masseur, and he has no other skills, how can he help his customers find him through such a platform as the public number?

Because his customers would recommend it to other friends, his other friends would pay attention to the number and come to him for his excellent service.

From such an example, we can see that when we construct the public platform, where is our motive force? We take the blind masseur as an example. We think that the blind masseur creates value on behalf of this kind of people. Without the mechanism of eliminating information asymmetry of the Internet, his value can not be reflected. The purpose of our platform is to make the human body that creates value present value, which is the motive force of Wechat as a platform.

We do small programs or games is such a driving force, small games, public numbers, small programs, all types of platforms are considered to help those who are really creating value, so that their value can be reflected, and get their due return, which is the purpose of the platform.

In the first two months of this year, I saw a friend send a two-dimensional code in my circle of friends. He said that now the blind masseur actually works with a small program. He sent a two-dimensional code. Many blind people did a small program together. Any customer can subscribe to their massage service through the small program.

It's a great pleasure to see this case, because it's almost the same scenario as the one we've repeated over and over again. Nowadays, many people are developing around Wechat, including public numbers, small programs and games. Sometimes they will encounter some difficulties. How do they always conflict with the rules of the platform? If you can understand it well, as the initial starting point of the platform, we will understand it well. Like in today's open class, why do we have public numbers, small programs and games? There will be a variety of initiatives, in fact, all initiatives are around this point.

The two driving forces just mentioned are to be the best tools for gains and losses and detention, and even for lifestyle. Second, as a platform, we hope that it can help creators reflect value. This seems to be very simple, but it is not simple, because many people do not understand this, especially in the last year or two, I saw a lot of industry gentlemen, I do not understand, contrary to my common sense. For example, in the past two years, many apps will be aimed at competing for users'staying time, which is contrary to my common sense. Because a user's time is limited, that is 24 hours, eating, sleeping, working, which is not the most important, the most important is the mission of technology, or the mission of the Internet is to help mankind improve efficiency, rather than let him spend time in your application.

For example, as a communication tool, your goal is to help users accomplish their communication tasks efficiently. As a simple example, we have used many years of Wechat. Since the first version of Wechat, it has not happened. It does not indicate that the message is waiting to be sent, or that it has been sent successfully, but all similar software has such a state. Why is that? We were wondering what was the most effective way to send information. It's when you type in a sentence, a message and click on it to send it. You don't have to look at it. You can leave your cell phone and put it in your pocket to do something else. This is the most efficient way to send it. If you want to stare at the mobile phone, whether he has sent, or queued for sending, or has successfully sent, or sent to the other party to collect. It's an inefficient way, and it takes you a lot of time.

The same kind of information tools, should help users get the most useful information in the shortest time, rather than giving him a lot of useless information to spend as much time as possible looking for it. As a search engine, the first is to get the results he wants, which is the most efficient. Unless it's entertainment content, it doesn't matter if you spend a little more time in it, just like watching a series, it won't save time, it will take a lot of time to see it. For the series, I as a lot of colleagues watch the series at twice the speed, because it saves more time. Although it's a hundred episodes, maybe the user will finish it at twice the speed. If I had known this, I might as well shoot 50 episodes.

Another interesting example about the length of stay is to share with you.

The circle of friends has just been released to the present, and everyone has more and more friends. If you have more friends, you will spend more time looking at the content of your circle of friends. In theory, you will think that my friends have more friends, he has more content, and I spend more and more time in the circle of friends. Should Wechat encourage users to send more content of your circle of friends, so that your friends will spend more time reading these information?

But our data tells us that this is not the case. From Wechat's first year of publishing the circle of friends to the present, from the total statistics, the average time users spend in the circle of friends is unchanged, whether he is ten friends, or a hundred friends, or a thousand friends, the average user spends half an hour a day in the circle of friends.

We see this special surprise, think that people are a very interesting animal, will self-regulate time, not that there are too many things here, spend more time later, less time, but will control, if the circle of friends is not finished, brush faster, I look at the rough, very interested, if the content is too little, you can be more generous slowly. Look at it slowly. It also takes half an hour.

Users don't actually allocate their time to your content, but it's very reasonable. If we have to let users stay here for a long time, it means that their social efficiency is lower.

Once it gets lower, once it finds out where it makes him more efficient, it goes to where it makes him more efficient. We will not take the length of stay as a reflection of the value of APP, which is very different from my perception of the Internet. Everyone has only 24 hours a day. The mission of Internet users should not be to let everyone spend their time watching mobile phones except eating, drinking and lazarding.

Before this year, there was a version of Wechat which had a start page. Put down your mobile phone and meet more friends. So far, our views have not changed. Instead, if a user finds something, finds a small program, or reads articles, or browses the circle of friends, does it take as short a time as possible to accomplish such a thing, rather than as long as possible?

We can do everything possible to improve this efficiency. For example, I often encounter a confusion myself. I send a message to this person. I can't remember his name. At this time, it is almost incomprehensible, because some people can't think of his name at once. But if there's a smarter way to associate with people who are related to him and have the ability to associate with him, it can help you find the information you want when your head is short-circuited. For such abilities, I think they are particularly important things to do.

I remember that the last time I spoke for such a long time was in Tencent's eight-hour speech, which was supposed to be three hours, and then it turned into eight hours.

There won't be eight hours today. You can rest assured. I just talked for an hour and need to pause, because I seldom speak here alone for an hour. Usually meeting with you is a conversation, not a person.


Mission of Small Procedures

I just talked about the motive force of Wechat. The next topic is to talk about our views around the small program. Now many companies are also doing small programs such as platforms, small programs in three years ago when the first public lecture said, you do not know what is, because at that time it was still called application number.

Until today, major Internet companies are launching such platforms as small programs this year. There are many companies involved in doing good things, and we are not worried about such competition. Although we all do things by the same name, called small programs such a name, maybe some code interface is the same as us, but I do not assume that poses a great threat to us. Apart from the different platforms and teams of each company, their personalities and abilities are different, there are more important differences. What is the driving force for doing this thing? If I only use small programs as a carrier to do traffic business, I am not at all optimistic. It won't last long if you just let yourself be good and don't let others be good.

The mission of small programs has just mentioned that it is to reward people who create value, and we all focus on this point. If others do such a platform, we have the flow, we want to distribute the flow, to reflect the value of the flow, using small programs as a carrier to reflect such a value, which is completely different from their own driving force.

Many people don't understand why small programs are de-centralized. When you understand our motivation, you understand that small programs do this. Why decentralization, if not decentralization, our company own monopoly of head games, small programs, there is nothing outside developers.

It seems that Tencent can make a profit in the short and medium term, because it monopolizes the flow of its head, and of course, the whole ecosystem is gone. Even companies invested by Tencent will follow the same platform rules, otherwise it will only undermine the fairness of the platform. We look more at the health of a reorganized platform than just supporting our own traffic, or supporting our own products within the company.

Not long ago, a person in charge of the second largest game company in China came to me and said that they also wanted to make small programs, but they were afraid that they would do a good job after doing so. Our company made a similar game and destroyed them as soon as it was launched. I said that you worry too much. There will be no center in Wechat to distribute games within the company specifically to kill you. We won't do that.

I want to clarify here that, as I just said, even for investment companies in the system, they will be treated the same. But it's true that people are inclined to invest in companies.

We are not doing well in this respect, not inclining them, but we are not doing well in protecting this platform. I believe that our team will invest more human and resources in this area in the future so that we can treat all companies equally, including those we invest in.

Here, a brief review of the small procedures, from the earliest brewing to now three years, seems a bit slow. At that time, we did a lot of extraordinary things is still in the brewing stage, has not yet thought clearly, and has not made a bit of original shape, we first released this thing, which is not the style of Wechat. We're not going to publish what we haven't done yet.

At that time, the reason for doing so was to put pressure on our team. This must be done. We must do it. If we don't publish it, we may retreat from the difficulty and find it too difficult to do. There are many things that are not feasible.

I remember very clearly that one year in public class, when we said that we were going to launch a small program as a service, we sat down with our team on the evening of public class to discuss a topic. How many ways would our small program die?

I remember particularly clearly that night was not about discussing the future of the applet, how difficult it was, what obstacles we would encounter and what obstacles we would not be able to overcome. We don't want to be optimistic about it, but we find it difficult, but we need to do it and publish it. Why do we think it must be something we can do?

Once in an open class I spent an hour talking about why small programs are the future. I won't repeat it here. It's very simple, because APP stands for downloading and installing services. This experience is not good, and the experience of web pages is not good. Small programs should be the most user-friendly interface in such an era.

Why do you think the experience of web pages is not good? The experience of public numbers is much better than that of looking at web pages. We have used some methods, even if any amateur typesetter's article has a certain layout quality, for small programs, Limited a lot of space is for you to use, so how to do it will not be messy, from the user side, this experience is better.

For a small program, our determination is very great, but after all, it is an ecosystem, not the function of 2C. If we do this, users will immediately verify that this thing is successful or not. A platform can not be achieved at once, we need to have enough patience, we do have patience, we are in a period of two or three years to cultivate it slowly.

We've gone through the process of public numbers. If we don't use the special lucky feature, we will only make the first wave come in and use its flow as a flow dividend, which is not what we want to see. People who use traffic dividends do not create value, they do not benefit our users, and this is a kind of damage to the platform.

We say that this port is gradually opened, and then for his users, or Weixin users, is a valuable application small program, can slowly come in.

Even though the small program can not be said to be very successful today, I think it is in the process of gradual improvement. Recently, we have seen exceptionally good cases, both online and offline. Online people will use small programs to make shop and customer connectors, online there are more such online cases.

Because it is not perfect, there are many more things to be done here. I want to mention a few key points that we need to do. When we released the small program in Dalian, I mentioned that the small program is obtained online through scanning code. It should be accessed online through search and social networking.

Social networking people use it, but it's not enough for search. We have done some experiments long ago, such as searching for a flight number will immediately appear a page returned by a small program, not this small program, but the page returned directly by the small program, to show the flight information directly.

But this is only an internal pilot. Our goal is to search the data that can go directly to the inside of the applet and return it directly to the user in a way that the user can understand, or the page of the applet. This is the way to use a small program online.

We haven't done that yet, but I'm happy to see that our team has invested a lot of resources in this area, and some preliminary results can come out. This is also a very big difference between applets and APP. In the current APP, there is no way to search inside the APP, no way to know the data inside it, and the APP is an island, it can not connect. But in the system of small programs, we have the ability to collect the internal data of small programs, do some demos by ourselves, and some news websites also use small programs to provide content. Through the search, you can directly search the content of the article in this small program.

In addition, the small program is improving its evaluation system. When we search for something, such as local products, there will be a lot of small programs. You do not know which one is credible, there should be an evaluation system, better evaluation system that friends have bought or left behind, otherwise we can not do a better ranking of search results, which is what our team is also doing.

Third, the problem of small program recovery. On our noisy page, some people are saying that we can send notifications to every small program. Do you think we will consider doing so in the future? Anything is possible. But there are still some things that can't be done. It's not that we don't want to send this notification, but what benefits it brings. If it's good to send notification alone, it may be bad when all the small programs are madly sending notifications.

Everyone also has this experience, their mobile app will receive countless app notifications, all the notifications piled up like spam messages of that year, will no longer ignore any notifications. If a widget has such an ability to send notifications, it will receive hundreds of notifications from various widgets, and the notifications of its own widgets will be flooded, no one will see it. The ability to simply notify is not the solution.

We will try to find some ways to let users know if they are willing to accept it. Small program we provide the ability of comrades, users in need, can be followed by one or three information in the past.

This method will also have limitations, so for small programs to retrieve or repeat access, although there is a drop-down, there are recently, there are new small programs, there are still some places worth our re-optimization.

We tend to think about these issues not from the B-side development of small programs, but from the C-side users, he does sometimes not find the program he used, but want to use, or he forgot, but that is valuable to him, we push him back from this point of view more.

7.0, Wechat has a function called strong reminder, which is a reminder between individuals, such as setting a strong reminder with a friend, he will call you a meeting, when he sends a message, the whole screen will vibrate.

Actually, this is not the case. We do strong reminders, more of them cover the scene offline. I hope the scene is that I will queue in one place in the future, without paying attention to his public number, without sweeping his program, just need to sweep his two-dimensional code, and then get a reminder. The reminder about queuing will sweep the two-dimensional code, and authorize him to receive a subsequent one or more. Several notifications, this is lighter than public numbers or small programs, do not need to pay attention to a number or open a small program, just a one-time reminder to sweep a code.

The intent of strong reminder is to use it offline and set up strong reminder online. When something happens, you can remind me. The connection between small programs, or the state of incompleteness, but also to find ways, will not use crude message push way.


Motivation of small games

The latter point is about small games. The progress and ideas of the small game team are briefly discussed from my point of view. Small games are now very good from a commercial point of view, and cash income is also higher than expected. Personally, I am not particularly satisfied with this result. Because it's still a long way from our expectations. Our expectation is not to get more cash in return. It's that there aren't too many high-quality original games here. Most of the games are copied back and forth, using its traffic round by round.

Here we have to go back to the origin. What is the motivation of the game? The company does not require us to do a small game platform, nor does it define how much revenue we want to get through this platform. There is no revenue pressure in Wechat, because when your service is done, revenue will naturally come into being. Why do we make a platform for small games, and where do we want the end of small games to go? I shared it once inside the company, and I didn't know that the information inside would also be made public, and eventually it became a popular paragraph, but the real content was not released.

For example, many people used to read novellas and short stories, but now they don't read much. But the creativity of these novels will not disappear, many people have such creativity, but his novel writing can not reflect this creativity, we want to turn the creativity belongs to the novel to small games to achieve. It's just a carrier, about creativity.

There are small games that have been embodied, such as reading a novel, playing the game step by step according to the plot. In addition to fiction, there are many fields, all about creativity. We often use a case to say that a primary school student can use very little extra-curricular time to master the development of small games, he can also develop small games for the class to use. This little game is imagined by himself. He created it, but adults can not create it. His classmates especially like to play it, maybe some kind of intellectual type, or fun type.

In the next year, I don't want to see just how much our income has risen. I want to see how many games are about creativity. What I want to see is that a year later, there are a lot of games that people have never played before. Instead of playing games, many of them have played games. On the contrary, their thinking is very limited. They will copy some of the APP games. What they haven't done may incorporate his laws into the content of a game that no one has ever seen before.

I use this dimension to measure the success of small game platforms. I think that only when our games are full of all kinds of creative ideas, and let these ideas get the reward he deserves, then our platform can really become very valuable, because ultimately our users will use it most here, and bring the greatest value to users.

It's hard to achieve such a goal, but any platform should have its own dream. If he doesn't have such a dream, he will eventually regard himself as a traffic operation site, and soon run out of traffic, and this is the end of the matter. This is about the expectation of the game from the platform perspective. I really hope that in the future, in the small game platform, the small game you see will be refreshing. Your impression of him is no longer a trivial category, but more a spiritual experience. Only in this way can we say that playing such a small game is serious.


Public numbers are not for self-Media purposes

The next point is about the public number. Everyone is particularly concerned about the situation of public numbers. Many people are starting businesses in this area and it seems that after several years, the flow dividend of public numbers has already disappeared. Dividends have never been our concern. In particular, I would like to know how many of you are working on the Public Number. You are very enthusiastic. As I said before, the public platform is not for you. Public platforms are one of the best areas for self-Media use. Although it's not for everyone, we really want to serve you well. Recently, we have made great changes, including the revision of the public number, and also included a "good look" in it.

Looking back briefly on the history of public numbers, when public numbers were first released, many people used such a traffic port to gain huge fans. At that time, public numbers had a particularly good phenomenon. In the best public lesson, they shared a data. At that time, 70% and 80% of the reading volume of public numbers came from friends'circles and 30% from subscription numbers. Why do you think it's so good? Because it conforms to the 28 th law, 20% of the people choose information, 80% of the people through 20% of the selection to read articles, to benefit. Over the past few years, the first is that users have more access to information, and the second is that there is no sustained and particularly good content in terms of content quality, which will reduce the user's viscidity.

I'm checking myself. What's the problem with the Public Number? We made a revision and found that the effect was not very great. Of course, many public numbers feel that their effect has become too bad. From our data, it has not improved a lot, nor has it deteriorated. Self-analysis, there is a big problem, not how to change the version. Re-editing is only to help users reorganize the way they read, making it more efficient or less efficient. The purpose of our revision is to make the user read more efficiently. It's a matter of efficiency that he goes in and finds articles more easily and browses articles more conveniently. The essence of the problem is not to see the efficiency of this article, the essence of the problem, whether these contents are attractive to him. Our own inventory found that in terms of content attractiveness, there is a need to strengthen. Otherwise, no matter how to change the layout, users will not stay here, or will not look at it, so good content is fundamental.

From a platform perspective, a good platform should naturally encourage more content creators to create good content. Compared with the blog era, some good bloggers wrote more articles in the blog era. Because we are doing the reading space in the mailbox, we know that there are many blog articles every day is quite good. At that time, a group of bloggers, well-known bloggers in the public number, may not have the content of previous bloggers, this phenomenon is our opportunity. The responsibility of the platform is that we should use a mechanism to enable more people to produce more high-quality content in it. If there is no more high-quality content, it must be that our platform is not good enough, and we are not attractive enough to it. We also aim to achieve this goal by cracking down on manuscript laundering. Otherwise, the content of the platform will become inferior currency to expel good currency, and the quality content of the platform will become less and less. How to produce high quality content on the public platform is the next task of the platform.

The form of content will also be tried, such as video presentation. When you saw App for Public Number last year, you may have great hopes, but it's just a tool to help publish the Public Number.


The Social Essence of Friendship Circle

This leaves a good question. The product manager sitting here can think about why so many people use the circle of friends, and they have been using it for six or seven years, and more and more people come in every day. Even in the past six or seven years, these people have grown up and their environment has changed a lot, because essentially, like how I fabricated ancient human society, social habits have not changed in essence, social needs have not changed, our online social interaction is just a reflection of offline social interaction, if a person how to socialize online, he will know what he uses online. Such a way is the most effective for him.

For a brief analysis, if there is no internet, people who want to socialize online may greet and chat with people through meals, parties and other offline occasions. I refer to the social interaction of acquaintances here. Such offline socialization is inefficient and requires spanning geography and time. What is the essence of the circle of friends? The essence of the circle of friends is to create a new social place. It's not just a flow of time. If you say, it's an occasion and a square. I'll think of it as a square so that I can understand it better. Because in this way, you will walk through the square every day. The circle of friends is just a square. When you walk through the square every day, you will see three or five groups of people correspond to each circle of friends in different places in the square. You can walk into every three or five groups of people and talk to them. These are the people you know. They can participate in the discussion of what topics, or Do not participate in the next person, to the second circle of friends to participate again. In such a process, when you walk through the whole square, almost all your friends greet today, or see what they do, or participate in some of their discussions.

Friendship circle has a special key point, you can only see a common friend in it, that is, everyone you see or participate in the discussion between two or two is acquainted to discuss, because such a point makes it not one-to-one discussion, but more than three people's discussion, for example, in the circle of friends A sent a circle of friends, B friends commented, you It must be knowing both A and B at the same time. At least three people are discussing when you are discussing. That's more than three people who have a richer social experience than just talking. When you have spent half an hour reading the circle of friends, you have actually completed a task of social networking online. Since it is such an efficient social tool, it is certainly difficult to leave him.

At that time, the circle of friends also had its weaknesses, and it was also the point that people talked about wanting to escape, because it was a completely open square, so you want to praise or comment, which means that if you say a word openly in the square, you will find many people can hear it. So the pressure is stronger, and when you have more and more friends, the pressure will be greater and greater. Like myself, at the beginning, friends circled dozens of photos, and now they only send them once a month or a few months. This is the pressure everyone will face. When there is too much stress in every social tool, we should have a new way to engage in a more relaxed, less stressful social behavior, or self-expression behavior.

It's a contradiction here. We want a person to express himself easily. If there's no pressure at all, there's no pressure to speak to himself. But it is impossible for him to get feedback from his friends when he speaks to himself. That is to say, it has no social benefits and no return. The more people hear what he talks to, the more social rewards he has, but the more pressure he will have. Many people because of this, friends circle into three days can be seen, he feels a little less pressure, but many friends with him, it is possible.

Many people ask, why should we have three days to see? Without this, there would be no backlash between friends. I would like to explain briefly that the data everyone understands, as set inside the switch, very few people use, people who have done the product know this, many people to set a switch. But this switch is the most used switch I've ever seen in Wechat. More than 100 million people will set it up for three days. Visible is a strong user needs, hope so. Why is this also reasonable for products? Let's take an analogy and you'll see. If we do the circle of friends again, if the time can be reversed, we will avoid many mistakes and take the right path. If we do the circle of friends again, what will I do? I will do that.

For example, there is a circle of friends, but no personal photo album, or personal photo album is private, others can not see. I took a photo and sent it to my circle of friends, and kept it in my private album. That's the best way to make friends. Friendship circle and photo album are two independent things, but when they were doing it, they accidentally made a thing. The same photo was not only put in the album by historic digging graves, but also in the circle of friends as a dynamic display, which is to mix the two things together. I don't think it would be like to set up a three-day visibility, on the contrary, it would only make the people who set up this more courageous to send out circles of friends.

What do you click on in the album? If you look at a person's history, it's better to say that each person provides his collection to show his historical state. You can choose some of the most beautiful photos in life and put them there as what others can see or show to him, instead of putting the dynamics of the day in the circle of friends here. If you say so, you can understand. Friendship circle and photo album are two concepts, but they are carelessly mixed up.

Thank you very much for joining me in this performance art. In Wechat, we pay special attention to the very real, so as to break down the formalization of things, and do not oppose the occasional formalization, as we do now.

I started by telling the staff that it would be overtime, because once I prepared it carefully, there would be more content. I don't waste your time, try to be as concise as possible. I seldom speak alone, thousands of people listen, usually speaking to others in turn, I am also in the process of adaptation, now I feel more and more adapted. Imagine everyone sitting in front of me alone. Just like considering the users of Wechat, they are actually one person. There is no essential difference between a billion people and a person.

Just mentioned the circle of friends, some colleagues behind the scenes are not very clear about this data, did not expect. The most painful thing is that our advertising colleagues say that their goals for next year will be increased. I don't think that's a problem, because there's a long flow of water.

Back to the circle of friends, talk about the social relationship of the circle of friends, first review the history. Twitter is a great product that most of you may not have used. It influenced the shape of many later products, such as microblogging. I remember that in microblogging, including Tencent, we also did microblogging. When we send something in the input box, there will be a prompt in the input box. Do you remember what it prompted? What are you doing, or what are you thinking? It tells you what you are doing by raising your hand. Raise your hand to remind you what you are thinking. The rest are not prompted.

This is an interesting topic. Twitter and microblog are things in the PC era. If it asks you what you are doing, you are typing, because you have nothing else to do. You are typing, and he can only ask you what you are thinking. But let's think about it carefully. If you want to record what's happening, you can't say what you're thinking, you should say what you're doing, or what you see. At that time, I couldn't see it on the computer, so I could only think about it.

This is the essential difference between Wechat and many previous applications. Wechat is a mobile app, and we don't need a strong PC client. So it's a mobile app. It's a mobile app. It's following you. It's not where the computer is. You can only see it. So you won't shake it on the computer. You can shake it on the Wechat because you can't shake a computer. . This is a great advantage.

App on the mobile phone can record what you are doing. For example, walking on the road to take a picture and send it out. This is what you are doing. When I walk on the road to see this thing, I take a picture of it. But in front of the computer, I can only say what I am doing. I am sorting out my photos and sending yesterday's pictures to the computer. This is fundamentally different. A long time ago, I said that people are the reactor of the environment, what kind of environment you encounter, what kind of reaction you will have.

The pure reactor is an inferior animal. You touch him and he moves. For human beings, although it is a higher animal, there is still such a gene in it. It is affected by the environment, but what is the environment, how do you think about it? If you sit in front of the computer, the computer is your environment, or the information you see in the computer is your environment, so what you input into the computer is often read an article in the computer, so you want to input the feeling of reading the article. The environment is the computer or the articles in it, so you can only react to such an environment.

But with a cell phone, your environment is real, and the response to it is also a response to the real environment. At this time, your record is real, not imaginary, you are not recalling, but experiencing. This is very interesting. You also send a message. If you send something similar to microblog to a computer, you are recalling, you are recording ideas. But it's real-time and personal experience.

From another point of view, this is the circle of friends is different from the previous record text, also here. On the phone side, you are better able to take a picture of your environment than to recall it there. The video of Weixin actually hopes to record yourself and the real world, as well as your reaction to the real world. This is not possible in front of the computer, many applications, from the PC era to the mobile era is problematic, because there is no conversion of such a concept.

Speaking of records, we record the real world, which is a very good ideal, but very unrealistic. Because like in a cell phone, it won't take too many video recordings.

Recording or shooting, shooting a video is not the user's needs, we do not have this demand. I don't believe you can see how many videos you have on your mobile phone. You haven't actually taken a few videos. Even if you take a lot of pictures, you won't see them anymore.

Often when you have Wechat, you take such a picture because you want to share it with others, so recording or filming itself is not a requirement. Suppose we make an APP. The purpose of this APP is to record my life or the real world. This APP can't do it.


Thoughts on Wechat Video

Take photos or videos, first of all, because sharing is meaningful and necessary. But Wechat has the ability to share, so Wechat does not record videos. Everyone can record their own videos and only see them by themselves.

Videos don't make video albums and put them there for others to see. That way, you can just pick out the best video in a little bit and put it there. It's used to decorate you, not a record. What we need to do is to let a person really record what he is experiencing, and then let his friends see it, and this process should not be similar to the circle of friends, if similar circle of friends will not do this thing, there are videos in the circle of friends.

In the current version of Video Dynamics 1.0, you still can't realize this, but it doesn't matter. Just like small programs, you should have special patience to cultivate users'habits. Because most users do not have the habit of recording the world by video. We also do not have the ability to nurture users or change their habits. Our ability is to use a social design so that when he shoots these videos, he can get the benefits or rewards of his social participation.

A friend of mine asked me the other day why he had taken a video and put it in the video dynamic. Why did it disappear for a day? Why couldn't it be kept all the time? I knew he had misunderstood it and understood it as a circle of friends. He thought it was the best place to store his videos forever. I told him it wasn't like that. It was the opposite of the circle of friends. It was the place where the most authentic and not necessarily beautiful videos were taken, but the most authentic and even random.

I can't say to every user that you want to do this, so for the product, the ultimate trend is to let the user take something freely under the least pressure and record what he or she has done. At the same time, he has enough motivation to do this thing. At present, the motivation is not enough, so everyone here is not very frequent to shoot. But it's not difficult for us to get everyone motivated.

For example, if you send a red envelope, you will shoot it. Of course, this is not what we want to do. It's possible that we let our friends see you and take pictures.

Later, we will upgrade the version bit by bit here. We will try different paths. Instead of achieving this goal, it is the opposite of the circle of friends, which has become a very traditional social place. Each of us shows our best in order to gain recognition from others.

But here I want everyone to show their true side, and also to be recognized by others. At this point, we have enough patience to iterate through subsequent versions without polishing it, because such a motivation to record the world is not a habit for users, it takes some time to patiently and slowly move forward.

Why are we patient with this? Like small programs, small programs can turn it into an ecosystem in two or three years. Of course, it doesn't take two or three years for such a function, but we still spend months honing it and trying it out. We do feel that although users do not have this habit now, in the future, video will replace the exchange of photos, the sending of photos, and become more used carriers, because the amount of information contained in video is much larger than that of photos.

I know it's really not easy. I just gave this example. I ordered a compliment with another video colleague the day before yesterday. He took a picture and sent it to the circle of friends. Zhang always gave a compliment to the ordinary video. He took pictures of lights and streets at 12 o'clock at the intersection. In view of this, it is not ordinary, not simple, much better than the video of the plum blossom in the circle of friends, because it is very real, seeing his video to see his environment, will have the feeling of watching movies. He didn't realize it himself. He might want to make more beautiful videos in order to let Zhang Zongzan. It shows that our products haven't been in place yet. Guided by this, we will continue to try to record the real world around us when users pick up their mobile phones easily and comfortably one day.

At this time of discussion, the mind is very divergent, I saw a person sent a video, shooting is particularly interesting. If we call this video public when we send it, so that people around us can see, or pay attention to people, but not his friends can see, what will happen? In fact, this is also a way of thinking, can make more video circulation, which belongs to another thing to do, we here just as a brainstorming not to start. Good products don't need to spend so much time explaining. I explain so much, which shows that we really don't do well enough.


Thoughts on Reading in Friendship Circle

The next topic is about thinking about reading. Speaking of reading, first of all, I would like to point out that whenever Wechat does a thing, someone will say, who we want to talk to, who PK, which is a very strange thing for us. Just like we do video dynamics, we just help people show themselves and have nothing to do with other products. To do reading, we have a public number. We hope users can see more wonderful articles. What we do is not for our competitors, but for our users.

When I look at the circle of friends, I can also see what kind of articles they are reading. In the circle of friends at that time, the 28 laws just mentioned were also for the circle of friends at that time. Most people were unwilling to read. A few people collected articles and shared them with others. For the circle of friends, the original intention of the circle of friends is to show each other life or promote the place set up by others, not to promote reading, reading is only a supplementary part of it. Even if you recommend articles in your circle of friends, it is more to recommend articles that meet your needs, such as those that represent your ideas, your views and your approval, so you are more likely to represent your own opinions by forwarding articles.

Over the past few years, the amount of reading in the whole public platform of Friendship Circle has become less and less shared by Friendship Circle. That's normal, because I just said that the circle of friends stays for 30 minutes every day. When your friends get more and more, you think that your friends'information priority is far higher than their recommended priority in the article. You still spend only 30 minutes reading the photos sent by your friends instead of staring at each article.

Many people also think that social recommendation is influenced by the circle of friends and that what they see is limited. Sometimes it does feel like this. For the circle of friends, some people often think that the circle of friends sees the whole world, because what everyone sees is limited. Perhaps the circle of friends he sees represents all the information he receives. What we see in social recommendation also represents all the information we see.

But at least one good thing about all this information is that when your relationship becomes more and more complex and your friends are more and more, you will see the world from different angles through the eyes of your friends, which is also a good thing.

For "good-looking," the first version is considered rough. It's not written by source code, but a web presentation. But it can help us iterate over it faster, and it can quickly go online with various optimization measures. It's a bit like a rough version 1.0.

My colleague just reminded me that I have been working for three hours. I'll try to finish in an hour. Thank you for your willingness to stay here for so long in such a cold time. For yourself, you can either tell the truth or say more.


Reflections on Information Flow

The next topic is about information flow. In the last open class, I didn't know what information flow was, but there were many misunderstandings. Every open class needs to explain what we talked about last time. The reason for this is not that we don't know what information flow is, but that we don't like the industry to put a label on many things. As long as the content goes down, it's information flow, and we don't like such labelling.

Mobile screen is very narrow, there can not be a lot of ways to arrange information, of course, can only flip down is the fastest, it can not be said that all things stick a label is the flow of information, such recognition is particularly simple. Generally speaking, the circle of friends is also a flow of information. Our subscription number is not a flow of information, because it is only a way of information presentation. As you can see in the mailbox, there are inboxes, garbage cans, sent and so on. When you click in, you will see the mail. When you click in, the mail will be made into a folder. When you see the mail in the folder, you can say that this is a flow of information. It has no essential change, just put a few clips in a file to display.

There is no need to define what this is with a label, because a label is just a form of expression. Like we do a video dynamic, it does not mean that we do the video function, but that we do a function, let people shoot or show their own, what kind of carrier this function is, if it is video, then the video is a carrier. We don't consider what information flow is, we just want to present information in a reasonable way.


About AI

Later, let's talk a little bit about AI. AI has been very popular in the past few years, and we attach great importance to this technology. Just like you shoot a video in the video dynamic, you will see the music put forward by AI. Many people think that the music is very intelligent, because what you shoot with it can be recognized, and it is more consistent. This coincidence, do not think AI recognition coincidence is particularly good, I told the team to appear random things, when shooting a thing, shooting a road is not necessarily a song about the road, this is very rigid. Because people have imagination, when they see this scene, they imagine another kind of image.

Wechat has been investing a lot of energy in AI. Many people do not know that voice recognition in Wechat is always done by a third party. In fact, it is the work that our voice recognition team in Wechat has been doing for several years, and optimizes the recognition accuracy every year. Until today, the recognition rate in Wechat is getting higher and higher. When we devote ourselves to speech recognition, the industry has not paid much attention to AI. We do not follow the trend to do AI, but to say that AI is to land in our actual functions or scenarios. Speaking of this, I would like to remind you that we are still working on a function inside. That's all. I want to be a competent professional manager. I'm not qualified to talk so much now, but I'm just chatting with you as a product.

In Wechat, the technology of AI is specially recognized. We always think that good technology serves the product. AI just hides behind and helps users to do something, such as voice recognition. Recently, I was shocked by the development of some AI technology. I took some courses in college, including pattern recognition, how to recognize what the pictures are, which is very difficult. Our teacher told us at that time that we could not see AI playing Go in our lifetime. We did think that this was a difficult obstacle to break through.

I was particularly shocked when the Alpha Dog defeated the human race. When AI is used in our products, we will think about what AI brings to us. I have read an article which summarizes and shares it with you very well. As you have seen, Dr. AI can know all the cases and all the data. It must be much better than human doctors in diagnosing and treating diseases. It's true that no matter how many years a human doctor reads or how many patients he treats, there's no way to compare with the huge data in the cloud. Alpha Dogs can't tell you how to play Go. The doctor prescribes medicine. You can't challenge him. You can only obey him. What medicine he gives you, what medicine you can only take. At this time, we don't know what he is doing, or we can't think that he is our tool, on the contrary, we become its tool. If the machine fails, it is also possible that the cloud will let AI give all patients very lethal drugs.

(Video Card) This tool can also command people, beyond the meaning of tools, AI has nothing to do with tools and will not say it. As mentioned above, tools are the best partners of human beings. For the previous definition of tools, traditional tools are controlled by human beings. I read an interesting report recently about how Apple views tools. I read a report that Jobs talked about what a computer is when he introduced it to others. Many people don't know what a PC is. Like bicycles, he said, people used to think that an animal was the fastest running animal, such as a cheetah or something. When we had a bicycle, it ran faster than the fastest running animal. This kind of tool helps us to expand human's sports ability, expand human's certain ability, and make us stronger through this tool. Then he said that PC is such a thing, it is also a thing, it makes people stronger. This is a tool in the traditional sense. Man will become stronger if he controls it. AI brings tools, AI tools themselves, just like AI doctors, it can decide what kind of medicine you want to take, even know what exercise you need to do to make your body healthier. If AI doctors are more knowledgeable, they can even tell you what kind of friends you want to make and so on, it is very possible.

At this point, you will think that this tool, beyond the scope of traditional tools, can become a tool to control people, has happened such a thing.

Some colleagues asked me that our goal is not to get as many clicks as possible from users. Why do we think about so many things other than products? Why do employees like Google object to the company's use of this technology in military projects? Everything we do has its meaning behind it. Sometimes when we think about users, we always think about how users are like, as if users are a strange crowd, it is not the same kind of people as us, he is in a distant place, we are in control of them, control them, as if it is such a feeling. But Wechat reminds itself that it is the user, and that what we want to use on the user will also be used on itself. It's really worth reflecting on what he uses on users. About AI, I just want to share my personal views on AI technology.


Respond to Kindness

Later, I will make a clarification of the recent passage about kindness. I am particularly afraid that a sentence will be taken out of context and become a sentence to spread. This is not rational for me. Every sentence has a certain scene, and it was said to the employees inside the company at that time. For all colleagues in the company, what I just wanted to emphasize at that time was that our attitude towards users must be a kind attitude, not a routine attitude. And this kind of goodness is based on the goodness above reason. If irrational goodness is ignorant goodness, the essence of goodness is a kind of ability. Such goodness is not a moral goodness, nor is it a moral purity fetish. Users can use our products for a long time only if they are genuinely rational and kind to them. And as our colleagues can enter the company has been smart enough, we have been missing is not smart, but the attitude towards users.

Use this time to clarify briefly.

Many colleagues said that I seldom mentioned Wechat Payment in public classes. The reason why it is seldom mentioned is that it is not necessary to mention it, which often means that it has done a very good job. What the user doesn't realize is the best service. You don't think he still has this thing. When you pay for it, you will naturally take out the Wechat and sweep the two-dimensional code. It's a feeling of moistening things silently. It's the best product experience.


The Little Things in Wechat

Here are a few things you don't know:

One is red envelope. Is there any question about the envelope of enterprise red envelope in today's Enterprise Wechat? Simply mention, during the Spring Festival, we will be online a capability, is the ability of enterprise Weixin, enterprise Weixin users or enterprises can apply for red envelope in enterprise Weixin, red envelope. Like in the tradition, enterprises will give you some red envelopes, you can send them out to friends. There has never been such a kind of skin in Wechat. Enterprises can apply for such red envelope in Enterprise Wechat, and red envelope can be sent to Wechat friends. Enterprises using Enterprise Wechat here can pay attention to it and apply in Enterprise Wechat.

Second, for the red envelope, although Weixin red envelope is particularly successful, success does not mean that there is no room for improvement. We realize that a problem of red envelope is becoming more and more a bare money transaction, just a way of making money, away from the emotional side. Such a red envelope can only be issued on the basis of the amount of money. The bigger the red envelope, the more intentional it is. This is wrong. How can the world be measured by money? We'll try to get some emotional elements in the bonus pack, such as customizing an expression, so that your bonus pack is more a reflection of the real intention than a measure of money.

For payment, there is a function many people haven't tried, kinship card. Know the relatives card raise your hand, used the relatives card raise your hand. 5% of the people, most of them are colleagues within us. I suggest you try it. I have opened a relatives card for my parents. It's a very good experience. It's not for them, it's also very good for me. Because you can see that when they spend every amount of money, you are doing your part in filial piety, and this feeling is particularly good. I tell you there is such a thing. We have very bad things hidden too deep, many users do not know there is such a thing.

These are very small things, there is a very big thing in Wechat that has not been done well enough, and I do not hide it, that is, the ability to pack. We have been making cards and coupons for several years. We always think that cards and coupons are a big category and are used in everyday life. We want to change the status quo. We need to put so many cards in our wallet when we go out. Bank cards don't need to be taken with us. But some off-line store cards still need to be taken with us. Our cards always want to carry this piece, but we haven't done it well. Recently, we are eager to try again in this area, and make a new change. The result of the change is that we hope to make automatic connection through consumer behavior and electronic connection. Here we hope to make a breakthrough in this area, for offline consumption connection channel.


Enterprise WeChat

Take a moment to talk about Enterprise Wechat.

One point is particularly important for enterprise Wechat. It is worth your understanding, although it has not been done yet. If the positioning of Enterprise Wechat is just a rule of communication within the company, I think its scene and significance will be much smaller. Only when he extends outside the enterprise will he produce greater value. I am very happy to see that the team of Enterprise Wechat has been doing a lot of things in this area, including how to get through to Wechat. Now it can be added to the friends of Enterprise Wechat. We take users as the first service, so for the time being, we can see that there are some restrictions on a group of micro-credit users in Weixin Lina. Such restrictions are also good. We don't want to communicate with each other, which brings a lot of negative effects.

Another example is that there are many couriers in Wechat. Each time they send a courier, they add one more courier. Next time, they still don't know who to contact, because these couriers are likely to leave their jobs and they don't have an identity endorsement in the back.

Another phenomenon is microbusinessmen. Many people are doing microbusinessmen. How much information about microbusinessmen is known in the circle of friends. The reason why microbusinessmen can exist is based on the premise that people endorse online social relationships in reality. People play a very important role in trading, like you see a micro-dealer in the circle of friends to buy this product, if you see this thing in the App store, you won't buy it, because no one endorses it.

Here I think of a point. Enterprises hope that Enterprise Wechat can take the people of Enterprise Wechat as a very important resource and provide them as services. Then we are thinking about a point. If a car has a problem, we have to go to 4S shop. At this time, there are several choices. The first one is to find the Wechat of the shop assistant, the second one is to find the small program of 4S shop, and the third one is to find its APP. The fourth page to find it, most people will directly look for this clerk, if the clerk has been added. Because interaction with people is more convenient than anything else. Here is a reminder to us that since we have added this clerk, this clerk is an enterprise micro-credit user, this clerk is certified by this enterprise, and this clerk should include the enterprise service behind it. Why don't we do that? It's easy for this person to include business services in the back. In the public number, click on the public number dialog window. There's a menu under it. You can click on the public number service in the menu. We can imagine that in the Wechat, if you click on a business Wechat contact's conversation, there's also a business service menu at the bottom of the conversation. We connect business services to this. Personal, bring micro credit users, is such a feeling. In such a case, this person represents the service of the enterprise. This is the future direction of enterprise Wechat. That is, every employee can provide services directly, and because of the endorsement of people, customers will be more recognized for the service behind the store and people.

That's all about Wechat.

Now that we have reached the threshold of one billion users of Wechat, we have never felt that how many users are particularly important, or how many people are particularly important. Many people always use population as an indicator to see their space. I don't think so. The goal of Wechat has never been to expand the number of users. If we expand the number of users continuously in the past few years, it would be better to cover a billion people earlier. But that's not the case. In fact, the growth of our users is a natural process. What we need to consider is what kind of services we can provide to our existing users, our existing users, which is a more important issue. Because the population is always limited, but services are endless. In the past decade, it has been an era, but since the Internet or mobile Internet came out, I have a feeling that three or five years is an era. The change of times is faster, and the demand it generates is faster. Around this rapid change, we don't really have to worry about how many people are still available, but how we can cope with more needs in the future. Finding and facing future needs is one of the things we do at the Weixin Billion User Gate.

For users in Guangzhou, we only recently opened an entrance like a nearby store for Guangzhou users. The restaurant nearby is found in gray scale, and many people do not see it. Last year in the public lecture, we said that Wechat is part of the exploration of offline life, which is a bit tortuous, so we are still in a gray level stage, at present, the team has only done a pilot with Guangzhou users.

There will be more and more attempts like this. Because we find ourselves, as an APP, Wechat has a lot of things to carry, and in the case of carrying so many things, it seems very simple, but after all, its carrying capacity is limited. In the next stage, Weichat will focus more on Weichat, trying to connect with Weichat through different APPs. Like Wechat Reading, if Wechat Reading has to be placed in Wechat, it seems OK, but it may be able to progress independently as an independent APP, which is more appropriate.

Many people will ask a question, what will Wechat do next? Today, we spend a lot of time focusing on the starting point of Wechat to clarify what Wechat did in the past. For the future, this time can face the future of Wechat. It is just eight years. It has also reached one billion users of Wechat. For our team, we are thinking about a problem. Wechat begins to face new challenges in the next eight years. This new challenge is not from competitors, but from the user level. Users have changed every year in the past few years. As I just said, three or five years is an era. We have to face the needs of new users in the new user era. Anyway, in the face of these needs, I think that if we do things in the way of Wechat, we will always aim at the best tool, and let the people who create value realize value. If we do this, we will never go too far.

Looking back on these years, I can see what has changed in Wechat these years. We still have a sense of accomplishment. What's the difference between you and others? When we think about problems and what to do, we often ask ourselves a question. What's the meaning of doing this thing? Many teams do things without asking what the KPI is, but to be honest, the Wechat team has never been aiming at KPI since its inception. But it doesn't prevent the team from doing better. Like small programs, if you do around KPI, do not know how to develop KPI, also can not develop KPI, around KPI, you may not do this thing.

For the team to develop a habit, we do a function ourselves, the meaning behind each service, or what is the dream in it. If a function is purely for traffic and can't figure out what value it will bring to users, it must be problematic, or it won't be long-term. I think it's this way that every piece thinks about the slightest meaning behind him, which is a strong reason to support our entire team to today and help us make the right choice. This is what we think behind products and functions.

I just talked about Wechat's dream. From the perspective of individual users, we hope to be everyone's best friend. Although it is a tool, it is a tool friend. From the platform point of view, we want to build a market, and this market is to make the market of creating value. Between the strong and the single, we will choose the single side. For the market, if it is bigger, we should restrict you. If it is just starting to support you, we hope that this market will be a very active and fully competitive market. Even in the face of the future, we rarely threaten our competitors, but instead we threaten ourselves. Do you have a good organizational optimization, self-organizing ability, only based on this ability, can you continue to maintain a very innovative and breakthrough ability.

Today I have talked a lot. I want to make a summary. Because in the past every time is about a certain business, today more as a product manager here to communicate with you. As a product manager, he can lead the team to produce a billion-grade product, which is of course very successful. But what is more fortunate for me is that in this process, it is more rare for me to embody my knowledge of the world in products and to become a product's value. There are many colleagues inside who will say that I am authoritarian, and I confess that I am very authoritarian, because there are many products I have seen, they are very democratic, there are many leaders to give advice, and finally this product is soulless, because there are many personalities in it, there will be internal conflicts, will be fragmented. A product requires a strong collective understanding of the team so that it can create something that is inherently consistent.

Here I would like to thank our team in particular, because criticism is the main part of our work, so I would like to use public occasions to thank our team. I am really proud of everyone in our team. As I said just now, we are particularly proud to get the name of Wechat Team, because there are very few teams named after products, called Wechat Team. Whether working colleagues or those who have left, there are also many people who have left Wechat. Thank them for their participation in helping Wechat get to this day.

It's almost the same here, and I'm especially grateful to all of you for spending so much time here listening to me speak so much alone. In my own eyes, these are common sense, and they are common sense to everyone. As a result, it is the line of the film, and is often mentioned by friends here, hoping to be beautiful in all things. Many people know this sentence. I often think that if Wechat can't give users even a little more hope, then we can't judge whether what we do is right or wrong, so it's also a criterion for us to measure.

That's all for my speech today. Thank you.

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