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Analysis of Century Huatong Game Layout How to Quickly Occupy the Game Development Track

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As the largest game market in the world, the development of China's game industry affects the nerve of the global market. In recent years, many domestic game companies have blossomed and taken root in the field of subdivision, and their products have been pushed to overseas markets. For example, Century Huatong, which has attracted much attention recently, owns such high-quality enterprises as Qiku, Tianyou and Diandian Interaction. It not only achieves the goal of balancing the development of game and game engine, paging operation, and seizing the commanding heights of overseas market, but also recently initiates the merger and acquisition of grand games in order to complete the comprehensive and in-depth industrial strategic layout from product, distribution, operation to IP.


Century Huatong

Recently, Newzoo, a data analysis company, released a global game market forecast report. The report points out that the global game market will reach 150 billion US dollars in 2019, and the game market will continue to develop. In addition, only 10 days after the first batch of game version number approval results were published, the list of the second batch of game version number in China was officially released a few days ago. On the one hand, it highlights the accelerated progress of the audit department, on the other hand, it also releases multiple good news for high-quality game enterprises such as Century Huatong.

In fact, whether from the perspective of global game market development, or from the perspective of domestic policy and industrial development direction, Century Huatong's a series of mergers and acquisitions, ostensibly through this way to seize the development track. In fact, Century Huatong has gradually formed a business layout covering many fields and the whole industry chain.

Mergers and acquisitions to seize the competitive advantage of grand games to speed up the MMO advantage to develop sub-areas

First of all, from the grand game. While having absolute advantages in the field of end-to-end travel, Shanda Game expanded its hand-to-hand travel business in 2013. Recently, the MMORPG "Bright Warrior" released by Shengda Game topped the iOS free list on the first day, and achieved good results in the top three of the total list. With the excellent quality of the game, it was also recommended by Apple App Store twice in a row.


Shanda game

Shengda Game has been developing and operating MMO category for more than ten years. It has accumulated rich research and development details and operational experience in this category. Team and technical maturity rank first in the industry. From the results of "Legendary Tour with Blood", "Hand Tour with Dragon Valley" to "Legendary World 3D" and "Bright Warrior", we can see that the success rate of MMO hand Tour produced by Shanda Game is very high. According to leaks, Shanda Game plans to launch 18 kinds of hand-tour products in the next two years. The product line of hand-tour is expanding rapidly. Among them, there are 8 kinds of hand-tour in MMO category, accounting for a very high proportion.

In addition, Shanda Game currently has more than 50 IP reserves, such as Legendary World, Dragon Valley, Shenwuyue and so on. Every year, 10-15 new game projects are launched. In addition to the cooperative issuance and independent issuance with external distributors, 6-8 games can enter the IP repository. Not only that, Shanda Game is also striving to create a sub-issuance brand of the I sub-market, and announced the first batch of signed "RWBY", "King's Land", "Fate Songgie" and other products. Grand Game not only improves the core advantages of MMO, but also expands sub-categories such as secondary elements.


Point-to-Point Interactive and Two Firm Products ranked in U.S. regional income in the first half of 2018

Qiku and Tianyou continue to exert their strength. Huatong's advantages are stable in the 21st century

Of course, when it comes to the layout of Century Huatong in the game industry, it is inevitable that Qiku and Tianyou can not be avoided. Founded in 2008, Qiku has long been engaged in the research and development of ARPG, RPG, SLG and other types of games and game engines in the field of paging. In addition to the well-known key products such as Sand City, Natural Selection and Magic Baby, Qiku self-study tour also includes "Phoenix No Match" linked by film and travel, and "Legendary World" changed by page. Qiku accumulated experience in the development and operation of MMO games in the era of page-surfing, which enabled it to carry out the transformation of hand-surfing smoothly and rapidly. After the self-research strength has been initially verified by the market, Qiku has become a research and development force that can not be ignored by Century Huatong.

Shanghai Tianyou was founded in October 2004. Its core product is Street Basketball, a sports leisure and competitive online game. This product was popular in Internet cafes all over the country. According to the Century Huatong announcement, as of December 2013, Street Basketball has more than 115 million registered users and a total flow of more than 1 billion yuan. It has become the longest-running sport and leisure game in China. In addition to this end-to-end tour, Tianyou also has a game operating platform, T2CN, which has a page-to-page center and operates a number of page-to-page tours. In addition, Tianyou's full-owned subsidiary, Xiamen Interesting Youth's well-known page travel operation platform, Brother Network, has also become a new profit growth point of Tianyou.

Looking back on the logic of mergers and acquisitions of Century Huatong over the years, it is not difficult to see that it constantly aims at high-quality game enterprises and has a stable layout. As stated in the research paper, after the completion of the acquisition of grand game, Century Huatong will form a three-dimensional business layout of horizontal and vertical integration, which will enable the company's game business to be self-sufficient, as well as seek external cooperation, and strengthen the strength and voice of the alliance.

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