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The resourceful woman behind Amazon

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In recent days, when McKenzie and her husband, the world's richest man and Amazon CEO Jeff Bezos jointly announced to the public that they would end their 25-year marriage, the world has focused on the possible divisions of McKenzie's high-priced property.

Whether it's Google or Baidu, how to divide up the property, can we get that $68.5 billion, will McKinzie become a major shareholder in Amazon uuuuuuuuu Few people asked who the woman behind Amazon was.

A writer

McKenzie was born in San Francisco, California, in April 1970. Her father is a financial planner. Her mother is optimistic and cheerful. She cooks good food and decorates the house. She is a typical housewife. McKenzie, who was a bookworm at that time, was able to stay in his small room for several hours and make up stories by himself.

According to McKenzie in her AmazonwebsiteWhen she was 6 years old, she wrote her first book, called Bookworm. Unfortunately, this 142-page handwritten manuscript was lost in a flood.

McKenzie's home page on Amazon.com

After high school, McKenzie went to Hodges School, the top 10 private high school in the United States with a history of more than 100 years. In order to learn from Tony Morrison, a famous American novelist and essayist, whose works were awarded the Pulitzer Prize or the 1993 Nobel Prize for Literature, McKenzie transferred to Princeton University.

In 1992, she graduated from Princeton University with excellent results. McKenzie is a devotee of Miss Mo. He praises her and says that McKenzie is "one of the best students in my teaching career................................................... It's really excellent.

With the careful cultivation of heavyweight teachers, McKenzie was not disappointed. In 2005, at the age of 35, he finally completed and published his first book, The Tests of Luther O'Bright.

The Cover of Luther O'Bright's Tests

This book tells a story with traces of deep psychological exploration. An excellent urban construction engineer clearly realizes that his original family in his early years has caused him mental trauma; after he has grown up and formed a family, in order to avoid these negative effects to his family, he always wants to think for his family, but does not know how to express his love. As a result, he almost ruined the whole family.

McKenzie's good friend commented that in this man, in fact, she could see a little shadow of McKenzie. In her relationship with children, she always thought about how to make them feel respected as an independent individual. Think too hard.

After this book, eight years later, McKenzie published his second book, Trap, in 2013. This rhythmic suspense novel tells the story of four women from different strata of life in Los Angeles City in four days. Similar to the spiritual core expressed in her first book, Trap tells us about the life traps that people have to face and struggle to break away from through different situations.

Trap Cover

"I hope this book will make people feel interesting, and make them feel authentic and powerful enough to influence their views on life." McKenzie wrote his own message about Trap on the publisher's blog.

A mother

McKenzie said it took her 10 years and a lot of tears to complete her first novel. She's really not lazy.

Calculating the time, the first book was published in 2005. After graduating from college in 1992, they met their husband Sobes in 1993. In 1994, they resigned from Eastern New York and moved to Seattle in the western part of the United States. Then they began to help their husband start a business. During this period, three children, big and small, were born.

At the age of 23, he married a man in a short time, but this is not what you imagine young people doodling their lives. McKenzie must know how to live.

In the face of time, everyone is equal. McKenzie chose to have children in the golden age of women's reproduction, and then his pursuit and his husband's career.

Unlike what we imagined, the rich employed a bunch of nannies. She had to do everything herself and break her heart about the four children.

Over the years, she and her husband have been experimenting with various home schools.educationMethod. Anti-Season Travel, Kitchen Science Experiments, Chicken Incubator, Putonghua Course, Singapore MathematicsCourseHe also reported numerous clubs and sports events.

Every morning, before she said good morning to her family, she had made breakfast for everyone and took time to write. Many times in holiday hotels, Soros wakes up in the morning and finds McKenzie in the bathroom, typing a novel on a computer keyboard.

McKenzie said she usually has two hours to write. The first time is before the children get up in the morning. She spends the morning with the children at breakfast, and then waits until the children enter school. She gets an undisturbed writing time.

In order not to be disturbed, McKenzie also tried to rent a small one-room apartment near home. When the children went to school, she hid in it to write something. When the children finished school, she went to pick up the children. Typical American full-time mothers. In the school parking lot, McKenzie was driving her Honda, wearing jeans and a leather jacket. Nobody could see that she was a billionaire.

She has a profound understanding of herself. Some of her essential qualities, rich and poor, have never changed. To a certain extent, it also isolates children's awareness of wealth and has a profound impact on the way children are educated.

A wife

Bezos, the richest man, praised his wife Mackenzie many times in public.

As early as many years ago in an interview with American Wired Media, Bezos once expressed his desire for a woman, who should be a "resourceful" woman, and said that "life is short, dating people who are not smart enough is a waste of time".

A Princeton graduate, working on Wall Street, young with career and dream, willing to quit her job and start a business with Bezos from 0 to 1. In addition to helping her husband, staring at the start-up business stall, she also has four children to take care of the whole family and create a warm and intimate family atmosphere for the children and Bezos. At the same time, not completely buried in the endless trifles of life, to maintain spiritual and personality independence, adhere to their own writing career. How many women can do that?

Interesting soul, charming body, but also down-to-earth air. Such a wife, Bezos can no longer blame anything.

McKenzie's concern about her husband, the crystallization of their career, another child, Amazon, and her early commitment to the entire founding company can be seen from a CBS news report. That's what happened.

Brad Stone, author of Bloomberg Business Weekly, wrote an autobiography for Amazon CEO Jeff Bezos, the husband of McKenzie, called The Everything Store: Jeff Bezos and the Era of Amazon. This autobiography has a good reputation on Amazon.com. Up to now, more than 1300 readers have participated in the evaluation, and the score has reached 4.5/5.0. Only a few people hit a star, including Bezos'wife, Mackenzie.

The last star should have been given by McKenzie.

McKenzie wrote a long message in the book's Web Comment area nominating "I wanted to love this book".

In this hundreds-word commentary, McKenzie points out many falsehoods in the autobiography. For example, Bezos was written at the beginning of the book because he had read an inspirational book, so he had the idea of starting a business. McKenzie said that in fact, Bezos didn't think about finishing the book until a year after the founding of Amazon.

In addition to the falsehood, she has also criticized many writers in terms of writing skills, believing that the author's approach has wantonly broken through the boundaries of non-fiction realistic works, and that there are prejudices and misleading readers in depicting Amazon's people and Amazon's culture.

What's more, while reviewing the book, she inadvertently reveals some of the hardships of Amazon's early entrepreneurship and her real experience as a participant in the experience.

"I worked for Jeff when D. E. Shaw (a hedge fund company founded by Bezos and others); I was there when he wrote his business plan; I worked with other people when I started my business in a converted garage; the tool room in the basement, the barbecue-flavored office, the busy distribution center during Christmas, and the early Amazon. A conference room with a desk full of door panels. Jeff and I have been married for more than 20 years.

In the early days of Amazon, cost savings were achieved. Bezos'desks, conference rooms' desks, are all door panels.

"Nothing is better than accompanying your lover on an adventure trip." In an interview with CBS, McKenzie said that her husband's career, one of the world's greatest entrepreneurship projects, is still shining.

McKenzie's interview with CBS

New journey

Twenty-five years of marriage is a mutual experience. Now we have to go our separate ways.

McKenzie did not even sign any prenuptial agreement with Bezos.

Two highly educated people, especially Bezos, were so well versed in finance that they did not sign a prenuptial agreement with McKenzie. Can you imagine how much trust two people have in each other all the way from the beginning?

Let the world go crazy about splitting up for sky-high prices, worry about Amazon's stock, and nibble endlessly on all kinds of lace news.

No one knows what McKenzie is feeling now.

This woman is now a daughter, a mother and a writer. Quite silent, no Twitter, no Facebook account.

"My favorite thing about books is to relate the author's imagination to the situation of everyone in real life. I can pick up the book I read ten years ago and read it again. It feels different, like another story. Because of my own experiences and struggles, things that concern me have changed.

Maybe many years later, when McKenzie comes out again, we can capture more of her mental journey in a virtual story space about what is happening in front of us. (Titanium Media)

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