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NetEase koala sells Canadian geese trapped in true and false clouds.

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Netease koala on sale in Canada goose down jacket.

The original title of 5,567 yuan to buy Canadian goose is a fake? NetEase koala caught in the true and false doubts! Sending Dongguan identification authenticity this morning

Qianjiang Evening News / Zhejiang 24 hours reporter Zhan Lihua

The same piece of clothing, identifying different results of true and false. This kind of thing has not only happened, but has been reversed. Recently, Netease Koala was caught in the true and false Canadian Goose.

Ms. Beijing Consumer Line, on January 3, released a complaint message on the Black Cat Complaint Platform, claiming that she bought a Canadian goose mid-length women's down jacket on the Netease koala in December 2018, “because After arriving at the store, I found that the work was rough, and there were many threads on the clothes. I sent the photos of the anti-counterfeiting logo, LOGO, and product trademarks of the clothes to the official website of the Canadian Goose for verification. I received the official reply and the koala was sold. This down jacket is a fake. ”

Ms. Line filed a complaint request, “in accordance with the description of the purchase, a holiday of ten lost”.

On January 8th, Netease Koala issued an official statement saying that the official double check of Netease koala and Canadian geese confirmed that the Canadian goose sold on the platform was genuine.


Ms. Line suspected that the Canadian goose down jacket purchased at Netease Koala was fake.

Identification of the same piece of clothing

NetEase Koala stated the details in the statement, indicating that it has checked the internal supply chain certificate again, confirming that the purchase link of the product is complete and reliable, and the sold goods are genuine for sale overseas.

At the same time, under the supervision and witness of the national notary office, in accordance with the official requirements of the Canadian Goose, the notary will take pictures of the dismantling of the goods and fully report the product information to its brand. And has received an official reply confirming that the Canadian Goose products sold by Netease Koala are genuine.

“At the same time, we will also complain to the State Administration of Markets and Administration, requesting an interview with the Canada Goose China Representative Office to apologize to consumers and sales platforms for their opacity and rigor in the brand identification process. ”


Netease Koala responded to the complaint.

Then why do the same clothes have two opposite results?

“There are two kinds of results that are also normal, because there may be more than one staff for email identification, and they are not sure whether the standard used is the same standard. We are not sure. ” Netease koala related person in charge of the interview with Qianjiang Evening News, said that the validity of the identification of mail identification, "mail identification is not a final result judgment." ”

Consumers questioned Koala’s misinformation that both identifications were “false”;

However, on the same day that Netease Koala issued an official statement, Ms. Line questioned the content of the NetEase koala statement, pointing to it: confusing and misleading consumers.

On the evening of January 8, Ms. Line updated her complaints on the Black Cat Complaint Platform. The effect was that she had already confirmed with the Canadian Goose why the same product would have different identification results. “Canada Goose official immediately apologized and replied again. Both results are ‘not genuine & rsquo;”. At the same time, she informed the Netease koala at the 9:00 am the day before the announcement of the Netease koala.

That is to say, on January 8th, NetEase Koala released the “Genuine” statement before it was informed by the line lady that “the two results were non-authentic”, but in the statement This result was not adopted. Then it appeared in the media reports that the same piece of clothing identified one true and one false, two opposite results. According to online ladies, NetEase koala is misleading consumers.

On the other hand, Ms. Line also questioned why Netease Koala did not state the past facts in the name of the company, but asked for an appraisal in the name of a consumer.


Consumers questioned the koala's misinformation, and both identifications were “false”.

True and false disputes are unclear

Although the Netease koala said that it has been on the line yet, there has not been an instance of “fake a lose ten” to prove that it has always sold only “authentic”, but this is “the difference between the true and false Canadian goose” With follow-up.

When the reporter asked the black cat complaint platform, he had already seen the latest complaint.

Consumers "not renzheng big V's small market" on January 13 issued a complaint, said: "Double 11 on the koala to buy Canadian goose down jacket, bought fakes. Yesterday, I sent an email to the Canadian Goose official to reply to the fake. Going to the Sanlitun store to find that the clothes are different. At present, Netease has made a phone call. He said that the clothes can not be returned, and the different clothes are different. Very strange, Zhang San went to buy cabbage is cabbage, changed Li Si is the egg? Because I believe Netease's promise, I didn't identify the authenticity at the beginning. Later I saw that the news worried that I also bought fakes before I sent the mail to be firm. The result turned out to be fake. & rdquo; At the same time released a screenshot of the official reply email of the Canada Goose for proof.


The second complaint of consumers buying a record of Canadian goose down jackets at Netease Koala


The second complaint was sent to the official identification picture of the Canadian Goose.


Canadian Goose official email reply to the second consumer's identification results: not genuine.

On the same day, NetEase Koala Customer Service Department replied: “At present, the Canadian Goose official has told us that we can conduct offline physical identification. We are actively contacting the appraisal office to prepare for offline physical identification. Please understand and wait for a while. When the results of the identification come out, we will promptly announce to the users and the public, and we will also know the reasons for the inconsistency in the results of the identification of the mail to the Canadian Goose. If you still have doubts about the final conclusion, you can keep the goods and wait for our first batch of field monitoring results to contact you and arrange for offline inspection. ”

The “first batch of on-site monitoring results” in the customer response refers to the down jacket in the dispute.

At 9 o'clock this morning, the controversial down jacket has been taken out from the original Dongfang Notary Office in Hangzhou, accompanied by a notary public, and sent to the Canadian Goose in the designated after-sales maintenance agency in mainland China for physical identification. Netease koala explained that the agency is located in Dongguan, Guangdong Province, and if the trip is smooth, the physical identification results will be available this afternoon.

& ldquo; Maybe there will be follow-up, but I don't know what it will be. ” Netease koala related person in charge said that this Canadian goose down jacket did cause a great uproar, but they determined that this is "genuine", "I can definitely tell you that the purchase link is completely OK." ”

The Qianjiang Evening News reporter will continue to follow up on this matter.

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