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Real and False Canadian Goose Regeneration Event: Netease Koala went to Dongguan Physical Appraisal Fruitless

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Event review

True and False Canadian Goose

Official identification once true and twice false

In December 2018, Ms. Du paid 5567 yuan for a long down jacket of Canadian goose on ekola. After receiving it, she found that the work was rough and there were many thread ends, which did not match the quality of Canadian goose in the past. A few days ago, a consumer complained about Sina Black Cat, questioning that the Canadian goose down suit purchased in ekoala was a fake. At the same time, she sent the anti-counterfeiting logo, code, product trademark and other photos to the official mail box of Canadian goose to verify the authenticity. The official response was not genuine.

On Jan. 8, 2019, NetEase Koala announced the official identification of Canadian geese.

On Jan. 9, consumers exclusively disclosed to the IT Times that the Canadian goose authorities had overturned the authenticity appraisal issued by Netease Koala on Jan. 7, indicating that the two appraisal results were "non-authentic". (Previous Exclusive: Canadian goose authorities once again overturned the authentic identification of Netease Koala)

Why is it that the Canadian goose authorities have different results of identifying the same down jacket by mail three times? In order to get more authoritative identification results, NetEase Koala decided to take the way of physical identification.


Temporary cancellation of physical identification

Goods Transfer Kim Baron to Canada

On January 15, IT Times reporters rushed to the site of the physical appraisal of Jinbalun Garment Co., Ltd., which is located in the new industrial village of Luxi Management Zone, Gaocheng Town, Dongguan City, Guangdong Province. At the same time, NetEase Koala and notary officers together will be previously kept in the notary office of goods, from Hangzhou to Dongguan.

When IT Times reporters and Netease Koala arrived in Kimberley, Kimberley said that he could not provide on-site identification and could not give the identification results on the same day. Goose products need to be sent back to Canada headquarters for physical identification.

In nearly three hours of communication, the person in charge of Jinbalun Garment Co., Ltd. did not come to the reception, only arranged for a security personnel to receive goods.

In the process of handing over goods, Netease Koala and notaries open the box together to show the details of down jackets to the media, including the unique serial number, trademark, logo and so on. IT Times reporter checked its unique serial number, which is exactly the same as the serial number provided by Ms. Qi, but other details can not be compared one by one.

The security guard of Jinbalun recorded the information of the goods and issued a receipt, but only one receipt of "Dongguan Jinbalun Garments Co., Ltd" was struck on the receipt, and no official seal was struck.

Finally, under the supervision of notaries, Netease Koala handed over down clothes to Kimberley Baron. At present, the goods are stored in Kimberley's office. Kimberley has not given any clear information about when to send them to the Canadian goose authorities and when to issue the identification results.

Netease Koala said it would continue to urge Canadian goose authorities to complete physical identification as soon as possible, publish the identification results, and give consumers, the public and concerned media an objective and accurate response.

Question 1: Can Kim Baron authenticate?

The temporary abolition of physical identification, only a security guard came out to receive goods, Netease Koala ate the "closed door soup", then whether Kim Baron has the function of authenticity identification?

Netease Koala said that the physical identification of Golden Baron was due to the Canadian goose official guidance in the mail, the goods were sent to Dongguan Golden Baron Garment Co., Ltd. for physical identification.

Netease Koala showed the official reply of the Canadian goose to the IT Times, which said, "Now you can send the product for next inspection" and gave Kim Baron's detailed address, but it did not explicitly mention that Kim Baron has the function of authenticating. Up to the time of submission, Netease Koala did not provide its official mail to Canadian goose to the IT Times, so it is impossible to determine whether Netease Koala expresses the need to authenticate in the mail.

Mail translation

Case 00023697 has been accepted

Ivy Yu:

Thank you for contacting Canadian Goose - I hope we can help you. Your case number is 00023697. Now you can send the product out for next inspection.

Transportation information: Please write the case number clearly on the paper and place it in the package. Next, the product is carefully packaged and sent to the following address. Friendship Tip: You can use the factory name as the courier recipient.

(Address abbreviated)

We recommend that you use a delivery service that provides tracking information and confirmation of shipment. Please note that you will be responsible for the cost of the product, including tariffs and taxes. If the above fees are still to be paid after the package has been delivered, it will be returned to you at your own expense. The cost of returning jackets will be borne by Canadian geese.

Return time: We aim to return your goods as soon as possible. At present, our return time is within 2 weeks of the receipt display time.

Return goods: Do not send valuable or recycled clothing bags / boxes together. We can't guarantee that the above items will be tracked and returned with the jacket. In addition, if you are not ready to send the fur on your coat together and reflect the relevant issues, our friendship prompts you to remove the fur and keep it.

The full text of the mail shows how to send down jackets to Kimberley, without mentioning that Kimberley has the function of authenticity identification.

Canadian goose China's customer service told the IT Times that Kimberley Baron is the only designated after-sales maintenance point for Canadian goose in mainland China. At present, there is no physical identification agency for Canadian goose in China. In the process of after-sales service, Kimberly will carry out preliminary testing of down jackets, if identified as genuine, can be repaired, if identified as fake, will return the goods, but Kimberly has no ability to identify the authenticity of the report.

Question 2: Can consumers no longer defend their rights after tripling compensation?

Before going to Dongguan to verify the authenticity of the clothes, Ms. Qi declared that she did not agree with the results of the appraisal, because she could not participate in, and could not determine whether the clothes she had purchased at the beginning.

As early as January 5, Koala knew she was going abroad on business and could not return to Beijing until the afternoon of January 15, Ms. Qi said in her statement. Before Netikola issued the statement of physical identification to Dongguan, she did not communicate with her, which led to her being unable to rush back to China in time to participate in the physical identification.

At the scene, Netease Koala staff revealed to the media that they have made a "refund one compensation three" compensation for Ms. Qi, and Ms. Qi also returned the goods, so now the ownership of the down jacket belongs to Netease Koala.

According to the IT Times reporter, the triple compensation happened before Ms. Qi sent her clothes to the Hangzhou Oriental Notary Office. "The triple compensation was given to me by Netease Koala in the name of spiritual consolation. The compromise between the two sides in order to carry out the real experiment faster, so Netease Koala needs to give me a statement that the down jacket is real or false." Ms. Qi told the IT Times.

Lawyer Ying Kuibi of Shanghai Chengyixin Law Firm, which specializes in cross-border trade issues, said that from the legal level, Netease Koala had made a "one-for-three" compensation, consumers also accepted and sent back the goods, which ended the legal relationship, so now the ownership of down clothes really belongs to Netease Koala, and consumers can no longer interfere in the identification process. However, morally speaking, Ms. Qi can still act as an ordinary consumer to supervise the incident.

Lu Youchen, a partner of Beijing Deheng (Shenzhen) Law Firm, further suggested that although the previous legal relationship was over, the legal relationship was still changing. Consumers still have the right to refund compensation if they do not agree with the authenticity of Netease Koala identification, and then return down clothes for self-identification. Because the premise of the agreement is that Netease Koala needs to give an authoritative appraisal result.

The notary office re-sealed down jackets and deposited them with Kim Baron

Reporter's notes

The "immaturity" of cross-border e-commerce in China

Ignoring Brother Towel, the complaint against China Consultation Association, and interviewing Canadian geese, Netease Koala adopted a tough and domineering attitude in solving each credit crisis. (Comment: The original "hegemony" is an indelible gene of Netease)

Moreover, the Canadian goose incident of NetEase Koala reflects the immaturity of cross-border e-commerce in China.

On Jan. 13, another consumer, Ms. Li, complained to NetEase Koala about her Canadian goose down jacket purchased by Sina Black Cat, which was also identified as "non-authentic" by official mail. The public began to question whether there was a mistake in the official mail identification of Canadian goose or whether there was a problem in the supply chain of Netease Koala.

Netease Koala responded to the reporter of "IT Times" that she would wait for Ms. Qi's appraisal results to come out before settling complaints from other consumers about Canadian geese.

Whether the supplier has the authorized qualification of Canadian goose and whether Netease Koala has enough control over the supply chain are all questions worth considering.

In the official communication with Canadian goose, Netease Koala used the identity of Ivy, but did not appear as the official identity of Netease Koala, which aroused consumers'doubts. Netease Koala said that this is also to eliminate the interests of disputes between sellers.

From the "Rashomon" of email identification to the "closed door" of physical identification, in the whole process of authenticity identification, in addition to consumers, Netease Koala is also in a passive situation, unable to smoothly promote the identification process of commodities.

This also reflects that China's cross-border e-commerce, like a rapidly growing teenager, is immature in the control of supply chain and the handling of complaints and disputes.

The authenticity of a net red down jacket is said to have only two results, yes or no, but the event seems to be heading for the end of the road. The IT Times press conference will continue to track the incident, because it reflects the "easy" of counterfeiters and the "difficult" of consumer rights protection, which has been ruthlessly harming e-commerce consumers for a long time.

We only need one result, "true" or "false"!


NetEase Koala

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