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The recall of billion-level QQ: shortening the distance between virtual and reality

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Tencent Cloud

On February 10, 2019, just yesterday, QQ ushered in a 20th birthday. From the two people at the time of the company's establishment, it has grown to more than 40,000 people. From 200 reservation numbers to the current simultaneous online account, the maximum break of 200 million, a household name. From the first office location, Huaqiang North SEG Technology Park 2, Building 403, to FIYTA Building, to Tencent Building and then to Binhai Building.

Last night, Tencent founder Ma Huateng also updated his status in the circle of friends.

"Unknowingly, I remember that from the evening of 20 years ago to the early hours of tomorrow, only the first version of QQ99a, which is only a few hundred kilobytes, is ready to go."

Not only Xiaoma Ge, QQ's 20th birthday, but also set off a large number of netizens' "memory kill."

Remembrance Kill: Jump between black and white and color

The friend is online, the QQ avatar lights up, the friend goes offline (stealth), and the QQ avatar goes out. Switching between color and black and white is a familiar scene after 80s and 90s. "Online Love", "Stealing Food", "Martian Literature"... These unintelligible words can only be explained by QQ. And the stories and emotions in this are even more numerous...

Have an unforgettable heart

Have joy and sadness

This netizen tells the truth:

“When you hear the sound of '嘀嘀嘀嘀', the brain wave is dragged by the transmission of the message. People are eager to get communication, and the tools that can bring people to communicate easily can survive for a long time.”

Skinny to fat: virtual and reality that can be overcome

In November 1999, the number of QQ user registrations reached 1 million. In April 2000, QQ users registered 5 million. In June 2000, the number of QQ registered users exceeded 10 million. Since then, the number of QQ registered users has grown exponentially, and the QQ number has become the symbolic second “ID card” number.

In 2003, the QQ show went online, and people had the identification of virtual identity. "Light dance, one meter of sunshine and half a meter of sad people" no longer only use QQ head and nickname to display the image. Users can use Q coins to purchase value-added services such as clothes, accessories, and environmental scenes.

Styles that are not dare to try in various life can be presented in the virtual world of QQ. People find their true self in the virtual world. Many people open up members and red diamonds to dress up more styles. Today, after 00, the "cm show" is used to express and interact with friends.

At that time, the setting of such a virtual character appeared "unreasonable" in the collision of Eastern and Western cultures. A founder of Tencent tells the truth. Tencent sells it is not "dress", but "emotional sustenance", which represents the image of a person in the eyes of others. When a friend sees the image on the QQ show, he can know that What kind of person.

In 2006, QQ upgraded again, not only with Super QQ, but also launched a mobile QQ. QQ space, QQ photo album has become the "dwelling place" of QQ deep users, and yellow diamond users have become the reason for people to show off. "Messages don't run back, you will step back", uploading QQ photo albums regularly, 90-year-old Mars texts, QQ farms that set the alarm clock to steal food, and the parents have misunderstood the "cough" sound of the room, etc. These only QQ users can " understand".

Nowadays, QQ, GPS, micro-vision, live broadcast, etc., all kinds of new functions have built QQ's strong ecological power. During the Spring Festival of 2019, from January 28th to the beginning of the New Year's Day, a total of 310 million people participated in the garden party activities, and QQ Fubao was shared 1.06 billion times. After 00 and 90, it became the “main force” group of dismantling bags, which accounted for 41% and 33% respectively, and stood out from the huge user base.

Tencent’s third-quarter earnings report for 2018 showed that QQ smart terminal monthly active accounts increased by 6.9% year-on-year to 697.9 million. The monthly active accounts and daily active accounts of users aged 21 or below recorded year-on-year and quarter-on-quarter growth, and the monthly active accounts of smart terminals of young users increased by 16%.

“Small steps and fast iterations” began at the beginning of Tencent’s creation. In 1999, when OICQ went online, one of the founders, Zhidong, completed three versions of iteration in the first week to meet the user's immediate use needs. In the competitor's IM software version 1-2M size, the first QQ version is only more than 200K. Tencent moved them to the background when competitors could not save user content and buddy listsserver... a series of inconspicuous "micro-innovation", so that QQ has been recognized by more and more users.

In 20 years, the interface of QQ has been constantly changing. At first, the QQ dolls that were deeply rooted in people's hearts were not as "fat" as they are today. With the "influx" of the army after 00 or even 05, "changing constantly" will become the eternal theme of QQ in the future!

Vitality: Deep Customer Value Insight

"In those years of starting a business, we never thought about the future, and we are all worried about being able to live tomorrow." - Ma Huateng

In 2000 and 2001, it was the turning point of QQ. Earn millions of dollars in venture capital, andChina MobileAchieve cooperation and get investment from the South African newspaper MIH. In 2003, QQ entered a new field and was “forced” to become a content provider. After the listing of Tencent Hong Kong, the market value once exceeded 4 trillion Hong Kong dollars. However, glory is not the normal state of success, and maintaining the ability to fight at any time is the "protective color" under the influence of natural laws.

At the beginning of OICQ, there were CICQ, PICQ, PCICQ...MicrosoftMSN, Netease Bubble, Yahoo! Messenger... There is never a shortage of competitors in the business war. In countless battles, there are evenly matched forces and weaker ones. Every time, QQ is standing at the top of the food chain, and competitors are gradually disappearing.

During the Second World War, people found that the bomber's wing had more bullets, and believed that it should be strengthened in places where there were many fuses. In fact, places with less bullets should pay more attention to protection. Because the damage in these places is fatal, this is the so-called "survivor bias." The insight into the user's value orientation requires the leader's abstract and keen judgment ability, which also determines the company's structure.

At the beginning of the venture, when Ma Huateng and his companions decided on the QQ icon, he was hesitant to use the penguin or the pager, Ma Huateng said, “Let the user make the decision”. It is still mentioned in various occasions, "everything is based on user value", "user experience is greater than everything"... In the past few decades, the domestic industry has always "turned" around the PC Internet and mobile Internet. The essence and end point of the Internet have never changed, in the hands of users.

The market has changed dramatically, and companies need to adjust product designs in real time to meet different needs and maintain the continued vitality of the products. Numerous IM applications, and only QQ has become the "100 million" phenomenon of the domestic Internet. When asked "why", let me know about the constant changes in QQ for 20 years!

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