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Reporters visiting FF headquarters in the United States: Jia Yueting has not forgotten to enjoy the debt, nor is he willing to give up his dream of car-making.

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After dividing and merging with Evergrande in 2018, Jia Yueting's FF once again stood on the edge of the cliff: trapped by financial problems, FF factory shutdown, staff reduction, and the production of FF91 has become more confused.

FF U.S. Headquarters on Figueroa Street, Los Angeles


The gate of FF Park is just in front of the R&D building. Photo: 21Tech exclusive shooting, photography: Poplar

The arrival time of 21Tech is about 10 a.m. The FF Park consists of two buildings, each with a huge FF logo. Within the two buildings and the park, the actual number of cars parked far exceeded previous expectations.


FF park. Photo: 21Tech exclusive shooting, photography: Poplar

One FF employee told 21Tech that their work and rest hours were 9:00 and 6:00 a.m., so almost all of the employees were on duty by this time. After several adjustments,The total number of employees remaining in the park is about 400, compared with about 900 at the previous peak.


FF is a newly installed row of charging piles for employees. Photo: 21Tech exclusive shooting, photography: Poplar



The 501 office building where the functional department is located. Photo: 21Tech exclusive shooting, photography: Poplar

Another building is the R&D building. Jia Yuetang and other senior Executives'offices are just in the corner of the second floor of the R&D building. 21Tech stayed at FF headquarters for about two hours and twice passed Jia Yuetang's job, but he did not see himself.


Jia Yueting station. Photo: 21Tech exclusive shooting, photography: Poplar

A FF employee who joined FF last year told 21Tech that last weekend was a long weekend in the United States. The 20th day was Tuesday, but it was also the first day of work this week.Jia Yueting should have been in a meeting.And sheI often see Jia Yueting.However, there are not many direct exchanges, most of which are just greetings.



FF Reception Center. Photo: 21Tech exclusive shooting, photography: Poplar

In the R&D building, 21Tech visited office areas and design exhibition centers of various R&D departments. Last July, Hengda boss Xu Jiayin also visited here.



In FF exhibition center, Xu Jiayin took a photo with the car at that time. Photo: 21Tech exclusive shooting, photography: Poplar

However, during this visit, FF's office atmosphere was much colder and vacant jobs were everywhere.


FF staff canteen. Photo: 21Tech exclusive shooting, photography: Poplar


FF staff lounge. Photo: 21Tech exclusive shooting, photography: Poplar

Although Jia Yueting was not seen, a FF manager close to Jia Yueting disclosed a lot of important information to 21Tech:

About FF: Many organizations are negotiating

At present, the fund problem of FF has not been alleviated, but there are many investment institutions are negotiating. The attitude of the investors is that the investment in FF before Evergrande has proved the value of FF. As for the problems arising from the follow-up cooperation, it is a business problem.

At the end of October and the beginning of December last year, FF took two measures to suspend salaries and retain jobs for some employees. The second adjustment was accompanied by a reduction in the salaries of the remaining employees to the local minimum of about $50,000 a year. At present, however, employees'salaries have returned to 80% of their previous salaries.

The number of employees involved in the two suspensions is about 400, but the turnover rate of these employees is very low. Taking the 40-person team that the manager had brought before as an example, half of the employees were suspended, but only one person has proposed to leave. Now, throughout North America, FF headquarters has more than 400 employees, Hanford factories have more than 10 employees, and Silicon Valley has more than 20 employees. FF employs about 1,000 people worldwide.

The production of FF 91 can not be realized at present, and needs to wait for capital injection, but the expected production vehicle will continue to be offline. Because FF has bought a lot of parts before and can be used in production.

About Evergreen University: Several tens of millions of dollars were returned to FF when they separated.

Written in the 301 report of the United States, FF did not know before, so the situation was also embarrassing.

When it separated from Hengda, FF also received tens of millions of dollars from Hengda.

About Jia Yueting: The waist disc is protruding, so we don't play basketball anymore.

Regarding Lexin's debt, people familiar with the matter said that Jia Yueting had been trying to find a way to repay it. Now if FF is sold, he can actually live a good life, but Jia Yueting is not willing to give up the car project.

Jia Yueting has been making up for his shortcomings in finance and management. He believes that he was happy to see the eventual outbreak of capital problems because of his lack of capacity in both areas.

Jia Yueting is still a workaholic and has not turned around any scenic spots since he arrived in Los Angeles. He used to play basketball once a week and occasionally go fishing, but now he has a protruding waist disc and no longer plays.

FF's top priority is to solve the problem of funds, which is also the top priority of Jia Yueting's current work. The aforementioned FF administrator told 21Tech that he had joined FF since its inception and was confident of its technical strength as FF 91 was produced step by step from the model. This is actually the inner thoughts of many employees who continue to insist on FF.

Now, Jia Yueting may face three outcomes:

Firstly, FF is dead, losing the last hope, and then with the failure to repay Lexin's debt, personal reputation collapsed completely.

Second, when the value of FF still exists, sell it and pay off the debts that should be repaid, so that they can live comfortably themselves.

Thirdly, relying on FF's success, we can make a comeback.

Jia Yueting's most desired outcome is naturally the third one.

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