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Dialogue with Yang Yuanqing: Lenovo will launch 5G mobile phones in the second half of the year and also promote 5G PC

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Tencent "first line" author Wang Pan

On February 26, at the Mobile World Congress in Barcelona, ​​Yang Yuanqing, chairman and CEO of Lenovo Group, said in an interview with Tencent’s “First Line” that Lenovo will also have 5G mobile phones released in the second half of this year, but Lenovo’s 5G era is not only Only the terminal, in fact, the background device is also an opportunity.

Yang Yuanqing said that Lenovo will become one of the leaders of 5G mobile phones, but 5G mobile phones must not be all. Lenovo is more important to see how the future development of 5G will change the industry and how to change society. In these respects, Lenovo also has a lot of layouts. Being able to make full use of the power of 5G to change society and industry, and enable Lenovo's business to achieve greater development.

Yang Yuanqing revealed that Lenovo's 5G PC project is also advancing. I believe that Lenovo will be the leader in PCs embedded with 5G modules.

Talking about the hot folding screen mobile phone on MWC, Yang Yuanqing said that all the products released now do not exceed the folding mobile phone concept issued by Lenovo three years ago, and many manufacturers are still doing PPT products. After releasing the products, they put them on In the glass window, I don’t know if I want to keep the product away from the customer, or I am worried that the real experience will be touched by the user. The time that the user can buy is also half a year later, and I don't know if this can be achieved. The price is also high, over $2,000, so you can buy several tablets at this price.

Yang Yuanqing emphasized that Lenovo hopes that all the products released will be real products, products that everyone can experience, and products that can be delivered. Therefore, according to such standards, Lenovo does not feel that there are sufficient conditions at this point in time.

“Looking at the products released at this exhibition, there is still a long way to go from the perfect customer experience, to being able to deliver, to being willing to buy, and to buying at the right price, so I believe that Lenovo is not singing. It’s already a blockbuster, we will definitely pay attention to the customer’s experience, and make the best products for our customers, and the products that can be delivered are put into important considerations. ”

The following are the main contents of this conversation:

Question: What challenges does the current China Industrial Internet face? What kind of manufacturer is Lenovo in the industrial Internet?

Yang Yuanqing: Industrial Internet must be a big development trend. In fact, we are more willing to say that industry intelligence will be a big development trend, because I think industry intelligence is a larger coverage than just the industrial Internet. One of the references should be a higher level. Networking alone is not enough. The purpose of networking is to be smart, especially with the development of 5G, because now everyone is visiting the Mobile World Congress, so 5G is a hot spot this time. With the arrival of 5G, it will certainly promote the development of the industrial Internet, and will certainly promote the development of industry intelligence. This is a general trend.

Lenovo's words, the role that can play here must be very crucial. I have been communicating with some mobile operators in the past two days. Everyone is very interested in the role that Lenovo can play in the future. Very willing. Work with us. It can be said that in the future we will be the bridge between the operators of the 5G era and these enterprises. In fact, mobile communication is actually serving consumers before 4G, but now there are more and more operators' manufacturers, which divide mobile services into services for consumer services and services for enterprise services. .

So, what role does Lenovo play? How to use 5G in the future, how to use mobile communication? It is not out of thin air, it will follow the development of the intelligent Internet of Things, and with the need of intelligence, there will be more requirements for the bandwidth of mobile communication, and Lenovo is just doing intelligent Internet of Things, doing intelligent interconnection. A vendor.

For example, everyone knows that all kinds of machine tools are not connected to the Internet, and various medical devices are not connected to the network. Then it is relatively speaking, the control of the process, the degree of intelligence, and so on, are still lacking. So in the future, maybe these machines are good, medical equipment is also good, and they will all be embedded into intelligent modules, computing power, storage capabilities, and network capabilities. In this way, you can perform more intelligent and real-time control and optimization of these processes. Who is going to do this like this? Lenovo will do, we will develop capabilities from the past PC, mobile phone development capabilities. PC development makes us have a strong computing development capability, and the development of mobile phones has enabled us to have strong communication development capabilities. In the future, the intelligence of these so-called devices must be the computing and development capabilities, communication development capabilities and the development capabilities of artificial intelligence. The three can be combined to provide customers with a more complete solution.

In this regard, Lenovo will have its own unique advantages, because from the PC to the mobile phone, to the following IOT, simply give an example, now you do CT X-ray, CT machine, X-ray machine only to image I will shoot it for you. I don’t know what the problem is. I have to see it before I can see it. In the future, doctors are indispensable. Doctors are the last one. At least in a short period of time, intelligence can't replace doctors. However, if you embed a certain edge calculation, intelligent modules, in the medical equipment, plus the Lenovo Big Data team now, there are advanced algorithms, you can learn these medical images yourself. A conclusion of the appearance, and then give this conclusion to the doctor for reference, which greatly reduces the chance of misdiagnosis and misjudgment by the doctor, which is an aid.

This possibility is very easy to understand, of course, there are many aspects. For example, now our big data team is helping some steel companies to intelligently manage the quality of steel production through the camera. Every single spotted thing can analyze whether it is a quality problem.

But to achieve this kind of intelligence in the industry, you must combine IOT, IOT, it can very well consume 5G bandwidth. Therefore, in this case, we have intelligent Internet of Things, intelligent infrastructure, and industry intelligence in the direction of intelligent transformation. We call the 3S strategy, which is good for the future development of 5G and the intelligence of the industry. Or it is a reason why the industrial Internet can be well connected.

This is my opinion. One is the industrial Internet, the industry is smart, and the trend is the trend. In addition, Lenovo will play a very important role here. We may be a bridge between 5G operators and these enterprises because it must pass These smart IoT terminals are embedded in these solutions for the network.

Question: Huawei has also achieved good results in this part of the mobile phone and PC. Is there any point of panic from your point of view? Is there any preparation for 2019 for the competition like Huawei?

Yang Yuanqing: I started to pick up Lenovo's PC in 1994. At that time, we only sold 20,000 computers a year, and the competitor we faced was hundreds of times our competitors. At that time, I didn't panic. Now Lenovo is the global NO.1 PC manufacturer, the third server manufacturer, and the mobile phone. Although we have not done very well, we are also in the top 10 industries, and We have now returned to health and are beginning to enter the ascending track. Do you think I have any reason to panic? So I am very happy now. I think Lenovo is a firm grasp of the strategic direction. Second, it is a very firm and strong executive force, and the resilience of our execution strategy has fully emerged in the past four years. So I am full of confidence in Lenovo's future.

Question: Lenovo is really good news recently, including the mobile phone business has turned a profit, but what are the more interesting things behind this series of good news to share with us?

Yang Yuanqing: I think it is interesting. This time, I watched the Pakistani exhibition in addition to 5G, which is a folding mobile phone. However, I see that all the products released now do not exceed the concept of a folding mobile phone issued by Lenovo three years ago, and many manufacturers are still doing PPT products. After releasing this product, they are placed in glass bottles. I don't know if I want to keep the product farther away from the customer, or I am worried that the real experience will be touched by the user. The earliest time to market, the time to buy is also half a year later, I don't know if this can be achieved. The price is high, above 2000, you can buy several tablets.

Question: What is Lenovo's commitment to AI, especially the cutting-edge technology, in the past few years, and what is the determination to continue in the future?

Yang Yuanqing: AI is also called artificial intelligence, but in fact, Lenovo thinks it should be called enhanced intelligence. The same is AI, we translate it into enhanced intelligence. In fact, it can help people to help people to do their work. In this AI, the AI ​​we define is actually infiltrated and embedded in every link of the intelligent strategy of Lenovo 3S that I just talked about, but the performance is actually are different.

First, in our terminal equipment, I just talked about it, plus the speech engine, plus the engine of the image recognition such as face recognition, the engine of gesture interaction, including the engine that inputs these aspects, this is an AI Manifestations. However, in fact, in the future, we may not be fully aware of the industry intelligence. For example, we are helping refining companies use big data to analyze the process of refining. Refining is very complicated and there are many processes. The pressure of each process and the temperature are many. In the past, many people used their brains to make their own experience. However, we collect data on the temperature and pressure of each link through each oil data, to help optimize. Its process. These can be automatically controlled, artificial intelligence to control, so that the efficiency of refining is improved. Sometimes it can increase by one percentage point, two percentage points, etc., and the benefit is very high.

This is another type of AI, including the fact that we help steel companies to monitor the quality of tapping in the process of steelmaking through cameras. In the past, the steel plate was a special grade or a defective product. Now all these things are done through the camera, machine learning, and can help. So, this is another kind of AI, and the more important focus of Lenovo's future will be placed in the enterprise AI. Of course, the AI ​​voice and images of the device will all be done, and now they are all standardized. In the future, the equipment may actually be available, and the intelligent development of all walks of life is endless.

Question: We saw a lot of aspects about 5G terminals and infrastructure yesterday. Lenovo's efforts, I would like to invite you to talk about some of Lenovo's advantages in 5G. What do you think 5G can bring us the biggest change? ?

Yang Yuanqing: Lenovo's layout in 5G has started about 4 or 5 years ago, and 5G is never like 3G or 4G. Everyone just stares at a terminal. In the case of 5G, on the one hand, Lenovo has a patent accumulation; on the terminal equipment, we will continue to work as always. In fact, Lenovo is the first to release 5G terminals. We realize 5G through modularization, which is the operation of the United States. The first solution was announced by its CEO. In the second half of this year, we will also have a 5G mobile phone release, but if Lenovo is in 5G, we are not only a terminal, but the back-end equipment is also our opportunity.

I think 5G will be a technology that promotes the convergence of IT and CT. In the past, CT provides equipment for operators to provide dedicated equipment, all provided by equipment providers. In the future, in the era of 5G, in fact, through software-defined methods, or NFV, it is possible to make general-purpose devices, general-purpose servers, and general-purpose storage play a greater role.

Therefore, under such an opportunity of ICT integration, Lenovo is also a very active manufacturer. You can also see that we are joining an organization based on open source software. Most of the operators are now in it. Lenovo is a device manufacturer. We are also very active and very active in the role of chairmen of some subcommittees.

In the future construction of 5G, if the 5G construction, the number of base stations is much more than that of 4G. If it is a dedicated device, the cost is too high, and if the open equipment is used, it will greatly reduce the 5G construction. cost. Moreover, the application of 5G is not only used by the hybrid network to consumers, but in the future, it is more used by enterprises. If the enterprise uses it, it may make every enterprise look like by slicing. I built a network myself and gave you a form of private network. To be able to slice and provide enterprises with such virtual private network services, they are all based on open source standardized NFV technologies.

Therefore, in these aspects, Lenovo is also actively preparing, we already have such a team, including product results, everyone can see it outside, this is another thing we are doing.

In addition, as just mentioned, 5G is not only used by consumers, but also used by enterprises for the industry. Operators can provide a private network through the slicing, but how to establish contact with the enterprise, it has to be through Lenovo's commercial Internet of Things, commercial IOT solutions, and its packaging can be used in conjunction with. So now many operators have heard that they want to work hard on commercial IOTs and commercial intelligent networks. They are very active to cooperate with us. In the future, 5G modules are actually providing edge computing and providing commercial goods. Part of a networked solution.

Therefore, I believe that in the 5G era, the application scenario is completely different. Lenovo can have a bigger role. 5G will definitely be bandwidth in the future. It will not be consumed by our mobile phones. It will be consumed by large-screen computers. Being consumed by a company or even the entire smart city, our road traffic should be filled with 5G micro base stations in each cell, and the edge computing capabilities are matched and followed. Inside every enterprise, there will be 5G micro base stations in each building. Therefore, there may be no wifi in the future. This is where our Lenovo can do more.

Question: Another question, you just mentioned the question about 5G, I think 5G first you just said a lot of products, in fact, the release is not so early, what is the future of your 5G mobile phone?

Yang Yuanqing: If you are a 5G mobile phone, Lenovo will definitely be one of the leaders, but as I said earlier, 5G mobile phones must not be all. What is more important is how the future 5G development will change the industry and how to change the society. Lenovo also has a lot of layouts, allowing us to make full use of the power of 5G to change the society and industry, so that Lenovo's business can be further developed.

Question: The first question, how do we evaluate the folding screen mobile phone project internally, for example, a general schedule, what is the expected point? The second question is about 5G PC. Is there a general timetable for commercialization of this piece?

Yang Yuanqing: I will answer your second question first. The 5G PC project is advancing. We believe that Lenovo will be the leader in PCs embedded with 5G modules. The first question, in fact, I also responded indirectly in front. In Lenovo, we hope that all the products released are real products, products that everyone can experience, and products that can be delivered. Therefore, according to our standards, we do not feel that there are sufficient conditions at this point in time, and we have looked at the products released at this exhibition, from the perfect customer experience, from the ability to deliver, from the user is willing to buy, There is still a long way to go at the right price, so I believe that Lenovo is not singing, it’s amazing, we will definitely pay attention to the customer experience, and make the best products for customers, the products that can be delivered are put into important considerations. Up.

Question: I would like to ask, is the 5G mobile phone launched in the second half of the year no longer modular? In addition, when can the mobile business in China be profitable?

Yang Yuanqing: We are indeed parallel development of modular and non-modular 5G mobile phones. Of course, modularization is improvement. Lenovo's non-modular products, I believe it should be the first to be listed in all manufacturers. Products that meet the requirements of customers and operators.

In the case of China, in fact, the last quarter of China has not lost money. Of course, we are still in the stage of investment in China. I remember the previous communication with everyone in the quarterly report, we also talked about China is such a big mobile phone market, so we will never give up, we will continue to work hard. Of course, to be able to enter the top of the market, we may have a long way to go, which means that we do not put profit in an important position, we may still have to invest a certain amount of investment. .

Question: Lenovo last quarter I think the mobile phone business has achieved stage results, but now the industry is standing at a key node like 5G, still want to listen to your thoughts on the integrity of Lenovo's mobile phone business, and then there may be What new strategy adjustments, new practices?

Yang Yuanqing: Because the mobile phone is relatively expensive, it is true that the last quarter of our mobile phone business can only be phased. I fully agree that it is still a long time before it is completely successful. There is no doubt about this. We should still be delighted because we bought Motorola for four years and we never made money. Moreover, Motorola did not make any money in the four years before we bought it, so we can turn it into a profit. I think it is a very great thing. This matter is related to our proper strategy.

In fact, to put it bluntly, after we bought it, our ambitions are still too big. We want to make money and want to grow. As a result, we may not be able to get anything. So in the past two years, our focus has been on profitability and then growth, so we have already done the first step. In this case, we will not hesitate to reduce investment in some small and small markets, and put the healthy development of the business first. We are dedicated to the development of markets in North America, Latin America, Europe, China and India. Moreover, reducing costs has been placed in a very important position, and product fineness has also been placed in an important position. So, it can be said that the strategy has made us a great success.

Of course, the first step, I just said, we will never meet the results of the first step. So in the next step, we will gain growth on the basis of profitability, but it will not be a very greedy, excessively aggressive growth, we will still grow in our focused market. For example, we are actually growing very well in North America and the United States, with a 30% increase in the last quarter, so the market share is also increasing. China is also growing, and in Latin America and Western Europe, we will be the next step in our focus.

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