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Baidu Zhang Yaqin retired, the era of young managers began.

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Baidu said that senior managers who are dedicated to the company's growth and accompanying the company's growth, such as personal choice or family needs to choose a new life, will be included in the executive retirement plan to give care and care. Zhang Yaqin also revealed that Life3.0 will be launched in six months, putting more energy into teaching, research, Sino-US and Australian academic exchanges, UN charity projects, and accompanying family members.

Joining Baidu for 5 years, 53-year-old Zhang Yaqin left Baidu in a retirement manner. There was no warning before, and everyone felt suddenly. It is reported that Baidu's launch of the executive retirement plan is also the adjustment of the talent echelon construction. Li Yanhong said in an internal letter that in 2019 the company will accelerate the process of cadre rejuvenation and select more 8090 young colleagues to enter the management.

Join Baidu for 5 years Zhang Yaqin "except search basics have been passed"

In the internal letter, Li Yanhong called him a doctor. Zhang Yaqin, who is born in technology, is more of a scientist or doctor in Baidu.

According to public information, Zhang Yaqin joined Baidu in September 2014 as the president, mainly responsible for Baidu's technology system, autopilot and cloud computing and other emerging businesses, as well as Baidu's international development.

Before becoming the president of Baidu, Zhang Yaqin worked inMicrosoftThe company has worked for 16 years. In 1999, Zhang Yaqin and Dr. Kaifu Li co-founded Microsoft China Research Institute (upgraded to Microsoft Asia Research Institute in 2001) and served as the second dean. In 2006, he led the establishment of Microsoft Asia Pacific R&D Group.

Zhang Yaqin was admitted to the China University of Science and Technology Junior Class at the age of 12, becoming the youngest college student in China. His life is to become a scientist, and his idol is Newton. As a numbervideoAnd world-class scientists and entrepreneurs in the field of artificial intelligence, Zhang Yaqin has won 60 US patents, dozens of technological innovations have become international standards, published more than 500 papers internationally, and published 11 professional books.

In the early years, Zhang Yaqin often said in a media interview: I am a person who keeps chasing the next "excitement point". I will take the initiative to find another job that will excite me.

In 2014, when he left Microsoft, he said he hoped to be more busy, and then announced his appointment in September.

Zhang Yaqin once said that in Baidu, in addition to search, it has basically been managed. "Although different time management of different things, whether it is technology, research or business."

It is understood that Zhang Yaqin is also responsible for the business including Baidu's emerging business group, public relations market work, Baidu American Research Institute, Intelligent Driving Business Group (IDG), etc., and promoted cloud computing, driverless, quantum computing and other sectors. Among them, Zhang Yaqin took over the public relations market for half a year, during which he encountered the Baidu Post Bar storm and Wei Zexi incident.

In the business part, he has invested a lot of time in dealing with customers, in order to have a relatively direct perception of the market. "The technical changes have changed rapidly in recent years. Incubating some new technologies is very important for Baidu. of."

When Zhang Yaqin talked about Baidu's corporate culture, he mentioned, "In fact, Baidu's culture is very simple. Most people who join Baidu are because they want to do things and are interesting. "And he chose Baidu for three things, one is to help China; the other is to face the future; the third is to influence the world. "Now the core of my work is to complete these three things, these There has been no change until now," Zhang Yaqin said in a previous media interview.

After Lu Qi, he took charge of Baidu's automatic driving business.

According to Zhang Yaqin’s public appearance in previous years, the most talked about is mainly about technology and cloud. In the interview, he often said, "Baidu itself is a company in the cloud."

In fact, as early as a decade ago, Zhang Yaqin emphasized the importance of cloud computing and is committed to promoting the development of cloud computing in China.

After joining Baidu, he proposed the development strategy of ABC (AI, Big Data, Cloud Computing), which is now one of the most distinctive labels of Baidu Cloud. In addition, he and the team also created a series of product matrices for Baidu Cloud, including intelligent edge products BIE, AI to B platform, one-stop AIDevelopmentMore than 200 products and services such as the platform "Tian Yan".

In addition, Zhang Yaqin's contribution to Baidu is also reflected in the autopilot business. In May 2018, after Lu Qi left, Zhang Yaqin took over IDG (Intelligent Driving Business Group) and took on the responsibility of taking charge of Baidu's automatic driving business.

In December 2018, Baidu issued a structural adjustment letter signed by Li Yanhong, announcing the integration of the technical system architecture, upgrading the Intelligent Cloud Business Unit to the Intelligent Cloud Business Group (ACG), and carrying the artificial intelligence To B business and cloud business, which was responsible for Yin Shiming. Reported to Zhang Yaqin, Zhang Yaqin continued to be responsible for EBG (Baidu Emerging Business Group) and IDG (Intelligent Driving Group).

“In the past two years, he has led the team in the integration of intelligent cloud and AITo B business and commercialization acceleration, Apollo ecological construction and industrial cooperation, the consolidation and construction of basic technology systems, and the layout of forward-looking technologies such as chips and quantum computing. He has achieved important results and enhanced Baidu’s industrial influence.” Li Yanhong’s internal letter today evaluates Zhang Yaqin.

Today, Baidu unmanned vehicles have achieved certain results. Li Yanhong also announced that Baidu will soon trial and operate the unmanned vehicles in the second half of 2019.

Looking back at Baidu’s career, Zhang Yaqin mentioned: “At this moment, there is a picture in my mind: Smart+, Cloud 2.0, ABC Smart Cloud, Apollo Autopilot, AI Kunlun Chip, 5G, IoT, Quantum Computation... But what makes me most memorable is the team that works with me day and night and every Baidu classmate who is full of inspiration, wisdom and sincerity."

BAT is advocating the rejuvenation of the management team

The other side of Zhang Yaqin's retirement reflects Baidu's new talent echelon construction plan. Today Baidu's internal letter said that in 2019, the company will accelerate the process of cadre rejuvenation, and select more 8090 young colleagues to enter the management.

Prior to this, Baidu announced that it would train and reserve composite management cadres and began to implement the cadre rotation system. The internal letter announced that the three vice presidents, Shen Sha, Wu Haifeng and Zheng Zibin, will adjust their cadres to train and reserve compound management cadres. "To create an unprecedented prosperity and strong Baidu mobile ecology, to stimulate organizational innovation capabilities and improve synergy efficiency."

This means that Baidu has begun to attach great importance to and practice the talent management mechanism, and may hope to bring new vitality to Baidu through the new cadre echelon mechanism.

In fact, executive retirement has become more common in BAT and many large companies in recent years. Ma Yun has advocated the rejuvenation of Alibaba's management team a few years ago. Ali also has a mature partner retirement system: Ali's partner's own age and the total number of years of work in Alibaba Group equal to or exceed 60 years old, you can apply Retired and continued to serve as an honorary partner of Alibaba.

On September 10, 2018, Ma Yun issued an internal letter announcing that he will officially step down as chairman of the Alibaba Group Board of Directors on September 10, 2019, and return to the status of teachers. The outside world regards this as Ma’s “retirement”.

In addition,Huawei,TencentAll have their own partner retirement system. At the end of 2018, Ma Huateng also announced at the staff meeting that management cadres are not lifelong, and Tencent will take 20% of the quota and give priority to younger cadres.

As China's Internet and technology industries develop to a certain stage, large companies pay more attention to the cultivation and inheritance of young managers, and also pay more attention to the exploration of new technologies and new industries. From a strategic point of view, the metabolism of talents can bring new atmosphere to enterprises.

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