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Internet veteran comrades "decent exit" history

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Text / Zhou Tian Wang Fuye

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Zhang Yaqin, president of Baidu, retired.

The search giant’s personnel earthquake has long occupied the headlines of the tech media, not only the departure of Lu Qi and Li Mingyuan, but also the speculation that the search giant’s direction has been different.

Today, there is one more Zhang Yaqin on the list of executive withdrawals. The difference is that this time the calibre is: “Retirement”, which is more peaceful than Gongdou.

Today's Chinese Internet giants are mostly at the turn of the century. BAT, with a history of 20 years or so, is already a living fossil level. It has been in business for 20 years. Even if the founding team members reach the age of 50, the next executives And the backbone of the business, mostly based on the young people of 30-40 years old. “Retirement” is a rather rare name.

On March 15th, Baidu officially announced that Group President Zhang Yaqin will retire in October, and Li Yanhong posted the news in the full mail.

Zhang Yaqin is the first executive of Baidu to apply for retirement plan this year. Since joining Baidu in September 2014, he has promoted the integration and development of Baidu Intelligent Cloud and AI to B business, and has been in the field of cutting-edge chips and quantum computing. The layout.

In other words, unlike the main business, Zhang Yaqin’s field of responsibility is Baidu’s declared future, and it is also the core section for storytelling and market value maintenance on Wall Street.

In the afternoon, Zhou Tiancai witnessed Zhang Yaqin's release of a circle of friends confirming that he would officially retire from Baidu after six months. “This is a very difficult decision, but there are always trade-offs. "Zhang Yaqin said that he will start Life3.0 in six months, and put more energy into teaching, research, Sino-US and Australian academic exchanges, UN charity and other projects, while shifting the focus of life to the family.


Retiring at the critical stage of Baidu's intelligent transformation, Zhang Yaqin's sudden departure is somewhat surprising. What's more, Zhang Yaqin is only 53 years old at this time. Even if it is placed in a state-owned enterprise, it should be called early retirement. If you don't see it, Fu Chengyu, the chairman of Sinopec, is still required to stay in the post after the statutory retirement age of 63 years old, not to mention the central bank governor Zhou Xiaochuan's “overdue service” to the 70th.

In the latest organizational restructuring of Baidu in December last year, Zhang Aqin directly managed the Intelligent Cloud Business Unit (ACU) to upgrade to the Intelligent Cloud Business Group (ACG). At the Wuzhen Internet Conference last year, he also represented Baidu on the stage to receive the award. .

Cloud, in the current economic situation, is a business group that is highly valued in both Tencent and Ali. This change may have something to do.


Before Zhang Yaqin, Lu Qi’s 2018 is also a “personal and family reason”, although not “retirement”, everyone knows that the story behind is not simple.

In April 2017, after a speech on “Daily Diagnosing Baidu Moat”, this “determination of the ruling” was justified by Lu Qi, who delineated the main channel and the moat, and then began to drastically cut irrelevant business. In the year, a large number of senior executives left the company one after another, and the situation was somewhat out of control.

It is not that the east wind overwhelm the west wind, that is, the west wind overwhelm the east wind, and a force is gathering. Soon, in the second half of the year, Lu Qi found that he was gradually marginalized, and the business that once reported to Lu Qi began to be diverted to other vice presidents. Until a public event in January 2018, Li Yanhong publicly declared that he had never said “All in AI”.

However, ordinary employees showed strong reluctance to Lu Qi. According to media reports, employees have talked about their efforts to solve Baidu’s indulgence on the intranet, such as breaking the infertility of the underlying opinions … … With its personality charm and management ability, Qi is deified in Baidu and abroad. This situation is quite rare in Baidu history.

Some analysts believe that the summoning of Lu Qi’s participation stems from the internal appeal of Li Yanhong’s family to reverse Baidu’s image, rather than reinventing Baidu. After all, the financial and human rights are not mastered, and the core search business is also Never really handed it to him. But I didn't expect Lu Qi to move to the post, and the innocent Lu Qi made a mistake: "It's time for me to show your performance." Everyone who knows the situation knows that after the crisis, Baidu, Lu Qi's use value is gradually reduced, then, without waiting for the order to quit, it is Lu Qi's decent for himself.

Coincidentally, on the same day that Zhang Yaqin announced his retirement, Jingdong Chief Technology Officer Zhang Chen also announced his retirement because of “family reasons”. Zhang Chen joined Jingdong in April 2015. Prior to serving Yahoo for 18 years, he had been "serving" and left until Yahoo Beijing R&D Center disbanded.

After the sexual assault, Jingdong was under pressure. Just after the Spring Festival, Liu Qiangdong used a lot of drugs and mdash; — eliminated 10% of executives at the end, 995 work system, organizational structure will be fully adjusted this year. In this context, Zhang Chen's departure is inevitably intriguing. In the official statement of Jingdong, the caliber is a law-abiding “slave”, but perhaps a more violent personnel adjustment is about to come.


Decently leaving Lu Zhaoxuan, in the Internet industry, the first appointment of the stage with the demeanor of "retire" should be the former CEO of Alibaba. In 2013, Ma Yun entrusted the CEO of the group to him, but only after two years of succession, Lu will hand over the seal to “ld遥子”, Zhang Yong, and turned himself behind the scenes. After only one year, Lu Zhaoyu officially retired.

It is speculated that Lu Zhaoxuan's retreat was mainly due to the great effort to promote the "going to", failed to shoulder the mission of countering WeChat, but Alipay was WeChat red envelope "sneak attack on Pearl Harbor". Ali's mobile strategy was not up to expectations, and Ma Yun was very dissatisfied with Lu's work.

Dissatisfied with dissatisfaction, joined Ali in 17 years, Lu Zhaoyu's withdrawal is more decent, the reason is simpler than Lu Qi — — with Ali into the era of fine management, from the grassroots era of meritorious ministers, especially from the hotel lobby Lu Zhaojun, who has been arrogant in the sales line, has been unable to keep up with the development of a global enterprise. It is also a joy to withdraw from the moment.

It’s even harder to get along with the founder’s class.

Before Lu Zhaoxuan, there was a story of Ma Yun’s “Tears of Tears and Weizhe”, but Ma’s talented echelon was built up in such a stumbling process.

Switching the perspective to Tencent, among the Ten Tigers who fought side by side in the past, three people have left, and Xu Chen, who still stays at the company, is also far from the core decision-making level. Organizational metabolism is normal again, but the breakup does not hurt the gas, leaving the company can also play the residual heat. Tencent’s handling of the problem of leaving old comrades also reflects the characteristics of “user experience”.

Zeng Liqing first left the company to start investment, the new company named "Da Xun", especially for Tencent's old employees' entrepreneurial projects, in his words: "These people helped the boss to start a business, now I have to help them. Start a business. ”

Chen Yidan chose to join the education public welfare undertakings, set up the school, set up the “One Dan Award”, and was called “The Internet Public Welfare Godfather”. The charity was well done and Tencent followed suit. Last year, in CCTV's "Opening a Lecture" column, he also revealed a small story about Tencent's logo: the penguin's collar was originally added by the doll manufacturer.

The last old comrade Zhang Zhidong who left, has always been concerned about the development of Tencent. In 2016, he was invited by Zhang Xiaolong to share with the WeChat business group. Zhang Zhidong was outspoken and criticized the WeChat team “self-feeling too good”, and the message import and export function was not as good as that of Zhang Xiaolong’s Foxmail 20 years ago.


There is a decent exit, and naturally there is a decent exit.

Yang Weidong, the president of the Ali Youku business group, who was reported in December last year due to economic problems, may be regarded as a master who has not decently withdrawn. This exit method has a more popular saying: “Falling Horses”.

In fact, being trapped in corruption is becoming more common in the Internet. Ali seven years & ldquo; lesson & rdquo; six executives, the earliest "going into" & rdquo; the original general manager of the cost-effective 阎 Li Wei has now been released from prison and then start a business. BAT, JD.com and the US Mission have all talked about anti-corruption in recent years.

Power breeds corruption, and the creation of a large number of Internet companies that are "sunshine rich" is no exception.

However, there is also a company that is the founder of the company, and was named by the company's official Weibo. "Face", draw a clear line, and then quit, and the degree of inferiority is less than "falling". He is Dangdang founder Li Guoqing.

On February 20, 2019, Li Guoqing announced in an open letter that “happily left” and quit the management.

Li Guoqing could have decently retired. As early as 2018, he had already handed over his real power. However, he liked it too much. He talked about hot public topics and caused a lot of trouble for the company's image. In the end, Yu Yu couldn't bear it. The husband and wife’s family affairs are full of wind and rain, which is a rare thing.

Dr. Zhou Guangping, who was one of the eight co-founders of Xiaomi porridge, who was together with Lei Jun, did not have a chicken feather, but he was also awkward.

In 2016, Xiaomi's smartphone shipments fell 36% year-on-year, and its market share fell from 15.1% in 2015 to 8.9%. Zhou Guangping, who is in charge of R&D and supply chain, was considered the culprit: due to improper management, Xiaomi 5 Delayed release, and finally dragged into February 2016, Xiaomi lost the market and did not complete the target of 80 million mobile phone sales in 2015. According to Tencent Technology, Lei Jun said this.

In the VIP room at the Xiaomi Annual Meeting in January 2016, according to Wang Pan’s “The Story of Xiaomi Rebirth”, in the face of many millet executives, Lei Jun wearing a red t-shirt said to Zhou Guangping very rudely, “ If you don't get the flagship machine in 2016, I will get you to retreat. & rdquo; This scene was learned by the well-known digital blogger Mocha RQ.

The most unbearable thing for Lei Jun is that the Xiaomi supply chain team has offended a strong supply chain dad like Samsung Semiconductor.

According to Shenwang, before the release of Xiaomi 5, a senior executive of Samsung Semiconductor China met with Xiaomi's supply chain team. During the PPT speech, due to the poor attitude of Xiaomi, Samsung was also very strong, and there was a fierce dispute between the two sides. At the table, the Samsung executive got up and left. The next story is: Samsung AMOLED frequency screen shipments during the period, but not for Xiaomi.

In the middle of 2016, Lei Jun really let Zhou Guangping go to retreat. Ray himself had to take over the supply chain personally and visited Samsung headquarters many times. The outside world explained that he was going to Samsung to ask for the screen supply. A person familiar with the supply chain analyzed the deep network. Lei Jun is likely to go to Samsung to apologize in person and hope that the other party will supply the screen. “Samsung Semiconductor has a good reputation in the industry, and it is very strong. & rdquo; In fact, Lei Jun went to the Samsung headquarters not once, but four times, the first three times the screen is not smooth.


At the Xiaomi listing dinner, the eight founders were only absent from Zhou Guangping.

Zhou Guangping's encounter is closely related to his personality. According to Tencent's deep network, this person is not sleek and difficult to get along with. A person who had worked with Zhou Guangping told Shenwang that Zhou Guangping was a proud person who liked to show off the threat of anger. Once, Lei Jun asked why OPPO and vivo could do Xiaomi in the supply chain. As a result, Zhou Guangping sighed back with a sigh of relief, "Let's go to the OV person", which caused the scene to be very embarrassing.

In the end, Lei Jun had to let Zhou Guangping leave.

On April 6, 2017, Xiaomi was founded on the 7th anniversary. Xiaomi combined with founder and junior vice president Li Wanqiang released the latest photo of several pioneers of Xiaomi. In the photo, the team of Xiaomi's founder has changed from 8 to 7 in the past, and one person has been inserted. Dr. Zhou Guangping has already withdrawn from the sequence. Until April 27, 2018, Lei Jun issued an internal mail officially announced Zhou Guangping's departure.

Due to the complexity of the supply chain and the fierce competition in the mobile phone industry, the team is prone to distrust, which makes the mobile phone industry the hardest hit by “decent exit”.

In addition to Zhou Guangping, there is a hammer mobile phone Qian Chen. Coincidentally, Qian Chen is also a doctor. He also has a rich experience of foreign companies like Zhou Guangping. In the hammer, Qian Chen is the unrealistic fantasies of Luo Yonghao. Recover awake people.

Qian Chen was born orthodox. He worked in Motorola for 13 years and presided over the hardware development of mobile phones. When Lei Jun founded Xiaomi, he also invited Qian Chen. "Talked for 3 months before and after, and talked about 17 or 8 times in total." Unfortunately, the last moment is not close, sincerity is there, but Luo Yonghao is more persistent than Lei Jun. He spent six months inviting Qian Chen and finally married.

Of course, Qian Chen will regret marriage. If, I mean, if he went to Xiaomi, Xiaomi’s Lianchuang may not be able to turn Zhou Guangping, and Xiaomi’s supply chain will not be out of control for a long time, and it will not let himself fall. In the small temple of the hammer, the dog and the dog are restless.

The most well-known disagreement between Qian Chen and Luo Yonghao occurred in August 2014. Before Luo Yonghao and Zealer Wang debated from the above Youku, Luo Yonghao convened the company's middle and high-level meeting to discuss the matter. Qian Chen resolutely opposed it. He believed that it should be dealt with coldly because the oral argument was far less convincing than the product itself. But in the end, Luo Yonghao insisted on the end and the fight. The two of them continued to work in the work, eventually leading to evil.

Luo Yonghao said that Qian Chen’s entrepreneurial spirit is not enough. He said, “The difference in style is quite obvious. This is not a problem of Motorola, it is a problem of foreign companies.” Luo Yonghao feels that most foreign companies’ combat effectiveness and execution The spirit of fighting is not so fierce.

Qian Chen later denied the retired statement. He laughed and said, “In addition to the many well-known and over-reported reasons, at that time, only the election & rsquo; retirement & rsquo; & rdquo; At the same time, this is mainly to avoid causing some sensation or vibration.

It is a pity that Lao Luo, who believes that the fierce executives of foreign companies are not able to let the hammer go further.

In fact, the story of Qian Chen and the story of Zhou Guangping are similar. They are all the founders of the new bank who have found a story of a wealthy foreign company veteran. Luo Yonghao’s quick success, arrogance and Qian Chen’s gentle and pragmatic are very different. Zhou Guangping On the other hand, it is the personal temperament that does not allow the authority of Lei Jun.


There is not much speculation in the words, not to mention the entrepreneurial partners, the incompetent character and the faction, I am afraid that in the beginning, it has laid the foreshadowing of the tragic ending. This also reminds the partners that in addition to business literacy, the gas field is also very important. Like Ali, the strong HR will “smell the smell” after the business interview, and it is not unreasonable to grasp the power of recruiting and killing.

In addition to those big bosses who are retiring and listening to politics, they must also say that those who want to retreat can be happy. After all, they are happy.

The 75-year-old Ren Zhengfei also fought in the front line, issuing the president's office documents at both ends of the three days, and constantly reminding 180,000 employees to pay attention to “winter”. When he was an old man, he was even more obsessed with life and death. He died until he died. A group of disappointing children also exposed the palace fight for oranges.

The founder of Ctrip, Liang Jianzhang, wanted to quietly be a democratic demographer, continue to push the loosening of China's population policy, and failed to do so. In the crisis vortex, he had to return urgently and preside over the overall situation. Now, not only every The second-period financial conference call needs to be attended on time. Last year, I returned to Fudan to recruit a personal platform for Ctrip.

The history of people gathering together, together, is the history of the changes and rise and fall of the entire Chinese Internet. Calling a comrade is a fate, and glorious retirement is even more valuable.

There is a song, still singing very well: the breakup should be decent, no one should say sorry.

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