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Netease Koala, Estee Lauder sued each other Haitao "Rashomon" has a solution?

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The Canadian Goose incident has not come to an end yet, and Netease Koala is also slobbering between the slobber and the Estee Lauder.

According to Tianyue's information, on March 15th, Estee Lauder sued the Netease koala ruling, and Estée Lauder asked it to stop selling and destroy the infringing product M.A.C, disclose its source and compensate 1.2 million yuan. In addition, the defendants, including NetEase Koala, must immediately destroy the infringing products and publish an apology statement in the media for 30 consecutive days. In this way, Netease koala sued Estee Lauder for nothing, and Estee Lauder turned the Netease koala back.

“true and false small brown bottle”

This grievance began at the beginning of last year.

In February 2018, China Consumers Association notified the 2017 “Double 11” online shopping survey experience. In that event, China Consumers Association purchased a total of 93 “sea tao” products, involving 37 brands. It is shown that Estee Lauder's self-operated sale of Estee Lauder & ldquo; small brown bottle & rdquo; for fake. However, soon, Netease Koala responded that there is no problem with its own products, “the source of the procurement source is clear and reliable, and it is a genuine product that is normally sold overseas”, and hesitantly questioned the appraisal organization used by the China Consumers Association. Have the qualification for the product.

The China Consumers Association uses the Estée Lauder Shanghai Company, the appraisal report issued by the general agent of Estee Lauder in China. However, Netease Koala pointed out in the response that he sold the overseas version of Estee Lauder & ldquo; small brown bottle & rdquo;.

In order to wash their own "grievances", Netease koala directly placed the Chinese Consumers Association in the dock.

In the middle of last year, the disputed parties broke into the court: Hangzhou Youke Network Technology Co., Ltd. and Netease Global Purchase Co., Ltd. will be the China Consumers Association, Estee Lauder (Shanghai) Trading Co., Ltd., Estee Lauder Companies, Beijing Shengtuo Youxun Information Technology Co., Ltd. appealed to the court and requested the four defendants to delete the reports involved, publish an apology statement, and compensate for the loss of 21 million yuan.

Estee Lauder (Shanghai) seems to be “fake”, yes, it has an irrefutable position: Estee Lauder (Shanghai) has the right to operate Estée Lauder products in China. According to the truth, its identification report is right in the Chinese market. The most authoritative and official statement of Estee Lauder products. However, Netease Koala has never admitted its judgment.

The complaint has come to me for delivery, but this matter has not been conclusive. During this period, NetEase koala has been dealing with Canadian geese.

In December last year, Ms. Yan, a consumer in Beijing, said she had purchased a Canadian goose down jacket for $5,567.04 on the Netease koala. The work was rough and there were many threads on the clothes. After the Canadian geese official inspection channel, this is a fake. On January 8th, Netease Koala said that after the internal and Canadian goose official double check, the Canadian goose sold on the platform was confirmed to be genuine. NetEase koala also said it would complain about opacity in the Canadian Goose brand identification process.

Dramatically, the Canadian Goose officially passed the third appraisal, and the previous two results were “non-authentic”. Just a few days ago, NetEase koala sent a fourth reversal of the story to the tiger: Pan Jie, director of the Consumer Protection Center of Binjiang District Market Supervision Bureau of Hangzhou, said that the consumer bought Ms. A Canadian goose has been identified as genuine.

“We filed the case on January 25, and now the results are coming out. The conclusion is authentic. We sent the physical objects to the Canadian geese through a subsidiary of (Canada Goose) Shanghai, which they identified as authentic, in English, ‘authentic& rsquo;. & rdquo; Pan Jie said.

However, the case has not been officially closed, and this Rashomon has not yet ushered in a formal finale. I don't know if there are any new melons to eat.

Why is it always NetEase Koala?

The tiger sniffs the article "Netease Koala and Canada Goose" "The Guns Dark War" has been analyzed, the Canadian Goose and Estee Lauder are hidden behind the two lawsuits, probably the brand and channel "game".

There is an irreconcilable contradiction between brand direct sales and dealers. And this is nothing but in the interests, such as Apple dealers collective price cuts some time ago, the reason is that consumers have a decline in the heat of Apple, with price cuts to change sales; OPPO for the brand to the high-end development, also cut Some of the dealers who could not meet the company's expectations.

Such rules are more applicable to Canadian geese who want to take the high-end luxury route.

Now, the Canadian Goose official has opened the first flagship store in the mainland in Sanlitun, Beijing, positioning itself as a luxury. Behind this, with the soaring popularity and popularity of Chinese brands, Canadian geese began to focus on the expansion of direct channels for profit control and profit.

Luxury goods must build brand value, and the scarcity of product channels is indispensable. The most important thing is to bring the channel interests together in the hands of their own official direct sales, and then have the conditions to lay a good job in China's huge market with huge consumption potential. It can be said that NetEase Koala has stood on the opposite side of the brand direct operation.

Commodities seem to be difficult to distinguish between true and false, but the shortcomings of NetEase koala in distribution channels have become obvious.

Netease koala official website shows that its source of goods and procurement channels are “direct docking brands and quality distributors” and thus “maximizing the cost of intermediate links”.


The proportion of brands and overseas distributors that cooperate with NetEase Koala is unknown, but after the Canadian Goose incident, it can be judged that the goods supply of NetEase Koala is not all from direct cooperation with brand owners. Of course, we can't assume that the direct cooperation with the brand is genuine, and the goods from the dealer are fake. However, it is certain that the distribution channels are too scattered, which is not conducive to the management of the supply chain and the control of the supply.

Cao Lei, director of the China E-Commerce Research Center, said in an interview with the Workers' Daily that “Hao Tao” has a wide range of goods, generally involving multiple countries, multiple origins and multiple channels. The complexity of the supply will inevitably lead to an increase in risk. In addition, the traditional “Hai Tao” model has to go through many links such as overseas shopping websites, transshipment companies, warehouses, express companies, etc., and the complexity of the links will also increase the risk.

The "trouble" brought by the above two cases has already explained everything.

In the case of “true and false Canadian Goose”, the Netease koala supplier is an officially authorized dealer, but in fact the koala itself does not have the official authorization of the Canadian Goose. We can't have any tendency to judge the true and false goods. However, there are channel interests in front of us. Canadian geese also have reason to give a paper "false goods" identification results. If it is such a possibility, NetEase koala Instead, I ate a dumb loss.

The same reason is also true in this debate between Koala and Estee Lauder.

Regarding the genuine supply, Netease Koala is in such an awkward situation that it is constantly questioned. For the source of goods, Netease Koala is trying to solve it.

In the past February, NetEase was revealed that it is promoting a major restructuring of China's e-commerce business with Amazon: Netease Koala will merge Amazon China's overseas purchase business. The negotiation lasted for several months and was initiated and promoted by Netease Koala. The two parties may adopt a share swap method and sign the contract at the end of 2018.

In cooperation with Amazon, NetEase koala may have access to Amazon's global supplier resources. Pulling over the e-commerce giant Amazon, using the giant's global supplier resources and word of mouth to expand their e-commerce plates, endorsing for themselves, NetEase koala has its own calculations.

As for the United States, "far water" can not solve the Netease koala's "near fire"? The direction of this important business merger is still being observed. At present, there is probably the most likely way to alleviate the true and false of the Amoy goods, "anxiety", probably the policy and all the technical means that can be used.

For example, whether it is possible to use technical means to solve the traceability mechanism of cross-border imported e-commerce goods, so as to realize the traceability of the whole process of goods from production, transportation, storage to delivery. In the above interview, Cao Lei also suggested that the relevant government departments can establish a platform for the registration of e-commerce and resident businesses. The imported products must be declared to ensure the quality and safety of the products, and the follow-up can be ensured.

Netease koala's "Luoshengmen" is also a temporary solution. At the very least, users have not been able to let go of the slogan of "Hai Tao". At this time, consumers can only be reminded to polish their eyes.


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