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The "coward" is going to retire, and Sony's "One Sony" dream is about to be realized.

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Recently, Sony officialAnnounced information on business integration.


Starting April 1, 2019, Sony will merge its imaging products and solutions business IP&S, home entertainment and audio business HE&S and mobile communications business MC into Electronics Products and Solutions Division Electronics Products & Solutions (EP&S) Business.

After the business integration, Shi Jiemao will be the executive of the electronic products and solutions business, responsible for managing the storage media business. Previously, Shi Jiemao was the president of the Sony Imaging Division. As for the deputy executive of the electronics and solutions business, the current senior executive vice president of Sony, Takagi Ichiro, served.


The biggest reason for this integration is that it has a certain relationship with the product and sales business.

As early as January 22 this year, Sony announced the establishment of a home entertainment and audio products company. This department is also a merger of the visual products company where the TV business is located and the audiovisual products company that operates the audio and video business. It also takes effect on April 1, 2019.

For Sony, the two departments themselves have interlaced parts. Among them, Soundbar is the product that has both of these attributes.


The Soundbar needs to be linked to the TV to use, and to a certain extent it is also an auxiliary device for the TV. So the new Soundbar series will follow the pace of TV product updates to push new products. But the Soundbar product also has the hardware and technology of Sony audio, plus the properties of the product itself. It is believed that there is not much objection to defining the Soundbar as an audio product.

However, Sony previously separated home audio and portable audio products. Like the Soundbar, desktop players and home audio systems, small portfolios like the CAS-1 are also included in the classification of home audio and video products, integrated with the TV.


Portable products such as WALKMAN players and earphones and amps (including the previously released "Suo 60,000" DMP-Z1) are classified into the categories of portable audio and video, and are managed by different departments.

Now, after integration, the two can have more communication between products, thus enhancing the interaction between products and products. At the same time, the technical integration between the two departments can also enhance the performance of the products. Or later, we will see more and more Soundbar products supporting the DSEE HX with improved AI machine learning with the S-Master HX solution.

It can also be learned here that the reason for Sony's business integration is also to enhance the competitiveness of products by strengthening the cooperation between departments and departments and the interaction between technologies.


FromSony's presentation at CES 2019 at the beginning of the yearIt can be seen that they want to use devices to bring the distance between users and content creators closer.

For example, let the flagship TV display be close to the professional monitor, and launch the monitor-level headphones &hellip for the stage performance in the consumer market; … these adjustments and products include Sony’s users who let content consume content. The concept of being close to the content producer.

And when the department is integrated, the technical interaction between the image and the display, as well as the professional recording equipment placed in the consumer market, can interact more with the video recording device, and these collaborations will become more and more common.


Also, the Sony mobile phone is also a product that needs to assemble the technical strength of each department.

When Xperia 1 was launchedSony Mobile also wants to enhance the competitiveness of its own mobile phones through the technological advantages of other departments. They are investing in mobile X1 image processing chips and mobile BIONZ X image processors in mobile phones to achieve this effect.


Previously, Sony also wanted to do more integration on the mobile phone, but the coordination problem between the departments did not make the product achieve satisfactory results. Just as Sony Mobile was talking about the effects of mobile phones before,The response also mentionedThe embarrassment of cooperation between departments and departments.

Of course, what users want is not something very radical. However, the effect brought by the old Sony mobile phone is indeed not satisfactory. Since other departments have the technology needed for Sony phones, why not integrate the power of other departments so that Sony phones can perform better.


▲ Sony ILCE-QX1, the way to let the Xperia series of mobile phones have E-mount

What the user wants is not necessarily to add an E-mount interchangeable lens system to the mobile phone, or to allow the mobile phone to provide a 4.4mm audio output interface. Since Sony has been able to put the mobile version of X1 and BIONZ X on the mobile phone, the software technology of DSEE HX has also been implemented on the mobile phone. In the future after the integration of the department, the Sony mobile phone should use more things than now. At one point, performance will not be as embarrassing as it is today.

Possibly, this is what the "One Sony" concept wants to bring.


When it comes to "One Sony", I believe everyone will think of the familiar "coward" Hirai Kazuo. heWill leave on June 18 this yearHowever, he will continue to serve as a "Senior Consultant" for Sony after his departure.

The elderly, who has served Sony for about 35 years, helped Sony to survive the most difficult period and return to its former glory. His "One Sony" concept aims to integrate Sony products with the internal resources of various departments of the company.

The departmental integration that Sony is now proposing is believed to be the closest to the "One Sony" concept. I hope that in the future, this concept can be achieved.

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