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Ma Yun appeared at the Green Company Annual Meeting: Exploring the competitive relationship with Tencent and the recent hot discussion of "996"

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“Recently, everyone criticized me more than 996. I feel that we all have to do more than 996. Our employees can live better and society can improve. & rdquo; Ma Yun appeared in Gansu, attended the annual meeting of China Green Corporation.

Ma Yun had previously talked about "996" in three times.

On April 12th, Alibaba's official WeChat public account pushed the article "Ma Yun Tan 996". In the article, Ma Yun showed his strong admiration for the 996 overtime culture. “I personally think that being able to do 996 is a huge blessing …… if you are not 996 when you are young, when can you be 996? You have no 996 in your life, do you think you are very proud? ”

When the speech came out, the public opinion was awkward. The public moved out of Marx and accused Ma Yun of his capitalist behavior. Some people also said that Ma Yun retired to the second line, "the evening is not guaranteed." In order to prevent the speech from being over-interpreted, Ma Yun performed the first time on Weibo at 6 pm on April 12, “explain” & rdquo;—— pay tribute to the strugglers.

He said: "I think young people should have the opportunity to hear the truth. Any company should not and cannot force employees 996; Alibaba has always advocated, live a happy life! But young people themselves must understand that happiness is a struggle! ”

In such a brainwashing copy, Ma Yun did not escape from the criticism of public opinion. On April 14th, he again responded with a long text. This time, Ma Yun replaced the condescending education tone of the successful person and turned from the employee's standpoint:

“Do not think that companies can pay employees 996…… If you feel that your cadres and employees are all unsatisfactory and don’t work hard, then the problem must be with you. Because you only regard your ideals as their ideals, and do not regard the ideals of employees as your ideals. ”

“Unicom is also a partner in the development of Alibaba”

When talking about competitors, Ma Yun said: “Without Tencent, Alibaba will not constantly adjust itself and constantly improve itself. Of course, Tencent is also a partner in the development of Alibaba, because they are not the ultimate opponents we want to defeat or win, but create sustainable value for society. You need to have such an opponent around you to remind you. ”

Both Ali and Tencent are Internet giants who grew up from the end of the 20th century in China. Although one started in e-commerce and started in social, with the gradual expansion of the business empire, many of the two businesses have similarities, such as payment and retail. Even the cloud computing business, so the relationship between the two is also compared to netizens as "Yu Liang" relationship, wrong in the same era, can only love each other.

“We have our ecology, tens of millions of sellers are our ecology, consumers are our ecology, we don’t have to unite with whom to do it, not our style, right or wrong. Ali is an economy, not a company. & rdquo; Ma Yun continued.

Ma Huateng was also asked about the competition with Ali. In March 2018, Tencent’s financial report communication meeting, Ma Huateng said: “I think there is competition and reasonable competition for the development of the industry. Why mobile payment is developing globally so rapidly because it has reasonable competition. Therefore, it is not a bad thing to have competition in the industry. We must treat this matter positively.

He added: “Competition can promote the rapid development of the industry, and each family will find its own advantages and living space. ”

The successor needs a kind of "helium"

At the annual meeting of Green Company, Ma Yun and Guo Guangchang, Chairman of Fosun International, also had a short and short dialogue. The two sides discussed the future development of the company's successor and the impact of the company's head on the company.

Ma Yun, who retired to the second line, expressed his confusion about cultivating the company's successor. Guo Guangchang said: “For the company, the second-hand is very easy to find, but the successor is difficult to train. The successor needs a trait, even a kind. Helium. ”

(Titanium media editor Qin Conghui comprehensive self-interface news, hunting cloud network)

The following is a dialogue between Ma Yun and Guo Guangchang, from the interface news:

Ma Yun: Guangchang brother, you are such a clever founder, have you thought of your own future in the company, how to train successors, it is really not easy to find someone who is so smart.

Guo Guangchang: I think it is very easy to find someone like me, but I think it is not more difficult to find something like you?

Ma Yun: It is impossible to find someone like me, so I have other methods.

Guo Guangchang: It is impossible to find someone like you. I think it is possible. Now, after the development of science, there is a kind of "cloning technology", basically I have secretly collected many of Ma's genes, so I will clone a lot in the future. This is a joke.

In fact, one of Ma Yun’s problems is a heritage. I have found out that one of the problems that I have been thinking about recently is that the second-hander is easier to find, the first-hand is difficult, and he needs to have some qualities. This kind of trait is sometimes very difficult to find. Sometimes this trait is even a kind of suffocating thing, something that is not sent out according to common sense, and so on. So, Ma Yun, you have raised a very good question, because I haven’t thought about it yet, thank you.

Moderator: Do you want to ask Ma Yun a question too.

Guo Guangchang: I asked him just now, he can copy it. Ma Yun, you still have to ask another question, I have not thought about what I asked.

Ma Yun: I don't think you didn't think about it. Maybe you don't want to think about it. But each of us has to think about this problem. My other question is actually quite simple. You are studying philosophy. Just now your speech is full of philosophy. How helpful is he to do business for you? Because many years ago I was talking about chemistry, I will develop in chemistry, but most of the successful people, what he did later has nothing to do with him. You talk about your philosophy, philosophy, I have not learned, how did you become the chairman of Fosun?

Guo Guangchang: First of all, Ma Yun, the successor is not thinking about it, really thinking, but because I am much younger than you, so there is still time.

Moderator: This is the philosopher. He answered for a long time and said nothing.

Guo Guangchang: Philosophy is nothing to learn, but fortunately it has nothing to learn, so it is empty, if you are empty, you can accept all. My characteristics, I am willing to listen, I am willing to talk. The most important thing for a person is not to tell others what to do, the most important thing is to listen to what others say, and you can really analyze why he said so, what is the logic behind him. I am the most important ability.

I said in front of Ma Yun’s statement today that he stood here with the words that he said at the height and inspired you. It is not directly telling you what you should do, but telling you how he thinks about this problem. Why is he standing here? What is the logic behind it? I think this is taught by philosophy. Philosophy teaches me not to be superstitious about anyone, but don't easily say that others are wrong. You learn to listen and analyze. I think this is the most important and the most basic logic. Honestly, I didn't learn well, but I will continue to learn.

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