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Kingsoft Internet Security, 360 company responded to "browser home page hijacking": strengthen industry self-discipline

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Yu Sinan Gu Yekai / People's Daily

The People's Daily's continuous report on the phenomenon of bullying of network technology, such as browser homepage hijacking, has aroused enthusiastic response and received positive responses from related companies. On May 22nd, the relevant person in charge of Kingsoft Internet Security and 360 Company came to the People's Daily to exchange face-to-face with reporters and accepted the hot issues of how to take measures to enhance user experience, promote healthy development of the industry, and purify the network ecology. The reporter interviewed.

Kingsoft Internet Security: Keeping the commercial bottom line and purifying the Internet environment

“Thanks to the People’s Daily for reporting on promoting the healthy development of the Internet industry. ” Yao Hui, CEO of Kingsoft Internet Security, who rushed to Beijing from Zhuhai, told reporters that the People’s Daily report made us further aware of the need to prevent the bullying of network technology from the source. Kingsoft Internet Security will speed up research in this area. ”

He introduced that after seeing the report of the newspaper on May 13, the management of the company attached great importance to it, and urgently organized software engineers to discuss the problems of homepage lock, difficult to modify, and unclear selection buttons, and actively passed Sina Wei. Social platforms such as Bo and Baidu Post Bar collect information on netizens' messages, summarize and sort out related issues, and study them together.

Yao Hui said that according to the situation reflected by netizens, Kingsoft Internet Security quickly improved: the selection prompt button for the home page is not obvious, the hidden level is deep, and so on, the engineer has modified the relevant code, and the selection button is enlarged to make it clearly visible. Easy to choose; for the information is not obvious, it is easy to mislead the netizens to install unrelated software tools, the engineer optimizes the bullet box, and introduces the reminder function to fully respect the wishes of the netizens. On May 16, Kingsoft Internet Security released the latest version, which includes these improvements.

In response to some of the netizens' reflections of the pop-ups and the low-volume content of some advertisements, Yao Hui said that the reason for this phenomenon may be related to the fact that some outsourced advertisers did not hold the commercial bottom line and illegal promotion. Once the company discovers that there is a violation of the regulations, it will terminate the cooperation with the third party. The company actively tried to use artificial intelligence to strengthen the screening of bad advertising or promotion information, and also a pure online environment for netizens.

Yao Hui believes that tool software, including anti-virus software, input methods, browsers, etc., cannot be profitable by simple and rude methods, relying on hijacking traffic and pushing bad advertisements to netizens. As early as 2006, the "Internet Protocol" published by the China Internet Society clearly stated against browser hijacking. "User browsers or other related settings may not be modified without the user's permission." In 2015, six Internet companies issued a statement to boycott violations such as traffic hijacking.

Yao Hui believes that to create a good Internet ecology, industry self-discipline is very important, “the browser homepage hijacking” and many other Internet violations are less costly, and should increase the punishment for similar violations to deter bad behavior. It is hoped that the regulatory authorities will improve the system and promote the healthy development of the industry.

360 company: listen to user opinions and optimize product design

“The People’s Daily’s follow-up report reveals a major problem in the Internet industry. It reminds the industry and enterprises of respecting users’ right to know and choose, and also points out the direction for further optimizing products and improving service quality. & rdquo; 360 company browser business unit general manager Liang Zhihui said.

“The endless stream of web hijacking exposes the current state of inadequate Internet security measures. The cost of tampering is low and the profits of illegal businesses are high. Once used by criminals, it is easy to cause adverse social impacts. & rdquo; Liang Zhihui said that the current "browser home page hijacking" involves a variety of technical means, "including the modification of the browser home page configuration file, modify the startup items, the registry, icon shortcuts, etc., many software vendors more or less exist Similar behaviors, most of which are active. ”

He said, “The browser homepage hijacking” also includes adopting a virus-like method to modify the navigation page address, modifying the http network transmission data at the channel level, etc. “At present, some websites still do not have web pages and https encrypted transmissions. May cause 10% & mdash; 15% of traffic was tampered with during transmission. ”

The benefits involved in tampering with the browser homepage are also very "significant". According to industry experts, according to current industry estimates, for every 1000 users, the annual income can exceed 100 yuan. Due to China's huge user base, the size of this market is not small. “There are nearly 1000 locations in the general navigation page. Each location is actually a traffic portal, and the portal is actually with a paid link. ”

In Liang Zhihui's view, “the browser homepage hijacking” and other phenomena have appeared frequently, which also indicates that the product itself is not perfect. “We are willing to publicize the relevant information to the users. We welcome your suggestions and requests. The next step will be to optimize product design and functionality based on these comments. ”

“At present, browser hijacking and traffic hijacking are common in the industry. "Liang Zhihui believes that this has a lot to do with disorderly competition," everyone is not better than who's product, nor is it to optimize users to get users, but ‘ I robbed your users, your users It’s my & rsquo;, like a crossroads without traffic lights, it’s easy to get out of the way. ”

“The navigation page is actually a business model innovation that fits the needs of Chinese users. "Liang Zhihui said, "I hope that through this continuous report, from the regulatory authorities, the industry to the users, we can reach a consensus and jointly protect the rights and interests of users, users will be more willing to use related network information products, which is also the industry itself. A promotion. ”

(The original title is "Two companies take the initiative to respond" "Browser homepage hijacking" & problem—— from me, strengthen industry self-discipline (“ browser home page hijacking & reporting;

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