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From 90Hz QQ flying car to the era of high frame games

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With the rapid development of mobile phone technology, hand-swimming is also evolving.

For example, in the black-and-white screen era, we mostly play snake-eaters; as mobile phones gradually become smart into touch screen interaction era, interactive games such as Temple Escape and fruit ninja become popular; and when mobile Internet becomes popular, online games such as Wang Zhenghong begin to dominate; as for mobile AI today, mobile AI can be used. When the power began to rise, AR games like War Machine, which can use gyroscopes and AI computing, began to become popular again.


Changes in mobile technology often complement changes in the form of mobile games. A technological change may bring a trans-era change to the mobile game experience.

In a long micro blog recently released by the CEO of the mobile phone, Liu Zuohu, the development direction of a future hand tour is put forward.

One-plus-one mobile phone occupying high-frame game heights

Trying to figure out what it is.

The so-called frame rate, that is, the number of times the screen is refreshed in a second. 30 frames and 60 frames are often seen in the course of the game, meaning that the screen will be refreshed 30 or 60 times in a second. That is to say, the higher the frame rate, the smoother the game runs, from picture vision to interaction. What we often see in the bullet screen

Most of the time, due to the limitations of network speed and GPU, the frame rate of mobile game can only be kept at 40-50 frames. In order to achieve a higher frame rate, mobile phone manufacturers and game manufacturers need to work together to make software and hardware more closely coordinated from the bottom, so that game software can better call hardware resources. Because of R&D costs as a threshold, not every game and every mobile phone can enjoy high frame treatment.


It is possible for the players to know that the maximum enjoyment point in the game is the immersion of the simulated driving, for the fast-speed type of hand-to-hand tour of QQ. The increase in the number of frames is particularly important for such a game. The high number of frames will not only allow the player to take the lead in the game, but also as a good car, to the player.

In cooperation with Tencent, Yiga took the lead in introducing the 90Hz version of QQ flying car, which is the first 90Hz high frame racing hand tour in China. After several months of high frame technology debugging, users of one plus 7 Pro can feel the refresh rate of 90Hz high.

High Frame Game or Future Trends

The reason why Yijia mobile phone occupies the highland of high frame games is that through the development of high frame games, we can explore the infinite possibility of future game experience. That is to say, the forward-looking judgment of high frame games will be one of the important directions for the future development of mobile phone industry and hand parade industry.

So what kind of experience can a high-frame game bring?


The increase of frame number enables players to experience smoother game pictures and easier switching and sliding experience with their hands in the hand-swimming operation of speed race. It helps players achieve more difficult operation when they are in the process of bend drift and linear acceleration. The excellent performance of high frame speed hand swimming will inevitably lead game manufacturers to extend the high frame experience to other game types, such as MOBA games and so on. As more types of games break through the frame limit one by one, and move towards the direction of high frame games, users will feel the ease of high frame hand-swimming. As in the national competition jointly organized by Yiga and Tencent, the tournament schedule has attracted great attention of domestic players in less than a week. The number of participants exceeds 1.2 million, which meets the needs of users for a smoother experience of speeder swimming and has hit the user's pain point.

It can be said that the cooperation between Yiga and Tencent in the development of high-frame hand-tour and the holding of national competitions is precisely due to the importance attached to user experience, standing in the perspective of the future to see the overall situation, and promoting the high-frame transformation of the hand-parade industry.

The Qualities of a Sincere Work

Standing in the face of the unknown future, many people do not know how to do it. But Canada and Canada have already made preparations, made great efforts in their own products, and made some bold attempts.

One for this one.


At the same time, Yijia 7Pro carries the Miaolong 855 chip, which has powerful performance guarantee and can support you to perform various extreme operations like running in clouds and streams. In addition, with the UFS 3.0, dual speakers and Haptic vibration motor of Plus 7 Pro, the game experience of players is further improved.

Leading industry's high refresh rate screen, powerful processors, luxurious storage portfolio, etc., a plus 7 Pro tells gamers clearly that this is the quality of a high-end flagship should have.

Although mobile games are booming, they are always a subset of the mobile experience. Only by taking the user experience as a belief can we constantly improve the motivation of the mobile game experience. Yiga has always pursued a briskly and smooth user experience, even if the joint optimization of high-frame mobile games is not easy, Yiga also adheres to the end. Liu Zuohu also revealed on Weibo:

From the greedy snake on the black-and-white screen to the 90Hz version of QQ motorcycle on the fluid screen, technology is always running ahead. But unchanged, is the user's better pursuit of the game experience. One plus what we are doing now leads to the game experience changes brought about by high frame games, and brings users a new experience of high frame speed hand-swimming. In the process of pursuing technology, always remember to experience first, which reflects the self-cultivation of a leading mobile phone manufacturer.

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