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Today's headline created a full-line search engine Baidu's crisis has come?

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Wait, today's headline to be a search engine? Isn't there a big big factory and Baidu live gimmick?

In fact, as early as March of this year, the headline search has been quietly touched. It’s just a side announcement.

However, this side announcement has triggered the effect of a stone that has caused a thousand waves. In terms of knowing, this topic was quickly sent to the top of the digital hot list by the people who were eating melons.

Sure enough, everyone is very concerned about every powerful competitor of Baidu. . .

Since everyone cares so much about these two buddies, then the world will say something very interesting.

The two brothers, in the search engine, actually got up and took off. . .

Also in April of this year, Baidu sued today's headlines with unfair competition, demanding compensation of 90 million, and apologizing on its APP and website for 30 consecutive days.

The reason for the lawsuit is that the headline has stolen a lot of Baidu TOP1 search product results.

The headline, of course, is not good.

Backhand is also an unfair competition, claiming 90 million yuan from Baidu, and asking Baidu to apologize for 30 days on the homepage.

The reason for the lawsuit was Baidu's simple search, which stole the video on the vibrato.

Well, the headline search was just like a chicken jump in the test, and I still don't know how many wonderful things. It’s really exciting. . .

Pull back.

Today, Shichao has a headline today, so let everyone take a look at it. How do you do this headline search?

Enter the keyword directly in the search box on the Today Headline App and you can try it out.

The first keyword, Shichao chose a very popular and extensive "singing".

Known as the headline search of the whole network search, the first three pages of content are basically the contents of the system within the system.

The only content outside the station is actually 360 Encyclopedia. . .

Ok, let's go to Baidu and try again.

Said that this first screen is almost not an advertisement, too much?

To be honest, these two search results are not particularly satisfactory. . .

Try other keywords again.

Come to a public, but the relatively precise word "Tencent"~

The first one came out of the official website, praise.

In addition to the official website, there is only one interactive encyclopedia belonging to the headline. . . Say good network search? Do you search the contents of your own website?

And the point that makes Shichao almost spray rice is,Tencent - the first person in the relationship is actually Zhang Yiming (headline is the boss), the second is Ma Huateng.

Well, your boss is the best person to contact Tencent~

Then the third place is Ma Yun, maybe this sorting method is in no particular order.

Shi Chao, who was a little curious about this algorithm, also searched foro. This time, the relevant characters directly obscured the world.

I almost thought that I just searched for drops ==. . .

Forget it. . .

Look at the results of Baidu search "Tencent".


Although Baidu also has a lot of content in its own system, but in terms of the needs of the world, this time Baidu's search results I will be more satisfied.

Because it presents me with Tencent's strong related content: Tencent official website, Tencent Baidu Encyclopedia, Tencent enterprise information, Tencent Sports.

In contrast, the results of the headline search are less relevant.

the last one.

World Super selected a recent hot news: His Royal Highness Joe Piro.


Oh, as usual, it’s basically the headline.

However, in the display of this current news, the headline number has a lot of personal headlines. The same is true of “Where” and “Chengdu Rainstorm”.

Look at Baidu here. Similarly, about 90% of the latest relevant information in the second content block XXXX is the content of its own hundred.

The source of Baidu is basically a relatively complete number of news media, and there are also certifications. Ok, it feels more reliable.


The headline search engine will let everyone experience it here.

Summarize the current experience: no advertising; weak content relevance; insufficient content display outside the station, will give priority to display their own site content; on the display of current hot spots, the authoritative content is not enough;

However, the headline search engine is still a newborn, it still has a good search engine opportunity.

But for now, these two brothers are quite disappointing.

The original intention of users to use search engines is to quickly retrieve correct, high-quality information.

The relevance of a search result is not strong enough, and some of the results are not enough authoritative news. Another advertisement is more than a dog. . .

And whether it is today's headline "full network search", or Baidu, what they give priority is the content of their own products.

Don't shout slogans, ah! ! !


It is you who say that you want to do a full network search, and shout "Only you don't want to search, you can't find it" is also you. Most of the content that was last found is still only in its own system.

The slogan is so powerful,Shi Chao also thought that your goal would really be the sea of ​​stars. . .

Although the headline search engine is still under development, it seems that it is only an island in China Unicom's own system. I always feel that this product is probably used to give the headline its own content.

However, it is a good thing to have competition in the market. I hope that the headline search can be optimized, and finally it will be able to spray in the search market~

In the face of this competitor with traffic, technology, and money,Maybe Baidu is also a time to reflect on yourself.

Don't get a full-page ad search engine every day. . .

"The world is bitter Baidu has been a long time."

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