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Can headline search break through the "Baidu Fortress"?

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What are the advantages of Baidu in search?

There are countless pages on all the pages on the Internet.serverIn the search engine, the search engine wants to save these pages to its own server. This depends on the "crawler (web spider)": These crawlers will always send requests to the website they want to be discovered, and will get The pages exist on your own server.

Next, index the classified files, which requires keyword analysis and indexing of the crawled pages. When the user searches, the index page can be used to search for relevant pages in the server, and the search results are sorted in order by different weighting methods, and finally presented in front of the user.

It sounds simple, but in fact, when search engines face hundreds of millions of web pages, each search is a test of computing power. If you are interested in how search engines work, you can use the QR code below to view Google’s official "How Google Works" video. It takes only three minutes to get a rough idea of ​​the search engine.

Video in tubing

Baidu and Google have almost monopolized all the technology patents of the contemporary Internet search engine.

Some time ago, "Li Yanhong was an academician", the incident was soaring, although in the end, because the mass opposition was relatively big, it also confirmed Li Yanhong's outstanding ability in the professional field: As a rare technical CEO in the Internet field in China, Li Yanhong used to The search engine field creates ultra-precise search (ESP) technology and image search engine technology. The patent of "super-chain analysis" technology held by him is one of the important basic inventions in the field of modern search engines. This technology patent has laid the development trend and direction of the whole modern search engine to a certain extent.

Searching as Baidu's most important business, although Baidu is indeed a shame in recent years, but from the perspective of search technology, Baidu is indeed the best in China. Coupled with long-term market accumulation and its own unremitting efforts, Baidu's market share has dropped from 85% in the peak period to around 70%, and there is a further decline.

Why do headlines search?

Although the headline advertising revenues of these years have basically grown at the "rocket" level every year, the 50 billion goals in 2018 have been quite reluctant, and in the face of the 2019 headline revenue of 20 billion, Under the premise that the entire advertising industry is relatively tight, it is still quite difficult for the headline to complete the goal of overturning advertising revenue.

Therefore, the headline not only needs to stabilize the current position, but also needs to expand new advertising channels. The billion-dollar search engine market is indeed a good choice.

We take Baidu, a US listed company, as an example. According to Baidu’s earnings report for the Q1 quarter of 2019, Baidu’s total revenue for the quarter was 24.1 billion yuan, of which Baidu’s core business (Baidu Core, a combination of search services and transaction services) had revenue of 175. 100 million yuan. And such financial report data is Baidu's first loss since the Nasdaq listing in 2005, showing that Baidu has made some money in recent years.

In addition to money, the functions of search engines are gradually changing with the development of the Internet.

As one of the largest traffic portals in the desktop Internet era, the search engine served as a bridge between users and websites and advertisers. Both traffic and value are the center of the Internet; but with the rise of independent apps in the mobile Internet, The function of search engines is steadily weakened, and with the ever-closed ecology on the Internet, it is increasingly difficult to get useful resources from search engines with reptile technology as the core.

But on the other hand, the current search engine users have changed from the ignorant netizens in the past to the current "precise users". The user's search behavior is itself a precise positioning of their own needs. It is said that it is most needed, and it is also the channel that the middlemen of today are the most desired. Advertising for such users is often better.

For the bytebeat that covers the aspects of contemporary mobile Internet life, the search can be an excellent channel for the headline ecological content and advertising to the user in the short term, and can enrich the product line of the user; in the long run, if the headline search is successful That is, today's headline is another excellent source of advertising revenue.

Can headline search succeed?

As a newcomer who has just entered a profession with top giants and many competitors, the headline now wants to break through the encirclement of search veterans who are breaking through Baidu, Shenma, Sogou, 360 search, etc. It won't work.

The headline is also one of the more mature domestic manufacturers. CEO Zhang Yiming is also a technical background. In order to do the search, Wu Kai, who was hired in 2017 to search for 360, is technically well-prepared.

Today's headlines can be relied upon, or the core content and experience.

As one of the largest content providers in the field of contemporary Chinese Internet, today's headline "original" content will become the largest source of content for headline search. In fact, we also found that the content of the headline related content is very high in the use, and the results of related pages, pictures, videos, maps, encyclopedias and so on are very few.

This is quite similar to Baidu, which is now pushing the Baijia number, but it is more extreme than Baidu.

But this is not a thing that a full-net-level search engine should do. Search engines are an Internet-based service. It is very easy for users to be disgusted with the "involved private goods" of their own content. This is the case for Baidu users. Can be seen in the crusade. In addition, the word-of-mouth content is also very general, I do not know whether it can withstand the test of the market.

The current Internet is moving from open to closed, and the content of the major giants is to draw the ground for the prison, and each fights. This can also be seen in the headline search, the content of the outbound station is quite small.

If the content doesn't work, then you can only go through the experience. The core of the search engine experience is precision and advertising.

Headline is one of the largest advertising providers of the contemporary Internet, and headline search must be advertised. But if you really put the very straightforward advertisements on the headlines or vibrato directly into the headline search, it will definitely arouse the user's dislike. But advertising is basically the most important source of search engine revenue, and even Google is no exception.

So for the headline, how to weigh the content distribution, advertising and user experience becomes a very difficult thing. It is not excluded that the headline search just wants to be a complement in the headline eco-chain, but the headline search wants to go further, and even become the growth point of the company's advertising revenue, there are still many things to do.

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