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Thermal defects into focus Huawei MateBook X Pro notebook problems

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Huawei Mall

Huawei is also carrying the 5G trend and actively carrying out research and development work on 5G notebooks. Obviously, the future notebook industry will still be one of the key areas for Huawei to continue to exert its strength.

Yu Chengdong once sang the slogan “We must make the world's first product” in Huawei's internal executives. Among them, ambition and self-confidence can be seen. Huawei has indeed made world-leading achievements in many fields. However, it should be pointed out that Huawei's notebook industry, which has been involved in a short period of time, has also achieved rapid growth, but the product quality and product design problems that are constantly erupting are dying the user loyalty established by Huawei.

Thermal problems, graphics problems, loose touchpad problems, detailed workmanship problems, price issues... In the highly competitive notebook market, Huawei does not seem to meet consumer expectations, and it still has a long way to go. long.

Heat dissipation defects attract heat, Huawei notebooks are questioned

The heat dissipation defect of Huawei notebook has become one of the most criticized problems of consumers. MateBook series products, including MateBook 14, especially MateBook X Pro, have been damaged in heat dissipation, so Huawei notebooks have been questioned a lot of "immature" in cooling technology.

According to the product evaluations of the technology media represented by Bubble Network, Zhongguancun Online, Pacific Computer Network and many third-party evaluation agencies, the MateBook 14 and MateBook X under Huawei notebooks are only designed to be single.fanFor notebook products that rely heavily on good heat dissipation, such a design obviously affects the consumer experience and product performance directly. It is also questioning whether Huawei's core R&D capabilities in notebook products are flawed. .

In addition, according to the feedback from consumers and some evaluation agencies, the heat source of the MateBook notebook is not good. The hot spot of the notebook uses the position of the high-frequency WASD button on the keyboard, and the heat is also transmitted to the palm rest position for a long time. High-frequency use of the notebook will make the user's experience very bad; in addition, some netizens have mentioned that MateBook X Pro, MateBook 13 and other products have encountered "simple match", MateBook X Pro only has "independent version" to enjoy double copper tube "Set display version" only has a poor single copper tube single fan, which also directly affects the thermal performance of this Huawei notebook.

People who use laptops or who like to play games may know that the heat dissipation problem of a notebook seems to be a trivial matter, but the heat dissipation problem has a huge impact on the overall performance of the notebook. Long ago, Huawei notebook users posted in Huawei's official pollen club, saying that Huawei's new notebooks had 15 blue screens in half a month. The high blue screen frequency was blamed by many people for heat dissipation.

In Huawei's official pollen club platform, there are still a lot of questions about Huawei's notebook cooling problem.

"MateBook X Pro is a good machine, but the thermal design problem is too serious."

"Sunday's hand, today toss the system and software. The other is very good, the screen is also good, the keyboard feels good, this is also a problem with the thermal design. I also look at the web page, look at the document, CPU The usage rate has been below 10%, but the keyboard has reached a hot state, which is 50 to 60 degrees, which is still used lightly. My hair is the one with the least amount of heat, not alone, or integrated graphics. If you play the game, you are very worried about whether the machine can withstand the test. Short-term typing is uncomfortable, don't say long-term typing, put your finger on the keyboard, as long as more than 5 seconds have a burning tingling, can be fried for a long timeegg"".

"This (heat dissipation problem) is really unbearable, I hope the product manager carefully checks the heat dissipation design of this machine. The CPU usage is about 10%."

"I bought the Huawei MateBook X Pro for ten days, opened several windows in the Chrome browser, and put QQ music at the same time. The back is hot, and some people have the same heat problem? Is there a solution?"

"Like you, I feel that notebook cooling is a bug. It is suitable for cooking while cooking. Maybe you can listen to a song, and the eggs are all done."

These are some typical questions about the cooling problem of Huawei notebooks. In addition, there are many discussions on the heat dissipation problem of Huawei notebooks in external forums and some question and answer platforms. For example, in the knowledge, a question and answer post titled "How to evaluate the thermal design of Huawei Matebook X Pro?" has more than 300,000 page views, and there are also many interpretations and questions about its heat dissipation defects.

In addition to heat dissipation, HuaweiMateBook X ProThere are more questions

The problem with Huawei notebooks is continuing to ferment, especially on the Huawei MateBook X Pro. In addition to the heat issue, it has suffered more and more doubts. One of the most controversial issues is the "disinfected version of the graphics card" problem in this model notebook.

The technology blogger "Time Machine" once said in his own content, "MateBook X Pro 2019 new MX250 graphics card is a residual blood version, the highest power is only 10W, and Huawei's official mall has not made an annotation." In the Huawei Pollen Club, a large number of consumers have launched a wide-ranging discussion around the MateBook X Pro's “Breathing Graphics Card” issue. Some of them questioned that the MateBook X Pro's blood-stained version is actually a “castration version”. The performance of its graphics card is not even the same as the MX150 of the previous generation. MateBook X Pro is obviously "insufficiency" in product design.

In addition, Huawei notebooks have long had the problem of “loose touchpad”. This issue also has a lot of questions and discussions in major online forums, question and answer platforms and Huawei pollen clubs. It should be pointed out that the touchpad is loose. It covers almost all Huawei notebook products including Huawei MateBook 14, MateBook D, and high-end MateBook X Pro.

There is still an additional mention of the MateBook X Pro, which is the benchmark for Huawei.appleMacBookPro,DellXPS 13 andThinkPadX1 Carbon's high-end notebook products, priced at up to 7,700 yuan +, but this product has been questioned by various issues, which can not help consumers feel a strong contrast.

Huawei notebooks with many heat-dissipation defects and hard injuries need to pay more attention to the cultivation of their own internal power. After all, there are already many consumers who have expressed doubts about their products. In the future, Huawei will only continue to focus on product quality and technical strength to truly stabilize the industry position in the notebook market.

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