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(11 hr ago) Atom is rarely mentioned nowadays, but it has been active in the field of low power consumption, and its products use two classic brands, Pentium and Celeron. According to the roadmap, Intel has planned Elkhart lake and Jasper lake, two low-power new products. Now the former has been sold by Chinese manufacturers.
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(12 hr ago) Thanks to Luke delivery iPad limited supply in China in the first quarter of this year ,Huawei replaced Apple as the best selling iPad brand. Sales by almost all tablet makers have been hit during national coronavirus foot bans, due to supply restrictions combined with plant closures and reduced buying opportunities due to store closures.
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(15 hr ago) Meituan has become the third Internet company with a market value of more than 100 billion US dollars in China. Last night, meituan commented on the first quarter's earnings report, which turned profit into loss. But today, the company's share price went all the way up, breaking through HK $134, and its market value broke through US $100 billion.
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(15 hr ago) According to CCTV, after nearly 13 hours of hard work, six members of the road repair team of the 2020 Everest height survey mountaineering team have successfully climbed Everest and paved the safety line to the summit. 13. The six "strikers" are: Dorje CIREN, Danzeng lop, dunba, seren lop, zhaxigongbu and Dorje.
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(18 hr ago) Fast technology with the development of AI, big data, Internet of things, driverless and other emerging technologies, FPGA has won more incremental markets with its flexibility and reconfigurability. 2019 can be said to be a fruitful year for FPGA enterprises. In 2019, Shanghai Anlu technology has achieved the goal of tripling its performance, which is close to the market scale of billion yuan.
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(18 hr ago) A steel box girder with a length of 10.6 meters, a height of 4.79 meters, a width of 32.2 meters and a weight of about 592.1 tons was successfully built on the 26th of the bream Island Yangtze River Bridge on the Anqing Jiujiang railway. The railway bridge connecting Hubei Province and Jiangxi Province is the first cross cable-stayed bridge in China. It is also the first time that the structure has been applied in the world's high-speed railway lines with a speed of 350 kilometers per hour.
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(1 day ago) (original title: great change! The 10 trillion giant has invested 130 billion in R & D and car building! We also have 500 employees from Tesla and Ford, and Apple's auto factory may be located in China?) ԡԡԡԡ 和和和和和和和和和和和和.
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(1 day ago) Recently, it is reported that Chinese scientists have discovered a plant species that has been evaluated as extinct in the wild - Cuckoo Kulu! Kulu Rhododendron was found in 1929, but it is very rare in the past hundred years. The Chinese digital herbarium only recorded the "suspected Kulu Rhododendron" from Luoji Mountain, Puge County, Liangshan Prefecture, Sichuan Province in 2008, and then it was evaluated as extinct in the field in 2013.
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(1 day ago) On May 26, according to phone arena, Motorola is about to release a new generation of Razr foldable mobile phones (hereinafter referred to as Motorola Razr 2 temporarily). It is reported that the Razr 2 of Motorola is equipped with Qualcomm snapdragon 765G mobile platform, which supports 5g network. This is the first foldable mobile phone of Motorola that supports 5g, which makes up for the short board of the previous generation (the Razr of Motorola is equipped with snapdragon 710 middle end platform).
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(1 day ago) In 2016, China's Mars exploration mission was officially approved. It is planned to carry out Mars exploration independently for the first time in 2020, the year when the 13th five year plan ends. According to the official news of Aerospace Science and technology group, at present, China is advancing the major project of "tianwen-1" Mars exploration as planned. In July this year, the long March-5 carrier rocket will launch a Mars probe.
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(1 day ago) In 2016, China's Mars exploration mission was officially approved. It is planned to carry out Mars exploration independently for the first time in 2020, the year when the 13th five year plan ends. 13 according to the official news of Aerospace Science and technology group, China is currently promoting the major project of "tianwen-1" Mars exploration as planned. In July this year, the long March-5 launch vehicle will launch a Mars probe.
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(1 day ago) According to the civil aviation resources network, on May 25, the COMAC C919, numbered b-001c, completed the ground crosswind test on May 24, leaving Xilinhot airport for another transfer. According to reports, the purpose of the cross wind test of C919 aircraft is to verify the operation envelope of the aircraft cross wind.
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(2 day ago) According to a U.S. federal court document, a software engineer from China, Baoke Zhang, was charged with filing a loan application targeting more than $1.5 million by falsifying corporate information, the Seattle Times reported.
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(2 day ago) Sometimes it's really hard to predict. When you thought the coffee would be "drunk" in woolly fashion, muddy waters reported negative results, and the company's share price plunged from $26.2 to just $427.
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(3 day ago) On the 22nd of next month, Apple will hold the WWDC developer conference. There is no doubt that IOS 14 operating system will be the absolute protagonist of this event. Maybe we can see iPad, macbook and other product updates. 13. Some attentive readers may have noticed that many features of IOS 14 have been exposed in fact. Although Apple's confidentiality work is becoming more and more inadequate, there are still some differences in the exposure and content.
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(3 day ago) In the early morning of May 23, the U.S. Department of Commerce announced that it would impose "economic sanctions" on 33 Chinese science and technology companies, scientific research institutions and individuals, and collectively put them on the "entity list". Looking at this new batch of 33 Chinese institutions listed on the list, I suddenly remembered that in June 2017, the Guizhou big data summit, Robin Li and Ma Yun China had a confrontation in parallel forum.
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(3 day ago) The Chinese research team has once again taken an important step in the research and development of new coronavirus vaccine. On the evening of May 22, the lancet, an international academic journal, published online a new coronavirus vaccine developed by Chen Wei, academician of the Chinese Academy of engineering.
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(3 day ago) Sanjiangyuan National Park will become the first national park in China by the end of this year, according to CCTV. The Sanjiangyuan region is located in the southern part of Qinghai Province, with an average elevation of 3500~4800 meters. It is the hinterland of the roof —— Qinghai-Tibet Plateau.
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(3 day ago) The research on new coronavirus vaccine has become a major event for researchers all over the world. The vaccine developed in Oxford, UK, has basically failed. The first adenovirus vaccine developed in China has just had good news. The lancet just announced that the vaccine developed by academician Chen Wei's team is safe and effective.
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(3 day ago) On the evening of May 22, Alibaba group released its financial year 2020 results. Alibaba cloud's annual revenue exceeded 40 billion yuan, a 62% jump over the previous year's revenue of 24.7 billion yuan. The strong performance pushed Alibaba cloud's valuation up to 77 billion dollars.
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(3 day ago) On the morning of May 23, the Commerce Department announced that a total of 33 Chinese companies and institutions would be included in the "physical list ", including Beijing Computer Science Research Center, Qihu 360, Jiehui Chuang (Hong Kong) Technology Co., Ltd., Harbin University of Technology, Harbin Engineering University, Yun Cong Technology and other scientific and technological enterprises / institutions.
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(4 day ago) Chen Yuxi, a surging journalist, reported comprehensively that Jia Yueting May 22, according to Jia Yueting's debt processing team, after seven months of application, negotiation, voting and court confirmation, the personal bankruptcy and reorganization case of the concerned founder of Faraday future (FF) and cpuo Jia Yueting (YT) was in Los Angeles on May 21, local time At the hearing held on June, it was finally confirmed and approved by the bankruptcy and reorganization court of the Central District of California and entered into the effective process, which is expected to take effect in early June.
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(5 day ago) During the two sessions this year, Li Dongsheng, deputy chairman of the National People's Congress, vice chairman of the All-China Federation of Industry and Commerce, TCL founder and chairman, told reporters that he had brought a proposal on globalization suggesting that the country adapt to changes in the global economic landscape, adapt to changes in the rules of future economic globalization, and take early targeted measures to support the globalization of Chinese enterprises.
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(5 day ago) Let's start with a story. A friend of mine lives in the countryside: after his parents got married, he was given two shares of land (more than 3 MU) in the 1980s when he "contracted production to the household". His parents gave birth to two daughters and one man (the youngest). Now his two sisters are married, and he has become a family and a son.
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(5 day ago) When the Chinese began to discuss when to remove the mask, the United States finally admitted that wearing the mask can protect against the new coronavirus. 13. There are more than 1.5 million people infected with new coronavirus pneumonia in the United States, the most serious of which is New York state. Governor Como of the state said at the epidemic briefing today that wearing masks is really useful, because the infection rate of front-line medical staff is lower than that of ordinary people, and the key is that they wear masks.
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(5 day ago) Hello everyone, I am a new member —— the AI synthetic anchor family. Neat hair, blue dress ," new small micro "sitting in front of the news desk to speak seriously. AI composite anchorman is no longer unusual, but can move around, make gestures, change the D version of the anchor ," New Micro "is the first in the world.
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(5 day ago) According to Yang Changfeng, chief designer of China Beidou satellite navigation system engineering, at present, more than 70% of the smart phones in China have access to the Internet to support Beidou Positioning and navigation services, while in the world, more than half of the countries have access to Beidou system, and can enjoy Beidou services in any corner of the earth in the future.
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(5 day ago) On May 21, alltechasia, a foreign media, announced on social networking site that at present, Kirkland & Ellis, a law firm appointed by Ruixing coffee special committee, represented Cartesian capital, the founder of Tim Hortons, in Tencent's recent investment in tim hortons China project.
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