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(13 min ago) Recently, there is a feedback from millet bracelet that when Alipay is bound, it always stays stuck in a fixed percentage, for example, 31%. In this regard, this afternoon, Xiaomi Bracelet answered on Weibo. The official said that after some solutions, the user was finally allowed to record the picture when binding, and finally found the answer: other operations were carried out in the binding process.
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(49 min ago) On the afternoon of april 3rd, xiaomi's 10th anniversary rice noodle festival will be held online. This will bring 22 new products, of which there are 2 new products on tv: xiaomi tv 4 A 60 inch, xiaomi full screen tv Pro 75 inch ,1999 yuan ,5999 yuan respectively.
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(3 hr ago) Xiaomi has products sunscreen clothing april 3 news, millet has products crowdfunding today on the shelves of a su-pai full-band high index ice cool breathable sunscreen clothing, using patented sunscreen fabric, UPF≥600, retail price 249 yuan, crowdfunding price only 179 yuan.
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(17 hr ago) The release of less than five months before the official delisting of Xiaomi CC9Pro, but its significance is extraordinary, the first attempt to mass-produce 100 million pixel lens, especially the luxury version with 121 points to the top DxOMark photo ranking first, and in Xiaomi 10 Pro to carry forward.
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(21 hr ago) Wen / Qingsong editor / Shuisheng source: wired insight (ID: lxinsight) in 2019, Xiaomi and Huawei became the only enterprises in the domestic mobile phone industry to be listed in the top 500 in the world.
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(22 hr ago) 2019 is a good year for Xiaomi group - 2020, Xiaomi forge ahead! 13 editor's note: This article is from "Eide securities and futures", the author of which is the research department of Eide securities and futures, and 36 krypton is authorized to issue.
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(1 day ago) April 2 news, millet 10 / millet 10 Pro push system update, this upgrade in camera, network, system many aspects have been greatly improved. 13. The most recommended new function is the camera. The new video super anti shake pro and 8K movie mode add to the level of Xiaomi 10 series.
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(1 day ago) Photo source @ Vision China cultural and consumer finance on the evening of March 31, Xiaomi group disclosed its full year 2019 performance announcement. Although in recent years, Xiaomi has taken frequent actions in financial business, it is obvious that in the annual report, Xiaomi chose to keep "Xiaomi finance" low profile.
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(1 day ago) On the evening of april 1, a friend asked ," how much ecological impact can xiaomi have on giving up the tablet market ?" Li Chuangqi, certified senior product director of Xiaomi, denied that Xiaomi had not abandoned the tablet market.
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(1 day ago) Visits: Xiaomi launched the Xiaomi tablet 4 in June 2018, followed by the Xiaomi tablet 4 Plus., according to information on its products Both tablets are entertainment-oriented, with a screen size of 8 inches for the Xiaomi tablet 4 and 10.1 inches for the Plus version.
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(1 day ago) Photo source: @ visual China, the Internet circles, and author Lu, a week ago, spent the last half of his life announcing his next trip on his WeChat official account, Luo Yonghao, with live goods.
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(1 day ago) photo source @ visual china table exterior (ID:excel-ers), author zhou xiao (senior researcher), editor Reno, data support insight data institute march 31 evening, xiaomi released 2019 Q4 earnings.
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(1 day ago) After carrying Xiaomi Juneng's handwriting pen, Naixue's tea drink, crawfish and other products, Luo Yonghao's live broadcast of Xiaomi 10 / 10 Pro mobile phone, which starts at 3999 and 4999 yuan, has no price reduction, but there are two gifts and 50W yuan of red packets.
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(1 day ago) April 1 evening news ,8 pm, luo yonghao live with the goods in the first show in the shaking sound, live with luo yonghao, as well as the former vice president of hammer technology products zhu xiaomu. Before the broadcast, Lao Luo first opened the reward, as of 8 pm live broadcast officially began, the reward reached 528000 sound waves (75000 yuan ,1 yuan 7 sound waves,) watching 752000.
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(1 day ago) Tonight, Luo Yonghao welcomed the tiktok live show. After introducing a series of products such as Xiaomi Unisex pen, Naixue's tea, xinliangji crawfish, stone robot, Bilang washing beads, Xiaomi 10 and Xiaomi 10 Pro came on the stage as promised. 13. One year after leaving the mobile phone industry, Lao Luo said frankly that Xiaomi 10 is very powerful in configuration and has been unfamiliar with some components and specifications, which also confirms the high-speed development of Xiaomi 10.
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(1 day ago) Tiktok, Luo Yonghao started the first live broadcast of his life in the morning. After introducing a series of products such as Xiaomi neutral pen, Naixue's tea, xinliangji crayfish, stone robot and Bilang laundry bead, Xiaomi 10 and Xiaomi 10 Pro finally appeared.
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(1 day ago) At 8 tonight, Luo Yonghao opened a new business in the tiktok. 13. Lao Luo is still that Lao Luo. Unexpectedly, Zhu Xiaomu, the No. 001 employee who Lao Luo started his business with hammer, also appeared together.
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(1 day ago) Visits: Xiaomi Youpin in early 2019, Xiaomi chairman Lei Jun announced at the annual meeting, Xiaomi officially launched the "mobile phone AIoT" dual engine strategy. And a year later, IoT business has accounted for 30% of Xiaomi's revenue. In terms of domestic and foreign market performance, Xiaomi's overseas market revenue accounted for 44.3 percent in 2019, and 46.8 percent in the fourth quarter of 2019.
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(1 day ago) Under the "black swan" of the fast science and technology epidemic situation, ushered in the new situation and the new challenge this year, everybody is making own transformation. Whether it is the hot field of live broadcast, or individuals or enterprises in their own practice to have a new understanding and understanding of live broadcast, are natural things.
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(1 day ago) On the afternoon of April 1, Xiaomi TV released a notice that among the 22 new products released on April 3, there will be new Xiaomi TV products. 13. Netizens commented: "98 inch millet is coming?" "Do you want to go back to red rice?" The 98 inch redmi smart TV Max just released two days ago costs 19999 yuan, and will be officially launched on April 9.
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(1 day ago) Article / financial report company source: financial report company (ID: caibokangongsi 2018) it's time to make a change. 13. On February 13, 2020, Lei Jun gave a two-hour speech to the invisible audience in an open venue. This special online conference has an unusual significance for Xiaomi, which launched the first cell phone that officially hit the high-end market. The price of Xiaomi 10 starts from 3999 yuan.
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(2 day ago) Today is April Fool's Day, Redmi product director Wang Teng made a joke, revealed Xiaomi 6 classic copy. Xiaomi 6 classic copy version uses 5.99 inch 2 K Samsung 90 Hz hypersensitive screen, carries Qualcomm Celldragon 865 flagship platform, supports SA、NSA dual mode 5 G, equipped with 12 memory 256 GB storage, rear 100 million pixel, supports OIS optical anti-shake, battery capacity 4070 mAh, supports 65 flash charge.
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(2 day ago) According to the IDC global wearable intelligent device market report from 2014 to 2019, the total global shipments of Xiaomi wearable devices exceeded 100 million! Last month, IDC released the latest report on the global wearable market in 2019. According to the report, Xiaomi became the second largest intelligent wearable brand in the world and the first in China in 2019.
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(2 day ago) On April 1, Xiaomi family official announced that go 2.0 of Xiaomi store was officially launched! ԡ millet store go 2.0 has three new functions: ԡ 1. One click order for new home appliances; 2. Exclusive gift package for new users of millet account; and 3. New applet entry - millet Lite.
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(2 day ago) Before pocpococopenpocohone F1 ԡԡ ԡ.
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(2 day ago) Previously, XDA developers found in MIUI camera code that redmi K30 Pro will be launched as millet poco brand in India. The industry guessed that redmi K30 Pro might be poco F2. On April 1, according to mysmartprice, C Manmohan, general manager of millet poco brand in India, revealed at an online fan meeting that redmi K30 Pro is not millet poco F2
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(2 day ago) Xiaomi Group announced its performance for the whole of 2019, with various businesses rising against the trend, exceeding market expectations, with total annual revenue exceeding 200 billion, reaching 205.8 billion yuan, an increase of 17.7 percent over the same period last year; adjusted net profit of 11.5 billion yuan, an increase of 34.8 percent over the same period last year.
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(2 day ago) Recently, Xiaomi India announced that the price of mobile phones in India will rise from April 1, affected by the rise of consumption tax and depreciation of Rupee. 13) Xiaomi said that since April 1, the consumption tax of India's smartphone industry has increased from 12% to 18%, and the tax amount of one mobile phone has increased by 50%. In addition, the exchange rate of Rupee against the US dollar has also declined significantly. Because the profit margin of Xiaomi's hardware is less than 5%, there is no other way but to be forced to increase the price.
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(2 day ago) Interview: Xiaomi Youpin is the main content of this conference call: reporter: Hello. First of all, I'd like to ask you that we've just heard from our CFO President Zhou that our cash reserves have reached 60 billion yuan and our total assets have exceeded 80 billion yuan.
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(2 day ago) On March 31, Xiaomi group announced its fourth quarter and full year performance in 2019, of which the fourth quarter revenue was 56.5 billion yuan, a year-on-year increase of 27.1%, a new high of Xiaomi's quarterly revenue; the total revenue for the first time exceeded 200 billion yuan, reaching 205.8 billion yuan, a year-on-year increase of 17.7%.
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