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(3 hr ago) According to foreign media reports, Amazon has opened up a new front in the battle to dominate the field of digital entertainment, and is investing hundreds of millions of dollars to become a leading video game developer and publisher.
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(20 hr ago) Intel's 10th generation of core h high-performance mobile processor and NVIDIA's new generation of mobile graphics card have been released at the same time. The game book has also begun to be updated. Various brands have announced new products. Lenovo's Legion savior series is one of the more special ones.
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(21 hr ago) Xbox Series X will be on sale by the end of this year, but so far we haven't seen more games released except halo: infinity and hell blade 2. Yet in IGN interview, Xbox director Phil Spencer said the situation will soon change and we will focus more on the game lineup in the future when we announce new hosts.
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(21 hr ago) With the official launch of iPad Pro 2020 with lidar radar laser scanner, augmented reality (AR) has once again become the focus of hot discussion. This technology, which integrates virtual information and real world, has further opened the gap between the device and reality, and also made the two achieve the effect of instant interaction. In recent years, AR Technology is also widely used in education, information acquisition, entertainment and other fields.
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(23 hr ago) While Intel released the 10th generation core H Series High-Performance notebook processor, as the standard configuration of Intel game book, NVIDIA graphics card has also been upgraded throughout the line, especially the super versions of RTX 2080 super and RTX 2070 super. The highly praised max-q technology has also been enhanced and upgraded, with stronger performance.
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(23 hr ago) Today, Razer officially released the 2020 model blade 15 game book, which is new from the inside to the outside. It not only has the latest hardware from Intel and NVIDIA, but also has made detailed adjustments to the chassis design to make it more portable. 13. There are 2 new models in 2020 model year lingblade 15 game book
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(23 hr ago) Visit the purchase page: Lenovo, the official flagship store of Lenovo, today officially announced two new products, Legion 7I and Legion 5I. It is the successor of Legion y740 and Legion y540.
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(1 day ago) We have previously reported that a number of game developers praised the PS5 as the most revolutionary home console. According to gamingbolt, the developers of quantum League recently expressed their appreciation for ps5, especially the SSD. Let's get to know about it.
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(1 day ago) Many netizens have said that playing the game under win10 will be better in win7. On the one hand, it's determined by your computer hardware. On the other hand, it's also related to the game version. Generally speaking, the new game will be more compatible with win10.
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(1 day ago) Challenging yadali Games has always been deepmind's research routine. On March 31 local time, the world's most watched AI company announced the latest progress of the challenge on its official blog: Surpassing human beings in 57 yadali games for the first time in this field.
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(2 day ago) One of the special features of AMD is its embrace of open source, freesync, Vulkan There are many such examples. 13. Unexpectedly, the Intel open source driver R & D team also benefited from this. Jason ekstrand, a member of the team, optimized the Intel linux driver code on March 29 with the help of the ACO compiler cooperated by AMD and valve
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(2 day ago) March 31 news: Asustek Tianxuan game book is on sale today, with 144hz IPS electronic competitive screen, a new generation of sharp dragon 7 standard pressure processor, RTX 2060 and GTX 1660ti two video card configurations available, with prices of 6599 yuan and 6299 yuan respectively.
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(2 day ago) Today, wechat games are officially connected to the health system. The small game platform will help parents plan the game time of minors more reasonably and help them grow up healthily through the unified real name authentication function and the ability of time limit and payment limit for minors.
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(3 day ago) Gamelook report / for a game, the game world is an important part of creating a sense of immersion, but how can you make your world view more realistic? Kate Edwards, former director of igda and founder of geogrify, gave six methods in her plan B project speech: cultural is often referred to as the process of customizing games according to specific culture in addition to language translation.
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(3 day ago) Last September, NVIDIA and Microsoft jointly announced that "my world" game will be upgraded to support NVIDIA RTX ray tracing technology, and will be pushed for free sometime in 2020. Today, NVIDIA released my world's first experience edition, which gives players a glimpse of the magical effect of the combination of the world's hottest games and ray tracing technology.
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(4 day ago) By default, if you are a user of NVIDIA GPU, there must be NVIDIA geforce experience installed on the PC, but for most users, have you carefully understood this program? Users can switch between NVIDIA studio driver and NVIDIA game replay driver through NVIDIA geforce experience
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(4 day ago) The Netease game, which ranks among the top 10* in global game revenue, has chosen to AWS accelerate global market development, Amazon Web Services,Inc. announced today.
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(4 day ago) More and more people have to stay at home under the PC Game epidemic, which also makes the number of steam online players reach a new high, which has exceeded 230000 yesterday. Now the problem is coming. So many people live at home. What games do you play? According to valve, from March 23 to March 29, 2020, the game with the highest sales volume of steam game platform is the shooting game "destroyer:
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(4 day ago) Marcin momot, the community manager of cdpr, tweeted in praise of the homegrown game "ancient sword 3" and said, "I can't stop this game at all!". In the comment area, when a Chinese player interacts with him with a screenshot of his microblog, he even replies in Chinese, "I also like their game!"; (in fact, the manager has long praised various Chinese Game TV plays on twitter, and tweeted two years ago that he wanted to play "the legend of the Xiake" (finally linked to the Phoenix game of the publisher)
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(6 day ago) The country's first game phone creator, black shark technology, recently launched its new flagship, tencent black shark game mobile phone 3 and tencent black shark game mobile phone 3 Pro two models. On March 27, the two games were sold at JingDong, which won 3.27 sales of the game's mobile phone category
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(6 day ago) The epidemic affected the office efficiency of many enterprises, but it was only temporary. 13. According to foreign media reports, the follow-up development of Microsoft Flight Simulator, a game masterpiece, has been back on track since this month, and the development team has brought updates including function discovery series and development roadmap.
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(7 day ago) The shortest distance between two points of branch is a straight line, but this line is not the most interesting in most cases. Unless you provide the player with a choice of detours from time to time, the player will feel like a bystander and can only move in the same direction even if he makes some detours in the middle.
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(7 day ago) On the evening of march 26, nintendo suddenly released a 30-minute video of the mini face-to-face meeting, introducing a number of games that are about to land on Switch platform in the first half of the year, and announcing "gather !" Animal Sen Friends "," fitness ring adventure "and other game updates.
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(7 day ago) On March 27, Tencent game signed a memorandum of strategic cooperation with Huawei, announcing the establishment of a joint innovation laboratory, which uses the powerful computing power of Huawei Kunpeng processor to jointly build gamematrix cloud game platform, and conducts technical exploration and innovation practice in game engine, cutting-edge technology (AI / VR / AR) and other game fields.
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(7 day ago) Ign gave a final evaluation of 9 points for "destroyer: Eternity". Before that, ign scored 9 points and 8 points respectively for single player mode and multiplayer mode. Let's have a look. score: 9 points amazing whether you are a new player or an old fan of destroyer, the performance of Destroyer: eternity will definitely bring you fun.
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(7 day ago) The default recently, HyperX Cloud headset series ushered in a new member ——HyperX Cloud Alpha S alpha enhanced version of the game headset (obsidian black).
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(7 day ago) Article / elk source: yuyanjiayoubao not long ago, the game live platform, douyu, launched its own cloud game platform, and put dozens of mobile games and end games on the shelf. Without downloading, players can play end games such as dota2 and world of Warcraft on douyu, as well as hand games such as King glory and peace elite.
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(8 day ago) Remember the happiest time in computer class? In addition to the next table students handed over the U disk with empire times, those small games originally installed in the computer are the biggest "source of happiness".
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(8 day ago) After mark Cerny, the chief architect, introduced the hardware specifications of ps5 in depth last week, everyone was disappointed because the content was too professional for developers, and there was no function or performance introduction link that players were interested in. However, a Sony patent recently exposed may reveal the upcoming new function of ps5 - second into the game.
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(8 day ago) The game studio dynamic voltage Games said that they are ready to display an exclusive Xbox series X work with a picture specification of up to 4K @ 120fps, making it the first console game to reach this specification on the market.
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