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(2 hr ago) Compared with the mx250, the performance of the new generation of mx350 is significantly improved, not the vest like upgrade of mx250 and mx150. From the perspective of gpu-z information retrieval, the mx350 adopts a new gp107 core, and doubles the number of stream processors, so as to effectively improve the graphics performance.
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(5 hr ago) Wen / Xu Yiwen source: zinc Finance (ID: xincaijing) when primary school students put down their mobile phones to go to school in the sun on Monday morning, they didn't know their backyard was on fire. On May 25, a representative of the two sessions proposed to establish a grading system for online games, and implement the supervision and grading of minors' time period and duration of online games through face recognition and other technologies to prevent teenagers from addicting to online games.
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(11 hr ago) Prior to the PS5, microsoft publicly said it would provide exclusive access to games for current generations of Xbox One and Xbox Series X new hosts, such as halo: infinity, and its first-party work would provide at least one year of usability for both generations of platforms.
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(1 day ago) With the change of the times ,61 International Children's Day is also gradually given different meanings, many couples will also give gifts to each other in International Children's Day to express their love for each other, after all, who is not a baby? So this year June 1 International Children's Day, everyone to their own "baby prepared what gifts? A small editor to recommend a ROG prism white limit! Amazing face, perfect gift as a gift, face value must be very important.
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(1 day ago) According to the latest financial report, the cumulative sales volume of the wizard trilogy series has exceeded 50 million. 13. In 2017, the number was 33 million, and 17 million were sold again in less than three years.
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(1 day ago) Recently, Microsoft confirmed that the Xbox series X will be able to run thousands of games, including the original Xbox, at the beginning of its release. Not only that, Microsoft said, these works will run with the highest quality and give full play to their functions.
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(1 day ago) Article / technology crab source: Xie Pu notes (ID: jiaxinwen360) this article attempts to answer three questions: 1. What factors drive the market value of meituan to exceed $100 billion? ԡ 2. Behind the bright market value, there are also many crises. What serious challenges will meituan face in 2020? ԡ 3. Local life seems like a long war, can meituan support it? I. The price of take out increased during the epidemic period
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(1 day ago) After five years of internal testing, Tencent will finally "Tianya Mingyue mobile phone game" to the market, and before this summer will usher in the ultimate test "Tianya Mingyue Dao OL》 is Tencent's Northern Lights studio using Tencent's own R & D engine to produce an online game, its adaptation of the ancient dragon's novel" Tianya Mingyue Dao ", and the system design of Tianya mobile game, the basic reference to the end game model.
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(1 day ago) Microsoft Xbox series X , for those who are worried about Xbox series X, now they can buy it without worry.
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(2 day ago) Jason Ronald, director of Xbox series X project management, announced a new blog on the official website today, confirming that Xbox series X will be downward compatible with thousands of games from Xbox, Xbox 360 and Xbox one platforms when it launches.
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(2 day ago) By default, he came, he came, he came with the gift! Once a year, hyperx Jingdong 618 promotion is full of sincerity, with a limited time discount of 4.6% for the whole show. You can buy a specified product and send a limited amount of game mouse, participate in store interaction and divide up millions of Jingdou, participate in fan interaction and win over Huawei's P40 5g Mobile phone, and participate in store card collection and win over Apple's homepod intelligent audio.
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(2 day ago) Compare Intel's i9-10900k and AMD's ryzen3-3300x13 ԡ. Generally, when benchmark the processor, you will check some models with similar specifications or the same price to compare, so as to understand the differences between them.
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(2 day ago) Default For gamers, it's very easy to buy a game book with excellent performance and extremely high cost performance, because with the continuous innovation of AMD sharp dragon 4000 standard pressure mobile processor products equipped with 7Nm technology, a-fans will usher in a new amd feast with a smoother game experience. Among them, Asustek Tianxuan game book and Lenovo Savior r7000 The two products in 2020 are particularly striking
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(2 day ago) Now MICROSTAR's b460m mortar motherboard is officially on sale, with a price of only 899 yuan. It lacks the most powerful 14 phase power supply of the same level. It is as luxurious as the z490 motherboard. There are also the first preferential activities of returning 50 yuan e-card and $10 voucher of steam platform.
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(2 day ago) Recently, Acer's new generation of Shadow Knight was released, named Shadow Knight Qing, carrying the 10th generation Intel Core processor ,144 hz 3ms screen, four zones RGB backlight full keyboard. We've got this laptop for fast tech, and here's a reward.
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(2 day ago) At present, the steam version can almost let domestic players play Global Games, but there has been a rumor that V society has launched a Chinese version of steam, which is heard to be a local version of the client locked and audited. 13. According to foreign media recently According to the report, the steam update includes an alpha test version of steam China, which shows some differences between the Chinese version and the international version of the Steam client.
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(2 day ago) Thanks to the delivery of snake eye finance, according to Reuters, Netease plans to go public again in Hong Kong on June 11 and is expected to raise up to $3 billion. Netease plans to go public on the Hong Kong stock exchange for the second time, which has a lot to do with the change of capital market environment. After the event of Ruixing financial fraud triggered the trust crisis of China equity market, NASDAQ Stock Exchange of the United States revised the listing rules, raised the listing threshold, and increased the supervision and punishment.
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(2 day ago) The resource integration of Google search and Youtube may just be the prelude to the coordination and promotion of Google's larger cross service. Recently, some netizens revealed that Google added a "watch others play" area on the app list page of play app mall, which will display the live youtube and video content of the game.
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(3 day ago) Samsung solid state drive QLC flash SSD ԡ ԡ. However, the price of SSDs per GB is still much higher than that of traditional mechanical hard disks, so it is not fully popularized. Many players will buy a mechanical hard disk to install game data when saving machines.
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(3 day ago) For Sony, they will release a lot of ps5 game masterpieces in the near future, and the latest news shows that in June it may release 38 at a time. 13. According to Kaan can oyman, the owner of twitter, PS official magazine said that it would display 38 ps5 games in June. According to the screenshots of twitter comment area, we can see many great works, such as battlefield 6, dust 5, FIFA 21, ancient scroll 6, etc. but from the exposed news, the authenticity is still very high.
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(3 day ago) The default China, Beijing, May 27,2020—— the world's leading data storage and management solutions provider Seagate Technology (NASDAQ:STX) announced the launch of the new Seagate Coldplay (FireCuda®) solid state 120 SATA..
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(3 day ago) Gamelook reports / in most games, rewards are one of the main motivations for players to continue playing. However, too few rewards will bring frustration to players, and too many will make developers worry about destroying game balance or economic system. How much is appropriate? How to design the game reward system? Recently, gamelook found the previous GDC speech of Travis day, a senior game planner of blizzard. The following is the compiled content of gamelook:
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(3 day ago) On may 20th the 10th generation of new core processor has come to glory, in core, frequency, overclocking, hyperthreading, heat dissipation, memory, network and other aspects network. Game 5 GHz the arrival of a new era, small friends can change the second game king appeared? Did you cut your hands? !
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(3 day ago) Seagate today released a new product of firecuda gaming series of SATA SSDs for gamers. Although the word "gaming" has been added for marketing purposes, users can still deploy it to applications outside the game.
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(4 day ago) Visit the purchase page: Amd flagship store according to AMD, 3A level games have high requirements for hardware, such as ghost action: breakpoint, destroyer: eternity, biochemical crisis 3 and call of Duty: modern war. Under the highest picture quality setting, the display memory requirements are lighter than 4GB. The ultra and above picture quality of Destroyer: Eternity cannot be set on 4GB video card No chance for you.
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(4 day ago) "Chernobyl" in October last year, the survival horror game opened the first experience in Steam, the official recently announced a large-scale update of the real machine forecast. The foreign media gamasutra reported that the current "Chernobyl" game content has increased by 50%, the official preparation for the next few months PC the platform to release a full version, and provide a game update plan.
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(5 day ago) "After I die, what about my QQ account ?" The "soul question" of this internet age may now find the answer. Besides QQ account, game account and so on can also be inherited? Because a lot of love to play games are Krypton gold tens of thousands, hundreds of thousands, if the future of their own game account can inherit, I now Krypton gold also Krypton peace of mind.
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(5 day ago) After 10 generations of core mobile U / h series and 10 generations of core X series processors of the main workstation, at the beginning of this month, the 10 generations of core s series desktop lineup, which is more expected by game players, also officially released and announced the hardware specification upgrade of the whole system.
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