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(1 hr ago) There is growing evidence that a new 4.7-inch iPhone is coming out this April. Before Apple officially launched the device, we summed up some reliable rumors at present. If you are fond of the small screen iPhone, it's not too bad to set a psychological expectation for the device through this article.
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(6 hr ago) Tencent technology news, according to foreign media reports, Apple's long rumored new information about the new entry-level iPhone model, including its marketing name, product color and storage options, has been confirmed. According to the new information, the marketing name of the new entry-level iPhone is 2020 iPhone se, and Apple may start accepting orders for the new iPhone as soon as Friday.
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(13 hr ago) Although Foxconn recently said it believed Apple would be ready for the iPhone 12 launch in September, the Wall Street Journal's new report sent some internal news, suggesting that apple is currently working to avoid production delays. The problem is that apple is unable to send engineers to China because of travel restrictions caused by the coronavirus.
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(20 hr ago) The 2020 new iPad Pro has been released. Today, digital tail shares the results of color standard test, with an average of △ e 0.74 and a maximum of △ e 3.3, which is "very good". 13. At Xiaomi 10 conference, Lei Jun once appeared to popularize Δ e, pointing out that it can accurately reflect the accuracy of display color, and the standard is that the smaller the number, the better.
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(22 hr ago) iPhone phones iOS Apple's Apple Store retail stores had to be temporarily closed during the outbreak of the new crown in places such as the United States, causing people to repair their phones as well.
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(1 day ago) Time blink to April 2020, about "iPhone 9"(also known as iPhone SE 2) more revelations. The foreign media Apple Insider reported that a spy photo of the commodity inventory system said to be from Target (Target) department store showed so-called "Zagg InvisibleShield" series screen protection films compatible with iPhone 6/7/8、 and even iPhone 9.
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(1 day ago) While the global technology industry has been hit hard by the COVID-19 epidemic, apple engineering teams in the u.s. are stepping up efforts to ensure that five of the legendary G iPhone are listed this fall, foreign media reported.
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(1 day ago) At the end of march, apple didn't release the so-called iPhone 9/SE 2, so all the rumors went back to april. As things stand, apple is ready at the product level, just waiting for the right time to release it, including when the stock is ready and the Apple Store below the line can recover mostly.
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(1 day ago) According to foreign media macrumors, apple is continuing to push ahead with its upcoming iPhone 12 devices, which are expected to support 5g, equipped with revolutionary 3D cameras and other functions, amid the ongoing outbreak of the new crown pandemic in the United States and other countries.
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(1 day ago) Foxconn has assured investors that the 5g iPhone will still be available this autumn, according to well-known foreign media. 13. Recently, rumors about the extension of iPhone have come out from time to time, which seems to hit the enthusiasm of investors and consumers. As the largest OEM of iPhone, Foxconn's statement is undoubtedly reassuring to the outside world.
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(1 day ago) Whether it's scheduled for September of this autumn or postponed to November, Apple will definitely come up with a new iPhone that supports 5g network this year. By convention, it may be named after the iPhone 12 series. ԡ even though many consumers expect the iPhone 12 to take off the bangs, the existing supply chain technology reserves still do not show.
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(2 day ago) IOS 13.4 is likely to be the end point of IOS 13 function development, that is, the iteration before IOS 14 release will focus on bug repair, security update and stability improvement. In addition to quite a number of new functions, it is found that compared with IOS 13.3.1, the app startup time represents the response speed and animation fluency are further improved.
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(2 day ago) Earlier today, a foreign source said that Apple was scheduled to release iPhone 9 on April 15 and began shipping on April 22.
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(2 day ago) Tencent digital (aqua blue) with the third-party iPhone 9 accessories in best buy exposure, many media speculate that the new machine may officially debut on April 5. However, according to the information disclosed by overseas blogger @ Jon Prosser on twitter, at Apple's internal meeting yesterday, the iPhone 9 was tentatively released on April 15 and then sold on April 22, but considering that the epidemic has been raging in various countries recently
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(2 day ago) TSMC (TSMC) continued to build five-process chips as originally planned, according to DigiTimes's latest report. If the news is true, Apple is still producing as much iPhone 12. as it can
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(2 day ago) After mentioning the new entry-level iPhone in IOS 14 code, foreign media 9to5mac confirmed the existence of the device again by digging into the IOS 13.4.5 beta code released today, and confirmed that the device will still use touch ID fingerprint sensor.
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(2 day ago) The foreign media reported that foreign prominent revelations Jon Prother (Jon Prosser) tweeted on March 31 local time that Apple was scheduled to release the iPhone 9, on April 15 and start shipping on April 22.
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(2 day ago) As things stand, the iPhone 9 should be on its way. 13. Today, Apple released the first developer test version of IOS 13.4.5, a week after the official release of IOS 13.4. From the current situation, the new system version can only repair bugs without adding new functions.
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(2 day ago) According to the latest news from the industry chain, preparations for the iPhone 12 are still underway, and Apple will not easily delay its launch because the new product is crucial to them. It is reported that TSMC will still process Apple's mass production of A14 next month, although it has recently been reported that the mass production date of A14 processor will be postponed by 1-2 quarters.
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(2 day ago) Mr. guo, a TF International Securities analyst, has been a major source of information on apple's plans for years and has shared a lot about iPhone 12 series. Indeed, he began leaking information about the iPhone 12 even before releasing the iPhone 11.
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(2 day ago) "Wear a mask and take a temperature", a blue background and white character sign is particularly striking at the gate of Shanghai Changshuo, the apple factory. All the people wandering around the gate of the factory are wearing masks, security guards, Mo's masters, and job seekers All employees or temporary personnel in the factory consciously raise their wrists when entering and leaving.
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(2 day ago) According to the Convention, Apple will launch a new iPhone in September every year. However, affected by the epidemic, whether the iPhone 12 can be released as scheduled this year has been put on a big question mark. Earlier this month, Bloomberg quoted anonymous sources as saying: "the new iPhone supporting 5g is still scheduled to launch in the autumn, but mass production is expected to start in May.
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(3 day ago) iOS mid-month, apple iPhone mobile phones iPad tablets, released several new products without warning, including new ones iPad Pro, but the much-anticipated iPhone 9 series did not arrive.
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(3 day ago) Apple products, which rely heavily on the global industrial chain, are also under considerable pressure as the new crown pneumonia epidemic spreads around the world, and new products that have not been released have been tested in addition to the rapid production of products that have been released, the most important of which for Apple is the five G iPhone. that launched in the second half of this yea
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(3 day ago) Recently, from time to time, iPhone 12 will be delayed due to the impact of the epidemic. In this regard, Bloomberg, a well-known foreign media, stressed in its latest report today (March 30) that Apple's plans to release new phones in the autumn remain unchanged. However, Bloomberg pointed out that the iPhone production plan has indeed been delayed, and large-scale mass production will not start earlier than this summer, which coincides with the Nikkei and other statements.
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(4 day ago) China novel coronavirus epidemic has been gradually controlled in China, and Apple's iPhone plant has basically been restarted and put into operation, foreign media reported. But the most pressing question facing the company now is how many consumers will buy their current models and the new ones expected in the autumn? Visit: Apple Online Store (China), a major contract assembler of apple, said
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(4 day ago) iPhone XR iPhone the world's best-selling smartphone, along with apple's gold-lettered signboard and relatively cheap and affordable prices, makes it easy to win the world's number one, according to data from a number of previous research institutes.
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(5 day ago) This week's official release of IOS 13.4 coincided with Apple's surprise push of an IOS 12.4.6 update package to older models such as the iPhone 6. Apple pointed out that IOS 12.4.6 provides important security updates, which are recommended for all users.
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(5 day ago) Affected by the new crown virus epidemic, more and more people around the world are forced to telecommute at home, and iPhone also plays a very important role. NBC Today host, Al Roque (Al Roker), recently created his own telecommuting environment, which consists mainly of two iPhone and one iPad..
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(5 day ago) Earlier this week, a report from Nikkei said Apple was considering delaying the iPhone 12 launch for several months. Now, according to Reuters, while Apple's supply chain in China has basically recovered, suppliers are still worried about iPhone 12 demand and delays.
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