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(4 hr ago) May 30 news, "iPhone 12 or navy blue" on the microblog hot search. According to reports, Mauro battino, an American designer, speculated that the iPhone 12 might have Navy colors instead of midnight green.
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(6 hr ago) May 30 news, "iPhone 12 or navy blue" on the microblog hot search. It is reported that Mauro battino, an American designer, speculated that the iPhone 12 might have Navy colors instead of midnight green.
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(13 hr ago) Tencent technology news, apple mobile phone positioning high-end, high prices cause a certain threshold for purchase. For consumers, Apple's official refurbished smartphone is also a cost-effective option. According to the latest news from foreign media, on May 29, apple first sold the officially renovated iPhone XRS in the United States. The price of the renovated iPhone XRS is about 16% cheaper than the current brand-new models, which is $100-120 lower than the original price.
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(13 hr ago) JingDong Apple hand in hand to spend the 17th 618," iPhone 11 series as low as 4599 yuan at the same time enjoy the value of new, iPhone SE series as low as 2899 yuan ". Since June 1, it is reported that the iPhone 11 of iPhone 11, basic entry straight down 900 yuan, to the hand price of 4599 yuan, at the same time there are iPhone 8Plus coupons stand down 600 yuan, XS Max coupons stand down 500 yuan and other special concessions.
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(14 hr ago) JD Apple iPhone 11. Recently, Jingdong officially announced that it will spend the 17th 618 with apple, and many apple phones will receive price reduction promotion.
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(1 day ago) Luo Yonghao didn't march into the live broadcast market for a long time. Although there were many small problems in the middle, he definitely made great achievements. Now 618 is coming. Luo Yonghao announced a major event tonight. From May 31 to June 18, the iPhone, iPad, airpods pro and switch were sold at half price, which was nicknamed by netizens as starting to bring goods to the parent company Apple.
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(1 day ago) Starting today, Apple's official website launched its first official refurbishment of the iPhone's XRS in the United States. Specifically, the price of - 64GB is 499 US dollars (about 3567 yuan), 100 US dollars cheaper than the current official website price, 250 US dollars cheaper than the listing price in 2018; the price of - 128GB is 539 US dollars, 110 US dollars cheaper than the current official website price, 260 us dollars cheaper than the listing price in 2018; the price of - 256gb is 629 US dollars, 120 US dollars cheaper than the current official website price
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(1 day ago) Today, Apple's official version of the iPhone x R is on sale for the first time on the U.S. official website, with several colors and configurations for consumers to choose from. Compared with the new product, the official version of the iPhone's XRS is priced at $100-120 cheaper, with a discount of about 16%.
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(1 day ago) With the approaching of June, the domestic e-commerce platform also began to preheat the 618 Shopping Festival on a large scale, and many products have begun to reduce prices and promotions. ԡ it's inevitable that apple, which is usually cold and high, will do as the Romans do. Recently, Apple's own flagship store in Jingdong participated in the promotional activity of 618 in Jingdong, bringing a new promotional price of 3099 yuan for the iPhone se that was released soon!
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(1 day ago) JPMorgan just raised Apple's target share price on the grounds that sales of "iPhone 12" and iPhone Se in the Indian market can provide a positive boost. Apple insider quotes a new note from investment banking analyst Samik Chatterjee to investors that the cost-effective iPhone se can be used as a "panacea" for Apple's development in the Indian market.
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(1 day ago) On May 28, DxOMark released the audio evaluation of iPhone se 2020. The iPhone se scored 70 points, only one point less than the iPhone 11 Pro max, ranking No. 7.
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(2 day ago) Recently, there are also many news about Apple. This article is to summarize some information worthy of consumers' attention. 13iphone 12 series, 5g in total, Apple's iPhone model is always the one with high attention. After the release of the new iPhone almost every year, the attention will shift to the new model in the next year.
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(2 day ago) The Federal Security Agency (BSI) in Germany urged iPhone users to install the latest security updates released by Apple as soon as possible to address a key vulnerability in email applications, foreign media reported. The security breach was found by the network security organization ZecOps and it is believed that all versions of the iOS operating system, starting at 3.1.3, are within reach.
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(2 day ago) "The release of the iPhone 12" series will be delayed by at least two months, and the release of this year's iPhone will start in November rather than the usual mid-September ," according to the latest report of the investment bank.
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(3 day ago) DxOMark, the evaluation agency, announced the results of the special audio test for iPhone 11, with a total score of 71 points, the same as that of Pro max, and ranked among the top 5 test models. In other words, although the price of iPhone 11 is close to the price of Pro Max and the camera configuration is significantly different, as far as audio is concerned, it has not shrunk.
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(3 day ago) With the rapid development of the smartphone industry, the battery life of the smartphone is gradually exposed. The new iPhone se released earlier, its built-in 1800mAh battery shut down after five hours of continuous games. Although it has good performance, the experience of the iPhone Se in the endurance is greatly reduced.
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(3 day ago) According to data, iPhone 11 is the most popular smartphone in the first quarter of this year, with an estimated sales volume of 19.5 million, and it has become the most popular smartphone for seven consecutive months. In August, Suning launched a 10 billion subsidy and "J-10% plan". The 128GB version of iPhone 11 costs only 4599 yuan. At present, Apple's official website is still 5999 yuan, equivalent to a direct drop of 1400 yuan.
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(3 day ago) Apple has encountered the most hard core of the touch porcelain, the interface is iPhone face recognition is not safe. 13) Roberto Escobar, a Colombian celebrity, filed a $2.6 billion lawsuit against apple, accusing the company of poor FaceTime security for its iPhone, saying that its iPhone X was hacked and resulted in physical address disclosure.
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(3 day ago) Last Friday, there was a bug in the app store, which made the newly updated app unable to open. A prompt "this app is no longer shared with you" will pop up. 13. This bug has affected many applications, such as FB, twitter, youtube, WhatsApp, etc.
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(3 day ago) According to foreign media reports, Apple will release the iPhone 12 Series in November, which includes four models, all supporting 5g network.
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(3 day ago) Google's mid and low-end model pixel 4a is coming on the market, and its direct competitor is Apple's iPhone se second generation. Who would you choose? I believe many people will choose the latter, but the former has its own advantages in systems, cameras and other aspects. The foreign media Apple insider has made a comparative analysis based on the information currently available.
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(4 day ago) Recently, foreign media reported that a famous iPhone hacker team has released a new "jailbreak" tool that can unlock every iPhone device, even the iPhone device running the latest IOS 13.5.
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(4 day ago) We've seen more about the iPhone 12. Maybe some people are tired of it. Today, I'd like to give you a change of taste, and I'd like to serve the iPhone 13 directly. At present, we can basically confirm that the appearance design of the iPhone 12 series will not change much, so if we want to see a new design, we can only look beyond next year.
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(4 day ago) In the era of Qilin 820, the traffic is mainly used for MMS, WAP web pages, Java QQ and other light scenes. In the era of 3G, the experience of tracking sports graphic live broadcast, online song listening and online shopping is greatly optimized. In the era of 4G, drama chasing, mobile games, video live broadcast and rich media social exchange chat are almost integrated into everyone's life.
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(4 day ago) Twitter users Fudge reported on Monday that the upcoming iPhone 12 series of smartphones will use a Lighting interface instead of turning to the full range Also next year, Apple may launch a new iPhone with portless designs.
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(4 day ago) Not supporting 5g has become the biggest short board of the current iPhone, which will be made up for in this autumn's new product. 13about the so-called "iPhone 12", a reliable source pointed out recently that although Apple has made the iPhone 12 prototype with usb-c interface, it has not been put into mass production. In other words, users need to stay on Lightning interface for at least one year.
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(6 day ago) AirPods shipments were up to 93.8 million by 2020, according to well-known international analyst guo mingyu, and AirPods shipments are expected to grow strongly. There are three reasons :1, the new iPhone 12 may eliminate the random gift of wired headphones EarPods, driving lower-priced AirPods 2 demand.
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(7 day ago) iPhone strange Bug, on the phone iOS caused the App to not open normally, did you meet? Many users on the social network feedback, whether there is a wide range of applications crash? A few iOS applications were suddenly told that "this application is no longer shared with you ".
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(8 day ago) On the morning of May 22, Beijing time, according to foreign media reports, Apple's performance in China continued to pick up in April, driven by the new low-cost iPhone. At the beginning of this year, apple temporarily closed its stores in China due to the new crown epidemic, resulting in a sharp drop in sales.
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(8 day ago) iPhone got into trouble again, which led to the failure of American high school students to pass the exam, which Apple probably did expected by Apple. The reason for not passing the exam, according to foreign media reports, is that the AP exam taken by high school students in the United States contains written test content, and the test requires students to take and upload photos of their written tests, while the HEIC format on the Apple iPhone, because of file format problems, caused students to upload unsuccessful.
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