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(30 min ago) Samsung's practice of Galaxy S/Note "double yolk eggs" has been used for a long time, that is, to carry two sets of processors, Cellon and Exynos, respectively, for different markets, while the baseband, CMOS and other components are always slightly different.
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(1 hr ago) Visit the purchase page: the Samsung flagship store revealed earlier that it uses the MediaTek processor, supplemented by 3gb ram, and pre installed Android 10 mobile operating system (or the early customized version of oneui 2.0).
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(4 hr ago) Tencent digital news (aqua blue) one plus eight series has begun to publicize and warm up, disclosing the parameters and main selling points of the display screen in succession, and even the publicity posters of the new series have surfaced, showing some differences in the appearance design of the two models.
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(4 hr ago) Tencent technology news, according to foreign media reports, Samsung Electronics executives said Thursday that the number of confirmed new crown cases is rising among employees of the company's key chip factories in South Korea, the United States and Brazil, but the impact on its business will be limited. 13. Samsung's latest employee found to be infected with the new crown virus works at a factory in Austin, Texas, where Samsung makes chips for top customers, including apple, Dell and other major U.S. corporate customers.
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(18 hr ago) Samsung DxOMark audio Galaxy S20 ultra ԡԡԡԡԡ ԡ.
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(18 hr ago) On January 31, Samsung display said it would shut down all its LCD panel production lines in South Korea and China by the end of this year. Samsung has completely abandoned LCD production. After these factories free up production capacity, Samsung will turn to qd-oled quantum dot display panel (a mixture of quantum dot and OLED) and OLED display panel with higher product positioning and greater profit.
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(19 hr ago) Visit the Purchase Page: SAMSUNG - Samsung flagship store, according to foreign media reports, only the illusion of black, reverie gray Galaxy S20Ultra will soon usher in a new color. Not to expect samsung to bring a similar Galaxy Note 10 Aura Glow coating on its smartphones, the south korean giant is likely to "borrow" a color from standard Galaxy S20 and Galaxy S20 smartphones, according to the sources.
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(1 day ago) Visit the purchase page: concept creator, the YouTube channel of Samsung flagship store Jermaine Smith, is very popular. He usually makes a very attractive concept video based on the rumors, spy photos and renderings he has mastered.
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(1 day ago) Earlier, samsung launched a variety of preferential machine purchases to stimulate consumers to buy Galaxy S20 range of phones, but the results may not be as good as they want. After two years of buying samsung's Galaxy S20 line of phones, they have come up with a new plan to recycle them to samsung for a 50% refund.
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(1 day ago) "In the field of liquid crystal display (LCD), Samsung and LG display have been defeated by China's low-cost offensive." Last September, South Korea's "Central Daily" reluctantly admitted. Now, the new coronavirus epidemic has "made up a knife". After LG display announced in January that it would close its LCD panel factory in South Korea by the end of this year, a spokesman for Samsung display said yesterday (March 31) that it had decided to stop all LCD panel production in South Korea and China by the end of this year.
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(1 day ago) Samsung's flagship smartphone, the leader of the Android camp, is clearly less iPhone than apple. However, this year's Galaxy S20 series, seems to give Samsung more courage.
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(2 day ago) This year's Samsung S20 system supports a high refresh rate of 120Hz, which shows that mobile phone brother is also a panel brother's judgment on the future development trend of the industry. However, to balance power consumption, the screen resolution will be 1080p when 120Hz is turned on.
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(2 day ago) On April 1, Roland Quandt, a well-known informant, exposed the abrasives of Galaxy note 20. 13as shown in the figure, the camera opening in the upper left corner of the back of Galaxy note 20 indicates that it has a matrix camera, similar to the galaxy S20 series.
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(4 day ago) Tencent technology news, according to foreign media reports, the rapid spread of the new crown virus, deteriorating global economic prospects and falling oil prices, Samsung electronics and LG electronics overseas business is causing a serious and very extensive business impact, because the two South Korean technology companies were forced to close their important factories in Brazil and the United States.
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(5 day ago) At the Galaxy series launch in February, Samsung launched a new generation of folding screen mobile phone Galaxy Z flip. 13. Different from the previous Galaxy fold, it adopts a new way of folding, and the body is very small and delicate.
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(6 day ago) Visit the purchase page: Samsung - Samsung flagship store video screenshot (from Samsung). In fact, as early as a few days ago, letsgodigital, the Dutch technology blog, together with YouTube creator concept creator, gave a rendering of the concept design of Galaxy note 20 series of intelligent machines.
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(7 day ago) Samsung Galaxy S20 series won the first launch of Xiaolong 865 5g platform this year, and 2K 120Hz, 100 million pixels, large batteries and other selling points are not in short supply. However, it seems that it is not so simple whether the product power can be successfully transformed into proud sales volume.
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(7 day ago) Visit the purchase page: Samsung - Samsung flagship store data map (from Samsung). In terms of hardware, the galaxy 20 series not only has excellent appearance design, but also has significant improvement in functions, such as a new camera system and 5g network support.
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(7 day ago) HBM technology is far ahead in bandwidth, performance, and energy efficiency compared to GDDR memory. Recently, HBM2e specifications were introduced JEDEC, and samsung preempted 96 GB of display. the HBM2 storage standard JESD235C raise the pin bandwidth to the two editions before 3.2 Gbps, by 2 rates, respectively, compared with 25% to 60% Gbps、2.4Gbps rate.
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(7 day ago) Samsung announced on Wednesday that it had deployed EUV technology on a production line at a DRAM plant in Seoul's Huasheng City, doubling the productivity of manufacturing precision memory chips, according to oltnews, citing Nikkei Asia News.
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(7 day ago) Affected by the new crown epidemic, LG Chemical and Samsung SDI, two battery manufacturers in South Korea, announced that they would temporarily close their factories in the United States, while Panasonic, a Japanese battery manufacturer, had earlier announced that it would withdraw its employees from the U.S. factories and shut down the factories for 14 days. Samsung SDI announced on March 25 that it would temporarily shut down two power battery plants in Michigan until April 13 in order to stop the epidemic and protect employees.
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(8 day ago) Visit the Purchase Page: SAMSUNG - Samsung flagship store is informed that the Galaxy Tab A8.4 uses a 8.4-inch @1920 x 1200 resolution (WUXGA) TFT LCD panel and metal fuselage of 7.95×4.93 and 0.28 inches (20.2,12.5×0.7 CM) and weighs 0.7 pounds (about 318 pounds).
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(8 day ago) Samsung and LG of South Korea will charter some key company personnel to Vietnam to ensure that the production of smart phones and home appliances there will not be interrupted. According to reports, the Vietnamese government, which has issued South Korea's entry restriction order, will ease the entry supervision of Samsung and LG employees.
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(8 day ago) At present, the most advanced EUV (ultra violet lithography) technology in chip manufacturing is first used in DRAM memory particle production by Samsung. 13. The Korean giant announced today that it has shipped 1 million first-generation 10 nm EUV level (D1X) DDR4 DRAM modules and completed the global customer assessment, which will open a new door for high-end PC, mobile phone, enterprise server and other application fields in the future.
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(9 day ago) Visit the purchase page: Samsung decided to suspend operations of its Manaus manufacturing plant in the Amazon region of northern Brazil from Tuesday to Sunday at its flagship store. Although Samsung chose to close its Manaus plant in northern Brazil, the decision did not affect its production operations in Campinas.
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(9 day ago) Visit the Purchase Page: SAMSUNG - Samsung's flagship store now features a Infinity-U 6.4-inch 20:9 aspect ratio FHD AMOLED screen with gorilla glass 3.
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(9 day ago) Visit the purchase page: data from Samsung - Samsung flagship store Korean stock exchange shows that as of last Friday, foreign investors held 55.37% of Samsung Electronics, the lowest value since December 11, 2018 (51.85% of Samsung Electronics).
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(10 day ago) By default, the galaxy Z flip Thom Browne limited edition launched by Samsung Electronics in cooperation with Thom Browne at 10:00 a.m. on March 26 will be sold online for the last time in the Samsung online shopping mall, with a limited number of products purchased first and distributed first.
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(10 day ago) Foreign investors in samsung electronics have been selling shares of samsung electronics, which has fallen to a 13-month low, amid concerns outside south korea that the outbreak will trigger a global recession, according to foreign media. According to data provided by the Korean Stock Exchange, as of the close of last Friday, foreign investors held 55.37 percent of Samsung Electronics, the lowest value of 51.85 percent of its stake since December 11,2018.
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