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(1 hr ago) Despite the impact of the epidemic, the pace of new product release of major mobile phone manufacturers has not been greatly affected. Just a few days after the start of construction, four or five manufacturers have offered their flagship new products in the first half of the year. The first is Samsung's S20 series, which also won the world's first launch of Xiaolong 865 chip.
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(2 hr ago) In Samsung's mobile phone product line, S-Series and note series represent the company's top technology level in the first two half years and are also one of the most anticipated flagship products in the current Android camp. 13. This year's new generation s series has made some changes in the naming rules. Instead of using the way of increasing numbers in turn, it has directly crossed S11, named Galaxy S20, like many domestic manufacturers, which is also the beginning of the next decade.
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(2 hr ago) Tencent technology news, on February 27, Beijing time, Samsung held an online conference in China, and officially released the new Galaxy S20 series smart phones and the folding screen smart phone Galaxy Z flip. The price of S20 starts from 6999 yuan, and that of Z flip is 11999 yuan.
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(12 hr ago) Visit the purchase page: SAMSUNG - Samsung's flagship store on February 27 at 7:30 p.m., Samsung Galaxy S20 officially released in the country, the author also got the 2020 most anticipated phone, here to show you how the Samsung Galaxy S20 performance.
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(18 hr ago) Samsung and Huawei launched folding-screen handsets in 2019, causing a lot of repercussions.
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(18 hr ago) Samsung Galaxy Z flip is sold out in 25 seconds! On February 27, Samsung's first mobile phone Galaxy Z flip with foldable glass display officially launched its first sale in Samsung online mall, Jingdong, tmall, Suning Samsung's official flagship mobile phone store and other channels. The fastest platform was snapped up in 25 seconds, and the whole network was sold out in 9 minutes.
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(19 hr ago) On February 27, 2020, Samsung Electronics officially released the flagship smart phones of Samsung Galaxy S20 Series in China. With the arrival of 5g era, the communication industry has entered another new decade. As a new generation of 5g flagship, Samsung Galaxy S20 series is equipped with cutting-edge 5g technology, aiming to bring high-quality network communication experience to more consumers.
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(19 hr ago) In the early morning of February 12, Samsung released this year's new Galaxy S20 series. I believe everyone is impressed by the 100 million pixels of the galaxy S20 Ultra. But for me, Samsung's most attractive mobile phone in this conference is the galaxy S20.
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(19 hr ago) On the evening of February 27, Samsung Electronics held an online launch in China to officially launch the National Bank version of the Galaxy S20 series of mobile phones for the domestic market, including the Galaxy S205G, the Galaxy S205G, the Galaxy S20 Ultra 5G model with a standard 5G.
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(19 hr ago) On the evening of February 27, Samsung held an online launch in the country, formally launching the National Bank version of the Galaxy S20, Galaxy S20 and Galaxy S20 Ultra, starting at $6999,7999,9999.
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(19 hr ago) Tonight, Samsung's flagship new product online conference in China is officially held, and Samsung's Galaxy S20 series will finally come to China in 2020. At the beginning of the conference, Feng en, chief marketing officer of Samsung Electronics in Greater China, released the galaxy Z flip folding screen mobile phone and Galaxy S20 series flagship machine.
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(19 hr ago) Visit the purchase page: SAMSUNG - Samsung's flagship store is 0.7 g heavier than the previous generation's ability to continue shipping. The old Galaxy Budds only offer a 13-hour life span, while the Galaxy Budds wireless earbuds have an 11-hour life span and the wireless earbud box has an 11-hour life span, for a total of 22 hours.
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(1 day ago) The Samsung Galaxy S20 ultra is equipped with an unprecedented matrix type rear four camera system, with a main camera of 108 million pixels, supporting 100 times zoom, optical anti shake, nine pixels in one, with 48 million pixel long focal lens (OIS), 12 million pixel wide-angle lens and TOF lens.
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(1 day ago) Last week, Google released the first version of Android 11 developer preview system, which can be used on pixel 2-5 devices. Among the brands, essential PH-1, poco X2, etc. have also promised to upgrade.
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(2 day ago) Visit the purchase page: Samsung - Samsung flagship store (from pcmag), which in theory means that Samsung devices can be used with a wider range of USB PD certified charging heads. In addition, the technology not only allows smartphones to charge more quickly, but also better manage the heat during charging.
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(2 day ago) GSMA was forced to announce the MWC 2020 cancellation for the first time in 33 years after more than 20 companies announced it would cancel its participation in the WMC fair. However, the MWC 2020 has been cancelled, but the related awards activities have not been affected.
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(2 day ago) On the morning of February 26, Beijing time, according to foreign media, Samsung Electronics Co. said on Wednesday that its R & D expenditure last year reached a record high of 20.1 trillion won (about 16.5 billion US dollars), because the company tried to focus on the exploration of emerging growth drivers.
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(2 day ago) Tencent technology news, according to foreign media reports, Samsung's annual report released on Wednesday showed that the company's R & D expenditure in 2019 reached 20.1 trillion won (about 16.5 billion US dollars), an increase of 8.3% over the previous year, as it tried to focus on new growth drivers.
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(2 day ago) The multitasking capability on smartphones is improving every year, but it's not perfect. Now a new Samsung patent describes a whole new way to manage applications on smartphones and tablets. These apps have title bar buttons similar to windows that can be used to close, minimize, and restore apps.
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(2 day ago) Recently, Samsung has launched oneui2 system push for Galaxy S9 series, note 9 series, note 10 series and other mobile phones, which is based on Android 10, adding new native gestures, power management, dark mode, etc.
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(2 day ago) Visit the purchase page: on the appearance of Samsung flagship store, T7 touch is equipped with dynamic LED display, which can display the link status of the device in real time, which is convenient for users to observe. There are classic black and fashionable silver colors, only weighing 58G. In addition, T7 touch is also equipped with fingerprint identification, which allows users to use as they wish, and data security.
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(3 day ago) After years of software and hardware upgrades, full screen and large screen seem to encounter development bottlenecks. Folding screen may become a new battlefield for smart phones. Recently, Samsung Electronics has brought a new folding screen Samsung Galaxy Z flip, which will be officially released in the Chinese market on February 27, and the first online sale will be launched.
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(3 day ago) Samsung lpddr5 , the galaxy S20 ultra released at the beginning of the month, took the lead in carrying 16GB ram. Samsung announced today that it has started to mass produce 16GB lpddr5 memory with single chip capacity, catching up with the level of high-end notebook and game PC.
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(3 day ago) Last week, Samsung pushed an unknown notification message (containing only one number "1") to many Galaxy smartphone users' find my mobile device search applications. At that time, it was widely speculated that the company's software development team encountered a "Wulong" in the internal test, just like the test message containing Chinese code accidentally sent out by Yijia last year.
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(3 day ago) Samsung is the world's largest smartphone manufacturer, and its Android system has always been relatively safe and stable. But last week, many Samsung users saw a rather strange information notice on their mobile phones, with only one number "1".
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(3 day ago) Samsung's Galaxy S20 offers three shades of fantasy black, daydream gray and float blue, but Samsung doesn't seem to be content with it. It comes after Samsung released a red version of Samsung's Galaxy S20, which is exclusive to South Korean operator KT, named Jennie Red because Samsung is endorsed in South Korea by one of the members of the women's group BLAC KPINK.
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(4 day ago) China novel coronavirus pneumonia is the most common case in China. Recently, WHO warned that the spread of new crown pneumonia outside China may be the tip of the iceberg. Novel coronavirus pneumonia is being recruited by Samsung and Hynix, which will have a lasting impact on the global consumer electronics industry.
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(4 day ago) The high refresh rate display screen seems to be the standard feature of this year's middle and high-end Android phones, and the Samsung Galaxy S20 series just released is all 120Hz. ԡ when 120Hz is turned on, the fluency of browsing web pages and swiping social information flow increases significantly. However, according to the actual measurement of foreign media PA, none of the six mainstream mobile games supports 120fps frame rate.
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(4 day ago) Novel coronavirus outbreak was temporarily closed in mobile phone factories in South Korea, according to foreign media reports, February 24th. 13. Samsung Electronics was forced to temporarily shut down its mobile phone factory in Guiwei city after an employee was diagnosed. All colleagues contacted by the employee will be quarantined at home and tested for illness, and the floors on which he works will be closed for at least 25 days.
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