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(1 day ago) At 15:00 p.m. on June 3, glory mobile held an online conference to officially release the glory PLAY4 series, which is divided into glory PLAY4 and glory PLAY4 pro. In addition, glory PLAY4 Pro also has an infrared temperature measurement version.
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(1 day ago) Before this forecast, this afternoon 15:00, glory mobile phone will hold an online press conference, officially released glory Play4 series. just now, glory mobile phone officer micro confirmed the three core configurations of the new machine: kylin 990 chip, infrared temperature measurement ,40 W super fast charging.
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(2 day ago) In order to increase the scalability of PCIe connection, or to communicate across multiple hosts, there is also a strong demand for PCIe switching / bridging chips in the industry. With the rise of PCIe 4.0, video card, SSD and FPGA have also added support for new standards.
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(2 day ago) According to the Nikkei Asian review, Huawei plans to buy more mobile phone chips from its competitors, MediaTek and China mobile chip manufacturer violet light. Huawei is negotiating with MediaTek, the world's second-largest mobile chip developer, and unisoc, China's second-largest mobile chip design company, to buy more chips, the report said
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(3 day ago) Small chips continue to receive market attention, but there are still some challenges to get more extensive attention and support. AMD, Intel, TSMC, Marvell and other companies are already using the advanced design method of small chip model to develop or launch devices.
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(4 day ago) Love a dog and give it a "core". Would you like to? Yesterday, the second Shenzhen dog day was held, and the municipal urban management and comprehensive law enforcement bureau announced the full launch of the work of inserting electronic chips for dogs, requiring all dogs in the city to inject chips, which are free of charge. By the end of this year, 100% of the injection core chips of dogs will be registered in the system. Next, the injection mechanism and location of chips will be announced to the society, and the dogs will not be injected with electronic chips Film, will be regarded as an undocumented dog.
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(5 day ago) For Apple, their current strategy on audio hardware is a dual brand, after all, Beats also has considerable influence. Apple released Powerbeats Pro wireless headphones today, offering four new colors: early spring yellow, cloud pink, lava red and glacier blue, which will be available for sale on June 9 for the same price as the existing color options, at $249.95(about RMB 1780).
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(6 day ago) According to GSMA, the number of Internet of things connections will reach 25.2 billion in 2025. With the advent of the Internet era, new requirements are put forward for terminal security, privacy protection, data trust and other issues. The 2020 unit 42 IOT threat report shows that 98% of the current IOT device traffic is not encrypted, and 57% of IOT devices are vulnerable to moderate or high-intensity attacks.
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(6 day ago) The latest revelations show that one of Huawei's main domestic competitors OPPO is actively developing its chip manufacturing capabilities, including securing top engineering talent from suppliers. According to japan's economic news report, OPPO recruited technical executives from mediatek.
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(8 day ago) Visit the entrance of purchase: Recently, oppo's self owned flagship store recruited executives including Jeffrey Ju, former COO of MediaTek, who has served as a consultant in oppo. Another rising executive who participated in the development of 5g intelligent machine chip of MediaTek will also join oppo within one or two months.
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(10 day ago) Media reports said mobile phone tiktok is developing AI chips with the Taiwan fingerprint recognition IC company aegis company, and is producing mass production in early 2021, and is expected to enter OPPO smartphone. In response, mobile phone response tiktok said: "information is not true, no AI mobile phone chip has been developed.
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(10 day ago) Fast Technology Today, Glory official released Glory Routing 3 first sales report ——1 minute, the entire platform sales break 10,000! At the same time, according to the forecast released by @ Glory Wisdom Life, at 15:00 this afternoon, Glory Route 3 will also open the "meet the wall is still strong" super strong signal coverage challenge live broadcast activity Nandian, Shangbu, Shenzhen, aiming to challenge the high density, complex structure of
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(12 day ago) Foreign media reported that in the United States, fighting false information and conspiracy theories about the new coronavirus is almost as difficult as fighting the epidemic itself. A new study finds a conspiracy theory about Microsoft co-founder Bill Gates is emerging. The study found a conspiracy theory that Bill Gates plans to monitor their activities by implanting microchips into billions of people with a new crown vaccine developed in the future.
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(14 day ago) Intel shared some information about the upcoming tiger Lake series processors at the Consumer Electronics Show (CES 2020) at the beginning of the year. As the second generation of 10nm product line after ice lake, Intel claims to have introduced a lot of improvements, such as a huge leap in graphics performance.
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(14 day ago) Recently, Weigang technology, a leading memory brand in the world, launched DDR4 high-frequency desktop memory with frequency up to 5000mhz. The memory frequency of 5000mhz is just the upper limit of memory support for the latest Intel 10 generation processor and z490 motherboard. Weigang technology provides excellent high-performance memory support for Intel 10 generation flagship platform!
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(14 day ago) On May 14, the results of lidar work were introduced in the cover of nature. According to, Liu Junqiu, one of the important contributors to this achievement, is an alumnus of the 08 level junior class College of China University of science and technology. Liu Junqiu was in charge of the core technology of the achievement silicon nitride chip preparation.
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(15 day ago) It home news according to China Beidou satellite navigation system news, on May 18, China satellite navigation and positioning Association issued "2020 China satellite navigation and location service industry development white paper" in Beijing. According to the white paper, in 2019, the total output value of China's satellite navigation and location service industry reached 345 billion yuan, an increase of 14.4% over 2018.
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(15 day ago) In recent GTC, NVIDIA released the latest ampere architecture and A100 GPU based on ampere architecture. A100 GPU is realized by TSMC 7Nm process, including 54.2 billion transistors. According to official news, it can achieve 7 times higher performance than the previous generation V100.
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(16 day ago) The US-China chip competition has begun. From ZTE punishment Huawei banned, lack of core pain, touched every Chinese. By the 15th of this month, the U. S. Department of Commerce issued a statement :" is revising an export rule, strategically focused on Huawei chip procurement ."
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(17 day ago) TSMC announced on its official website on Friday that it plans to build a 5nm chip factory in the United States with an investment of up to $12 billion. Foreign media expect TSMC's move to reshape the global chip manufacturing supply chain. According to the information released on the official website of TSMC, the plant will be built in Arizona, and will start construction in 2021. It is planned to be put into production in 2024, with a monthly production of 20000 wafers, including capital expenditure. TSMC plans to spend 12 billion US dollars on this plant from 2021 to 2029.
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(20 day ago) After Tianji 1000, MediaTek will again launch the new Tianji series chips. According to the official Weibo release, MediaTek will hold the launch of Tianji new products at 2:30 pm on May 18. Given that MediaTek has just released its flagship version of Tianji 1000 on May 7, it is more likely to launch five G of new products in the high-end market instead of the flagship chip.
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(21 day ago) This year, tsmc plans to produce five nm of A14X bionic chips for apple, according to new reports from foreign media. TSMC began to use nm 5 process for chip production this year, the more transistors in the chip, the higher the chip power and energy efficiency.
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(22 day ago) In May 13th, Ruixin micro Rockchip officially announced that its AI chip RK1808 and RK1806 adaptable to Baidu PaddlePaddle (PaddlePaddle) open source deep learning platform, fully compatible with the lightweight propeller lightweight inference engine Paddle Lite.
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(22 day ago) Because of the "rush" of scientific and technological innovation board, the hidden worry of losing Huawei as a big customer in Cambrian has been magnified. 13. After receiving the inquiry from Shanghai Stock Exchange on April 10, China Science and Technology Co., Ltd. (hereinafter referred to as "Cambrian") disclosed the reply related to the first round of examination inquiry letter on May 7.
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(27 day ago) Recently, with the release of Kirin 985 5g SOC, Kirin chip has formed a pattern of multi-dimensional and multi track coverage from top-level flagship to middle and high-end flagship chips. The 5g performance of Kirin 820, 985 and 990 5g SOC is all ahead of the same level.
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(27 day ago) Wang Yiming, a reporter from securities times, 27 days after receiving the inquiry, on the evening of May 7, the AI chip giant Cambrian disclosed the first round of examination inquiry letter and relevant replies. As the first leading enterprise in the field of artificial intelligence chip in China, it has been established for only four years and has experienced six rounds of financing. At the same time, it has accumulated the experience of the founder's "young genius". The listing of scientific and technological innovation board in Cambrian attracted a lot of attention from all walks of life.
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(27 day ago) At the same time of the release of 7 nm technology and zen2 architecture of the Ruilong 33100 and the Ruilong 3300 x, amd finally launched a new chipset b550, which are all located in the entry-level market, and a new generation of ultra-high cost performance platform was born.
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(29 day ago) SMIC International (00981) issued a notice. On April 30, 2020, the board of directors approved a resolution to recommend the issuance of RMB shares, the granting of special authorization and related matters, subject to and limited by the market conditions, the approval of shareholders at the special general meeting of shareholders and the necessary regulatory approval.
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(32 day ago) Now, no colleague has left for AI chip company. As a senior chip practitioner, blue treasure Wang still remembers the "Ai chip fever" five years ago. At that time, the concept of representing the future moved many colleagues, and it was even tempting for many AI chip companies to offer half or even double the salary of traditional chip positions.
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(32 day ago) The DDR4 memory module of Ziguang Guoxin appears in Jingdong Mall, including two types of desktops and notebooks. In terms of price, it costs 4GB 129 yuan and 8GB 219 yuan, but it is not clear whether the memory chip is made by Ziguang itself. In fact, at the end of February this year, Changxin storage official website began to publicly sell its own DDR4 memory chip, DDR4 memory module and lpddr4x memory chip. The official also stressed that it is the first domestic DDR4 memory chip, but because it is mainly for industry customers, there is no public offer.
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