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(12 hr ago) Apple has really spared no effort in protecting the privacy of its users. That effort is also reflected in apple's latest release of the device. One of the core features of the recently released MacBook Air 2020, which carries apple's own T2 security chip ——T2 security chip as an important part of the current Mac device and a unique product logo, is the implementation of hardware blocking (Hardware disconnect) for microphones.
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(1 day ago) CPU processor chip tsinghua at 20 p.m. on the evening of 1st, the second phase of the series of "science lecture hall ", jointly launched by netease technology x tsinghua wudaokou, was broadcast. Wei Shaojun, director of tsinghua university's microelectronics institute, brought the theme" chip will be with us for a hundred years ".
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(2 day ago) The video card and is one of the most concerned hardware of most friends' DIY hosts. Especially for game players, the performance of the video card and CPU together determine what kind of game the whole host can play and how to play the game with picture quality and fluency. A good independent video card can best improve the game ability of the whole machine.
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(2 day ago) In the afternoon of April 2, Ou Yangjian, general manager of Baidu intelligent chip, shared Kunlun chip in detail for the first time in an open class, and disclosed a number of comparative data between Kunlun K200 and Intel T4 GPU, among which the most advantageous data is that GEMM int8's benchmark is three times of T4's performance.
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(3 day ago) On the afternoon of April 2, Ou Yangjian, general manager of Baidu intelligent chip, shared Kunlun chip in detail for the first time in an open class, and disclosed a number of comparative data between Kunlun K200 and Intel T4 GPU, among which the most advantageous data is that GEMM int8's benchmark is three times of T4's performance.
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(3 day ago) Visit the purchase page: the Baidu AI developer conference in 2018 at the flagship store of Xiao Du, Baidu founder, chairman and CEO Robin Li announced the launch of self research AI chip Kunlun. The accumulation of Baidu's AI chip research and development benefits from the accumulation of using FPGA as AI acceleration, as well as its years of accumulation in software definition accelerator and XPU architecture.
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(3 day ago) As early as before the delivery of 2020 iPad pro, some developers learned from the system code of supporting IOS 13.4 that the new full line is equipped with 6GB RAM as standard (only 1TB in 2018 is 6GB), and at the same time, it is equipped with the same U1 ultra wideband chip of iPhone 11 series.
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(3 day ago) Although it has been previously reported that all new iPad Pro models in 2020 have the same U1 ultra wideband chip as the iPhone 11 series, the evidence collected by foreign media shows that this is not the case.
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(4 day ago) 2G/3G back, four G expensive, NB slow... So what technology should be used to connect the "medium-low-speed" market, which accounts for a large proportion of the iot scenarios? The answer shows that G LTE Cat 1, known as the "low-match version" of the 4 network, is becoming a new favorite of the low-speed Internet of things scene connection technology.
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(4 day ago) TSMC said it was "on track" to mass produce Apple's A14 chips, and its factory will start mass production of 5nm chips in April. Although Apple has been asked to postpone the production of A14 processor for one to two quarters due to the new outbreak, in the current epidemic, TSMC's production line is still full of orders for 5nm chips.
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(5 day ago) Tonight, the first new product conference in 2020 will be held in honor, bringing the first 5g mobile phone of glory 30 series - Glory 30s. Glory 30s first launched with 7Nm Kirin 8205g SOC chip, which was upgraded again on the basis of "the first generation of God U" Kirin 810.
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(7 day ago) This article is from WeChat official account, ID:deep_insights. The author: Zhang Yao and Yang seldom have such a frank company about their losses. This week, the application for listing of AI chip Unicorn scientific and technological innovation board was accepted.
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(8 day ago) The contradiction between the design cycle of the chip calculated by month or even year and the cycle of the AI algorithm iterated by week or even by day is more and more obvious. In order to ensure that the chip designed can better meet the fast iterative algorithm, the Google team applied the AI reinforcement learning method to the complex "layout" work in the chip design, and achieved significant effect improvement.
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(9 day ago) This article is from WeChat official account, ID:rancaijing. The author: Jin Yu, editor: Wei Jia AI's Unicorn operation of Cambrian has finally unveiled its mystery.
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(9 day ago) According to foreign media CNET, Reuters quoted people familiar with the matter on Thursday as saying that senior U.S. government officials have agreed to implement the new rules, which will block Huawei from its global chip suppliers. According to the new rules, foreign companies that use U.S. chip manufacturing equipment will be licensed before supplying chip products to Huawei, the report said.
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(9 day ago) (ID:aichip001) When the epidemic has become the focus of global debate, some of the news that should have sounded the alarm may be ignored. Time goes back a month ago, the new crown pneumonia has not spread to the world, we are still in the center of the storm, when "mountains and rivers, wind and moon in the same day" carrying the goodwill of the cherry-blossom country the common feelings, how many people did not notice a report of the Japanese community hidden in the disturbing meaning.
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(10 day ago) On March 26, according to foreign media reports, Qualcomm recently released two new Bluetooth chips designed for wireless headphones, namely qcc514x and qcc304x SOC (system-on-a-chip).
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(10 day ago) According to foreign media new atlas, although scientists have successfully made various "organ on chip" models, the eyes are particularly challenging because when we blink, the tear film moves on its surface regularly. The action has recently been copied in a new device.
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(10 day ago) Chip companies are important businesses that should be allowed to continue operating, according to reuters, an organization representing major u.s. semiconductor companies said wednesday that they are working with federal officials to persuade state and local officials responsible for regulating sales bans.
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(11 day ago) March 25, the top conference on computer architecture ISCA 2020 announced the results of the paper selected, Pingtou brother three papers selected, the domestic chip enterprise record. According to the report, three papers show the research results of Pingtou GE Semiconductor in Xuantie 910 processor, computing storage integration and AI hardware benchmark.
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(12 day ago) Visit the purchase page: Samsung's flagship store, including Apple's airpods, has a very compact appearance and size of the true wireless smart headset (TWS), which does not leave too much space for the internal components. Therefore, the battery box is often needed to provide additional guarantee for the endurance.
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(13 day ago) In the history of Tsinghua University of science and technology AI.
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(13 day ago) According to foreign media reports, a physiological consequence of the spread of cancer and other diseases in the body is that the structure of surrounding cells will harden. In response to this situation, scientists from Purdue University have now developed a new method to detect these changes through sound waves, thus providing a potential new tool for tracking the development of this type of disease.
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(13 day ago) Xiaopeng G3 ԡԡ ԡ. The endurance mileage is 406km and 520km.
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(13 day ago) Recently, the highly integrated mobile power chip ip5358 launched by CIMC has officially passed the vooc certification, becoming the first mobile power chip in the industry to pass the vooc certification. It is worth mentioning that the chip has passed the USB pd3.0 fast charging certification of usb-if Association before.
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(16 day ago) After the successful development and mass production of tire pressure monitoring sensor chip ac511, good news came again from the four-dimensional diagram. A few days ago, autochips jiefa technology, a wholly-owned subsidiary of 4D graphics, announced that ac7801x, a new and important member of its vehicle specification level MCU product line, was added.
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(17 day ago) Apple's iPad Pro.
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(17 day ago) Not long ago, the pollen club launched my launch. During the interaction with netizens, Glory President Zhao Ming has confirmed that he will release with Pollen the first glory new product in 20 years Glory 30 s, and the first Kirin 820 chip. Glory official confirmed that kylin 820 will be officially released today, but there have been foreign media ahead of schedule, revealing part of the parameter information.
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(18 day ago) Original title: Lei Jun's greedy moment: two months of intensive investment in eight chip companies, millet quickly "mend" the core! 13. Highlights: Xiaomi's core making road of "investment company":
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