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(18 hr ago) Visit the purchase page: the storemi technology of AMD flagship store mainly solves the contradiction between using slow HDD Hard disk and high-speed SSD hard disk at the same time. The former has large capacity, performance slag, and the latter has super fast performance, especially random performance, but the capacity is low and the price is expensive. Storemi can let them mix and match.
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(1 day ago) Mathwork Matlab is an extremely popular, authoritative computing software, but in november last year, it was found that AMD sharp dragon processor was suspected to have been "degraded" by it, unable to properly invoke the latest instruction set, resulting in performance bleeding.
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(2 day ago) Over the years, I've never seen a product of AMD praised by almost everyone, and I can't find any slot, even the whole CPU industry has never seen such a situation. ԡ only AMD's 7Nm sharp dragon 4000 notebook processor did it. From the release at the beginning of the year to the lifting of the ban, and then to the launch of the sharp dragon 4000 notebook last night, almost all major scientific and technological media and self-Media at home and abroad have been tested.
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(2 day ago) As a high-performance x86 server processor in modern data center, the second generation of AMD epyc (Xiaolong) processor has been widely concerned in the industry before it was released.
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(3 day ago) Amd officially lifted the ban on the performance of the sharp dragon 4000H series game book, with 7Nm technology and zen2 architecture. However, at present, the first test is the sharp dragon 74800h, and there are more advanced sharp dragon 9 series on top of it. Ruilong 9 4000H series includes Ruilong 9 4900h and Ruilong 9 4900hs, both of which are 8-core 16 thread, integrated with Vega 8 GPU and 512 stream processors. The difference is that the former has a thermal design power consumption of 45W
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(4 day ago) The AMD Intel driver Kaby lakenuc ԡԡ ԡԡԡ.
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(5 day ago) AMD's 7Nm sharp dragon 4000 APU products have begun to appear in notebook products one after another, and it will be a strong competitor of the 9th and 10th generation core notebook. A few days ago, foreign media sorted out ryzen 9 4900hs's scores in major benchmark databases. After comparison, it was surprised to find that the performance of this 35W TDP standard voltage mobile platform processor was even better than that of the desktop platform Ruilong 53600 (6c12t, 65W).
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(5 day ago) Visit the Purchase Page: AMD flagship Ryzen 9 4900HS and processors without HS suffixes are the flagship processors of AMD 4000 series of APU. these processors have 8 core 16 threads, GPU part has 8 computing units and 512 shaders.
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(6 day ago) According to foreign media reports, Intel and AMD will not be able to come up with platforms that support ddr5 memory until next year due to various reasons. 13. Samsung has also said that it will mass produce ddr5 memory in 2021, and use EUV technology. The production will be carried out in the new factory of pingze, South Korea. Samsung also announced that the first batch of DDR4 memory using EUV technology has shipped 1 million.
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(6 day ago) Visit the Purchase Page: AMD flagship store because female hackers upload two places are GitHub, professionals came forward to read the leaked documents. This batch of Verilog files is known to be typically used for processor construction, but represents only isolated non-core components and does not involve a complete set of RDNA GPU blueprints.
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(6 day ago) In 2019, AMD's performance soared, and CEO Su Zifeng's remuneration soared. In 2019, he will receive a total income of 410 million yuan. Last year, amd launched the 7Nm zen2 architecture of the sharp dragon 3000 and epyc7002 series processors, as well as the 7Nm process of the rx5700 / 5500 Series graphics card. CPU and GPU business are on the right track, so the income of each executive is also greatly increased.
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(7 day ago) In view of the fact that hackers are selling GPU source code at high prices on the Internet, amd has chosen to alarm for the first time. At the same time, the company hopes to pass the Digital Millennium Copyright Act to mitigate the adverse effects. It is reported that GitHub, the code repository, has received at least two DMCA copyright clearance notices, requiring the platform to remove stolen source code related to Navi and arden (the latter is used for Microsoft's upcoming Xbox series X game console).
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(8 day ago) On march 25th, AMD issued a notice announcing that at the end of 2019 someone was trying to contact them to indicate that they had test files with graphic products and subsets AMD now and in the future, which was a serious information security incident. AMD mentioned that the test files had recently been posted online but had been deleted.
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(9 day ago) TSMC will mass produce 5nm technology in the first half of this year. This year's capacity will be almost guaranteed by Apple A14 and Huawei's Kirin 1020 processor. Other manufacturers will queue up until next year. AMD's zen4 is in 2022 anyway.
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(9 day ago) This year's ps5 and Xbox series X use rdna2 architecture GPU products customized from AMD, which can support 4K 120Hz output, 8K output and hardware accelerated ray tracing. In terms of GPU unit configuration, SONY and Microsoft are slightly different. The PS5 is 36 groups of CU with a maximum of 2.23GHz, and the Xbox Series X is 52 groups of CU with a fixed frequency of 1.825GHz.
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(9 day ago) Recently, Yingtai, nicknamed "inventorytai" by netizens, somehow released the old platform motherboard one after another, which not only revived Intel H61, but also turned over the fourth generation APU beema (e1-6010) six years ago and the seventh generation APU bridge ridge (a10-9630) four years ago.
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(10 day ago) In recent years, the market position of AMD's sharp dragon processor is getting higher and higher, and the desktop share has reached about 17%. In some regions and stores, it is a roller compacted existence. For example, Amazon in the United States, sharp dragon has occupied the top 5 sales volume for a long time, and the sharp dragon 53600 has always been the first.
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(10 day ago) Visit the purchase page: there is no doubt that the sales champion of AMD flagship store belongs to the sharp dragon 53600. It has a balanced strength with six core and 3.6ghz frequency and outstanding cost performance. It sold 1900 in a week. It was followed by the sharp dragon 73700x and sharp dragon 53600x, with 900 and 500 sold in the same week.
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(10 day ago) The spread of the novel coronavirus pneumonia has also had a great impact on economic life. Some factories are forced to suspend production because of the need for quarantine. Last week, AMD and Intel both made statements, stressing that the chip supply is still sufficient to meet most customers' needs.
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(11 day ago) Apple released a new support document yesterday detailing possible distortion on the right side of the MAC screen when running Windows 10. Although it's not rational to run windows on a Mac, there are people who do.
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(11 day ago) According to the latest information, Intel's next generation desktop core rocket lake-s is expected to support PCIe 4.0 natively, with a maximum of 20 pieces. Of course, the existing desktop level third-generation sharp dragon and data center level second-generation Xiao Long of AMD have already brought PCIe 4.0, and the specifications are much more powerful, with up to 36 and 128 available.
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(12 day ago) Content navigation: page [01]:[3990 X products and packaging] page [02]:[ test motherboard introduction: top loser country] page [03]:[ test platform introduction: several boxes together] page [04]:[ CPU performance testing and analysis:
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(12 day ago) Four years ago, if you asked about the laptop market and told others that you wanted to buy a laptop with a processor code at the beginning of a, the other side would often earnestly advise you, "don't buy AMD's notebook, balabalabala." finally, you would say, "I3 is silent for two seconds.".
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(13 day ago) Visit the purchase page: AMD's flagship store is homologous with epyc 7000 series for data center in blood, with a maximum of 16 cores and 32 threads, 32MB three-level cache, SOC on-chip system design (no additional chipset), support four channels of ddr4-2666 memory, 64 PCI-E 3.0 buses, 8 10GbE Ethernet, 16 SATA or nvme devices.
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(14 day ago) Yingtai's recent inventory rollover was hard, with the Intel H61 motherboard being polished nine years ago and the AMD seventh generation APU again four years ago. That's not all. Today, Yingtai unveiled a "A68N-2100K" motherboard with a processor that was AMD fifth generation APU. six years ago
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(15 day ago) For many domestic DIY players, the brand of shake news may be a very hazy cognitive existence. They have heard of such a brand and know that it seems to have something to do with Dylan, but they don't know more specifically. 13. Introduction: the business line is very wide, including desktop video card, industrial embedded solutions, OEM, ODM services, DSM services, etc., and the desktop video card business is more relevant to DIY.
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(15 day ago) Can the motherboard of Reebok chip be the size of raspberry pie? 13. Yes, DFI (friendly) has recently launched ghf51 mini board equipped with Ruilong embedded r1000 series APU, with the size of 84mm x 55mm, that is, the size of an ID card, and the processor power consumption is only 12W.
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(16 day ago) Amd also has "small sculpture"! Evaluation of b450m aorus elite main board of Gigabyte ԡԡ 和和和和和和和和
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(16 day ago) Visit the purchase page: AMD technology executive JOA Macri of AMD flagship store also responded to the problem of arm and x86 seizing the territory. For example, Qualcomm has also entered the notebook market. According to JOA Macri, these products are designed to meet the requirements of long-term operation rather than performance design. They can't do worse than x86 processors on this issue.
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(16 day ago) Last night, Microsoft announced the detailed specifications of the next generation of Xbox series X, which is more powerful than the current high-end PC. the CPU is the 8-core zen2 customized by AMD. This change is also a change of AMD's CPU strategy, that is, it will no longer develop small core x86 processors in the future.
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