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(7 hr ago) Microsoft simulation flight shared some new screenshots from alpha testers in the new development log, showing different landscapes on the ground and in the air. In addition, many screenshots also focus on the recently joined Boeing 747, showing the wonderful picture of "air Queen" soaring in the sky.
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(8 hr ago) Microsoft has decided to replace its editorial staff with AI software, the Guardian reported Tuesday. According to reports, on Thursday (28 local time), the British Press Association (PA media) was responsible for maintaining about 27 editors of its news home page on MSN website and Microsoft edge browser. Because Microsoft decided to stop using manual selection, editing and planning of news reports on its home page, it was informed that it would be fired within one month.
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(10 hr ago) As the best browser under Windows 10, Microsoft edge based on chromium kernel has attracted many users.
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(12 hr ago) Microsoft edge browser based on chromium kernel has brought new functions to users of Canary development branch. You will be able to find the option "preload web pages to speed up browsing and searching" under the "privacy and services" settings menu.
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(14 hr ago) Microsoft Windows Operating System Office 365 Microsoft's cloud productivity software Office 365 officially upgraded to Microsoft 365, at the end of April 2020, a major upgrade in the nine years since its inception, with no increase in volume and no increase in subscription prices, also shows Microsoft's determination to push the cloud productivity platform, with more than 215 million active users using Microsoft's productivity tools worldwide.
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(23 hr ago) Microsoft recently showed some new screenshots of alpha preview version of microsoft flight simulation. This screenshot focuses on Boeing 747. The new screenshot shows the realistic details of the plane. In addition, the screenshots also show some special effects of the game, including the excellent effect of scattered depth of field, as well as some very cool looking light column effects.
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(1 day ago) last week, microsoft launched the new Windows package manager (winget), which surprised everyone, but it seems the company has copied the core mechanism from one of the developers it interviewed. The developer behind the package manager AppGet Keivan Beigi provided a detailed explanation of Microsoft's interest in his work last year and then launched its own winget. after the silence
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(1 day ago) After the official launch of windows 10 2004 (also known as update in May 2020), Microsoft also provided build 19635 to the insider testers of fast ring channel.
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(1 day ago) Windows operating system ԡԡԡԡԡ? ԡ the "windows to go" function first appeared with the Windows 8 system, which has been cancelled. In the May 2020 function update, Microsoft also moved the built-in messaging and mobile plans applications.
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(1 day ago) On May 29, HP officially released the new VR head display, reverb G2! (13) reverb G2 is a product jointly developed by HP, valve and Microsoft. It supports Microsoft's windows mixed reality and steam platform's steamvr, plug and play, without adaptation.
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(2 day ago) Recently, Trend Micro, a security technology company, was found cheating on Microsoft's kernel driven security test suite. Problematic kernel drivers tmcomm.sys When Microsoft's WHQL test suite is detected, its behavior will be changed to meet the conditions, especially to access only the available memory in the non paged pool that is not executable in Windows 10 system.
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(2 day ago) Rich Turner, senior project manager at Microsoft, said the old command-line tools on Windows cmd.exe In maintenance mode, PowerShell 7 represents the future.
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(2 day ago) Windows operating system ԡԡԡԡԡ? 13. For the above problems, Microsoft has confirmed that three problems will cause blue screen problems during or after the upgrade of windows 10 may 2020, and the existing devices have blocked the upgrade.
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(2 day ago) Data is the key to AI projects. Microsoft's latest Garage app Trove hopes to build bridges between photographers and data scientists by allowing the former to contribute their own images, which the latter can use.
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(2 day ago) After the release of windows update in October, Microsoft has quietly added the new system version to the introduction of windows life cycle status. From the details given by Microsoft, the end of service date of all versions is mentioned as December 14, 2021. The windows life cycle live table (as shown in the figure below) is usually used to provide the availability and end of service time nodes, and these data are broken down according to each version of windows 10.
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(2 day ago) As before, Microsoft's Windows 10 today The May 2020 update is also incremental, so if you haven't received the update, be patient and so on. as push the update, microsoft also gives the configuration requirements Windows 10 the most important update this year, anyone can download and install the update as long as there is a compatible computer.
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(2 day ago) On May 27, 2020, Microsoft officially started to push the update of windows in May 2020. This update includes the new Cortana application, cloud reset, windows subsystem of Linux 2, the improvement of windows search, and making reserved storage an optional function.
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(3 day ago) Is your money ready for those who want to get started with Xbox series X? A few days ago, Microsoft has officially launched the Xbox series X purchase page on its website. It seems that the new generation Xbox host is not far from the official release date and price.
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(3 day ago) Steve Ballmer, CEO of Microsoft, once described Linux as a cancer, while Brad Smith, President of Microsoft, recently said that Microsoft stood on the wrong side of history. The book by Steven Sinofsky, a former windows executive, provides more context for this history.
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(3 day ago) Recently, Microsoft has officially launched the Xbox series X purchase page on its website. It seems that the new generation Xbox Console is not far from the official release date and price. However, the page can not pre order the host at present.
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(3 day ago) Recently, Jeff Teper, vice president of Microsoft 365, spoke highly of Microsoft remote conference platform Microsoft teams in an interview with foreign media, and even said that its scale will surpass that of windows system.
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(4 day ago) After Google, apple, Samsung and other technology companies launched their own brand of smart speakers, Microsoft is also about to enter the field, and is developing a portable smart speaker with Cortana voice assistant. According to the patent image, the speaker is similar to Amazon's echo in appearance, but smaller in size.
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(4 day ago) Microsoft has just won a £ 17.75 million contract to provide cloud support to the UK Department of defense, as industry members are currently unable to provide the same services as Microsoft. In an EU transparency report, it wrote: "provide major support, maintenance and consulting services for 23 months, from June 1, 2022 to April 30, 2022.
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(4 day ago) Since its $8.5 billion acquisition of Skype in October 2011, Microsoft has shared almost no usage data of the instant messaging software. For example, Skype's monthly number of active users has not been updated since August 2015, staying at the 300 million users announced a few years ago.
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(4 day ago) According to patentlyapple sources, the U. S. Patent and Trademark Office recently authorized Microsoft to a new patent, involving a smart speaker design. Microsoft noted in its patent document that voice-controlled smart speakers are speakers combined with speech recognition systems that users can interact with.
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(4 day ago) May 26 news, according to Windows Latest reports, Microsoft is about to launch Surface Duo, this is Microsoft after the Lumia of mobile phones to return to the mobile phone market stage. Microsoft Surface Duo support stylus and foreign media have exposed Surface Duo Surface Pen settings pages, the report said.
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(6 day ago) Microsoft is expected to launch the surface duo later this year with snapdragon 855, 6GB memory and 11 megapixel camera. Because the design of the new machine was finalized earlier, Microsoft chose the mid tier specification and affordable chipset.
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