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(11 min ago) For Microsoft, after the announcement of giving up support for Windows 7, the proportion of users of windows 10 has also increased dramatically, so they are bound to carry out a series of modifications around the system. 13. According to foreign media reports, Microsoft is looking for a software engineering manager for its application connection team to improve the existing features on Windows 10 and prepare for windows 10x.
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(3 hr ago) Chromium-based Edge have now surpassed Firefox, as the second largest desktop browser after Chrome. The reason why it is so popular with users is that, in addition to following up Chromium gaining many outstanding features, microsoft has refined the browser, especially the in-depth study of page scrolling features, and the related features have been extended to Chrome.
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(20 hr ago) Even children who have not learned much about geography know that the earth is a blue "water ball" - 71% of its area is covered by water. In the eyes of most people today, the Internet should be an infrastructure of "water polo".
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(1 day ago) Microsoft has started the test of small-scale Bing search for new logos. Bing logo is part of the fluent design update. It has become very round visually and emphasizes texture. 13. Microsoft has announced the new fluent design style icon for windows built-in applications and office series applications. Only Xbox still uses the old logo in its main product line
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(1 day ago) Microsoft plans to convert most of its activities ZDNet fiscal year 2021(July 2020-June 2021) into live online, citing foreign media Mary Jo Foley. While this should be a temporary test of the epidemic, it suggests that Microsoft is interested in moving online.
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(1 day ago) Previously, Microsoft announced to follow the upstream rhythm and suspend the update of edge browser. Yesterday, Microsoft announced that it would continue to follow the development schedule of chrome, which has changed again, and resume the update according to the new schedule.
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(1 day ago) After the failure of i740 in 1998, Intel has been sticking to the core display market. However, in 2020, they will return to the high-performance display market. This year, they will launch the Xe graphics card, and the first product will use the low-power architecture of xe_lp.
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(1 day ago) Due to the impact of the epidemic, Google recently announced to adjust the version update schedule of Chrome browser and Chrome OS, and decided to skip the version update of chrome 82 directly to ensure the focus on security and stability. Today, Microsoft announced that the edge browser based on chromium will also follow up synchronously, skipping version 82.
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(1 day ago) On tuesday, microsoft's president Brad Smith first responded to news about the COVID-19 epidemic and then affirmed washington's landmark new facial recognition bill. Washington state governor Jay Inslee signed the bill that day, establishing rules governing facial recognition software.
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(2 day ago) According to foreign media reports, more and more windows 10 users have broken the Internet, so Microsoft sent out an emergency patch in advance, but you need to download the patch manually. 13. Microsoft pointed out in the latest instructions that only windows 10 users who have installed kb4535996 patch can be disconnected from the network, so in this case, you need to download the patch to repair manually.
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(2 day ago) Surface duo / Neo uses two screens, but in the future Microsoft may launch a foldable device with three screens. According to the latest approved technology patent, Microsoft describes a smartphone with three screens. If it can be recognized by the surface team, it will undoubtedly become the next innovative device of Microsoft.
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(2 day ago) With its recent acquisition of Affirmed Networks, Microsoft has confirmed its new idea of five G margin calculations. By spring 2020, software giants will AT togethe
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(2 day ago) On April 1-3, that is, from midnight tonight, Microsoft's official Mall (click to go) launched a new round of surface series official refurbishment machine promotion, with a maximum discount rate of 50%, and most of them are around 70% discount, more than before, not to be missed.
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(3 day ago) With a number of new announcements, Microsoft today announced that it will officially rename office 365 to Microsoft 365. In the future, the Microsoft 365 brand will cover consumers, small and medium-sized enterprises and office 365 Proplus subscribers.
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(3 day ago) Since the Wright brothers built the first powered aircraft, human beings have a history of aviation for more than 100 years. In modern society, people often travel by air. Flying has become an important way of travel for human beings, but due to the high price of aircraft and the high quality requirements for pilots, ordinary people often can not see the beauty of the cockpit.
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(3 day ago) According to foreign media reports, Microsoft announced that it will launch team's 2C user version later this year, a slack like application that supports text, audio and video chat functions. 2C's teams products will have many tools to make it easier for families and small groups to organize activities, share information and make video calls.
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(3 day ago) Hundreds of millions of people stay indoors, isolated from each other, trying to slow down the spread of the epidemic coronavirus and prevent hospitals from being overwhelmed by patients. To stay in touch, people are turning to social networks such as Facebook and its WhatsApp and instagram subsidiaries.
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(3 day ago) The game industry is a relatively small number of industries that are not affected by the new crown epidemic, or because there are a lot of bored people at home, it is relatively booming. Limited by the shortage of customer service and management personnel, some of the functions of the games are inevitably affected. Microsoft announced that it would suspend the upload of Xbox gamerpic, because there is not enough manpower to review the graphics.
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(3 day ago) At ignite 2019, Microsoft announced a new outlook for Mac experience, including a redesigned UI, improved performance, and some new features. Now, the software giant has revealed that outlook for Mac is about to usher in a number of new features, such as unified inbox and add-on support.
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(3 day ago) According to foreign media reports, a number of top universities in the United States have teamed up with Microsoft recently to try to use artificial intelligence (AI) and supercomputers to conquer the new coronavirus. The new research alliance is known as the C3. AI digital transformation Institute.
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(4 day ago) Imagine a scenario where you let friends use your computer and web browser, and when friends fill out some online form data, the browser will try to complete the information automatically. So that without your permission, your information (e.g. email and user name) will appear without your permission.
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(4 day ago) Tencent technology news, march 30, according to foreign media reports, like seattle's technology giant amazon, as more people work and entertain at home, some of microsoft's technologies have become crucial in the new coronavirus crisis. Microsoft has conducted an in-depth analysis of the impact of the new coronavirus outbreak on its services.
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(4 day ago) "For a celebration of more than 1 billion users, we decided to design a new start menu for Windows 10!" This is a recent news from microsoft as an operating system with hundreds of millions of users.
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(5 day ago) Tencent Technology News, according to the latest news from foreign media, in the past, advanced supercomputers have defeated chess masters and learned how to recognize people's faces and voices from the mountains of data. Now, a billionaire developer in software and artificial intelligence is working with top universities and companies to see if artificial intelligence can help contain the current new crown virus and future infectious diseases.
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(5 day ago) Citing foreign media reports in February this year, the Microsoft news team is developing a news application called project NEWSBAR. The application adds a news hotspot filter in the sidebar of the desktop to directly present the content of interest to users from more than 1200 Microsoft News partners, and can choose to always display and slide in.
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(5 day ago) Microsoft said it would no longer invest in third-party identification companies because of the controversy over its investment in Anyvision, an Israeli start-up. Critics and human rights activists say Anyvision helped take over a surveillance project in the West Bank after NBC News reported the company's relationship with the Israeli government.
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(5 day ago) In order to help people with physical disabilities enjoy the fun brought by technology, Microsoft Research Institute has developed a variety of solutions, such as the virtual reality controller similar to crutches, which is introduced in this paper. According to another video of VR white cane with touch function demonstrated earlier, it can help people with visual impairment to achieve easier navigation in a virtual environment.
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