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(2 hr ago) Tencent technology news, according to foreign media reports, apple told employees on Thursday that its retail stores in the United States will continue to close due to the new coronavirus pandemic, and the policy of employees working from home will continue until the beginning of May. In a memo to employees, Deirdre O'Brien, Apple's senior vice president of retail and personnel, told employees that the company expected "all offices will maintain flexible working arrangements and all retail stores will continue to close
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(4 hr ago) On thursday, the white house said it would soon amend its previous "outbreak prevention manual" to include non-health workers without wearing masks, but would not force the public to wear them. There is still a serious shortage of medical masks in the United States, so the new instruction manual may cover only cotton and non-medical masks.
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(8 hr ago) Novel coronavirus pneumonia confirmed by the Worldometer world real-time statistics, 18 hours and 03 minutes (2 hours, 03 hours in April 3rd, Beijing time), has reached 1 million cases in April 2nd, 1000168 cases have been diagnosed, 51354 cases have accumulated death, and 210191 cases have been cured.
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(1 day ago) Tencent technology news, as we all know, NASA has set a huge goal of landing on the moon and Mars, and the agency began to recruit astronauts related to these tasks this year. According to the latest news from foreign media, NASA's recruitment activity has ended, with 12000 Americans hoping to become astronauts to the moon and Mars.
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(1 day ago) On April 2, Nissan said on Wednesday that its U.S. plant will remain closed until the end of April to reduce the spread of the new coronavirus. It is reported that the company's sales in the United States fell by 30% in the first quarter. Nissan said some basic work will continue and security measures will be strengthened.
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(1 day ago) According to foreign media CNET, the public health crisis around the world caused by the new coronavirus pandemic has also caused financial difficulties for tens of millions of people in the United States. Some of these concerns have emerged in Google's search engine, where queries can be a window into what people are thinking.
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(1 day ago) By default, many Hollywood actors have recently won the new crown pneumonia, Tom Hanks and the "Bong Girl" Olga Cranc, the role of "Raytheon" Edris Alba. And in sports circles, NBA、 Serie A, Bundesliga and Spanish have been diagnosed...
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(1 day ago) Visits: Motorola's own flagship store Moto G PowerMoto G Power $299.99, has been pre-sold today at best buy, B&H Photo, walmart and amazon.
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(1 day ago) What a painful insight... Bloomberg news today is alarming that the us government is already preparing 100,000 shroud bags (50,000 more than the department's existing stock of 50,000) for the death needs of people with new crown pneumonia (moving cars from hospital morgue to funeral homes).
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(1 day ago) On March 31 local time, Wal Mart announced that it would upgrade employee protection measures as retailers and grocery store employees received more and more attention during the outbreak. According to the Las Vegas review, Wal Mart will measure the temperature of employees before they start their shift, and any employees with abnormal temperature will be sent home for isolation and treatment.
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(1 day ago) Tencent technology news, April 1 news, according to foreign media reports, on Wednesday local time, T-Mobile, the third largest wireless operator in the United States, finally completed a $26.5 billion merger and acquisition deal with sprint, the fourth largest operator.
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(2 day ago) On March 31 local time, the U.S. Food and Drug Administration (FDA) launched a new program called "coronavirus accelerated treatment program" (CTAP), which aims to promote close cooperation between public organizations and private companies, and promote potential treatment methods for new coronavirus to the market as soon as possible.
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(2 day ago) The UK government has confirmed the introduction of a digital tax today (April 1, 2020), which will apply to businesses with global sales of more than £ 500 million and at least £ 25 million from UK users, based on UK users' income, at a 2% tax rate.
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(2 day ago) The US novel coronavirus pneumonia virus has been ravaged by the US and has fallen into the United States. In addition to New York State, which is the worst hit area in Hubei Province, the epidemic has also broken out in other states in the United States. According to statistics from Johns Hopkins University, as of the publication of this paper, the number of newly confirmed cases in the United States has exceeded 185000 and the death toll is close to 4000.
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(2 day ago) A total of 184,183 confirmed cases of newly-crowned pneumonia ,3810 deaths and 6910 cured cases were reported by the United States at 6 p.m. on March 31, Eastern time, according to the global real-time statistical system for the disease, released by Johns Hopkins University.
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(2 day ago) Do you need to wear a mask at the moment when covid-19 new coronavirus is spreading all over the world? The Chinese will not hesitate on this issue, as do the Koreans and the Japanese, but the European and American countries still believe that they should not wear masks, even the who suggests so.
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(2 day ago) NASA released its first concept art image showing its fully electric X-Plane, called the x-57 Maxwell. The rendered image shows the plane outside the hangar of NASA's Armstrong flight research center.
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(2 day ago) Tesla's rival, the American electric car start-up Lucid Motors (hereinafter referred to as "Lucid""), confirmed that the company would delay the release of its mass-production Lucid Air. because of the risks to its production schedule
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(2 day ago) Hospitals in New York City, large and small, have become "totally unrecognizable" over the past few days, with thousands of patients with newly-crowned pneumonia pouring into emergency rooms and ICU wards, Beijing time reported on March 31. At Seattle 3,000 miles away, Lisa Brandenburg (Lisa Brandenburg) saw a similar scene:
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(2 day ago) Senior cabinet officials agreed to take new measures to limit Huawei's global supply chain of chips, which may include some key industry chain manufacturers, quoted foreign media as saying Tuesday. It is reported that the ban is mainly achieved by restricting the use of foreign suppliers of American technology and parts, and TSMC is likely to be among them.
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(3 day ago) Tencent technology news, with the spread of the new coronavirus epidemic in the world, the capital markets of various countries have plummeted, and the share prices of countless technology companies have plummeted. Some companies have begun to take stock buybacks and other means to reduce the losses of shareholders. Can these technology stocks, whose share prices have plummeted, rebound after the outbreak? Morgan Stanley, a leading US investment bank, said in a March 30 research report that a small number of technology companies will become stronger in the new coronavirus influenza pandemic
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(3 day ago) According to foreign media reports, the longer the outbreak lasts, the more obvious the economic losses will be. A new analysis from covered California points out that health insurance premiums are likely to soar next year because of all the medical costs incurred this year as a result of the new coronavirus.
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(3 day ago) According to the United States Johns Hopkins University released the global new crown pneumonia epidemic real-time statistical system, as of March 30,6 p.m., the United States reported a total of 161367 confirmed cases of new crown pneumonia ,2956 deaths and 5595 cured cases.
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(3 day ago) Recently, nuggs, an American meat company, announced that it would release its vegetable chicken nuggs in the retail market this spring, according to the spin, a foreign media. Nuggs will cooperate with Acosta and green spring, the fast moving consumer goods dealers, and the products will enter 10000 retail stores. However, the specific retail enterprises with which nuggs will cooperate have not been announced yet. Nuggs was founded in 2019 and sold chicken nuggs directly to consumers through DTC (direct to consumer) in the early stage.
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(3 day ago) On March 28 local time, the Centers for Disease Control and prevention issued travel advice to residents of New York, New Jersey and Connecticut, advising them not to travel unnecessarily in the next 14 days. "You should have done this four weeks ago," said a netizen about the travel proposal issued by the Centers for Disease Control and prevention.
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(3 day ago) The US military is developing a portable face recognition device that can recognize targets a kilometer away. This is the "advanced tactical face recognition in remote technology" project being implemented by the U.S. special operations command. The project started in 2016, and a working prototype was demonstrated in December last year, paving the way for the mass production version.
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(3 day ago) Article / Cao Peixin source: big data digest the calculation of automobile insurance premium should be called "the world's top ten unsolved mysteries". How is the annual premium adjustment calculated? Is my premium the same as others? These problems have puzzled ordinary consumers like abstract bacteria for many years.
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(4 day ago) March 29, according to foreign media reports, CDC data shows that in the last flu season, the proportion of 174.5 million influenza vaccines used in the United States using chicken embryo production technology is as high as 82%, which means that these influenza vaccines consume 140 million eggs.
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(4 day ago) With the outbreak of the epidemic abroad, according to statistics, millions of overseas students and migrant workers have returned home since the beginning of March, but a large part of them choose to stay in the local area. How are they doing? 13. I was wearing a mask in Serbia. On March 17, the video of the Serbian President asking for help with tears appeared on the hot search.
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