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(1 day ago) Article / Gong Jinhui source: Gong Jinhui (ID: Gong jinhui2) as we all know, lenovo mobile phone is an extremely awkward existence in the domestic market in recent years, which is not only related to the lack of products themselves, but also to the development route brought by frequent changes of commander.
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(3 day ago) There is no doubt that Microsoft Surface Pro is a benchmark, but the high price makes most people flinch. Today's launch of the Lenovo Yoga duet two in one notebook is undoubtedly a good choice. Lenovo's Yoga duet weighs only 799g. It has a unique fabric Bluetooth keyboard cover, a 4096 level pressure sensitive capacitor pen as standard, and a suit weighs no more than 1190g.
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(3 day ago) Lenovo Savior y9000k 2020 is a flagship e-game notebook product for the feverish players. The whole system is equipped with i7-10875h processor as standard, and the graphics card can be equipped with NVIDIA? Geforce RTX 2080 super max-q at most. Such a fever level configuration ensures that the product can perform well when running large-scale games.
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(4 day ago) Come in a throng of AMD 7Nm technology, Zen2 architecture's 4000U, and 4000H's mobile processor. The manufacturers are also looking at the new generation of awesome dragon. ASUS and Lenovo can be said to be the most productive ones, with rich products, strong configuration and high price.
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(6 day ago) Amd has made a big turnaround in notebook processor this year. Almost all mainstream brands have launched notebooks based on the sharp dragon 4000 processor. Lenovo has made a big bet on the sharp dragon. All the small new notebook product lines are equipped with sharp dragon CPU. On May 31, the small new pro 13 version of sharp dragon was launched.
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(6 day ago) On May 29, the official flagship store of tmall Lenovo launched its 2020 small new amd series lightweight new product, Lenovo small new pro 13 2020 sharp dragon version, which will officially open for sale on June 1. The price is temporarily unknown.
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(7 day ago) Come 618, Lenovo small new Air 14 2020 in the Jingdong preferential: June 1 open door coupons minus 300 yuan ,4299 seconds, the same price 618. i5-1035G1 8GB 256GB version 4299 yuan, i5-1035G1 8GB 512GB edition 4499 yuan, i5-1035G1 16GB 512GB edition 4999 yuan, i5-1035G1 16GB 1TB version 5499 yuan.
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(8 day ago) For an optimal solution between endurance and performance, today's laptops generally support a variety of modes, such as lenovo's small new laptop with Fn Q smart heat conditioning. That is, can switch three-file mode energy saving, intelligence, beast. You can enjoy the low-power static long duration, intelligent adjustment balance performance, fire full-open performance full release.
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(8 day ago) Foreign media 91mobiles just exposed the patent illustration of Lenovo's new real wireless headset. It can be seen that it adopts the shape design similar to Apple's airpods, but the hanging bar part is relatively flat. The official code of the new product is not disclosed in the documents of the State Intellectual Property Office, but like the HT20 product line currently on sale, Lenovo's new true wireless headset is expected to continue its cost-effective marketing strategy.
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(13 day ago) On May 22, it was announced that Ruixing coffee was ordered to delist. The company's share price fell 36% first, then 28%. Shenzhou car rental fell for two consecutive days in Hong Kong, down nearly 5% yesterday and 8% today. In addition, Credit Suisse applied for a court order to appoint a liquidator to Ruixing coffee founder Lu Zhengyao family trust.
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(14 day ago) Recently, Lenovo Group released its 2019 / 20 and fourth quarter results and held a media conference. At the media communication meeting on the same day, Liu Jun said that last fiscal year (April 2019 March 2020) affected by the general environment, especially the epidemic situation, the whole PC market in China experienced twists and turns, but after the epidemic was controlled, there was a good momentum, and last month saw a very obvious rebound.
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(15 day ago) Today, ThinkPlus, a subsidiary of Lenovo, a well-known PC manufacturer, launched a 65W Gan fast charging charger with a price of 199 yuan. As a new generation of lipstick power supply, the smaller size can be carried around without any burden, making the charging process lighter and faster.
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(15 day ago) Recently, Yang Yuanqing, CEO of Lenovo Group, published the proposal on promoting personal computer consumption upgrading and giving full play to the role of productivity and innovation tools. He proposed that as a strategic necessity, the state should introduce consumption support and protection policies.
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(16 day ago) Visit the purchase page: in fact, Lenovo's official flagship store looks like a picture frame with a matte and anti glare display. There is also a tone sensor, which can automatically adjust the brightness and temperature of the full HD display according to the ambient light conditions of the room.
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(18 day ago) Visit the Purchase Page: The ThinkCentre product line of Lenovo's official flagship store this time includes M70、M80 and M90 series, covering models such as tower case, small size (SFF), integrated machine (integrated machine), etc., which provides sufficient flexibility for enterprises to meet the changing complex computing and business continuity needs of the world today.
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(19 day ago) Lenovo Xiaoxin May 16 news, today Lenovo Xiaoxin Air 14 2020 Ruilong Edition opens today: R5: 4600U 16GB memory 512 GB SSD, selling price 3999 yuan.
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(19 day ago) Visit the purchase page: Yang Lan, 52, Lenovo's official flagship store, is a Chinese TV host and media entrepreneur with about 30 years of experience in the industry. She was once selected as one of the "100 most influential women in the world" by Forbes magazine. In December 2018, she was selected into the list of "40 people in 40 years of China's reform and opening up" and "70 people in 70 years of China's returnees" on December 18, 2019.
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(20 day ago) Visit the Purchase Page: Lenovo's official flagship store, Lenovo, has launched a 21.5-inch M70a and larger M90a integrated machine, SFF desktop and tower machines in the series. Safety vPro、 manageability are the focus in products such as intel vPro、 lenovo ThinkShield.
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(21 day ago) Recently, a group of pictures of little girls taking online classes under the desk moved many netizens. According to media reports, the little girl is 7 years old and is in the first grade of primary school. Parents sell pickles in the market, make a small piece of land under the chopping board, and get a self-made desk for the little girl. The little girl curls up in an iron frame to study, read and take online lessons.
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(22 day ago) In May, Lenovo's notebook was like a sow with high production, and yoga and Xiaoxin Ruilong 4000 series of notebooks came on the stage one after another. 13. There are three types of small new 2020 models, namely 15.6-inch small new 15 2020 sharp dragon version, 13.3-inch small new pro 2020 sharp dragon version, and 14 inch small new air 14 2020 sharp dragon version.
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(22 day ago) Why the Internet bar computer configuration is not high, but never feel the card? On May 13, Lenovo's official microblog interpreted the problem for the following reasons: 1. Exclusive optical fiber network we all know that many games played with cards at home can't be played smoothly in the Internet bar. With the help of teammates nearby, it's very cool.
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(22 day ago) May 15,19:00, in Lenovo small new B station live room ,2020 small new AMD series of lightweight new products will be officially launched, including small new Pro 13. 2020AMD version, up to 8 core 16 threads R7. 4800U.
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(22 day ago) May 7, Lenovo officially released the Y9000K、Y700P、Y7000 and R7000 four savior 2020 series notebook products, May 13, Y7000、R7000 and Y7000P three new products ushered in the first sale! Of which Y7000P 2020 only i7-10750H 16GB 1TB SSD RTX2060 graphics card a version optional, the original price of 9299 yuan, the initial price of 8699 yuan.
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(23 day ago) Visit the purchase page: Although Lenovo's official flagship store lacks in performance, its main selling points are people-friendly price and excellent battery life performance. Foreign media the verge experienced duet chromebook for a few days and said that the experience was very interesting.
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(24 day ago) As a newly launched light and thin notebook in 2020, Lenovo Xiaoxin 15 2020 has won the favor of consumers with good cost performance and high-quality large screen experience, and has also become a light entertainment Office sharp tool in the hot market sales.
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(24 day ago) Article / Shi Pengfei source / alpha workshop (ID: alpworks) introduction: it is better to continue to maintain "stable happiness" than to toss new business. Although the little red hat on the ThinkPad keyboard has never changed, Lenovo has been changing in recent years.
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(24 day ago) May 11, Lenovo Xiaoxin 15 2020 Ruilong version officially opened at 10:00 today, pre-sale deposit of 200 yuan, may 16 start to pay the final payment, may 17 official shipment. Lenovo Xiaoxin 15 At present, only R5 are available 4600U 16GB memory 512 GB SSD one version optional, the price is 3999 yuan.
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(24 day ago) Lenovo recently released a new generation of game books, such as Savior r7000 2020, Savior y7000 2020 and Savior y7000p 2020, equipped with two high-performance mobile platforms, including Intel's ten generation core h and AMD's four generation sharp dragon H.
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(24 day ago) Visit the purchase page: as the first batch of enterprises to return to work in Hefei, Lianbao technology has handed in a beautiful report card. Throughout March, its single day, single week and single month shipments reached a record high. The single month shipments even increased by more than 40% over the same period last year, reaching 2.719 million units.
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