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How does a cell phone become a telescope? Demolition of Reno 10-fold Zoom Edition by Demolition Now

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First, the back cover is heated to remove the back shell. This time Reno uses a lot of glue to reinforce the fuselage, but the position is more conventional. After a single heating, it can be easily done with warping tablets.

The rear shell part is relatively refreshing, except for the contra-rotating lifting structure and the bottom made a lot of glue filling, the rest of the part is not "rush to play". Even the NFC, which is usually placed on the back shelf, is moved to the battery section. It should be said that it reduces the difficulty of repairing the rear case in case it needs to be replaced.

In addition, we can see the small green dots officially called O-Dot from the back, which play an anti-wear and visual optimization role in the front of the back.

On the back of the fuselage is a typical three-stage configuration. At first glance, there is not much difference except that the coil position of the NFC is closer to the battery. More secrets are hidden under the top plastic cover.

Plastic cover plate connected with NFC

The plastic cover of Reno is connected with the NFC coil as a whole. There are many structural modifications on the sides of the cover, such as protecting lens and plastic washers, grooves the core heat radiation area, and even making a circle of wires for flash contacts. From this application of the cover plate, it is not difficult to guess the compactness and meticulousness of the machine itself.

A New Situation

It is interesting that we also saw the third microphone mentioned at Reno's press conference on the main and vice-versions of FPC. This new technique has never been seen in previous disassemblies and is also illustrated from the side.Mobile phoneIts own compactness.

So far, the dismantling of the protagonist, the side-rotating lifting structure and the post-10-fold hybrid zoom three-camera are basically in front of us. Because of these two parts and the sliding track, there is not much room left for the top PCB motherboard. In other words, the motherboard layout will be more compact.

The core of this disassembly is the side-rotating lifting structure and ten-fold hybrid zoom, so we only do a simple interpretation of the motherboard. 在拆解过程注意到,本机对于主板的散热有着很好的层次与逻辑。 First of all, the metal shield on both sides has been made symmetrical copper foil heat dissipation. Then silicone grease and gel were added to the front and back sides of the core area of CPU. It is not difficult to find the copper pipe behind the roll-proof frame through silicone grease and hollow out.

BTB made rubber washer protection

In addition, OPPO has a soft rubber protective ring around the BTB and the lens. When it comes to precision and density, it is almost the peak level of the flagship aircraft in the first half of the year. Well, of course, it's not too difficult to disassemble.

The content of the lifting mechanism has been reduced.

Pull it back to the side-rotating lifting structure, we have dismantled too many lifting components in the past year, but Reno is different. This module combines front camera, flexible light, receiver, microphone and rear flash. It adopts asymmetrical side rotation structure, and the stepper motor is placed on the right side. The transmission component is a small seven-tooth gear box.

Dynamic principle

There are several advantages. First, the sideslip has lower degrees of freedom, or the vernacular interpretation is that the sliding track itself moves more steadily on the Y axis. The whole lifting structure is circular motion centered on a point on the right side of the fuselage. The guide rail is composed of metal frame. Compared with the simple double slide rail, the straight up and down stability is much greater. The new seven-tooth gear further reduces the sound of mechanical movement. In addition, during the disassembly process, the group fixed by glue and screw will be very strong on the fuselage.

Encapsulated as a whole lifting structure

Stepping motor

Finally, Reno's pop-up part also integrates the function of the speaker and transmits sound through the gap at the top of the middle frame, which is the reason why the top forehead is narrower.

Data and Function of Three Lens

Finally, it is the turn of the core of this dismantling machine, the hardware module of 10 times hybrid optical variable, to come on the stage. The whole module consists of a Sony 48-megapixel primary lens, an 8-megapixel wide-angle lens and a core 13-megapixel long focus lens. The three lenses are fixed together by metal roll-proof frame and arranged in L-shape, and fixed by colloid. And the core of our attention is this periscopical long-focus lens at the bottom.


Three lenses are L-shaped


The periscope lens structure is enclosed in a separate metal frame as a whole.

First, it is stacked horizontally, and the periscope lens is 11.5 * 5.7 * 24.5 mm in size according to the data on the Internet, and is independently encapsulated in another metal cover. After opening, besides the CMOS of the ordinary lens, we can see lenses and refractive prisms which are much larger than the conventional size.


Fuselage folding and internal structure

This transverse arrangement is part of reducing the volume of long focus lens. On the other hand, OPPO has customized lens module, which further cuts circular lenses in parallel and reduces the volume occupation, that is, the origin of D-Cut module.

In addition, coils are arranged inside the periscope lens to achieve the effect of anti-shaking through electromagnetic control.


Horizontal linear motor is very small but it has a good experience.

Above all, the core of this dismantling is over. Overall, the Reno 10-fold zoom version is extremely compact in internal layout and has a large brain hole. In addition to satisfying the basic layout, the elevating structure and the bottom horizontal linear motor leave room for experiencing elevation. Fuselage internal heat dissipation logic level clear, interface and full protection of the original parts, should be included in the first half of this year's biggest surprise flagship aircraft.

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