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Ali P10, Tencent T4, Huawei 18, Internet company ranks, salary, equity big secret

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How are the latest technical rank sequences of BAT, headlines, and Huawei divided? What is the approximate salary range and stocks for each rank? How difficult is it to promote between different ranks, how to judge? How should school recruiters and social recruiters want to go to the big factory? This article collects and collates the latest version of the data, for you to answer! Written in front

I believe that many readers and friends have seen a lot of Internet company salary issues and data reports on the Internet, many of which have been updated for 2 to 3 years. The editors of InfoQ are thinking that there are so many people who pay attention to this issue, but the information has not been updated for a long time. Is it possible for us to do some related things so that everyone can get the latest details?

So we went to consult the programmers of the major Internet companies, a low-key pass Ali P9 replied to me:“ absolutely can't say! I said it was opened! ”. Ali did not break this line, Tencent did not get the information you wanted:“Rated, salary, these are sensitive information, it is not convenient to disclose”.

All the roads lead to Rome, the in-service programmers are hard to say, then we will ask the employees who have left the company, a girl who just flew from Baidu to Tencent to tell me:“When you entered the job, you signed a confidentiality agreement. When you left the company, you signed a confidentiality agreement. You can’t say it.”.

We still don't give up, and we look at the senior headhunters in the industry. Hard work pays off, this is the main data of today's article. The point that needs to be declared is:

All figures in this article are not official data, but based on the actual number of candidates interviewed by the headhunter, the actual offer amount may be higher or lower, but it gives you a general understanding of a specific scope.

BAT, headline, Huawei salary report

Internet companies represented by BAT have become the benchmark for the entire industry. Whether it is a BAT-based startup or a growing-type company, the company's employees are rated, title, and salary with reference to the BAT rank specification. Wait. For example, Ali's technology sequence is P series, Tencent and Baidu's technology sequence is T series, and Huawei is digital series.

1, Ali articles

Alibaba Group adopts a dual-sequence career development system. The technical line is a commonly described P-sequence, corresponding to the M-sequence of the management line, P6 is equivalent to M1, P7 is equivalent to M2, and so on.


Photo: Alibaba Campus Recruitment

As the P-sequence of the technical line, it is divided into 14 levels, from P1 to P14. At present, there is almost no P1-3 level involved in the school recruitment process, and the lowest is from P4. According to the author's understanding, the current minimum level of Alibaba Group's school recruitment is also P5, P6.

At present, Ali's most demanding ranks are distributed in the P6-P8, which is the largest proportion of the Ali Group. The P6 level programmer title is a senior engineer, P7 is already an expert level, and P8 is a senior expert. In general, the well-known Ali programmers walking on rivers and lakes are at least P8. The existence of the P10 level is the legendary level of the gods. This level of programmers are all well-known in the industry, such as Yu Ba, Bi Xuan and so on.

InfoQ collected the salary levels and number of shares under the Alibaba rank system, with specific reference to the following table:


The salary structure of Alibaba employees is generally 16 salary, and a good team year-end award can get more. In addition, over time, Alibaba showed the opposite trend in terms of salary and stocks. The salary increase was relatively large, and the number of shares awarded decreased significantly. It is understood that about 7 years ago, an Ali P7 employee could get 2400-3200 shares, and now the number of shares granted by the P7 level is 800-1200 shares. It can also be used for 2 years and can be taken in 4 years.

The salary cash portion of Ant Financial is similar to Alibaba, but the options are relatively loose. In the early days, it could even get 2-3 million shares, and now P7 can also get 2000 shares. But what is certain is that when the ant jinfu is successfully listed, the stock grant to new employees will also decline accordingly.

2, Tencent articles

Tencent has just announced the adjustment of its ranks recently, canceling the original 6th grade 18 (1.1-6.3 grade) rank system design, and optimizing the professional rank system to 14 grades (4-17 grades).


In Tencent, the technical line belonged to the T sequence before this. In Tencent's rank system, the T3 level is already the upper limit of many people. The famous T4 level walking in the rivers and lakes is a technology enthusiast who can afford the technology sharing conference. A teacher's name. The T5 level is also rare in Tencent. Representatives include Yu Xuan of Xuanwu Laboratory and Jia Jiaya of Utopia Laboratory.

InfoQ collected the salary levels and stock values ​​under Tencent's new rank system, with specific reference to the following table:


It is worth mentioning that although in the old rank system, the title of the entire T3 sequence is a senior engineer, the salary gap between each small rank range is not small, and the salary of the T3-3 level is higher than the T3-1 level. It is 30-60W/year higher, and there is almost no stock at the 3-1 level. After adjusting to a sequence of numbers, such a gap seems to be more reasonable.

Tencent's salary structure is generally 16 salary, but in fact, there is no 18-pay team from the offer. There are not small wages and stock gaps between different business lines within Tencent. Tencent's game team salary and year-end awards are generally higher, while Tencent Cloud's stock share is higher than the game team.

3, Baidu articles

Baidu is the most cash in the entire BAT.

Like Tencent, Baidu's technology line is also a T-sequence, and T5 and T6 are the highest levels of technology. In general, Baidu T5 is a senior engineer, T6 is a senior engineer, but in fact Baidu's title does not have a rank important. Starting from the T7 level, I started to do things with team and management. After I got above T7, I basically didn't write code. The number of T10-T12 is very small. Representative figures include former Baidu chief scientist Wu Enda and Baidu's youngest T10 Lou Tiancheng.

InfoQ collected the salary level and stock value under the Baidu rank system, refer to the following table:


Baidu's salary structure is 14.6 salary, which is characterized by the cash portion of the salary is the most among the BAT.

4, Huawei articles

In a strict sense, Huawei is not an Internet company. The online ranks and salary data have not been investigated and reported by Huawei. For this reason, InfoQ has specifically understood the salary system of Huawei's technical line behind it for reference.

The rank system of Huawei's technology line is a digital sequence, similar to Tencent's new sequence. Huawei has a good saying that describes the income situation very well: three years and a small hurdle, five years of a big hurdle. It means that the majority of Huawei's salary in the three years is based on wages. After three years, the bonuses are gradually considerable. After five years, the dividends will gradually increase. In fact, according to the InfoQ survey, the same is true. The longer the service period in Huawei, the more bonuses, the greater the dividend. In 2015, Chen Lifang, the current senior vice president of Huawei, mentioned in Peking University's preaching that the longer the struggle, the more cost-effective it becomes, and the wages become pocket money.

InfoQ collected the salary level and stock value under the Huawei rank system, refer to the following table:


In Huawei, in addition to salary, the scale of bonuses is not too much, especially in the terminal department. In addition, there is a virtual stock called TUP inside Huawei:

According to Huawei's 2015 Virtual Restricted Shares Dividend Notice, dividends per share of 1.95 yuan, an appreciation of 0.91 yuan, a total of 2.86 yuan, working for five years basically up to fifteen, saturated allotment (including TUP) 90,000 shares, dividends + The appreciation is 2.86*9 million = 257,400 yuan. Even if the stock is not saturated, the basic dividend can reach 200,000 before tax. After 10 years of work, the 17-level allotment is generally more than 200,000, the pre-tax dividend + appreciation exceeds 500,000, and the 23-level virtual stock exceeds 2 million shares, and the pre-tax dividend + appreciation exceeds 5 million.(Data is for reference only)

Huawei's annual dividend income is not fixed. In 2013, the dividend per share was 1.47 yuan, the dividend per share for 2014 was 1.90 yuan, the dividend for 2015 was 1.95 yuan, the dividend for 2016 was 1.53 yuan, and the dividend for 2017 was 1.02 yuan. Although the annual income is not stable, it is already a welfare for outsiders.

5, the first article

The headhunter interviewed by InfoQ said: Headline rank system is not a reference for our headhunting. In general, headline cash pay is 25%-40% higher than BAT, and is also a 16-pay salary structure. More attention to the headline is cash compensation, not rank.

So, do students with headlines are willing to share it anonymously?

How hard is it to advance BAT's internal technology?

Although BAT's technical positions set a high rank and hold an enviable salary, in fact, many people have been stuck in a certain rank for many years, and the accumulation of work experience does not bring work. Smooth promotion.

Take Alibaba Technical Post as an example. Many people can get the P5 and P6 ratings when they join the job, but the upgrade from P6 to P7 is a hurdle. Many people will be stuck at the P6 level for a year or two or even longer. And from P7 to P8 is even more difficult. Going up, the upgrade from P8 to P9 will be more difficult. It is not only the influence of the industry, but also the need for luck. From P9 to P10, the difficulty is even higher, and the headhunter bluntly: “This level needs to be made with nailed, salty fish products.” When successfully promoted to P10, it is already the M5 level of the management line, and has the opportunity to enter the Ali organization department. This level of technical people has very few job hops, and it is generally going out to start a business.

Tencent’s technology promotion is not easy. Under Tencent's old rank system, the T3-3 liter T4-1 is a big hurdle, staying in the T3-3 for more than 5 years is not a minority, staying for 7 years. Once entering the T4 level, it is Tencent's expert engineers. Tencent's R&D number is nearly 20,000, and the T4 level is probably no more than 500. This is in the case of the increase in the number of T3 to T4 in the past two years.

The first hurdle of Baidu technology promotion is from T5 to T6, the harder it is. But in contrast, Baidu's technology promotion is a bit easier. According to the headhunter, even Baidu’s promotion is relatively smooth, and there is no big mistake or mistake. Generally, it can be promoted smoothly.

The way in which engineers are promoted varies from company to company. In the case of Ali, an engineer's defense will be organized every April. The jury consists of senior programmers from the Ali Technology Line. The employees who have a performance appraisal of 3.75 will be assessed and approved. Of course, if you can make a product that is so horrible, skipping promotion is not difficult.

The basic skills are solid and the technical ability is excellent. This is the commonality of the lower level of the technical line. However, when developing to the middle and high-level technical routes, technical ability is no longer the only important assessment standard. It does not have a good product feel, does not have a complete technical structure, does not understand business pain points, business thinking, It is an essential element for promotion.

How do programmers go to big factories?

Many programmers and computer majors have a "big Internet company" with a gold-plated sign. "Although it can't be reached, the heart is longing for it." DQ, an industry-renowned executive searcher interviewed by InfoQ, recommends:

Programmers go to big factories and should be divided into people and stages. In the school recruitment stage, the graduates try to go to the big factories to compare the core departments. The core departments have more resources and faster growth, such as Alibaba's nails, Alibaba Cloud, Tencent's Tencent cloud, games and other departments.

If you have one or two years of work experience and want to quit to the big factory, it is recommended to pass the past as a blank paper, embrace change, and learn actively, so that you can grow more than one or two years ago.

The most common mistake many young programmers make at work is not the technical fault, but the limitations of the mindset. In the final analysis, most Internet companies in China are still business-driven models. Technology is a strong support behind business development, but there are few technology-driven business models. Therefore, young programmers must cultivate product awareness and take the initiative to understand the business, so that they can be promoted from a pure Crud Boy to a medium- and high-level technical person and even a technical manager.

When you are planning, think about what you want. From the perspective of salary alone, BAT is not the fastest choice for realizing it. Going to a big factory can have good resources, a relatively high rank, and even a chance to clean up a mess. In a startup company, nothing is lacking, and the generalist is more popular. When you are ready to interview, be prepared to do a few things:

  • Solid basic skills, search engine programming can be at work, but the more you understand the details in the interview;
  • Clearly understand the needs of the interview post, target the underground efforts to reinforce the short board, and refine the highlights;
  • Fully understand yourself, understand your ability boundaries, and don't write me easily in my resume, I am proficient, I am responsible ……;
  • Exercise communication skills and good communication skills are a great plus in the interview.

Technology leader How do you see the rank?

InfoQ interviewed two technically-born CEOs & CTOs and asked them what they thought about the ranks and salary.

1. Shell Gold Service CEO Kong Lingxin:

For the rank, I don't care, mainly depends on where the interviewer comes from. If the candidate is from some big company, his rank may be a reference. However, the ranks of some small companies are quite chaotic. I have recruited people who have been CEOs to come to us as directors, or even just VPs or commissioners.

Therefore, the general salary comparison will be more accurate, how much is he worth, use this price to go to the market to find the corresponding rank position, of course, some people may be too high or too low, but no matter what, the reference ratio of salary The reference to the rank is actually more useful.

What do I value for recruitment? One is smart, smart is not only strong in learning ability, but his self-iteration ability, can accept opinions and self-iteration under the circumstances of setbacks or pressure. These can be asked through interviews and some interview questions. Second, morality is better. We are financial, so we value this more. If this person is very selfish, the morality will not sway. We also have some targeted interview questions and cultural questions to check the moral direction.

But many times I value a person's growth potential. The potential is actually a very important thing. If you have a way to identify potential people and recruit him into the company, he grows with the company, and the first is recognition of the company. The degree of sense of belonging and belonging is relatively high; the second is that the wages at the beginning are not necessarily as high. Many people with high wages and high positions will form some bad habits in other places. These bad habits should be slowly worn and changed when they are brought over, which is more annoying.

Nowadays, many companies refer to the rank system of a large company. The reason is very simple. It is like a currency, and it has liquidity. At the very least, you have a reference and benchmarking standard so that you can find the best group of people with this reference, or you can't find it and know where you are. This is a hidden rule, but it is also a clear rule.

Behind the ranks is more matching of abilities, so if each company is aiming at matching with the ability, the matter of the rank is actually relatively transparent.

2. Founder and CTO of Ain Interactive: Hong Qiang Ning:

During the interview, I will pay attention to the candidate's work content and work status. The rank may have an impact on the work content, but will not pay special attention to the rank itself. Each interviewer will have his own perspective. I generally care about the candidate's curiosity about new technology, the pursuit of elegant code architecture, and the sensitivity and driving force for finding problems and solving problems.

After the interview, we will rate the candidate's abilities according to the interviewer's feedback, and then communicate the salary with the candidate within the salary range corresponding to the rank. Different companies can't make simple comparisons. After entering Ein, the promotion channel is continuously open. Every half a year, we will do a talent inventory, and confirm whether the rank needs adjustment according to the ability improvement. Still hope that everyone can focus on the ability to improve.

I think there are several advantages to establishing a rank system?

  • It is possible to maintain the overall fairness of the team's treatment and avoid the ups and downs of the old and new, that is, the treatment of new employees is significantly higher than that of the old employees. With the rank system, the ability to build - rank - salary, the salary is ultimately determined by the ability. Even if a salary that does not match the ability is given for a special reason (such as a competitive candidate, or an interviewer's judgment), it can be corrected in future grading adjustments.
  • It can reflect the construction of the team echelon more intuitively, give more power and responsibility to the employees of the higher ranks, continue to cultivate the growth of the lower ranks, and help the team to develop healthily for a long time.
  • Employees can learn about their growth through the promotion of their ranks, and consciously learn and adjust their work status to make progress. Of course, this may also bring certain side effects, that is, it may make employees become job-driven, and only select those things that help individuals to improve their ranks, and not necessarily what is good for the company. Managers can gradually open the rank information according to the development stage of the company.

Written at the end

The ranks of Internet companies, we can only watch the excitement before, and now we can finally see the doorway. In fact, on the route of technological development, there is a term called “career ladder”. The purpose of the career ladder is to allow talented technicians to have more career growth and promotion possibilities without having to let them take the management route. The career ladder is now more popular in Silicon Valley. With the continuous development and prosperity of Internet technology in China, Western learning is gradually growing, and future Chinese technicians can certainly write code to write after the age of 5 or 60.

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