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Dozens of cities around the world are sinking? American media: The United States may be flooded at the end of the 21 st century.

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At the end of the 21 st century, American cities may be flooded.

According to the current melting rate of polar glaciers, the global sea level will rise by about 2.43 meters by 2100, according to Business Insider magazine. By then, many cities across the United States will have to pay a heavy price for this. Most of them have suffered from floods in the past, and the future trend is even less optimistic.

New Orleans, a low-lying city on the Gulf of Mexico and built in the mouth delta of the Mississippi River, is particularly passive in the face of floods. In fact, the city has not yet recovered from the 2005 hurricane disaster.

According to a study by the National Aeronautics and Space Administration (NASA), New Orleans has seen a significant downward trend in recent years, with a settlement rate of about 5 centimeters per year. It is understood that some areas of the city are already below 4.5 meters of sea level, so as to develop, a large area of the city will be submerged in 2100.


Like New Orleans, Atlantic City, New Jersey, was devastated by hurricanes and floods: between 70 and 80 percent of Hurricane Sandy was engulfed by floods in 2012, with nearly 2.5 meters of water in some areas. Experts speculate that the city will face more violent natural disasters in the coming decades. More worrisome than the fate of Atlantic City is Charleston, a port city on the southeast coast of the United States: local media affirmed more than a decade ago that the city would become a "semi-submerged ghost city" in 2050.

Compared with these coastal "hard brothers" and "hard brothers", the settlement of the U. S. space city of Houston is more due to human factors. According to the Houston Chronicle, the average annual subsidence in some areas of Houston is about 5 centimeters, mainly due to the excessive extraction of groundwater, resulting in the depletion of underground aquifers. In addition, the U.S. capital does not guarantee absolute security: according to the U.S. Geological Survey, Washington will sink 15 centimeters in the next 100 years.

Reported that the American Union of Concerned Scientists had reached a more pessimistic conclusion on the major issue of "American sinking": the organization believed that the country would not have to wait until the end of this century to bring 30 cities underwater in about 2060, 300,000 families would be directly affected, and direct economic losses would exceed 1170. US$100 million.

Global warming 3 °C, "the most injured" in Asian metropolis

At the United Nations climate conference held in recent years, "heating 3 °C" is one of the key words on related issues. Academic circles expect global temperatures to rise by about 3 degrees Celsius by the end of this century, much faster and faster than previously expected, making important international agreements to curb climate change particularly powerless in the face of this indicator. The Climate Center, a non-profit meteorological science information agency in the United States, had predicted that global warming of 3 °C would directly affect 275 million people, especially in populated Asian metropolitan areas.

According to the scientists' mathematical deduction, in the "3 ° C Age" of the future, the economic heavy town in the western region of Japan will be flooded by the sea water, and the population of 5.2 million will be directly affected, and the economic loss can reach 1 trillion. China's Oriental Pearl, "Shanghai, also has a huge flood of flooding," the media said. "The center of Shanghai will experience a large area of" sinking "in the 3 ° C era, and the affected population will reach 17.5 million, even if some of the landmark high-rise buildings are not immune. The UK, the Guardian, said, in fact, since 2012, the Shanghai government has started to deal with the risk of flooding, not only building the largest deep-level drainage system in the whole country, but also investing more than 400 billion yuan for the flood-discharge works of the Wujing River in the Taihu Lake. The Bangladesh capital, Dhaka, is no less dangerous than Jakarta: the Bay of Bengal is a 10-fold increase in the global average.

In fact, from Latin America to Africa and then to developed Europe, there are hidden dangers of "land subsidence" all over the world. Some media said that in the face of "the anger of nature", no region on earth can be alone.

Global warming is conspiracy theory?

Although the harmfulness of climate change has attracted global attention, some people believe that it is a bit exaggerated. As early as the early 21st century, Republicans in the U.S. Congress considered global warming to be a "pseudoscience." At that time, Senator Inhoff claimed that politicians who supported the Kyoto Accord were pregnant with ghosts and the ultimate goal was to achieve "global governance"; there was also a widespread view that scientists intended to create such a theory. The purpose of the transfer is to obtain "scientific research funds".

In addition, there are also public opinions that the description of future "eschatological scenes" in academic circles is exaggerated. After all, many countries are actively responding, and the ruling class can not let "the land sink".

[Global Times correspondent in the United States, Yang Zheng, Global Times correspondent Hao Shuhua]

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