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Is it unnecessary to donate 18W charger? Comparing and evaluating the charging of the iPhone 11

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As an entry-level basic model of the iPhone 11, although he also supports the USB PD fast charging function, but she has not been favored by Cook, matching is still the ancestral 5V1A charging suite.

withAppleThe strength of the companyMobile phoneIt's a very easy thing to label a fast replenishment. Isn't it really unnecessary not to add a fast replenishment to the iPhone 11? How much faster will an iPhone 11 user buy a PD charger for her at their own expense? Today, we will answer for you whether this is necessary.

At the beginning of the article, it is certain that the iPhone 11 still supports USB PD fast charging, and the maximum power is the same as that of the two Pro models. Since she supports PD fast charging, let's do PD fast charging compared with Wufu Yi'an charging to see how far the gap is.

In this charging test, there are three control groups: the Wufuyian suit of the iPhone 11, the UFPD fast charging suit of the iPhone 11 Pro, and the Apple 30W PD fast charging suit.

Testing shows that the iPhone doesn't stop charging when it displays 100% power. It continues to charge with low power and trickle current until it is fully charged. The standard for the whole charging process of the mobile phone is that the input power of the fully discharged automatic shutdown to the mobile phone is less than 0.1W, which is not 0% - 100% of the power indication in the mobile phone system.

Not much nonsense, go straight, first of all, the charging process of Wufu Yi'an suit. From the computer screen, you can see that it is charging at 5.05V/0.97A, 4.9W power.

The charging process of Wufu Yian charging kit for the iPhone 11 is very stable. The mobile phone shakes hands for 5W charging at the moment it connects to the charger, and lasts for 2 hours and 44 minutes. Then it enters the constant voltage stage, and the power continues to decrease. By 3 hours and 45 minutes, the power was reduced to less than 0.1W, and the mobile phone was completely full.

Drawing the data as a power percentage curve, you can see that Wufu Yian charging kit charges the iPhone 11 only 16% in half an hour and 32% in one hour. It takes 3 minutes and 45 minutes to fully fill, which is too slow.

Unexpectedly, the charging speed of Wufu Yian, which comes with the iPhone 11, is so slow that it fills nearly 4 hours. Fortunately, the phone supports the fast charging of PD. Now let's replace it with the 18W PD fast charging suit standard by the iPhone 11 Pro for testing. From the computer screen, you can see that the mobile phone is charging at 9.02V/1.95A, 17.62W power.

The charging power of the fast charging set of PD is much larger than that of Wufu Yi'an set. When connected to the power supply, it charges with 7.5W power. At 53 seconds, the mobile phone starts to shake hands and the power of the fast charging set of PD starts to climb up to about 17.5W. The power began to decrease gradually until 23 minutes, and entered the constant voltage stage at 1:08, and the power continued to decrease until the power dropped below 0.1W at 2:16, and the mobile phone was fully charged.

Compared with Wufu Yi'an group, the charging speed of PD fast charging group increased greatly, charging 53% in half hour and 80% in one hour, and it only took 2 hours and 16 minutes to fully fill.

As we mentioned earlier, the maximum charge power of the iPhone 11's PDs can be up to 22W, so will it be faster to charge the phone with a more powerful PDs charger? Next, continue testing with Apple 30W PD charger. From the computer screen, you can see that the mobile phone is charging at 8.91V/2.53A, 22.59W power.

The whole charging power curve of 30W PD charger is very similar to that of 18W charger, and the peak power is increased to about 22W. After the power supply is connected, the mobile phone is charged with 7.5W power until 3 minutes and 21 seconds. After the power is switched on, the handshake PD protocol is charged quickly. At this time, the charging power reaches over 20W, and increases slowly. The maximum power of this charge was 21.6W in 17 minutes, and then the power began to decrease gradually. It entered the constant voltage stage at 1 hour and 5 minutes, and the power continued to decrease until the power fell below 0.1W at 2 hours and 16 minutes, and the mobile phone was fully full.

The whole charging curve of 30W PD fast charging group is almost the same as that of 18W PD fast charging group. The half-hour charging is 55%, the hour charging is 84%, and the full charging takes 2 hours and 16 minutes.

There is no harm without comparison. Finally, we put the three groups of data in this test together and only need to compare.

From the comparison curve, it can be seen that the speed of charging the iPhone 11 with the fast charging of PD is much faster than that of the original charging set of Wufu Yi'an. It can charge more than 50% in 30 minutes, 80% in one hour, 16% in half an hour and 32% in one hour with the original Wufu Yi'an charger. The whole process of filling up the iPhone 11 with a PDFast Charge is also one and a half hours shorter than that of Wufu Yian.

Compared with the 30W PD fast charging group and the 18W PD fast charging group, the time from shutdown to startup is 2 minutes different. The full filling time of 30W PD fast charging group is no different from that of 18W fast charging group. The early advantage is about a few percentage points. The gap between the two groups is small. 30W is still faster than 18W, although only a little.

Charging head network summary:

Through this simple comparison, it can be concluded that:

1. The original device of the iPhone 11 is equipped with Wufu Yian charging suit, which is very slow. It is necessary to buy the PD charger and MFi USB-C to Lightning data line at your own expense.

2. The iPhone 11 uses the PDFast Charge, which can fill up more than 50% of the power in half an hour, killing 15% of the power in half an hour.

3, iPhone 11 fast charging power up to 22W, 30W PD charger and 18W PD charger, the speed gap of about a few percentage points, the pursuit of performance-to-price ratio users can choose to buy 18W PD charger. Users with higher demand can increase their budget to buy 30W PD chargers, and in addition to being able to better serve iPhone 11, they can also be used foIPadLightweight notebooks and other products, the volume is more balanced, but also to provide a more extreme fragmented charging experience.


It's embarrassing that the performance of the iPhone 11 using wireless charging is faster than that of the original Wufu Yian charging suit.

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