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Nearly 10,000 people pay by mobile phone Unexpectedly "quietly" helped people wash 1.5 billion black

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In the context of the explosive growth of online payment business, all kinds of criminal activities are quietly transferred from offline to online. The circulation of funds involved in the case was then networked, which quickly gave birth toIllegal Internet paymentThis emerging form of cybercrime. On August 26,2019, under the unified deployment command of the Economic Investigation Bureau of the Ministry of Public Security, Liaoning's Dalian police smashed a large criminal gang with the banner of "aggregate payment" and carried out the fund settlement business behind the scenes, freezing the funds involved in the case Up to more than 400 million yuan.

An obscene pornographic platform

Illegal online payment platforms are intertwined

In March 2017, Shahekou branch of Dalian Public Security Bureau found in the process of investigating an online pornographic case that the pornographic platform made profits by launching registered members and recharging online to netizens. All these money was paid through a third-party payment platform, involving a huge amount of money. By the end of 2017, the illegal profits of the cases were up to 230 million yuan.

But by investigating, the police found, Registered members pay money for these obscene pornographic sites and do not access them, It's in the accounts of several technology companies。 Why are these funds transferred to technology companies? Where did the money go?

Pornographic platform Fund Exchange pageLiu Hancun, Deputy Director, Shahekou Branch Bureau, Dalian Public Security Bureau, Liaoning Province Told reporters that they selected a Kumi company with large capital flow and trading volume to tackle the difficulties, and found thatComey is actually one of the many "shell" companies that Aibei specializes in accounting

This new type of Internet crime model differs from traditional cases, They use a large number of "shell" companies as a cover to carry out illegal fund circulation through "Abbey", an illegal "fourth party payment platform"There are more than 40 fourth party payment platforms to pay and settle for Abbey.

Shenzhen Aibei Information Technology Co., Ltd

The three party payment platform such as Alipay and WeChat needs to be claimed.Payment business licenseAnd pay a certain amount of reserve to the central bank, which is under the supervision of the central bank.

And so called " Fourth party payment platform"Means"Without a state payment and settlement permit, payment and settlement services are provided illegally through a large number of registered businesses or personal accounts, At present, it is an important channel for criminal gangs such as telecommunication network fraud and network gambling to collect funds.

InvolvedShenzhen Aibei Information Technology Co., LtdFounded in 2010, it was only a technology company that started its aggregate payments business. In the course of operation, although the volume of capital transactions is very large, but only on the service charge profit is not much. The eagerness for development was set up privately Pool of funds”, engaged in illegal online payment.

They used shell companies as a cover,While collecting money for illegal gambling sites and earning high commissions, he diverted huge sums of money from the "pool" In an attempt to earn a high return on investment.

Wang Yu, Senior Head of Risk Control Department, China UnionPay Co., Ltd.

After mastering a large number of criminal evidence, on August 24, 2019, more than 100 police forces from Dalian, Liaoning Province arrived in Shenzhen, Beijing and other places in batches, ready to carry out centralized arrest.

In addition to the special crackdown by public security organs on "illegal network payments," the people's bank has stepped up supervision and investigation of illegal network payments.

Documents of the people's Bank of China

Zhu Yan, director of accounting and Finance Department of Dalian central sub branch of the people's Bank of ChinaBy the end of October 2019, 6415 inquiries had been made by the legal person banks within the jurisdiction, 423 emergency stop payment accounts had been accepted, 115 accounts had been frozen and 38 fraud cases had been blocked.

The "egg grab" app involved up to 1.5 billion yuan.

Nearly 10000 individual users were pulled into the water

Funds are the lifeblood of the network black ash industry, black ash industry profiteering needs to solve the settlement of network funds," aibei "company in the form of" aggregate payment "to disguise, wearing the" technical services "to carry out illegal network payment activities, from which to obtain huge benefits.

However, engaging in "illegal online payment" is not only an act between companies, but evenSome companies organize a large number of individual users to participate, providing illegal funds for online gambling.

According to the investigation, the police found that the criminal gang had been engaged in Internet related business for a long time. In addition, the bank accounts involved in the case were many and the area involved was wide, which belonged to a relatively new type of network crime.

Because criminal gangs use mobile software to carry out illegal activities, such packaging not only has a legal coat, but also greatly facilitates the operation of illegal funds and the gathering of popularity.

Flowchart of Illegal Payment and Settlement

In order to escape the attack, "catch the egg" software needs to be recommended by acquaintances before downloading. Therefore, it can't be found in the platform and store of the mobile phone. And the cash flow of "catching eggs" is completed by the "payee".

Xiao Hong is one of the cashiers. After receiving the money by wechat, she withdraws it by herself, and then transfers it to the bank card of the accountant by using the bank card, so that she can receive the Commission.

Collector Red (alias)

In order to make more money, Xiaohong has registered more than ten micro signals, queuing up with four mobile phones every day and waiting for orders. After three months, Xiaohong has made nearly ten thousand yuan. However, with the continuous strengthening of supervision, micro signal frequency is blocked. She did not know where the money came from and to whom it was transferred. She did not know the source, purpose, and destination of the money.

Liang Hongchao, deputy chief of Economic Investigation Detachment of Yantai Public Security Bureau, Shandong Province: Actually It's the same as renting out your bank card to others, are providing illegal fund payment and settlement business for illegal platforms such as online gambling, are illegal acts, are illegal participants.

Organization chart of three illegal online payment and settlement platforms, such as "catching eggs"

The organizational structure of the illegal network payment platform consists of three parts, the first part is the operating management of the platform; the second part is the regimental management; the third is the head of the group, the team leader and the specific cashier. Criminal groups are well organized, each level is clear and responsibilities are clearly defined. Through such a way to "divide into pieces ", the use of ant moving way to transfer illegal funds, to escape the supervision of state organs and the crackdown.

On April 2, 2019, according to the clues of prior investigation, Yantai Public Security Bureau of Shandong province dispatched more than 200 police forces from 12 counties and cities in the city, and divided them into 12 arrest teams to carry out unified arrest all over the country.

The principal offender returned from overseas studies in 2012 to serve as chief technical officer at a listed company, with a generous salary and a comfortable salary. As the technology platform for contact grew, he found a way to make a lot of money. Then began to pay for software, a few months later," egg "App online.

To avoid regulation, they“Zero investment, high return ”In order to lure, a large number of individual users have been rapidly developed into "payees", and a large number of illegal capital flows have been carried out in the way of "pulling people's heads and sharing Commission". In just half a year,Nearly 10000 individual users have been developed to engage in this illegal activity.

Suspect LuoThere must be no pie in the sky. If you can collect money by sitting at home, it must be a fraud or a legal risk.

With the frequent occurrence of a series of illegal payment cases, "illegal payment" has become a "cancer" in the field of payment. It interferes with the current financial order and endangers the financial security of the country. In order to crack down on crimes in this field, the Economic Investigation Bureau of the Public Security Bureau has established a big data strategy center to comprehensively improve the data analysis, application and Strike ability of the Ministry of public security.

Big data strategy center of Economic Investigation Bureau of the Ministry of public security

Director of Financial Services, Bureau of Economic Crime Investigation, Ministry of Public Security Cheung Lun In the next step, the Economic Investigation Bureau of the Ministry of public security and the payment and Clearing Department of the people's Bank of China will cooperate closely and effectively, form a strong criminal attack, form a joint force of supervision, effectively crack down on illegal online payment activities, and fully maintain the financial management order.

Half hour observation:

Internet finance is a new form of business in the field of finance in recent years, which has played a positive role in improving efficiency, reducing costs and improving services. Governments at all levels and relevant functional departments have also created a relatively relaxed development environment for them.

However, the open attitude of encouraging innovation is regarded by some lawbreakers as an opportunity to make money.

The company's "illegal online payments" behavior under the guise of "aggregate payments ", under the cloak of" financial innovation ", through the huge marketing team, carpet-type promotion, once the chain of funds broke, it is very likely to appear illegal elements roll money running, investors have no return to the situation.

However, the "catch eggs" app has pulled a large number of individual users into the water and provided illegal financing channels for non French online gambling gangs, which has seriously affected the national financial order and social stability.

No matter how diversified the business forms are, Internet finance has not changed the nature of business risk and management credit in the financial industry, so it needs to be strictly supervised by relevant departments.

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