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The 3A magic weapon for the breakout of the United Development Section: AIoT, ASIC and Auto Vehicle Chips

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Among the many IC design companies, the


You Renjie, senior vice general manager of MediaTek and general manager of smart device business group (Figure / network)

In charge of MediaTek's smart device business group, you Jie is also the senior vice general manager of MediaTek. In recent years, his frequency of commuting to Taiwan and the mainland has increased a lot, which brings about the steady growth of MediaTek's aiot business.

5G and Wi-Fi 6 will drive the growth of UNCDF's AIoT business

At present, the main layout of smart devices is


MediaTek's 3A layout (diagram / network)

From the perspective of people's living habits, 5g network is mainly used in outdoor scenes. If it's indoors or at home, Wi Fi has become the key technology of aiot's comprehensive popularization, and here we have to mention Wi Fi 6.

Compared with the traditional wireless connection, Wi Fi 6 has the characteristics of high speed, low power consumption, low delay and supporting more devices to connect at the same time, so it can meet the connection requirements of devices that are difficult to calculate in the aiot scenario. At present, MediaTek has become a major global router chip supplier, and has launched Wi-Fi 6 chips in 2019 that can be used in wireless access points, routers, gateways, repeaters and other products. Including this year's CES, 8K TVs have also adopted MediaTek's Wi Fi 6 program to realize the wireless transmission of 8K ultra high definition video.


Wi Fi 6 and 5g will become important wireless connection mode in the future (Figure / network)

With its Wi-Fi6 chips supporting up-to-date technical standards such as 2x2 and 4x4 MIMO, and the integration of Bluetooth 5.2 features, coupled with its consistent advantages in wireless connectivity and transmission, the company will launch large-scale offerings in 2020 in support of various Wi-Fi6 chip products, such as the 5G MediaTek Sky 1000 series, highly integrated 5G baseband and Wi-Fi 6, and support Bluetooth 5.1 standards.

According to tourist Jie, 2020 is the first year of Wi Fi 6, which will bring growth impetus to MediaTek's aiot business and lay out the ecosystem and platform. With the popularity of 5g and Wi Fi 6, it is believed that more new applications of aiot will emerge in the next two to three years.

From the cloud to the terminal, the IoT chip breaks the domain limits

The development of aiot market presents a fragmented state, so it is more necessary to integrate the massive market. According to the characteristics of the aiot market, MediaTek has built an open platform with high integration, low power consumption and multi-function. I300, i500 and i700 chips have been launched, which not only integrate CPU, GPU, ISP and other processing units, but also integrate APU (independent AI processing unit), which has the characteristics of high AI computing power and low power consumption, and can be applied in smart home, retail, security, factory, city and other aspects, so that ODM / OEM manufacturers can quickly develop different aiot devices to promote the popularity of aiot.


The function modules of i300 and i500 (Figure / network) are shown by MediaTek on ces2020

MediaTeki300 can meet the application that needs voice function; i500 is further upgraded to image function; i700 can deal with the scene of higher AI computing power, and realize the intelligent operation of integration from voice image analysis and so on. The essence of these platforms is to transform the traditional data processing directly from the cloud side to the terminal side to achieve higher processing efficiency, oriented to intelligent POS machines, intelligent water / meter, intelligent manhole covers, intelligent street lamps, intelligent medical and other industries, and this step can be said to be quite forward-looking.

The car electronics market, MediaTek eats this hard bone

In addition, the application of aiot also includes the automotive market in the next few years. Nowadays, the chip content of each vehicle (especially the electric vehicle and driverless vehicle) is more than 10 times of that of the past, which is undoubtedly a huge cake, but why are few IC manufacturers entering?

The current analysis has two points: first, the product cycle is too long, for example, it takes at least five years from product development to mass production, and it takes about three years from mass production to mass market application, and it is very difficult for ordinary IC companies to invest a lot of manpower, material and financial resources for it; secondly, the vehicle products must meet strict standards, and the yield is even calculated on the basis of DPPM (i.e., the number of defective points per million), plus the need for each product to have a 10-year shipping guarantee, so this is not true


Gkui (Figure / network) developed based on MediaTek E01 automotive chip

MediaTek started to lay out the automotive market five years ago, and released the E01 automotive chip in 2019 in cooperation with Decatur. In addition, it also won the tier 1 automotive components, which opened the revenue growth of MediaTek's intelligent equipment business group in the automotive field. MediaTek has entered the vehicle market, and it is expected that this part of business will show a double-digit growth trend in the future.

Customized chip Market: MediaTek takes the lead

According to the analysis report of Cisco international, the increment of data in cloud, Internet and pipeline transmission doubles every three years, which also brings huge market demand for ASIC (customized chip), which is also a strong business segment of MediaTek, known products include mining machines, data center switches, connection chips, etc. It is worth mentioning that in order to cope with the growth of data transmission, MediaTek launched the world's first 112G 7Nm SerDes IP in 2019, and successively won the cooperation of three large projects of ASIC business. It is expected that there will be 3-4 cooperation projects every year.

At present, MediaTek cooperates with Sony, Microsoft, Amazon and other brands in the field of customized chip business. With the further growth of ASIC market demand, the revenue of MediaTek is expected to grow further.


MediaTek's SerDes IP can be applied to data centers, network switches, etc. (Figure / network)

Under the wave of 5g, AI and aiot, the strategy of actively seeking change of MediaTek has achieved initial results. At present, the intelligent equipment business group focusing on the field of aiot has contributed a third of its revenue, and the market is expected to continue to grow in the future. With the continuous adjustment of the market, MediaTek has become a stable black horse in the field of aiot.

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