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No code development for layout, Google cloud adds a dessert to the bucket of the whole family

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Creation is a human gift. Those who have played My World, a popular 3D sandbox game around the world, will certainly agree. Only through the basic module

Programming language involves complex logic, tedious artificial language and tedious workload. Although programming changes the world, its high threshold makes application development a minority game.

Are there any better tools to make application development a learning, accessible thing for businesses and users who lack IT capabilities? To become as simple as "my world"

The answer is yes.

This is what has become popular in recent yearsNo code development


There is a famous saying among programmed apes: Talkischeap, showmethecode

But Google's latest acquisition is upending developers' belief.

Just recently, Google announced the acquisition of App Sheet, a code-free mobile build platform that can extract data from spreadsheets, databases, or forms, and use fields or column names as a basis for building applications, automatically generating mobile-side report generation App, emailing App, image logging App, and more.

Take the platform

Another example is Tersus, a non code development tool launched by Israeli enterprise Tesco, which processes various common modules in the software, such as user interface, value transfer, database processing, etc., into icons. Users can set functions by dragging and placing icons, which is called drawing like programming.

For many small and medium-sized business owners who don't have the manpower and money to build their own IT systems, this is code-free development

It can be said that the popularity of codeless development is precisely accompanied by the mature development of code programming. However, it is obvious that no code development can meet the requirements very simply. Its emergence is not to subvert the traditional code development, but to allow more people without development ability and enterprises without it ability to join in the process of application development.

Application development and application use are the same group of people, this is the scene

Google cloud enterprise application toolbox

One more

At this time, Google's acquisition of appsheet is very interesting. In fact, no matter how to play with no code development, as long as it involves mobile applications, Google's Android plate will be inseparable. In other words, the purpose of the acquisition should be to deepen the interaction between appsheet and Google.

So what sparks can be produced by the cooperation between the two?

First, get through the bottom level cooperation and enrich the development experience.

What has been determined is that the two sides will open up a more underlying collaboration on the Google collaboration platform, G Suite. G Suite is Google's new software office service, and its key features include tabular tools such as Sheets and Forms, which allow G Suite users to generate mobile applications more directly through the tables after they have been connected at the bottom. And G Suite's collaboration features can also enrich the App Sheet experience, allowing App Sheet users to collaborate in multiple ways in the cloud, making code-free development more convenient.

Second, tools and cloud are embedded to pave the market path for both sides.

Especially when we mention Google, we must first think of the most recent Google cloud. The acquisition also included the App Sheet development tool in Google's cloud

Third, fast development extension, Google's inclusive development dream.

The same idea has long been reflected in Google's codeless AI development. In response to the fact that most enterprises can't afford the talent cost of building a machine learning model from scratch and the ability to build artificial intelligence systems, Google has launched a new cloud toolkit of automl, which helps enterprises and individuals with AI development needs to train artificial intelligence models through API interfaces. For example, automl vision, the first tool to create a model that simplifies image processing, automatically performs the entire optimization process without any coding development. In the future, the voice recognition, natural language processing and automatic translation tools owned by Google cloud platform will also be added to automl.

With no code development tools such as appsheet, Google cloud extends application integration and API management to enterprise workflow through G suite or Android platform, providing more convenient and easy-to-use application development modules for some highly preset scenarios of enterprises. It can even be expected that the artificial intelligence module of automl may be added to these development modules through non coding development to complete the AI scenario landing of enterprise applications.

In the near future, foreign media have spread the news that Google plans to buy Salesforce at sky-high prices. Likewise, Salesforce has built a platform based on the principle of no code to meet the enterprise's efficient but low-input management platform system. Even if the business scale of the enterprise grows rapidly and the enterprise data explodes, there is no need to build its own IT system. It is foreseeable that if the acquisition is reached, Google Cloud will get a bigger boost in B-terminal corporate services.

No code development,

Gu Geyun's slow variable in incremental market

At the beginning of 2020, Google's small acquisition will not leave a deep impression on its cloud territory. But in combination with a series of recent purchase actions of Google, we can also find that the purchase of appsheet is also in the development logic of Google cloud.

The most obvious point is that Google cloud is currently in a period of vigorous growth. It's said that Gu Geyun's internal goal is to defeat its competitors Microsoft azure and Amazon cloud service AWS by 2023 and become the world's first.

At present, in the global public cloud market, the top AWS has a strong first-mover advantage, occupying half of the mountain, the second Azure to catch up to win 20% of the market share for themselves. Google cloud, the third runner-up, may want to find a more ingenious way to achieve the goal of two-two in three years.

So for Google, the most obvious advantage is its AI capability. Not all enterprises need cloud storage or software deployment, but the applicability of AI in the industry is significantly stronger. Even a small and micro retail store or an art studio seemingly unrelated to technology can use AI to enable their own work.

Then we can understand the importance Google Cloud attaches to codeless development

The presence of App Sheet and AutoML can help them get over development barriers and better access to all kinds of AI capabilities from the cloud. It can also involve business people in the development, integrate into their own business experience, and maximize the effectiveness of the technology. It can be said that such a tool cannot be called together

In the fierce competition in the cloud computing market, Google needs to fight in the stock market by a large number of acquisitions and annexation, and it also needs to quietly penetrate the incremental market through the improvement of such details as no code development. The stock market M & A has a rapid momentum and great changes. Successful M & A brings explosive growth, and failed M & a even backfires on existing advantages. The layout of small and beautiful product technology needs intensive cultivation, and the service ability and product layout can be completed with minor iterative improvement. It just needs patience and won't gain more stable market recognition. Appsheet has joined Google cloud's luxury family bucket. Perhaps for many enterprise users, this dessert just fits their taste.

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