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Mask with facial recognition unlocks iPhone user: duck doesn't have to

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In special times, there are so many troubles about masks. First of all, I can't buy it. Secondly, after the mask is put on, the mobile phone cannot be unlocked smoothly through face recognition. Is it unlocked by fingerprint or face recognition? To be or not to be ,that is a question。 In order to facilitate unlocking, some people also tried to "discuss" with the mobile phone to let it actively recognize a part of the owner for face recognition unlocking, but all ended in failure.

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If we can copy the hidden part, can we solve the problem of face unlocking?

Mask with face recognition, is it reliable?

In short, what Danielle Baskin wants to do is to print the blocked part of your face on the N95 mask. So even if you put on the mask, your face is still intact from the outside. Danielle Baskin also made an appointment website for the new product. According to the guidelines on the website, it is not difficult to get such a mask.

The website shows that, first of all, users need to upload the head image to the website (it's better to choose the day when the natural light is good), then the website will fine tune and calibrate, print the face covered by the mask on the mask, after uploading the face, carry out calculation and mapping, and convert the facial features into images for printing on N95 Mask surface will not deform, printing ink made of natural dyes, non-toxic and does not affect the permeability. Finally, it's worth emphasizing that this is a private customized mask, and the price is not cheap. At present, it's priced at $40, but Baskin said that the mask is still under development.

The implication is that I'm just making an immature little suggestion.

The idea drew some criticism from netizens after it was released, some thought it was another act of confusion during the epidemic, others thought it was interesting, but there was a question as to whether it was feasible? Does it fail to use a 3D camera?

@One small cold: after seeing the price, I think I would rather take the mask every time.

@Chukchu: poverty makes me input the code.

@Kikwan: give this man a sexy Dudu lip.

@I'm Roclove: Another top half of the eye patch, anyone can unlock my phone, it's great.

To this question, according to the Southern Metropolis Daily, generally speaking, the principle of face swiping to unlock mobile phones is to identify the person or not by collecting and comparing multiple feature nodes of the face. The above masks will fit the nose and mouth when worn on the face, and the key recognition feature nodes such as human eyes will also be exposed, so there is a certain success probability of unlocking the mobile phone. However, if the mobile phone unlocking involves more sophisticated technologies such as 3D structured light, the success rate of wearing the mask to unlock is not good.

According to the worry of netizens, "whether there will be lawbreakers printing their own photos and making masks to unlock the mobile phone?" this requires extremely fine 3D face simulation to unlock. When it comes to live inspection, the simulated face will also fail, provided that the lawbreakers get your mobile phone.

So, we don't need to worry about our privacy security for the time being. After all, the actual effect of this mask has yet to be verified, and there is no mass production. In special periods, we should try our best to go out less.

What is the next step to upgrade face ID?

In fact, the face ID is known as the best-used face unlock, in addition to its high-security (preventing photo unlocking, closing eyes to unlock) and ability to unlock in the dark, there is also a dynamic learning function. appleYou don't need to be entered multiple times, and the system will automatically learn how you look in makeup / plain colors, beards / no beards, glasses / no glasses, etc.

However, although it has dynamic learning function, there are also bugs. It is understood that face ID can't distinguish the large area of face occlusion under the condition of twins and wearing masks at present. Apple may not have expected that this bug of face ID will make face recognition appear so weak during the epidemic.

However, some netizens also found that, in fact, trying several times can teach face ID to recognize your face when wearing a mask.

The method is to wear a mask, unlock the phone by entering a password after the face ID recognition fails, and then repeat the above steps to keep the face ID in mind that the person in front of it, though wearing a mask, is indeed its owner.

But this method doesn't seem to work for everyone. Sometimes it needs some luck

Some netizens even joked that maybe my stupidity has affected Apple

However, Apple may take some improvement on Face ID, such as "coaching" it to learn to identify its owners in many ways and to be more flexible in dynamic learning.

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