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Microsoft Windows 10x details: new system, smoother experience

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Windows 10x is a new version of Microsoft's system, which is used for dual screen devices or folding screen devices. In addition, it should also bring a more friendly touch experience. The new version of the system is built on the existing windows 10, including the old components and functions, which is conducive to the current users and ecosystem transition to the new system. However, the command line manager and the bottom layer of the operating system of the new version have been reconstructed by new technology. You need to know these things about windows 10x.

New user experience

For ordinary users, the change of interaction interface and mode of the system will produce the most obvious difference. Windows 10x completely redesigns the system interface, adopts an adaptive design scheme, and the display interface can be adjusted according to the shape of the device. For example, the foldable screen PC can be used in notebook, tablet and foldable form, while the windows 10x will adjust the display interface according to the use form to provide the best operation experience.

In addition, some old elements, such as control panel, file manager, etc., will be wiped out or rebuilt in Windows 10x. Microsoft has reconstructed the whole shell in Windows 10x, so the interface design in the new version of the system will be very uniform, and there will be no such situation as windows 10.

In terms of operation, windows 10x also brings more gesture operation logic.

New Start Menu

Microsoft is redesigning the start menu that the PC user is no longer familiar with to improve efficiency. The new start menu looks very similar to the application drawer of Android system. The top contains the search bar, which can search local content and online content; the bottom is the application and website icon used to replace the current dynamic tile; the bottom is the document content recently used or the website recently visited by the user, which is convenient for the user to resume the previous work.

For the applications shown in the middle, users can customize, fix their common applications on the list, and support rearrangement. In addition, the new start menu supports application folders, which can group applications, just like the existing start menu.

New taskbar

Windows 10x also includes a new taskbar. As mentioned above, the adaptive interactive interface, the new taskbar can be changed according to the use of the device or user preferences. On the new taskbar, some shortcuts will be centered by default, but they can be customized, and the settings are the same as the Current Windows 10. In addition, the new version of the taskbar is optimized for the touch environment.

New control center

In addition to the new start menu mentioned above and the new taskbar, Microsoft has renovated its control center. The new control center is visually similar to apple's announcement. The new design or to enhance the operational efficiency of the main, integrated volume adjustment, quick operation, information notification and so on.

New setup experience

Because the entire interface of Windows 10X has been redesigned, the boot page of the settings after the boot has been redesigned to look more modern. What makes some people happier should be the fact that Cortana's no longer existed

New compose mode

The above content basically does not reflect the characteristics of dual screen or folding screen, you can even say that it is more about touch optimization. This writing mode is one of the main functions of double screen or folding screen devices. When you put your own physical keyboard on the screen, devices like surface Neo can automatically enable the writing mode, that is, from touch first to mouse key input. On devices without a dedicated keyboard or touchpad, the compose mode fills the virtual keyboard and touchpad with some screen space. Microsoft provides a write mode button in the control center.

In general, applications on Windows 10x run in full screen mode, not in the current windowed mode. However, in large screen devices, after switching to compose mode, the application can run in window mode, just like a normal laptop. But it's not sure if this will happen on devices with small screens.

Support for old Win32 applications

This should be a point of concern for more people. Microsoft has added a new container in Windows 10x system to run old Win32 applications. When the Win32 Application runs in Windows 10x, it will be sandboxed, which means that running the old software program in the new operating system will face a series of problems. And, although Microsoft has been trying to make sure that there is no performance difference between the old and new applications, there may be a delay in starting the old version of Win32 applications for the first time.

When the system does not need to use the old Win32 program, it does not need to load the corresponding components, so as to extend the endurance of the device and system performance.

Improved windows update

The update function of windows 10x has also been evolved. The installation time of function update will not be as long as on Windows 10, and the installation of function update will be carried out in the background. When it is required to restart to complete the upgrade, the restart can be completed in less than 90 seconds. Compared with the current way of windows 10, such an upgrade is a huge progress.

Dynamic wallpaper

This is a new function that Microsoft has not yet announced. The dynamic wallpaper function of windows 10x can display different elements according to time. For example, the display of wallpaper in the early, middle and late three time periods will show the characteristics of the current time point.

For folding screen or dual screen PC only

Windows 10x will be pre installed in dual screen or folding screen PC. if there is no accident, relevant equipment will be able to be shipped in the second half of this year. In addition, the new system does not provide image download or push to existing devices, and Microsoft does not provide purchase options.


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