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Huawei's fast service intelligent platform restructures the mobile information service path

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In the age of mobile interconnection, we still need to go through some necessary paths to obtain information. A variety of apps provide us with more diversified life services, but at the same time, more and more information is fixed in different applications, it is difficult to effectively series, there is always a gap between users and services. Users are forced to toss and turn in different apps, and message flow efficiency is

Breaking the boundary of information interaction, shortening the distance between service and users, and providing more personalized and accurate service response are the important topics of the era of mobile Internet to the era of artificial intelligence. Fortunately, we've discovered that these information barriers, built from applications, are being broken in another way: well-known British news companies

For many mobile internet developers, this is a good opportunity to reshape the user relationship

The dream space of news UK: Huawei fast service opens the user mode of application connection

News UK's three flagship applications, the times, the sun and talkSPORT, will be distributed to the three functional modules of news information flow, intelligent service and quick service of Huawei's intelligent assistant according to their characteristics. The times and sun's high-quality content can be directly displayed in the news information flow, which not only meets the user's demand for convenient browsing of news, but also brings more exposure and reading to news UK.

News UK integrates its application seamlessly into Huawei's fast service intelligent platform, which not only makes the content of Huawei's fast service intelligent platform richer and user experience more convenient, but also creates business value for its partner news UK, and truly realizes the win-win situation of Huawei's fast service intelligent platform, users and news UK.

In addition, Huawei's fast service intelligent platform also accesses the content distribution of two sports media, enetpulse and 365 scores. Users throughout Asia Pacific, Europe, Latin America, the Middle East, Africa and other regions will enjoy the sports event card service of the two media.

Teletrader, a famous European stock trading platform, also connects its own stock service with Huawei fast service intelligent platform. Users can directly see the real-time stock market if they swipe right on Huawei's mobile phone, and can add their own stocks as needed.


In the past, if we want similar information services, we need to browse among different applications to find out the matching content; now, users can realize personalized recommendation and direct service through the Huawei fast service intelligent platform, which is the reconstruction of information services and will open a new mobile intelligent life for users.

In the global layout of Huawei's fast service intelligent platform in 2020, it will focus on six vertical categories, including flights, trains, gourmet food, sports events, stocks and hotels, so as to help developers select sea going services specifically and meet the most core service needs of overseas users.

Four core regions are deployed globally, and Huawei's fast service intelligent platform helps developers go global

Thanks to the vigorous development of Huawei's terminals, Huawei's application market has rapidly become the top three application markets in the world after years of operation, providing selected and rich global and localized applications for 600 million Huawei end users in more than 170 countries and regions. In 2019, the number of application downloads reached 21 billion, and the number of global monthly active users exceeded 400 million. In this case, it is Huawei's inevitable choice to break through the regional fault and provide better global services for global consumers.

Huawei capability Gallery came into being. Huawei fast service intelligent platform is Huawei's unified atomic service access and distribution platform, which gathers the traffic entrance of the whole scene of Pan terminal. Through Huawei's fast service intelligent platform, developers will have the opportunity to establish close ties with Huawei's nearly 600 million global users and share Huawei's global service capabilities.

Huawei will bring developers the ability and software capabilities to deploy hardware resources globally. Hardware resources lie in the global layout of Huawei multi-terminals; soft power refers to the global BD, marketing, operations and maintenance, such a set of organizational structure to the perfect layout of resources. The arrival of Huawei fast service intelligence platform is the globalization of Huawei

At present, the head applications such as AirAsia, grab, lazada, etc. have been put on the Huawei application market, connecting the developers' innovative digital services to global users. Huawei has an experienced localization team, and is currently accelerating in-depth cooperation and innovation with regional partners and developers to jointly improve the software and hardware experience of local consumers.


For the public, Huawei's fast service intelligent platform is a new species, which may be unfamiliar. We can use wechat applet ecology as an analogy to see what Huawei's fast service intelligent platform can bring to us?

Possible mention

Similar to wechat apps, Huawei's fast service smart platform can also provide developers with both traffic and service benefits. Different from wechat apps, Huawei's fast service intelligent platform will be directly displayed in mobile phones and other terminal products, and will expand to voice and text search access, further at the user operation level.

As we all know,Huawei is not only the world's second-largest handset maker, but also an important player in the smart internet of things. In the middle of last year,Huawei updated its 18N full-scene strategy to refer to mobile phones, including PCs, tablets, TVs, speakers, glasses, watches, car machines and headphones, while N included mobile office, smart home, sports health, audio-visual entertainment and smart travel. and

In the past, the triggering of APP has been derived from the user's manual operation, and the initiator of the service is the user himself; and the emergence of the Huawei fast service intelligence platform has made the information that the user needs appear directly on the device and become

Therefore, Huawei's fast service intelligent platform does not replace app, but empowers app. The strategic goal of HMS is to build Huawei's own service ecosystem. In this ecological construction, Huawei's fast service intelligent platform is innovative and empowering. In the app market, select the app's high-frequency atomization service for secondary or even multiple distribution to generate a fission style full scene coverage.

Huawei Express Services Intelligence is dedicated to restoring the service ecology of the mobile Internet. For users, more direct and accurate presentation of service information will be available; for developers, applications will no longer be what users need

The development of digital society will be broken continuously

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