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How does Millet's "one carton" work? Official Science Popularization: Great Learning

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Familiar with Xiaomi friends, do not necessarily know that Xiaomi's packaging is their own. One Paper Box,

In short, A packing box only needs to be folded with a piece of cardboard or corrugated board, and there is no need for extra auxiliary materials to support it。 Even without glue, the assembly process is more labor-saving.

According to the calculation, It can reduce the cost of traditional packaging by up to 40%,It can also avoid the waste of the earth caused by over packaging.

Today, the official Xiaomi company

First, what is the role of packaging in product design? How important is it?

A: Packaging has three functions, one is to protect products, the other is to explain product functions, and the third is the extension of brand. And our electronic products are more special. Without packaging, the products can not be taken off the production line and can not be shipped.


Xiaomi 10 Pro Packing (non-

Some enterprises may outsource the packaging or let the supply chain do it. How do we think of doing it ourselves?

A: This is determined by Xiaomi's values. We have been adhering to the cost-effective product strategy. We don't have much budget left for packaging.

Secondly, for millet products, there are many restrictions on packaging design.

We should not only consider the cost, but also ensure that the packaging can pass all kinds of rigorous tests, and at the same time reflect Millet's design style, so we can not find an outsourcing company to do it, which can most efficiently meet Millet's low-cost, high color value and functional packaging needs.

Moreover, the relationship between millet product R & D cycle requires packaging design to respond to product design as quickly as possible. If you make your own packaging, the response speed can be the fastest.

A: We have tried various schemes, in addition to ensuring the basic protection function and visual appearance of the packaging, the traditional methods have not been able to meet Millet's requirements for packaging. So we think, can we think from a different perspective, rather than improve the existing design methods, it is better to redesign and try to design an extreme scheme with the lowest cost.



Perspective of one carton packaging design

So there is the one paper box project, which can reduce the use of materials to the lowest limit. Only one piece of paper is used to test whether the packaging structure scheme that can meet the test requirements of electronic products can be designed under the extreme use.


With the cooperation of designers, product managers, project managers, resource development, eco chain companies and suppliers, it was born.


In design and practice

A: In fact, the final launch of a design across many departments, but in the whole process, we have almost no resistance. From Xiaomi's internal products, projects, resources, quality to eco chain companies, we welcome this project very much.


One carton packaging applied to various products

Because the program meets the needs of almost all departments: the product wants to be low cost, the project wants to have a short production cycle, the resources want to have low process difficulty, the quality wants to meet the test requirements, and the ecological chain company wants to go online quickly.

How can we balance the practicality, aesthetics, cost and social impact of a package?

A: To balance the needs of every aspect, the first point is to make a good reserve of knowledge, in the face of problems we can quickly find the optimal solution. In design, the accumulation of packaging technology, packaging technology is Xiaomi in the long-term.

The second point is the responsibility of design. At the beginning of design, we have considered the impact of packaging materials on the whole environment and society, and we certainly do not want to waste because of excessive packaging.

Third, packaging design must have a deep understanding of the product. We are a product and design driven company. We can understand our products very well and design the most suitable packaging according to their own characteristics.


Mijia automatic hand washing machine suit


Mijia automatic hand washing machine suit


Mijia Water Ion Hairdryer


Mijia Water Ion Hairdryer

At present, six of the products of the ecological chain of millet have been used and are being used

A: ecological chain are satisfied, packaging costs are low, good results. The back of the box has a corresponding


So far we haven't received any feedback from our users. If we do, we'll have to

How will such environmental protection packaging develop in the future?

A: Now that a carton can only be used in the packaging of small products, we hope to break through the size limit in the future and extend to more types of products such as mobile phones, precision instruments and more.

This can not only reduce costs for users to benefit, but also for the industry and society to avoid more packaging waste.


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