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Suspect developers are "building nuclear bombs"? GitHub continues to ban open source projects

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GitHub is tough enough to fight on its own. Today it closed its aurelia, an open-source project, because it has two external contributors from Iran.

GitHub today blocked a front-end open-source project belonging to microsoft after blocking regional accounts such as iran last year Aurelia, citing two external contributors from iran. Although GitHub CEO apologized

GitHub accidentally blocked its own project

Today, a man named


Microsoft's chief UX engineer, Rob Eisenberg, as project leader, said he was confused:

What's more ironic is that rob Eisenberg, who works at Microsoft, has to solve internal problems by sending twitter and informing GitHub (after all, Microsoft has acquired GitHub). GitHub's support account then gave him a painless reply:

If you think you're mislabeled, you can appeal to GitHub. Please refer to our instruction page.

After the formal appeal, GitHub re opened the project's organizational account. Rob then explained the reasons for the ban to the public:

Because we have two external contributors from Iran (non GH members), GitHub automatically marks and blocks accounts.

As events continue to ferment and quickly reach the front page of Hacker News, GitHub's CEO has to apologize for this:

Closing this account is clearly a terrible mistake and I apologize to those affected. We are investigating the specific process and changing the rules to ensure that such problems do not recur.

Another normal developer account blocked

Coincidentally, similar things are not isolated.

A Russian kid named Nikolay is a little upset recently. He is a web developer. His hobby is to write open source libraries. Like many developers, he has hosted these open source libraries on GitHub. Look at the picture below. Nikolay has 3236 contributions in the past year, which shows that he is diligent and active. But recently he had a problem: his GitHub account was blocked.


Photo note: this kid is really active on GitHub

On March 9, GitHub blocked my account without informing me. At first, I didn't find out, but someone emailed me that my hosting library had stopped working and asked me why I deleted my GitHub account (I didn't), and I found that it was not right.

And even worse, if someone goes to my GitHub page, it shows

The Russian brother began to appeal to GitHub, and broadcast the next appeal process live on medium. It attracted many developers.

The only tip for GitHub is that when I click on their website (for me only), a notification appears at the top that your account has been marked. Therefore, your personal information is not public. If you think this is an error, please contact support to review your account status.

Although Nikolay emailed GitHub the first time to apply for unsealing, a week later, no response was received.


And then Nikolay began to guess: why seal my number? It's my source code that has some

What Nikolay couldn't accept most was that after the account was blocked, all the comments about all the issues in the library disappeared in an instant, except for himself. Some of them were actually valuable. Nikolay is about to blow up:

GitHub if you want to block your login, it can guarantee that your code will not be lost, but it can not guarantee that your comments in the issues/pull-requests/commits/etc will not be lost. Funny thing is, GitHub kept preaching

After a while, Nikolay's article made another update:

A week after the account was closed, GitHub finally responded. But suspiciously, this response occurred when someone else put me in this articleSent to Hacker News, which has attracted a lot of attention.

Nikolay explains why he was banned in the article. It turns out that he jokingly called a guy "price" on GitHub. The other party complained because he felt insulted. Although improper speech should be punished, GitHub didn't give Nikolay any chance to complain or give him any notice, so he closed his account directly.

Although these banned projects have been reopened, it does increase people's distrust of GitHub, and developers are furious: how many project repositories have been disabled? If Aurelia is not a Microsoft Project and enters the front page of Hacker News, I don't know whether similar problems can be solved.

Nikolay Russian brother is also clearly disappointed:

You can say that you are a business company, but you are also a non-profit organization. Now think about the naivete of those who praise GitHub on social media and recommend it to others.

Last July, an Iranian developer, whose GitHub account was banned, shared his experience on social media and raised questions with GitHub officials. Finally, I learned that because Iran, where I am located, has been sanctioned by the United States, at present, GitHub accounts in the whole Iranian region cannot be used. What's more, GitHub blocked all Iranian accounts without any prior notice, even allowing developers in the region to download backup data. Subsequent news indicated that the developer accounts of countries and regions subject to us trade sanctions also included Crimea, Cuba, North Korea, Iran and Syria.

Open source is a key technology route in the era of software. Almost all software companies will build their applications based on the open source software stack. Open source software is the wealth of all human beings, does not belong to any individual, the boundary of open source has exceeded an organization or company. It represents faith, spirit and culture.

But can GitHub be equated with open source? Definitely not.

GitHub has always been the best choice for hosting open source projects, but after Microsoft acquired GitHub, whether you admit it or not, it can't get rid of the label of a commercial company.

It's not a secret that Microsoft's attitude to the open source community has been subtle; in turn, some open source people holding on

  • Or go to gitlab?
  • Google code is also good, with free GIT and 2 GB of storage space.
  • SourceForge is good, too.
  • Try not in the United States Code hosting platform?

However, GitHub is still the most popular code hosting platform in the world, and the sunk cost is too high for these developers.

Of course, it's not necessarily Microsoft's fault. If it hasn't been acquired by Microsoft, GitHub will be better than it is now? In addition to their own development difficulties, for developers, if GitHub is too big, is it a good thing?

Fu Sheng once said in a speech: you put a App on the Internet, can let billions of people download, let people around the world know you. As time went by, the emergence of giant platforms like Google, Apple and Facebook took things to the other extreme. When it comes to a variety of business interests and social factors, they can also make billions of users in a day completely out of touch with you, so that the foundation you built instantly annihilated

The same applies to GitHub.

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