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When Wuhan Optical Valley returns to work: Internet enterprises can apply for resumption of work and production, which shall be approved

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At present, a number of Wuhan enterprises have submitted applications for resumption of work, and one after another launched "cloud recruitment ", these enterprises are trying to seize the time occupied by the epidemic, to win the economic recovery war.No one thought that the outbreak of pneumonia left Wuhan sealed the city for two months. As the number of people diagnosed in Wuhan continued to zero, a city-wide war to resume work also continued to start orderly.

All traffic card points in Wuhan have been cancelled, and the whole city passes with the health code and the enterprise return certificate. In addition, non local employees can enter Wuhan with their health code when returning to China, and enter and leave the community with their health code and return to work certificate.

According to the exact information obtained by leidi.com, Internet enterprises have been able to apply for full resumption of production in optical valley. Optical Valley Management Committee will simplify the process, accelerate the examination and approval, which should be approved completely. At present, 1200 enterprises have been approved. The main leaders of Optical Valley have stated that they will spare no effort to support the development of the new economy as always.

At present, a number of enterprises in Wuhan have submitted their application for resumption of work and launched "cloud Recruitment" in succession. These enterprises are trying to seize the time occupied by the epidemic and win the economic recovery war.

Many Wuhan enterprises have not shut down

Before the outbreak, Wuhan was the top city among the new first tier cities in China. In 2019, the nominal GDP growth rate of Wuhan was 15.56%, ranking seventh in China.

If not for the interruption of the epidemic, Wuhan will continue to develop rapidly. The outbreak of this epidemic, making many enterprises in Wuhan production encounter a pause. In fact, there are still many enterprises sticking to this epidemic.

There is a convenience store enterprise called taday in Wuhan, which has been sticking to since the outbreak. Since the closure of Wuhan on January 23, song Yingchun, founder of taday, has organized and coordinated the alumni of lakeside University, China chain operation association and resources from all over the country to collect and donate medical materials to help Wuhan.

On January 26, song Yingchun received a message asking for help. The hotel materials stationed by Shanghai medical team were in short supply, and even eating became a problem. He had the convenience of buying by himself every day. He hoped to contact the surrounding hotels or other ways, even if he could send a meal. Knowing such a situation, today took urgent action to collect the needs of major hospitals in Wuhan, strive to ensure the catering of front-line medical staff, so that they can eat a hot meal. Song Yingchun said, "you protect the people, we protect you."

Due to the closure of the city and the road in Wuhan, the logistics of today's general warehouse was not staffed. Song Yingchun asked two 18-year-old nephews and brother-in-law to return to Wuhan from Shandong in early February to help the company sort materials. In the dead of night, song Yingchun was sometimes sad in his heart, saying thank you for your love, trust and efforts.


Song Yingchun is helping with logistics

Now, in the past, the most difficult time in Wuhan, relevant departments are also using shuttle buses from Xiaogan, Xiantao, Qianjiang and other cities around Wuhan to send today's employees to Wuhan point-to-point.

Song Yingchun said in the circle of friends ," Hubei and Wuhan are still facing challenges, we will go all out. Fear the past and move forward!

Yan Zhi, a well-known private entrepreneur and founder of Zhuoer, also contributed a lot during the epidemic. Since January 24, Zhuoer enterprise has integrated the resources of international supply chain, purchased and mobilized a large number of urgently needed medical materials from abroad, and transported them to Wuhan by 11 aircrafts. It has become the earliest and largest enterprise to rush foreign emergency medical materials to Wuhan, and provided timely support in case of severe shortage of anti epidemic medical materials in Wuhan, Hubei Province.


Drow returned 32000 medical goggles from India to continue to support the fight against the epidemic

After the outbreak of the new crown epidemic, Zhuoer's six hotels, including Zhuoer Marriott Hotel, Yueju Hotel, Wuzhan Hotel, Zhuoer Yuexi Hotel, Hankou North Hotel, Wanghe Hotel (Wangjiawan store), also went all out to provide high-quality accommodation and living services for Chinese medical team members and medical staff in China, take care of and build a warm and comfortable war epidemic "camp" and provide logistical support.

As of March 6,2020, the Zhuoer Public Welfare Foundation has donated 8.7557 million emergency supplies to the front line of the epidemic, with a donation amount of more than 185 million yuan. Among them, Zhuoer enterprise donated 132 million yuan, and the caring organization entrusted Zhuoer Public Welfare Foundation to donate 53.17 million yuan.

On March 14, Yan Zhi issued a letter to all employees, saying that in this special period, all Zhuoer's investment management enterprises are required to overcome the difficulties and resolutely achieve the following five points: first, pay wages on time and normally; second, do not lay off workers; third, take all necessary measures to strengthen prevention and control to ensure the health and safety of employees; fourth, provide help to employees in need; fifth, strictly abide by the regulations on resumption of work and production around the country 。

Yan Zhi said that at present, the prevention and control of the epidemic has entered a critical period of decisive victory. I believe that every drow can be a light beam of the times, little by little, to illuminate the spring.

Wuhan pharmaceutical enterprises are also insisting on production, such as Chinese medicine holding, Renfu medicine and so on to provide epidemic prevention materials procurement and logistics services, production of antiviral drugs, Lianying, Meirui and other emergency mobilization CT、DR、 ventilator and other clinical equipment, Huada Medical (" Fire Eye "Laboratory), Kang Shengda, Kadevis, Kang Xinrui, Liangpei medicine into the third party nucleic acid testing institutions in Hubei Province, has completed about 300,000 people nucleic acid monitoring, Zhongqi Bio, Mingde Biology, Jing Hong technology and other emergency expansion of ECG monitor and epidemic prevention.

At the most tense moment of the epidemic, major manufacturing enterprises such as Yangtze River storage, Huaxing optoelectronics, Tianma microelectronics, etc. made full use of their manpower to stick to the production line day and night; in addition to the return of original employees, Tianma, Lenovo and Foxconn will have more than 10000 new talents this year.

Since the outbreak, nearly 20 "non-stop" enterprises in Optical Valley have never stopped working and have maintained zero infection, a person from a relevant department in Wuhan told leidi.com.

A number of enterprises are in a state of resumption

Yixun is an enterprise greatly affected by the epidemic. On January 16, 2020, Yixun just completed the move. Lei Jianping, founder of leidi.com, also visited Yixun's new park that day. Unexpectedly, the situation in Wuhan is turning sharply.

According to Fu Cheng, chairman and CEO of Yixun, relying on the efforts of all staff, Yixun completed the relocation on January 16, and Yixun people sang, danced and cheered together on January 18. "However, just when we are not ready or drunk, those who stay in the Han nationality are closed, those who stay away from the Han nationality are isolated, those who are feverish are afraid, and those who stay at home are uneasy, as if they feel that they are so isolated and helpless overnight; the epidemic makes us see how weak we are, and how tiny and fragile life is."

Since more than 10 days ago, after the relevant departments allowed to submit the application for resumption of work, Fu Cheng has been running for the company's resumption of work. At one time, he submitted complex documents and materials for resumption of work, and continued to modify them. However, there was no progress in resumption of work.


Now, the flowers at the door of Yixun office building are blooming. The main leaders of optical valley also helped Yixun to solve the initial resumption problem. Finally, Fu Cheng can lead a few core employees to live in the company and resume production.

Xiaomi is a key enterprise introduced in Wuhan in 2017, at present, Xiaomi Wuhan headquarters building has been completed, next to the Guanggu Management Committee. Xiaomi president Wang Xiang said March 19, from the outbreak to date, Xiaomi Wuhan headquarters nearly 2000 employees zero infection.

According to Liu Guojun, vice president of Xiaomi group's regional development department and general manager of Xiaomi's Wuhan headquarters, since the first ten days of February, the vast majority of employees in Wuhan headquarters have successively opened home office and online office modes according to the requirements of Wuhan headquarters, so as to achieve the goal of epidemic prevention and office. At present, Xiaomi Jinshan's Wuhan headquarters's telecommuting return rate is over 94%.

Liu Guojun said Xiaomi's Wuhan headquarters will actively cooperate with the government, do a good job of pre work epidemic inspection, and resolutely meet the government's requirements for epidemic prevention and return to work. After the approval, the company will respond to the overall requirements of Wuhan City on the resumption of work, and carry out orderly and gradual resumption in batches.

Multiple enterprises launch "cloud Recruitment"

The newly-listed boutique recently launched a year-round recruitment plan for 6500 jobs, with no pay or pay cuts, and a few million-year-old ," top-notch "jobs worldwide.

Liangpin store mainly conducts "cloud Recruitment" through online propaganda, video interview and so on. The number of jobs for 6500 employees has increased in large scale compared with the previous period, covering sales personnel, logistics personnel, management personnel, production technicians and many other positions.

"In terms of school recruitment, we have received more than 10000 resumes, while in terms of social recruitment, there are more resumes, and the progress is very good," said yuan lvfa, head of recruitment and configuration Department of liangpin store

Compared with the traditional offline recruitment, cloud recruitment has three advantages: first, it has the advantage of number of people. Online recruitment often has hundreds of thousands of viewers, but the offline recruitment fair can attract only 100 job seekers; second, it is not limited by time and space; third, it is more efficient, and job seekers can interact with staff in real time in the live broadcast room.

"We only need to contact colleges and universities in advance, and after relevant platforms release recruitment information, we can orderly promote online processes, and the communication effect and implementation efficiency are actually higher," Yuan said

In 2017, ape tutoring entered Wuhan. This year, the recruitment plan was revised. Shuai Ke, the co-founder of ape tutoring, told CCTV news: "in spring, ape tutoring companies across the country plan to open more than 10000 jobs. Considering the special situation in Hubei, Wuhan company has provided 5000 jobs in total."


Shuaike told Leidi that it's too difficult for Wuhan employees this year. In the future, the epidemic situation in Wuhan will improve. He will even work in Wuhan for a period of time to support the local development of Wuhan.

In order to actively assist scientific and technological enterprises in epidemic prevention and anti epidemic, do a good job in retaining and recruiting people, and realize the stable and healthy development of enterprises, the first "online recruitment of Chu Cai home" social recruitment zone sponsored by the Management Committee of Donghu high tech Zone was also officially launched on liepin.com.

A person from Wuhan told leidi.com that Hubei is a major province of talent export to foreign countries. In the past many years, it has faced a large number of brain drain. This outbreak has made many Hubei people discriminated against in other places. At this time, Wuhan should provide more opportunities to let everyone stay in Wuhan, and truly realize Chu's return home.

For Wuhan, the current epidemic prevention and control has reached the most critical moment, and the pressure of "internal non-proliferation and external anti input" has not been reduced. The strategy of some places in Wuhan is that enterprises with separate factory areas have basically approved to start construction. At present, the biggest difficulty is that the number of enterprises in the building is huge, the mobility of personnel is large, the environment is relatively closed, and there is a risk of clustered outbreak. How to find a balance between resumption of work and anti epidemic.

But from a large point of view, Wuhan's social business activities continue to recover. Optimists in the market believe that wuhan is expected to continue to liberalize business activities by the end of march, is expected to unseal early april.

In the future, it will also be a trend for Wuhan to become more Internet-based. In the future, local life services, home services, online office services and other services may usher in great development.

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